Dark Desire

Chapter 32


Elizabeth moaned as Zander kissed her. He had always known how to kiss and he hadn't forgotten. She felt herself leaning into him and kissing him back, wanting to taste him, but he beat her to it. His tongue slipped between her lips and Elizabeth moaned again. She let her hands slide over his chest, wanting to touch him, then suddenly she felt him break away and she wondered if she had let things move too fast. "Zander?"

"We've done this before…haven't we?" he asked.


"Yeah...a few times." Elizabeth wasn't sure how much she should tell him.

Zander nodded. "We kissed in the Crypt. And we made love at your studio."


Elizabeth was surprised but thrilled. "You remember." She hoped this was a good sign.


"Yeah...I remember," Zander said softly. "It seems so...surreal...somehow."


"What else do you remember?" Elizabeth was almost afraid to find out. If Zander remembered the bad stuff, she wasn't sure she could deal with his reaction. That she could help him.


Zander rubbed his forehead. "I remember Jason nearly beat me to death. But now he's helping me."


Elizabeth smiled. "You and Jason have come to an understanding...you might say."




"Maybe you should talk about this with Selena."

Zander frowned. "You're afraid I might remember the bad stuff, right? The things I'm trying so hard to forget."

Elizabeth nodded. She wasn't going to lie to him. "What happened to you was horrible."

"But you won't tell me what it was."

"I think that would be a really bad idea. When you're ready to remember...you will."


Zander nodded then reached out and touched her face. "I remember you and I want to kiss you again. Can I?"


Elizabeth's reply was to kiss him first. She let her fingers curl in his hair and this time her tongue slid into his mouth. They kissed with hunger and passion and Elizabeth finally had to pull back. She was panting as she whispered, "We have to stop."

"Why?" Zander pulled her into his lap and nuzzled her neck. Then he slid one hand under her sundress and her panties were wet. He slid a finger underneath and stroked her.

"God…Zander.." Elizabeth felt pleasure wash over her. He knew how to touch her, how to make her body sing. She wanted him.

Zander nuzzled his face against her breasts. "I want to be with you," he whispered.


She bit her lip. "Let's go back." She started to rise.


"No...here." A wicked glint danced in Zander's eyes.


"Here?" Elizabeth was shocked, but excited. Then made her decision. She stood up and slid her panties off, then she knelt in front of Zander and freed his cock. She licked the tip and made him gasp, then she moved over him, guiding his hardness inside her. She moaned as he felt him fill her.

Zander kissed Elizabeth then shifted her legs to drape over his thighs. Then he unlaced the bodice of her sundress so he could suckle her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra.

Elizabeth clutched Zander's head to her chest, then she tugged him up to kiss him. She put her hands on his shoulders and started moving on him. It felt incredible how deep he was inside her and how she was able to control the rhythm and the intensity. And then she felt his fingers on her, guiding her towards her release. And as she came, Elizabeth heard Zander moan and then she felt his seed flooding her and it was perfect. She slumped against him, her head on his shoulder. "You okay?" she asked. She could feel him trembling even as his arms wrapped around her.


"I'm good." Zander laughed but it was shaky.


"Zander?" Elizabeth pulled back and saw that his face was wet with tears. She kissed them away. "What's wrong."


He shook his head. "Nothing's wrong. Something finally feels right."


* * * * *


Zander smiled to himself as he showered. Making love in the open with Elizabeth had been incredible. They had kissed and cuddled and talked, then they had come back home to shower and get ready for dinner. Elizabeth had said she was going to take a bit of a nap because he had worn her out. Zander felt proud of himself for that. He was actually a bit tired as well, he realized as he lathered up. Then his fingers brushed over the scar on his thigh. A strange scar. The letters *L* and *A* which looked almost as if they had been branded into his skin. Zander rubbed it again and suddenly he was hit with an image. Himself tied to a bed and a man between his legs, fucking him hard. Then other images followed, battering into Zander relentlessly. The same man, but others as well. Fucking Zander. Hurting him. Humiliating him. They didn't seem to end. Zander sank down into a crouch and buried his face in his hands. He whimpered as the memories became clearer, each one slamming into him like a sledgehammer. He was shaking by the time it was over.


How much time passed, Zander didn't know. But he remembered everything now. He remembered too much and there was nothing he could do to change the truth. Nothing anyone could say. He stepped out of the shower, dried off and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Zander put on socks, stamped his feet into his boots, then headed out to the stable. He smiled at Leo and asked to ride Diablo. Five minutes later, Zander was on horseback and heading for the woods.


* * * * *


Selena was the first one to question where Zander was. They went looking for him. Jason headed for the stables. When Leo told him that Zander went riding, he felt relieved at first. But then he noticed that Leo seemed disturbed. "What is it?" Jason demanded.

Leo sighed. "Zander didn't seem like himself," he stated. "It didn't really hit me at first, but once he was gone it kept nagging at me."

"How did he seem?"

"Really detached. He was smiling and joking with me while I saddled Diablo. But he just...his eyes seemed cold." Leo shook his head. "I can't explain it."

Warning bells went off in Jason's head. He grabbed a saddle and headed for Thunder, the stallion he usually rode. "Go tell Selena what you told me and let her and Elizabeth know that I went after Zander."

Leo nodded and ran off.

A moment later Jason left the stables, riding low over Thunder's back.



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