Boys will be boys

Nikolas stood in his hiding place for a moment, content to watch Zander pace about the Library. He moved with the grace of a wildcat. A sensual, prowling, kind of stride that aroused Nikolas, inflaming him with passion. That Zander wore formfitting black jeans that showed off strong thighs and a perfect ass, along with a black shirt held together only by one button, therefore revealing lots of golden smooth chest and stomach when he moved, only added to Nikolas' arousal. The moment had been too long in coming. He adjusted himself then stepped out of the shadows.

"Hello, Zander."

Zander jumped, then turned around and glared. "How the hell did you get in here?"

Nikolas shrugged. Faith might have bought Wyndemere and she and Zander had made themselves at home, but both should have realized that Nikolas would never truly leave this place. "Through the tunnels," he replied.

"Why are you here?" Zander demanded.

"To see you." Nikolas took a step closer and took note of the fact that Zander backed away from him. "You still want revenge against me?"

Zander chuckled. "Stupid question."

Nikolas nodded. "I came here to settle things between us, once and for all."

"What do you suggest? A duel at dawn?" Zander snarked.

"I had something mind." Nikolas took another step closer, watching as Zander backed up against the desk. The black shirt gaped open and Nikolas stared at the golden flesh revealed to him, imaging how warm and smooth it would feel. Like stain over steel. "We need to end the animosity between us, Zander."

Zander snorted. "Why? Everybody needs a hobby." He tossed back the drink he had been holding and slammed the glass down on the desktop.

Nikolas took the final step and locked eyes with Zander. "Things have changed, Zander. This isn't about Emily anymore. It's all about you and me. And I know how to fix it."

"Oh yeah? How?" Zander's tone was belligerent and his hazel eyes glinted with suspicion.

"Like this," Nikolas whispered, as he curled his fingers in Zander's hair then he leaned in and kissed the sweet lips. He felt Zander stiffen and try to pull away, but Nikolas held fast. He took advantage of Zander's surprise to thrust his tongue between the parted lips, plundering the liquid heat and tasting whiskey and chocolate. Nikolas could have drowned in the soft, wet, heat of Zander's mouth, but strong hands flattened against his chest and shoved him back, breaking the kiss.

Zander scrubbed at his mouth with the back of one hand. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Nikolas smiled, licking the taste of Zander off his own lips and savoring it. "Kissing you," he drawled.

"Why? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I told you, Zander. What's between us now isn't about Emily anymore."

Zander glared. "Like hell it's not! It will always be about Emily!"

Nikolas shook his head. "Not for me. I'm not sure when it happened, but I realized that I'm not in love with Emily. I wanted her, but not for the reason I thought."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Going after Emily was a way to make you pay attention to me, Zander. And it worked. You are totally focused on me now."

Zander didn't deny it. "You're right, Nikky. I've focused my hatred on you."

Nikolas smiled. "A very passionate hatred, Zander. But that's what you're all about. Passion. Love, hate, sex...everything you do with passion." Nikolas moved towards Zander again, catching him off guard enough so that he was able to trace a finger over Zander's bottom lip. " you have any idea how beautiful you are."

"What the fuck are you smoking?" Zander snarled as he slapped Nikolas' hand away. "You're messing with me, man. You're trying to confuse me."

"No, I'm not. I was confused, Zander...about Emily. But now it all makes sense."

Zander shook his head and backpedaled until the desk was between them. "None of this makes sense to me."

Nikolas moved to the desk, placing his palms flat on top and leaning forward. "I'll simplify it for you, Zander. I don't want...or love...Emily. I"

"You're full of shit!" Zander shook his head and laughed, then he snatched up his glass and stalked over to the bar. He poured himself a refill, downed it in one swallow, then turned around to find Nikolas crowding his personal space. "I love Emily!" Zander hissed.

"I know you do," Nikolas allowed. "And that's okay. But what's between us is different, Zander. It's powerful in a way that I can't explain." When Zander tried to sidestep around him, Nikolas grabbed his arm and held him fast. "Tell me you don't feel something for me."

Zander almost snarled at him. "I hate you, Nikolas! That's what I feel. Hate!"

Nikolas shook his head. "I think it's more than that." He slid his hand down Zander's arm until he could grip his wrist, then he pressed Zander's palm over his own aching crotch. "Can you feel that, Zander? Can you feel how much I want you? I'd be making love to Emily and in my mind I was thrusting hard and deep into your luscious ass."

"Fuck!" Zander yanked his hand away and almost ran away from Nikolas. "You're sick, man. Do you hear me?"

"You're afraid of me." Nikolas was almost amused. "Afraid that I might be right."

Zander shook his head. "Look...maybe you do want me...I don't know or care. But I don't want you! Got it?"

