Command Performance

Zander watched Sam rack the balls. They had been playing pool for the past hour and she had lost every game. To be fair, she had come close to winning a couple of times. Zander had allowed himself to be distracted by her ass as she leaned over the table to make a shot, or her tits when she would stand close and all he had to do was glance down to see her full breasts in all their glory. Especially since she was wearing a skimpy crop top that was low cut, and no bra. Zander was no fool. He knew she was flirting with him and that tonight they would end up having sex. Which was why her sudden bet surprised him.


"Last game," Sam had stated. "You win and you get to have your way with me, any way you like…anywhere you like, for twenty-four hours. I win and the same deal applies to you. I can do anything I want to you and you have to do what I say for twenty-four hours. Feeling...up…to it?" she had asked, wicked glint in her eyes as she let her gaze slide down to his crotch.


"Go for it," Zander had replied, which brought them to this moment in time. Zander even let her break and the game was on. She sank three balls. He sank five on his turn. Then he caught her cheating and Zander hid his smile behind his can of beer when Sam glanced his way before sinking another ball. He could have called her on it but he figured, why bother? Either way, win or lose, he was going to have sex tonight with Sam. She was beautiful and sexy and fun, so as far as Zander was concerned, it was a *win-win* situation for him. So when Sam sank the eight-ball for the win, Zander smiled and congratulated her.


Sam curled her fingers in his hair and drew his head down for a kiss. Against his lips she whispered, "You know I cheated, right?"

Zander chuckled. "Yeah...I know."

"But you still let me win which means I win regardless of my methods. Right?"

"Right." Zander moaned as she nipped his lower lip. "You win, Sam. Can we go fuck now?" He knew his comment wouldn't offend her. They had met a few days ago, here at Jake’s and had they had become friends. They had alot in common and they had both admitted to being attracted to each other. From the beginning they both knew sex was inevitable. The *foreplay* leading up to this moment, as it were, had made it more interesting and had elevated their desire for one another. Zander couldn't wait to be inside her. He let one hand slide under her top and pinched a nipple.

It was Sam's turn to moan but she pulled away and slapped at his hand, playfully. "Soon," she replied. "I own you for the next 24 hours, remember? We do this my way in every way. You agreed to the bet, Zander."

He sighed. "Fine. So when does the 24 hours start? You're killing me over here, Sam. Could your pants ride any lower?" He knew she wasn't wearing underwear. Not even a thong. His cock twitched at the thought.


"The 24 hours goes into effect once we reach the yacht," Sam stated, taking Zander by the hand and leading him to the door.


"Yacht?" he echoed.


Sam grinned. " belongs to a friend. He said I could borrow it tonight. I rather planned this you know."

Zander rolled his eyes. "Yeah...I got that. Cheating and all." That said, he followed her to her car and they headed off.


* * * * *

Sam smiled to herself as she watched Zander turn in a slow circle. It was obvious he was impressed with the yacht. But she could give him a tour later. Right now she wanted him naked. "Follow me," she said, leading him down a set of stairs. They reached double doors and she opened them. "You like?" she asked, as she ushered Zander into the play room. An erotic playroom with a huge bed and mirrors and lots of toys to play with.


Zander stared about him in disbelief. "Niiice..." he drawled. "Can I kiss you now?"


"Soon," Sam countered. She turned back to the door and drew Zander's attention there. She watched his eyes go wide when Jason and Jax walked in.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Zander demanded.

Sam locked eyes with him. "They're going to play with us, Zander. Group sex."

Zander shook his head. "No way. Sorry. I'm out of here." He headed for the door only to find his way blocked by Jason. "Move!"


"You made a bet, Zander...remember?" Sam was at his side and her fingers were on his arm. "You're mine for the next 24 hours and you agreed to do whatever I said."


"That's because I thought it was just you and me."


Sam smiled then brushed his lower lip with her fingertip. "You're not going to skip out on a bet, are you?"


Zander hissed at her. "Look...I'm not comfortable with this."

