On Common Ground



"So how does it feel to be 25?" Stefan asked Zander, now that they were finally alone. It was Zander's birthday and they had celebrated with a family party. Nikolas, Alexis, Kristina, Lucky and even Luke had come to celebrate. Robert Scorpio had called Zander and had sent a gift. A Corvette, that had been delivered that morning. Stefan had expected Zander to refuse the gift, but to his surprise, Zander had been delighted with it and stated that he would keep it. In his opinion Robert owed him after kidnapping him. Stefan rather agreed. His own gift was a trip to Africa. A place that Zander had mentioned he wanted to visit.


"25 feels good," Zander replied, as he straddled Stefan's lap and kissed him. Then he wriggled and stated, "But you feel better." Zander reached between them to free Stefan's hardness.

Stefan sighed with pleasure as Zander stroked him. "You're insatiable," he teased.

Zander shrugged. "Hey...I'm young and in love.
So sue me. Plus...you're damn sexy…for an old man."


"You're going to pay for that one," Stefan warned, a glint in his eyes.

"Promises promises," Zander whispered, as he slid off Stefan's lap. "Come to bed?"

Stefan rose to his feet. "I thought you would never ask," he replied. This gentle banter between them had been a long time coming.  But in the eight months since the rape, things had gradually changed between them. Their love was stronger than ever and their faith in it, themselves and each other was restored. It had been hard won, but worth the effort. Now Stefan felt true happiness as he entered their bedroom and closed the door, before taking Zander in his arms. And when they were naked and joined together, Stefan knew that he would never love anyone the way he loved Zander. That nothing would ever be more perfect. And when they drifted off to sleep, tangled together in the aftermath of their love, Stefan dreamed of the future and for the first time he felt the darkness in soul brighten.


* * * * *


A shadowy figure stood on the edge of the lawn and stared up at the window on the third floor. Stefan's bedroom. "Sleep tight, my son," the figure whispered. "Mommy's home."



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