Nikolas stalked Zander until the younger man hit the wall. He pinned him with both hands pressed on either side of Zander's shoulders. "Prove it. Let me show you how it can be between us, Zander. Let me have you and if you don't beg me to fuck you, then I'll walk away and never come back. And you win either way. Because I won't go back to Emily. I already told her it's over between us. I even told her why."

"You did what?" Zander's voice was almost a squeak. "You told her you want me?"


Zander was furious. He pushed Nikolas away then slugged him. "You son of a bitch! Why did you do that?"

Nikolas staggered back, nursing his jaw. But he was still smiling. "Because it's the truth. Emily wasn't happy about it, but you know what...she figured it out already. She even told me I'd have a hard time convincing you about it."

"I don't believe this." Zander ran a hand through his hair as he began to pace. Then he whirled on Nikolas. "Get out! Get out of here right now!"

"I'm not leaving, Zander." Nikolas stalked his way back over to the younger man. "If you weren't afraid I might be right, you wouldn't be so desperate to get rid of me. It's okay, though. I know you've never thought about sex with another man and I'm glad. I want to be your first."

Zander was stunned. "Are you telling me you've been with other men before?"

Nikolas nodded. "Twice. Once in boarding school and once after. But what I feel for you is far more intense. It's not just about sex, Zander, although that's going to be amazing. Trust me. You were made for sex. You have this innate sensuality that drives me insane. Not to mention an eminently fuckable ass."

"Stop that!" Zander covered his ears with his hands. "I don't want to hear this shit."

"Prove me wrong," Nikolas countered, gripping Zander's wrists and yanking his arms down. "If you're so sure I'm wrong about this, then prove it."

Zander yanked his arms free and glared at Nikolas. "And how am I supposed to do that?"

Nikolas smiled, because what he was about to suggest was most definitely going to work to his advantage. "Like I said before, let me make love to you. If it doesn't affect you, so be it. And I'll even let you start things off if it makes you more comfortable."

"Start things"

"Kiss me. That way you can feel in control of things." Nikolas was more than willing to make the offer because he knew, in the end, he would have all the control and it made him almost wild with desire. But he held it in check. For now. Zander was like a skittish colt, and Nikolas didn't want to chase him away.

Zander shook his head. "You want me to kiss you?"

Nikolas shrugged. "Unless you're afraid of what you might feel." He offered the challenge and knew it would be accepted. He was not disappointed.

"I won't feel a thing!" Zander snarled as he strode over to Nikolas. "But you will!" He clasped his hands on either side of Nikolas' head then dove in for the kiss.

"Mmm," Nikolas moaned as Zander's lips brushed his. He had to force himself to remain still and let Zander keep control. But it was hard. The boy knew how to kiss. Slanting his lips over Nikolas', nibbling at his lower lip, then letting his tongue slip inside to tease him. A natural born tease was Zander Smith. But when Zander deepened the kiss, Nikolas was lost. He raised his hands to take control back only to feel Zander break the kiss. They were both panting as they stared at each other. "That...that was pretty good," Nikolas stated, his voice cracking a bit.

Zander smirked. "" He was proud of himself and it showed. "I didn't feel a thing."

Nikolas' eyes flashed to Zander's crotch. There was a bulge but it wasn't a hardness like Nikolas' own painful erection. Zander was going to take some wooing, which was fine. Nikolas was up to the challenge. "Great...then you won't have any problem letting me take you to bed. If this doesn't affect you, then I can fuck you then be on my way. Right?"

"You're serious?"


Zander rubbed a hand over his face. "I have nothing to prove to you," he stated.

Nikolas shrugged. "True, but maybe you do have something to prove to yourself. So...what happens next?"

"Where do you want to do this?" Zander spat out.

"Bedroom would be best." Nikolas smiled as Zander stomped out of the room. He followed behind, enjoying the view. Zander led him into the last bedroom on second floor. A subduedly decorated suite. "I like this room," Nikolas stated as he closed the door and locked it.

Zander glared at him. "What happens now?"

That was all the invitation Nikolas needed. He crossed the room to Zander and ripped open his shirt.  The single button popped and Nikolas pushed the black cotton off Zander's broad shoulders, then he leaned in to nuzzle the strongly corded neck. "You smell good."

"Wait!" Panic flared in Zander's voice as he backpedaled away from Nikolas. "Slow down."

"What are you afraid of, Zander?" Nikolas asked. He wasn't about to let Zander talk himself out of this.

Zander shook his head. "I'm not afraid of anything. I'm just...I don't know how to do this."

Nikolas smiled. "I'll choreograph everything. All you have to do is let yourself feel."

"I won't feel anything!" Zander hissed.

"Fine. Then there's no problem." Nikolas stalked him, pressing Zander hard against the wall and claiming a kiss of his own. He thrust his tongue into the hot mouth, tasting and teasing until they were both panting, then Nikolas's hands went to work on Zander's jeans. He pushed them down lean hips and slid his hand inside black boxer briefs to free Zander's cock. He felt Zander stiffen and heard the choked gasp.