"You might like it. Isn't it every man's fantasy to have group sex? Don't guys love looking at porno pics or watch movies when a girl has two cocks shoved inside her?"


"Sam...," Zander began, only to fall silent when she kissed him.


Sam waited for Zander to be totally distracted by her kiss to wave her hand at Jason and Jax. Once they started to strip she focused her attention back on Zander. She broke the kiss and whispered, "Come on, Zander. I want to feel you inside me. You can fuck me hard while I'm spitted on Jason's cock. Or Jax's."


Zander shuddered at the image of Sam all wild and naked and moaning. "You're killing me," he whispered.


"In a good way," she promised. Then Sam pulled back and smiled. " gonna follow through on the bet or not?"


"Fine." Zander smiled at her. "Bring it on."

Sam smiled back, a wicked glint in her eyes. "First things first. You have to do anything I want you to do and I want you to kiss Jax."

Zander couldn't believe what he was hearing. "No."


"Then you're reneging on the bet," Sam countered, with a pout.


"When this is over, I get you to myself...right? Just you and me?" Zander felt he could deal with this so long as Sam was the prize in the end.


Sam nodded. "You get me all to yourself in the end," she promised. "Now kiss Jax."

Zander turned but froze to see that the other man was naked. And not just Jax. Jason was naked too. Reflex made him close his eyes, but then he felt Sam's lips at his ear.


"Do it.." she whispered. "It's going to be hot."


"Fuck.." Zander whispered, but he opened his eyes and made himself cross the distance to where Jax was waiting. He got close then froze. He wasn't sure he could do this. He wanted Sam but she was asking too much of him. Zander opened his eyes and just stared at Jax, being careful to keep his gaze above waist level.

Jax moved to sit on the edge of the bed then he smiled at Zander. "I don't bite," he said softly.

Zander cursed again then moved to the bed. He took a deep breath then he cupped Jax's face in both hands and leaned in. The moment his lips touched the other man's, Zander closed his eyes and told himself to think about kissing Sam. It was strange kissing another man. He could feel stubble for one thing, which made it hard to keep the thought of kissing Sam in place, but Zander gave it his best shot. And it was doable, until Jax took control of the kiss. Zander felt strong fingers in his hair, holding him in place as a tongue pushed into his mouth. Zander was so stunned that he froze for a minute, then reality sunk in and his first instinct was to bite. But Jax was setting him free and Zander stumbled back.


"Sweet," Jax whispered.

"Good enough?" Zander asked of Sam. He couldn't resist wiping at his mouth with the back of one hand as he asked.


Sam shook her head. "Now it's Jason's turn. Only you have to let him kiss you."

Zander didn't want to do this. "Look…can't we change the bet? I'll do anything else you want."

"This is what I want, Zander. You can do me, okay? It's going to be amazing." As she spoke, Sam pulled off her crop top and fondled her breasts. She licked a fingertip then rubbed it over one nipple, watching Zander's reaction. She knew she had him when he bit back a moan. She smiled as he cursed then almost stalked over to Jason.

"Let's get this over with!" Zander snarled, as he faced the man who had, oft times, been his enemy. Eventually they had formed a rather uneasy truce and Zander had even done a favor for Jason once. But this was too weird to be real and a part of Zander hoped that eventually he would wake up to find it was only a twisted dream.


Jason moved to Zander and cupped the back of his head with one hand, then he leaned in and kissed him. Hard.

Zander stiffened as Jason's tongue invaded his mouth. He tried to take a step back to break the kiss only to come up against a hard body, then an arm was wrapping around his waist and Zander realized it was Jax. And he could feel the guy's arousal against his ass. It freaked Zander out. He wanted out of here and he raised his arms to push Jason away, only to have Jax grab one wrist and Jason grab the other. Then Jason was pressing his body into Zander's and he could feel Jason's arousal against his crotch. Panic set in.


"It's okay, baby," Sam whispered. She was there, touching Zander on the shoulder, reassuring him. "Just let it happen…it's so damn hot."

