Dark Angel

Chapter 4


Zander stared at the hand that was gripping his thigh. When the fingers climbed higher, he gripped the thick wrist. "What are you doing?" he asked, even as he looked out the window and realized that dark was rapidly falling. He must have slept for hours.


"Copping a feel," Red replied, with a gap-toothed grin.

"Where are we?" Zander pushed the hand off him. He realized they were no longer on the highway.


Red shrugged. "Service road. I pulled over so you could...service…me."

Zander stared at the guy in disbelief. "What are you talking about?" he countered. Hoping against hope that he was wrong about what Red wanted from him.


"I want to feel your sweet mouth on my cock before I shove it up your tight ass," Red replied, bluntly. He reached out and one hand fisted in Zander's hair, drawing him in for a kiss.


"Stop!" But that was all the protest Zander managed to get out before wet lips sealed over his. Then a thick tongue thrust into his mouth and he felt like gagging. Instead he bit him.

Red howled in pain and pulled back. "You wittle bassard!" he hissed, slurring his words since he was holding his tongue with two fingers.


Zander didn't hesitate. He reached for the door handle, only to find a hand gripping the back of his jacket and hauling him around. Then a fist clubbed him in the temple and dark spots danced before Zander's eyes. He realized he must have blacked out because he was now lying in the sleep compartment behind the seats, and Red was binding his wrists with a piece of cord. Zander struggled against him but Red had completed the job. "Why are you doing this?" Zander demanded, even as beefy fingers curled in his shirt and ripped it open.


"Payment, pretty boy. Nobody gets a free ride." Red went to work on the belt buckle next.


"I have fifty dollars!" Zander was becoming desperate. It was all the money he had. And he had that only because Jason had left it in the duffle bag and Zander had snagged it this morning. "You can have the money. All of it."

Red chuckled. "I don't want your money, sweet thing. I want your tight ass wrapped around my cock."

Zander shook his head. "No...I'm not doing this!"

"You don't have a choice." Red had the belt open then he worked on the zipper.

"NO!" Zander felt fear ripple through him. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. But the reality of it became all too clear when Zander felt fingers curling around his cock. "I said NO!" He snarled, then he kicked out, catching Red on the chin. The big guy cursed and Zander could see he was furious. So he kicked out again and his heel clipped Red on the cheek. The big guy lurched back with a howl of pain. Zander knew he had to get out of there. It was hard to move with his hands bound in front of him, but he managed to turn over to his hands and knees and he started to climb over the seat, only to be hauled back then shoved down onto his belly, his hands trapped under him. But only for a moment. Zander then felt strong arms shifting him onto his knees, then an arm wrapped around his waist, holding him while Red leaned around him to wrap another length of cord around his bound wrists. Then Zander found himself being tied to a hook that was sticking out of the side of the rig. A hook about chest high. Now he was trapped on his knees, but off balanced because Red had him leaning forward.

Zander then felt his jeans and boxer-briefs being tugged down. He had no leverage to struggle and panic set in. "No!" He shouted. "You sonofabitch!" Zander would have kept cursing but Red shoved a gag in his mouth and tied it, achingly tight. Then Zander felt cool air on his bare skin as he was shifted so that his pants and briefs were shoved down to his ankles. Then he felt it, a thick finger pushing inside him. It hurt and Zander tried to move away, but Red held him fast with the arm still wrapped around his waist. A whimper escaped Zander as the finger plunged in and out of him. Then another was added. He felt as if he were going to suffocate from fear when the fingers slid out and relief washed over Zander. But it was short-lived. He heard Red fumbling with his own belt buckle and there was nothing Zander could do to stop him when he felt hands spreading him open, then something thick was pressing against his opening. Zander wanted to scream but then the pressure was gone. And he heard it. The cold voice of a dark angel.


"Get off him!" Jason ordered as he pressed his gun to the back of Red's head.


Zander closed his eyes as he listened to what happened next. He heard Red begging for his life and a part of Zander wished Jason would shoot the bastard. Instead he heard the muted thud of metal against flesh, then the heavy thud of Red's body as it hit the floor. Then fingers were untying Zander's wrists. He was grateful but he also felt humiliated and ashamed. Once he was free, Zander shifted so that he could pull his pants back up, all the while carefully avoiding looking anywhere in Jason's direction. Only then did he remove the gag. He realized he was shaking.


Jason stepped out of the rig. "Let's go," he ordered.

Zander obeyed and the moment his feet hit the pavement, Jason's fingers were gripping his arm and hauling him over to the car. He was shoved into the passenger seat and Zander didn't say a word when Jason cuffed him to the door. They drove back to the highway and back the opposite way that Red had been going. Zander was still shaking and he closed his eyes and took deep breaths in and out, hoping to calm the anxiety that buzzed inside him. But he couldn't shake that any more than he could shake feeling dirty. Like he wanted to crawl out of his skin. Then nausea twisted in Zander's gut and he hissed out, "I'm going to puke!"