Zander pushed at Nikolas. "Don't...wait..."

But Nikolas would not let go. He went down on his knees and took the tip of Zander's cock in his mouth, letting his tongue flicker over the tiny slit. It wasn't long before Zander's cock hardened in his grasp and Nikolas tasted pre cum. But he wasn't going to make this too easy. Rising to his feet, Nikolas smiled as Zander whimpered in need. "I want you naked," he whispered in Zander's ear. It was easy enough to divest him of jeans and boxer briefs, since Zander was already barefoot, which was sexy in itself. Nikolas brushed his fingertips over Zander's strong, bare, thighs, feeling the muscles quiver at his touch, then he stepped back so he could stare at the gorgeous sight before him. "You're perfect," Nikolas whispered, as he studied Zander from head to toe. " a work of art." The scar between Zander's pectorals didn't look like a flaw, but rather a mark of distinction. And the golden hue skin was dusted with freckles, which was becoming a serious turn on for Nikolas.

"I canít do this," Zander stated, moving to grab his pants.

" can," Nikolas said firmly, grabbing Zander's arm and pulling over to the bed. He knew Zander was feeling embarrassed but he knew it would pass. All he needed was to be distracted. So Nikolas kissed him again even as he pushed him down onto the bed. He laid Zander out on his back then crawled between the strong legs. Zander's cock was still hard and Nikolas curled his fingers around it before taking the tip into his mouth again. This time he suckled and nipped and stroked until Zander cried out and came in a rush, filling Nikolas's mouth with bitter cum. He swallowed most of it, saving just a bit to share with Zander. He crawled up the perfect body but Zander resisted his kiss, so Nikolas gripped his hair and held him firm as he made Zander taste himself. "You taste so good," Nikolas purred. Then he pulled back and began to shed his own clothes. He needed to ease his own ache. His cock was so hard that it was painful.

Zander watched Nikolas undress, dropping his eyes when he was fully naked. "Now what?" he asked, almost belligerently.

Nikolas removed a bottle of lubricant from his shirt pocket. "Now I'm going to prepare you to be fucked within an inch of your life," he drawled. "On your stomach." He watched Zander roll over and caught his breath as the perfect ass was presented to him. Nikolas couldn't resist leaning down to nip the muscled globes. He felt Zander flinch. "You need to relax," Nikolas purred, as he poured some of the oil in his palm then warmed it with the other. "I'm just going to massage you first, so you can get used to the idea."

"Like that's gonna happen," Zander snorted, as he folded his arms under his head and closed his eyes.

"Lift up," Nikolas ordered, shoving a pillow under Zander's hips.

Zander turned his head and suspicion danced in his eyes. "What's that for?"

Nikolas grinned. "Easy access." He laughed at the surprise the darkened Zander's eyes to velvet brown. "Just relax." Nikolas straddled Zander's ass and began massaging the back of his neck and his shoulders. He worked slowly and methodically, feeling the tension fade away as knotted muscles unbunched at his touch. Nikolas had to focus as he worked, distracting himself a bit. He was ready to come without touching his cock and it didn't help that when he moved back to straddle Zander's thighs, his aching erection brushed over taut buttocks. Nikolas moaned and bit his lip to hold back an actual whimper. "This is going to feel a little strange," Nikolas said, as he massaged Zander's ass. The muscled globes were perfect and Nikolas couldn't wait for his cock to be pressed between them. He slicked the fingers of his right hand with more oil then carefully brushed one into the crack of Zander's ass, flickering the tip at the puckered opening. He felt Zander stiffen. "Easy," Nikolas purred, massaging Zander's lower back with his free hand. When he felt him relax again, Nikolas pressed his finger into the opening, slipping in about an inch.

"Wait!" Zander bucked up.

"I can't!" Nikolas replied, pressing down on Zander with one hand while slipping his finger further inside the tightness. All the way in then he moved it around to stretch the muscled walls.

Zander squirmed. "You have to stop!" he pleaded.

Nikolas froze. "You backing out?" he asked, his voice harsh. He couldn't walk away from this. Not now. Not when he was so close to having what he wanted.

"I...I dunno. This is too weird," Zander replied.

"Just go with the flow," Nikolas commanded. "Or is it that it feels too right and that scares you?" He knew another dare would do the trick.

Zander cursed. "Fine...go ahead!" he spat.

Nikolas inserted another finger and scissored them, then he crooked one and found the hot spot.

"What the fuck?" Zander hissed, his hips bucking off the bed.