Just when Zander thought he couldn't take any more, Jason broke the kiss. And before Zander could recover, Sam was there kissing him and Zander realized his arms were free now and he could wrap them around her. He also realized, as his hand slid down to her ass, that she was naked now. Zander let his fingers find her folds and he loved the way she moaned into his mouth. Now this he could handle. But all too soon, Sam broke away from him. Zander was hard and aching and ready to scream in frustration.


Sam smiled at him, wickedly. "Patience, baby," she whispered. "You'll have me soon. But we're not done playing yet."

"What now?" Zander was almost afraid to ask. He was painfully aware of the fact that everyone else was naked. And they were all looking at him.


"Now you let Jax and Jason strip you," Sam replied. "I get to watch them touch you and make you feel good."


Zander turned towards the door, shaking his head. "No fucking way! No!" He made it to the door and wasn't the least bit surprised to find that it was locked. "Fuck!"


Sam was at his side in an instant. "I know you've never been with another man before, Zander," she stated. "But it's going to be amazing, okay? And soon you'll be inside me and it's going to feel so good...for both of us. Just trust me. It's only fair, don't you think? Men love to see women doing each other, so why shouldn't I get to watch doing the same thing?"


"I don't want to do this," Zander whispered. Never in his life had he ever even thought about sex with another man, and the thought of being with Jason and Jax was too freaky. It was like something out of an X-rated version of a Twilight Zone episode. "Sam...I just want to have sex with you. Okay? Can't we just do that?"


"Are you afraid?" she countered, moving to him and taking his hand. She guided Zander's fingers to her feminine folds and smiled as he began stroking her. He had a magic touch.


Zander realized she had asked him a question. "Um...afraid?" he repeated. "No...I'm just...I'm freaked, okay?"


Sam nodded. "I know it's strange, but we're all adults. And this is all about giving each other pleasure. Don't knock it till you've tried it, Zander. Okay? Do it for me." Sam stuck a finger in her own wetness then brought it to Zander's mouth. She traced his lips then stood up on tiptoe to kiss him, sharing her taste with him. "Please?"


"I must be nuts," Zander whispered, then he nodded. "Okay. Whatever you want. So long as you keep your promise and it's just you and me later."

"It will be." Sam took his hand and led him over to the bed, then she nodded at Jax and Jason. She faded over into the corner as the two men approached Zander.

Zander had to force himself to stand still as Jax reached for him. He bit his lip as his tee shirt was tugged over his head and he gasped when fingers suddenly tweaked his flat nipples. Then hands were undoing his jeans from behind and he knew it was Jason. Zander was still dealing with that when Jax went down on his knees to remove Zander's boots and socks, then his jeans and boxer-briefs were being tugged down his legs and before he knew it he was naked, and hands were on him. Hands and lips and Zander felt another flutter of panic. But then fingers were curling around his cock and warm wetness enclosed the tip and his knees buckled. Zander looked down to see Jax's head bobbing over his cock and the moment was surreal. And made all the more so when he felt hardness pressing against his ass. Jason's cock. Zander wanted to protest but suddenly lips were on his and Jax was kissing him. Zander was aware of how hard and aching his cock was in this moment. Then he was reeling on his feet as Jax and Jason moved away from him.


Sam was there suddenly and she stroked his cock before climbing onto the bed. "Get ready for me, baby," she whispered.


Zander was more than ready. He noticed that Jason was sitting up against the headboard, his hand curled around the base of his cock. Then Sam moved to straddle his thighs, her back towards him, and Zander bit his lip as he watched her take Jason's cock in her ass. But a moan did escape him when Sam opened her legs and let her fingers open herself. Zander knew it was an invitation and he wasn't about to refuse it. He crawled onto the bed and moved between her legs, and then he was pressing into her and she was tight and hot and wet and it was pure heaven.


"Fuck me hard, Zander," Sam begged, as she let her head fall back against Jason's chest.


