It was a slow journey back together. There were a few rough patches, but Jason didn't mind them. Whatever happened, he was in it for the duration. His life was with Zander through the good and the bad.

They stayed in Hawaii. Zander wanted to finish school, and he liked living on the beach. He said it was a reminder of home, but the good stuff, not the bad. However, they did move into a new house. Jason wanted to cut all ties from Sonny. Zander was more than agreeable to it.


Jason had more than enough money for them to live on without either of them ever having to work. But they both wanted to have something meaningful in their lives, aside from each other. Zander finished his novel and started another one, after it got picked up by a publisher. Jason was very proud of him. For his own part, Jason decided to open a motorcycle shop. He enjoyed tinkering with the bikes and he developed a good reputation in a short period of time.


Ultimately, they were happy. Jason had forgotten what *Happy* felt like. Until Zander reminded him. Happy was an uncomplicated feeling. Jason was happy just being in the same room with Zander. He was happy just thinking about him. He was happy knowing that Zander loved him.


On Jason's birthday, they celebrated at home. Zander bought a cheese cake, Jason's favorite. They ate lasagna, one of the dozen dishes that Zander was good at making. After they had dessert, Zander gave Jason his gift.

They were still at the table when Zander stood up and moved to Jason's chair. He urged Jason to push away from the table, then Zander straddled Jason's lap. He was wearing Jason's favorite pair of cutoffs and a tank top. Jason watched as Zander straddled his lap and sat down, grinding over Jason's cock, which was excruciatingly hard in jeans that were suddenly too tight.

"I have something for you," Zander said. "'s kind of for both of us."

"You didn't have to get me anything," Jason replied. "Youíre enough of a present, Zander."

Zander laughed and leaned in to kiss Jason. But then he pulled back and held out one hand. He opened his fingers and resting on his palm were two, simple, gold bands. "I know we can't get married or anything that would make what we have official. But I thought...we could wear these rings to make things more...binding...between us. Symbolically."

Jason picked up the rings. "I like it," he said softly, then he took Zander's right hand and slid the ring on his finger. Then he watched Zander do the same for him. This time it was Jason who initiated the kiss. "Thank you," he whispered against the sweet lips."

"You're welcome." Zander smiled. " want to fuck me now?" He asked, a wicked glint in his eyes.


"I want that very much," Jason allowed as he shifted Zander off his lap. But only so that he could stand up. He took Zander by the hand and they made their way to the bedroom. Once there, Jason wasted no time. He slammed Zander up against the wall and kissed him, his tongue sliding into Zander's mouth, to taste him. When they were both gasping for air, Jason pulled back, but only long enough to tug Zander's tank top over his head, then he kissed his way down the perfect chest, pausing at the top of the happy trail that led down to the prize he was seeking.

Zander's knees buckled as Jason freed his cock and stroked him. "That feels so good," he moaned.


Jason smiled. "This will feel even better," he stated, as he fell to his knees and took Zander's cock into his mouth. He felt Zanders' fingers clutch his head, felt his hips move as Zander thrust into his mouth. And this was how it was meant to be between them. Jason didn't have to control Zander anymore. If anything, Zander had the power to control him. But when they were together, they moved as one. Jason felt Zander's body tense and he knew his release was near. A moment later his mouth was flooded with Zander's seed and Jason swallowed most of it. The rest he shared with his lover, before moving them both to the bed. "Undress for me," Jason requested.


"There's not much to take off," Zander replied with a laugh. Still, he stepped back and shimmied out of his cutoffs, to stand naked before Jason.


"You're so beautiful," Jason whispered, reaching out with one hand to brush the scar between Zander's pectorals. It didn't mar the perfect skin, it simply branded Zander as unique.

Zander began undressing Jason. "You're the beautiful one," he whispered. "You're also the birthday boy, so you get to do whatever you want."


Jason nodded. "I want to be inside you."


"How do you want me?" Zander asked.


"On your back...I want to see your face when I cum inside you." Jason loved to watch Zander in that moment. His eyes would widen a bit, as if he were surprised by what was happening, every time. And then his eyes would get heavy lidded and a soft smile would curve his lips and Jason was never able to resist leaning in to kiss him. Every time it was perfect.


Zander kissed Jason then he moved to the bed and laid down, his smile inviting Jason to join him.


Jason moved to the bed, reaching for a pillow as he climbed on it. He smiled as Zander lifted his hips for him so the pillow could be tucked under the small of his back. Then Jason moved between Zander's strong legs, smiling again as Zander slid a hand beneath the pillow his head was resting on, and pulled out a tube of lubricant. Jason reached for it but Zander pulled it back. Jason got the hint. He let Zander slick his hand between his own, then he bit his tongue as Zander slowly slicked Jason's, already throbbing, erection. "I love you, Zander," Jason whispered, as he pressed a finger inside his lover.


"I love you too," Zander replied, then he moaned as he was stretched and Jason found his hot spot. He moaned again as Jason's fingers slid out then he whimpered as he was breeched by Jason's cock. His eyes fluttered close and his fingers clenched in the sheets.


"Open your eyes," Jason whispered. He knew the hazel orbs would be dark with passion and shining with love. He needed to see that, needed to feel that, for in the end he was still addicted to Zander. He never wanted to be free of it. Jason held Zander's gaze as he moved inside the younger man, his thrusts long and hard and deep, until he neared his moment of release. Then Jason gripped Zander's hips as he thrust faster until his cock pulsed and he emptied his seed deep inside of his lover. Jason slumped over Zander, bending his head to kiss him. He felt strong hands moving over his back, and nothing had ever been more perfect than this moment. Until the next time.

Zander shifted his body so that Jason softened cock slid out of him. He tossed aside the pillow he was lying on, then pushed Jason onto his back. Then Zander snuggled into him. "Happy Birthday."

Jason smiled, reaching out to snag the covers and draw them up over them. "Thank you, Zander. For everything."


"You're welcome," Zander replied, as he stroked a hand over Jason's chest. "I never thought it would be like this between us," he mused.


"I know." Jason tangled his fingers in Zander's hair, drawing him in for a kiss. "It will always be like this, Zander. I'll never let you go."

Zander chuckled. "Yeah...I figured that out a while ago. Itís okay. I don't want to go. You need me."


Jason didn't reply. He was content to hold Zander in his arms until they both fell asleep. And even in slumber, Jason could feel Zander's love.