"Say hello to your prostate," Nikolas told him. "Feels good...doesn't it?" He brushed the spot again and Zander twitched, hips rising off the bed. Nikolas stroked his back to ease him down. "You're almost ready," he replied, inserting one last finger. Then Nikolas pulled his fingers out and slicked his cock with lube. He spread Zander's thighs wide open then positioned himself at the opening. Grasping his cock in one hand and Zander's hip in the other, Nikolas pressed in.

Zander flinched and hissed as he was penetrated.

Nikolas heard Zander whimper as he pressed in an inch, then two. "Breathe out," he ordered.

"Wait...stop!" Zander begged, as a whimper escaped him. "It hurts."

"It's okay." Nikolas froze. "Just breathe easy and it'll fade." He rubbed Zander's back until he felt the tension ease then he pushed in further without warning, pressing in hard till he was balls-deep inside the luscious ass. And nothing had ever felt this good before. Zander was a perfect fit. Closing about Nikolas' cock like a suede glove, almost painfully tight but the contracting muscles felt like heaven around his aching cock.

Zander whimpered again and tried to shift away. "Burns..." he whispered, his breathing ragged.

Nikolas leaned in and nuzzled the nape of his neck. "It's me," he breathed, then he turned Zander's head so he could kiss the soft lips as a distraction. When he felt the tightness around his cock ease a bit, Nikolas began to move. Long strokes out, almost to the tip, then a strong, slow, push back in. Maddeningly slow thrusts that were making him insane, but Nikolas wanted Zander to beg him. He felt the strong hips twitch and he knew Zander was resisting the urge to move with him. Nikolas smiled and repositioned himself, angling the thrust in so that he would brush over the hot spot. Knew he got it right when Zander moaned. Nikolas kept it up for few strokes then he went perfectly still, buried all the way inside him. It was agony not to move, but Nikolas was determined to win this round and the game.

"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as Nikolas remained buried inside him.

"Close," Nikolas countered with a laugh that was more like a gasp.

Zander twitched then tried to shift position. "I hate you!" he hissed.

Nikolas held him down with his weight. "I love the way you hate me," he purred. He leaned in and nipped at Zander's shoulder blades, willing himself not to come as Zander squirmed and wriggled beneath him. "You know what you have to do," Nikolas drawled.


"I can stay like this all day," Nikolas whispered. "I love it, Zander. Buried deep inside your sweet ass. It's heaven."

Zander whimpered. "Please," he whispered.

Nikolas smiled. "Please...what?" He shifted back onto his knees, drawing Zander up with him until the younger man was on his hands and knees. Nikolas pressed in an inch deeper as his fingers curled around Zander's cock and began stroking.

"Fuck you!" Zander snapped, then he moaned. His arms were shaking and his elbows buckled.

"You're getting closer," Nikolas replied.

Zander tried to pump his hips and the hand on his cock squeezed hard. He froze. "Bastard!" he snarled.

Nikolas sighed. "Wrong. Try again." He fondled Zander's balls.

"Fuck me," Zander whispered, desperation in his tone.

"As you wish," Nikolas replied, feeling relief wash over him as he could finally move. He gripped Zander's hip with one hand and stroked the engorged cock with the other as he began thrusting in and out, hard and deep. As Nikolas felt the tingle in his spine, he eased back onto his heels, drawing Zander into his lap. Zander was a quick learner and he followed Nikolas' lead, finding the perfect rhythm as they moved in an erotic dance together. Nikolas fisted Zander's cock in time to his own thrusts in the tight ass, and as he felt Zander's come spill over his hand. Nikolas pushed Zander back down onto his hands and knees, gripping both hips as he pounded into the tightness that clenched around him. Then he was coming with a shout, leaning in to bite Zander's shoulder as his orgasm shook him. Nikolas felt his seed filling Zander in spurts and then he went limp, pushing Zander down onto the mattress.

A long moment passed before Nikolas could move again. He eased onto his side, rolling Zander with him, unwilling to part from the other man's body. He could feel himself still twitching feebly inside the slicked walls that sheathed him. "You're mine now, Zander," Nikolas whispered into his ear.

Zander made an attempt to move away but stopped when Nikolas cupped his cock. "Bullshit," Zander hissed, but it was half hearted at best.

"I love a challenge," Nikolas replied, letting one hand comb through Zander's damp hair. It felt like wet silk. "Go to sleep," he ordered, in his best Princely tone. "I want to fuck you again, but this time while you're on your back so I can see your face when you come...and when you feel me come inside you."

"Not gonna happen," Zander countered, his voice husky.

Nikolas nipped at his shoulder then licked the teeth marks to soothe them. "You're gonna beg me again," Nikolas teased. "And next time you're going to scream my name."

Zander snorted. "In your dreams."

"Wanna bet?" Nikolas countered, only to realize that Zander was asleep. He closed his own eyes and drifted off as he wrapped one arm possessively around Zander's slender waist. And he dreamed about fucking Zander in every room in the house.