"Whatever you want," Zander whispered, as he began to move. He realized he was setting the rhythm for the three of them and then he felt it. An almost hardness and it took a moment for Zander to realize that it was Jason's cock. Zander closed his eyes as he continued thrusting into Sam. This was far too surreal to be happening, yet Zander could not ignore the way Sam was whimpering and how she whispered for him to thrust harder and then he felt it, what had to be Jason's cock, pulsing as he shot his load. Zander heard him moan and it was so bizarre that Zander faltered in his rhythm. He went still inside of Sam for a moment, then he balanced himself on one arm over her so that he could find her nub with his fingers. Zander wanted to make her scream before he found his own release. And it didn't take long for Sam to shudder her release while screaming his name.


Sam leaned in to kiss Zander, making the kiss a distraction. She could feel him twitching inside her. "This is going to be so amazing," she whispered, then she kissed him again before he could reply.


Zander lost himself in her kisses but he was brought back into the moment when he felt a hand on his ass and then something pressing inside him. "No!" Zander hissed, as he broke the kiss and tried to shift away, but Sam's legs were suddenly wrapped around his waist even as a strong hand gripped one hip. Then Zander knew what was happening. Jax was pressing a finger inside him and it burned and felt invasive and Zander was starting to freak again.


"Let it happen," Sam whispered. "I want this to happen, Zander. It's going to be amazing."


" I don't want to do this," Zander protested. "Fuck the bet!" He wanted out of there. But suddenly the finger inside him crooked and a jolt of pleasure rocked Zander. A whimper escaped him at another jolt.


Jax leaned into Zander to whisper, "Say hello to your prostate."


Zander realized he was panting as another finger slid inside him and he knew he was being stretched. He knew what was coming next. He lifted his head and locked eyes with Sam. "I can't do this. I don't want to do this."


"Shhh..." Sam whispered, pulling his head down for a kiss. Another distraction.


Jax pulled his fingers out and lined himself up. He pressed in slowly, stopping when he met resistance, but then he snapped his hips forward and gained entry.


Zander bit his lip as he was breeched. It hurt and burned and there was nowhere for him to go. Sam was kissing him and Zander realized he was whimpering as Jax's cock gained another inch inside him. Zander had to hold himself over Sam so as not to crush her and he realized his arms were trembling and he had to lock his elbows into place. But then he was being rocked forward as Jax pressed in steadily, and Zander could feel each inch gained. The burn brought tears to his eyes and once Jax's cock fill him completely, it felt as if he couldn't catch his breath. Eventually the burn eased and Zander thought he might be able to breathe again, but he was shaken by the intimacy of it all and how vulnerable he felt in this moment. Then he hissed as Jax pulled out but not all the way out and it wasn't a reprieve. Zander's body was rocked forward as Jax thrust back inside him. The motion sent Zander deeper inside of Sam.


"Just concentrate on fucking me, Zander," Sam beseeched him. "Just look at me, baby. Feel me wrapped around you, so tight and so wet and so warm."


"God…god..." Zander whispered. He tried to focus on Sam, but he had no control. It was Jax who guided each thrust, it was Jax who set the pace. Zander was just along for the ride. But he derived a bit of satisfaction when Sam came again and Zander soon followed her into release. His muscles felt like they were liquefying and it took all of Zander's concentration to hold himself up over Sam. And it was then that an arm wrapped around his waist and hauled him back so that he was sitting on Jax's lap, spitted on his cock.

Jax nuzzled Zander's neck then bit his earlobe before whispering, "So fucking tight, Zander. You were made for this...for me." He thrust upward, just a shallow thrust then he moaned.

Zander felt like moaning with him. Jax's cock was too long and too thick. It was too deep inside of him now and Zander felt a ripple of shame as the reality of what was happening hit him. And what made it worse was that Jason and Sam were watching him, their eyes glowing with lust and desire. Then Sam was before him, her hands tangling in his hair, then Zander closed his eyes as she kissed him. He tried to lose himself in the kiss but then she was pulling back. Zander opened his eyes just in time to see Jason take her place. And it was beyond surreal now. Zander couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he was being kissed by Jason while being fucked by Jax. It couldn't be real, yet the cock buried deep inside him felt real enough. As were the lips on his and the tongue invading his mouth. Jason's tongue.