Jason hit the brakes.

Zander had the door open and it didn't matter that he was still cuffed. He jumped out and turned around just enough to miss hitting the car as he heaved his guts out. He felt dizzy by the time he was done and he felt Jason undo the cuff. Then he was being pulled off to the side of the road and pushed down to sit on the ground. Zander heard Jason move the car over as well.

"We can't stay here," Jason said, as he squatted next to Zander. He offered some bottled water.

"I know." Zander took it and rinsed out his mouth. When Jason offered a stick of mint gum, he accepted that too. It helped calm his stomach and eased the sour taste in his mouth. He stood up on shaky legs and got back in the car. They continued on in silence.

* * * * *

Jason kept a close eye on Zander. The kid didn't say a word during the four hour drive to make up for lost time. They wouldn't make the cabin tonight, so Jason found a hotel. He got a room and asked if Zander was hungry. He got a quiet *no* in reply. Since he wasn't hungry either, Jason raided the candy machine. It would hold them over until morning. Once in the room, Zander opened the duffle bag. He pulled out jeans and a shirt, socks and briefs. Jason watched him and was surprised when Zander stood before him, holding out a fifty dollar bill. Jason realized it was the money he had left in the bag. He took it without saying a word, then watched as Zander headed for the bathroom.


Almost half an hour passed before Zander came back out. Jason took note that he was pale and looked shaky. Anger stirred in Jason. It had been building since the moment Zander had taken off, but this anger was different. Emotion was something that Jason recognized more than he felt. But he felt this anger deeply and he realized that it was underlined with fear. He had been afraid for Zander. "What the hell did you think you were doing?" Jason snapped at the kid.

"Leave me alone," Zander whispered, as he turned towards the bed near the bathroom.


"Answer me!" Jason grabbed Zander by the arm and hauled him around to face him. "Why did you run?"

Zander couldn't hold Jason's glare. "I just wanted to disappear."

Jason shook him. "And was getting fucked part of the plan?"

"NO!" Zander tried to pull away.


"Did you like what he did to you?" Jason knew he was being cruel but he wanted Zander to remember this. To remember and learn from it. To know that he would only be safe with him. "Did he kiss you?" As he spoke, Jason turned Zander around and slammed him against the wall. He held him there with his own body. "Did he kiss you like this?" Jason curled his fingers in Zander's hair to hold him, then he kissed him. It was a brutal kiss, meant to punish, and Jason felt Zander fighting to get away from him. He could feel his fear and his desperation. So he let him go.

Zander slid down the wall, shaking. "You fucker!" he hissed, but his voice was a cracked whisper.

Jason watched Zander swipe tears from his eyes as he crouched down in front of him. "If you run from me again, you might not get so lucky. I might not get there in time to save your ass." He meant it literally.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" Zander's eyes glistened as he locked them on Jason's face. "Why won't everyone leave me alone? What the fuck is wrong with me?" Zander closed his eyes and started banging the back of his head against the wall. Suddenly he stopped and glared at Jason. "I didn't ask for it! I didn't! I didn't want him to touch me like that. It was worse than when Sorel--" Zander broke off abruptly and buried his face in his hands.


"Sorel raped you?"


Zander went back to banging his head against the wall. "He was drunk and he...he was pissed because this woman he'd been seeing had dumped his fat ass. She was pretty much just a hooker and she found someone who treated her better. I came in to give him my money for the night's sales...and he reeked of Jack and he was all hyped up. I gave him the money and went to leave and he blocked the door. He was looking at me funny...just really staring and then he said I could be a male whore. That maybe he'd pimp me out and that he'd probably make more money off of me that way. Then he grabbed me and he tried to kiss me and I shoved him off and he grabbed his gun and told me to give him a blow job or he'd kill me. I told him to go ahead and shoot."


Jason listened to how wooden Zander's voice was. As if he were repeating a story that he had memorized about someone else. "What happened?" Jason prompted.


"He put the gun down and laughed, said he was just kidding. I left. I didn't go back. Then he sent two of his goons to find me and bring me back. They brought me to his room and they held me down and Sorel put his hands on me and told me that if I ever tried to leave again he would let the guards fuck me, and then he would pimp me out. Then I felt this warm wetness on my leg. He'd jacked himself off on me." Zander's voice cracked and he banged his head harder.

"Stop." Jason gripped Zander's face in both hands. "Go to bed." He pulled Zander to his feet and brought him over to the bed. It bothered him a bit that Zander was so pliable, letting Jason push him down then cover him with a blanket. He preferred Zander with the fire in his eyes. But what bothered him most of all was that his cock was hard and aching in his pants. It had been from the moment he kissed Zander. Jason headed for the bathroom. It was going to be a long night.




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