More shallow thrusts from Jax and the three of them were moving as one to the rhythm. Then Zander felt the cock inside him pulsing and warm wetness filled him. He felt like freaking yet again to realize that Jax's seed was inside him. Then Zander felt Jason lifting him off of Jax and he hissed as the cock inside him slipped out and Zander was sure that his insides were going to follow. But then Sam was there again, kissing him and whispering to him.


"That was so fucking hot, baby," Sam whispered between kisses. "God you're so beautiful and sexy. I knew you were perfect for this, Zander. I knew it."


"You set me up for this?" Zander felt anger replace all other emotions.


Sam cupped his face in her hands and locked eyes with him as she asked, "Was it so bad?"


Zander glared at her. "I don't know!" he snapped. "I don't know how I feel about this. I still can't believe I did this."


"It's just sex, Zander. Pleasure with a bit of pain mixed in. It's all about feeling good and taking chances." Sam nibbled on his bottom lip. "It's what you're all about, Zander." She let her hand slide down between then, stroking his cock. "Come shower with me and then you can go, if you want. Or you can stay and play some more after a little nap. You see this through, Zander...or you can renege on the bet. It's up to you."


"You said when this was over it would be just you and me," Zander replied. "I want that."

Sam smiled. "Me too. So…you'll stay and see this through till the end?"


Zander nodded. He figured it was only about 22 more hours and they were going to sleep through some of it. "Yeah...I'll stay. I've already been fucked. What else can happen?"

"Won't you be surprised," Sam purred, as she took Zander by the hand and they both slid off the bed. She led him to the bathroom.


"Where did Jax and Jason go?" Zander asked, as he stepped into the shower with Sam. He had noticed they weren't in the room anymore.

Sam smiled as she reached for the soap. "I imagine they're doing what we're doing," she replied. Then she kissed him.


* * * * *


After the shower, they returned to the room and Zander was surprised to see the sheets had been changed. Jax and Jason were back but Zander ignored them as he climbed into bed with Sam and they cuddled into each other. Zander was a bit surprised when he felt Jason cuddle up behind him, but he was too tired in this moment to give a damn and not even the cock that nudged between his ass cheeks could stop Zander from falling asleep.


Warm pleasure washing over him woke Zander. He opened his eyes to find Sam's head bobbing over his cock. He was so close to cumming, but she pulled off before he could and Zander moaned in frustration. Then he felt himself being rolled onto his side, his top leg nudged forward and before he could react he felt slick fingers inside him. Zander made to protest but Sam kissed it away and then Zander felt the pressure against his opening, then a cock was pressing inside him and he couldn't help but moan at the burn. Then lips were at his ear and he heard Jason whisper,


"My turn."

"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as the pain eased and pleasure took its place as the cock inside him shifted and the tip brushed over his hot spot with each thrust in. It was insane that he was being fucked by Jason. They guy had tried to kill him more than once now he was fucking Zander, hard and fast and instead of bringing Zander pain, he was overloading his senses with pleasure. Then Zander felt Jason's release and the freaky feeling was back. There was no greater irony than the fact that Jason had just marked Zander with his seed. Zander closed his eyes and he hissed as he felt Jason pull out of him. But he didn't even get a chance to react to the feeling when he was being rolled onto his back. Zander's eyes flew open as he felt his legs being parted, then they were draped over Jax's shoulders and there was no time to prepare for what happened next.


Jax plunged his cock into Zander, using Jason's seed as lubrication. He went in easy, but once in Zander's muscled walls sealed about him tightly. Then Jax began to move. Long thrusts in and out, taking his time until he felt the tingle in his spine and then he gripped Zander's hips and plunged in hard and fast.


Zander felt as if he couldn't catch his breath. Everything was happening too fast. No real pain this time because he had been slicked and opened by Jason, but it was surreal to wrap his mind around the fact that he was being fucked again. It was over sooner than he had expected and Zander felt himself being flooded again. He whimpered as Jax pulled out and he realized that he was still hard and aching. He closed his eyes but they flew open as his cock was enveloped in wet heat. Zander locked eyes with Sam as she impaled herself on his cock. She ground down upon him then leaned in for a kiss.


"This is perfect, baby," Sam whispered against his lips. "All of my fantasies came true. You're making it happen for me."


"Glad I could be of service," Zander joked, then he whimpered as Sam ground herself on him again, her hips making a circling motion and he felt himself throbbing inside her. Zander sat up, shifting so that Sam was in his lap, then he bent his head to suckle her lush breasts. This is what he had been waiting for, this moment between them. They continued to move together and it wasn't long before the tingle in his spine signaled Zander's release. But he made sure Sam came first before he let himself go. And in the aftermath of their release, they collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, their bodies still joined. "That was amazing," Zander whispered.

Sam smiled and kissed him. "It was amazing and it's not over yet."

Zander moaned. "You're gonna kill me, you know that?"


"You'll survive, baby. You were made for this, Zander." Sam kissed him again then rolled off him and stood beside the bed. "Come shower with me then we'll sleep some more. I have plans for you yet."


"I have plans for you too," Zander replied, as he slid off the bed and followed her into the bathroom. They made short work of cleaning each other and Zander realized he was exhausted. And sore. He climbed back into bed and cuddled Sam in his arms. He kissed her softly then drifted off to sleep.


When he woke up he smiled to find Sam still in his arms and he kissed her awake even as his fingers found her feminine folds. She was instantly wet for him and Zander moved over her, thrusting into her and filling her completely. They didn't stop kissing as he brought her to orgasm, using his fingers in synch with his cock, and then he was coming as well and it was perfect. Just what he had wanted between them.


Sam smiled. "How about another shower?"


"I could handle that," Zander replied. " my time up?"


"Not yet. You have seven more hours." She got off the bed and led him into the shower and they lathered each other and continued touching and caressing each other. Zander brought her to orgasm with his mouth and she thanked him for it properly, then they returned to bed and slept again. Curled together.


Zander was dreaming of kissing Sam when he realized he was awake and being kissed. He opened his eyes and it was Jason who was kissing him. And even as he adjusted to that realization, he felt slick fingers pressing into him, stretching him. Zander moaned as a knuckle brushed his hot spot, then he broke the kiss. "Wait...Jason...Time's up."


Jason almost smiled. "One hour left, Zander."

"Where is Sam?"

"Right here, baby." Sam appeared and leaned over Zander. She kissed him. "I want to watch you one last time with Jason and Jax. Then you've paid in full to me."

Zander bit his lip to hold back a whimper as Jason added another finger and teased his hot spot. He realized that Sam was fully dressed, but that a wicked glint danced in her eyes. She stepped back from the bed and Zander felt another pair of hands on him, shifting him, even as Jason pulled his fingers out. Then Zander was being lifted up by Jax so that he was over Jason's lap, his back to Jason's chest, and then he was pushed down and he felt the tip of Jason's cock pressing into him. A moan escaped Zander as he was spitted on Jason's hardness, then he whimpered as Jax's mouth closed over his own cock.


Jason thrust into Zander shallowly, one arm wrapped tightly about his slender waist, the other hand curled in Zander's hair, pulling his head back so he could nip at Zander's neck.


Jax suckled and nipped and licked Zander's cock, bringing him to the brink of release then squeezing the base of his cock to keep it at bay. It wasn't until he felt Zander tremble and heard his soft whimpers that he gave him what he needed. And Jax swallowed every drop of Zander's release, then he let him slip from his mouth so he could kiss him, sharing the taste.


Once again it felt surreal to Zander. He was spitted on Jason's cock and kissing Jax. It was wrong on so many levels, yet the pleasure he felt could not be denied. Yet even as he felt Jason's release inside him Zander whispered, "Time's up."


"It's a new day, Zander," Jax replied, as he drew him down into his arms.


"And we've only just begun to play," Jason drawled, as he joined them.


Zander closed his eyes as he felt Jax's cock press inside him. He told himself it was only a dream.


But twenty-four hours later, Zander stood under the hot spray of the shower and he smiled when Sam joined him.