Something was up with Zander. Lucky and Jason both knew it. Things had been going smoothly with the three of them, then suddenly, Zander became all about work. He was totally focused on his Company to the exclusion of everything, and everyone, else. He spent twelve hour days at the office, then brought work home with him. Often pushing aside his, untouched, dinner plate to set his laptop up on the dining room table. Nothing Lucky said, or did, could get Zander to eat and being as slim as he was, the weight loss showed, visibly, after just two days. Zander only began eating after Jason, literally, took Lucky's cuffs and handcuffed Zander to the chair and made to force the food down his throat. He didn't eat alot after that, but he did eat.


Tonight was a repeat of the past few nights. After dinner, Lucky would try to seduce Zander to bed but Zander would simply give him a kiss and promise to make it up to him. The other nights Lucky had let it slide. But not tonight. And he had backup. Jason had come over, bringing pizza with him. Zander had, half heartedly, downed a slice, then he had devoted all of his attention to his laptop. He was on it now, sitting on the couch instead of at the table. He was wearing jeans and an unbuttoned white shirt, his skin still damp from a quick shower. His feet were bare and Zander was wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He told Lucky it helped to wear them when his eyes got tired. Lucky thought they looked hot.


He sat in a nearby chair, watching Zander, and when Zander bit on the tip of his pencil, Lucky felt his cock jump. When Zander combed his fingers through his hair, Lucky's jeans got way too tight. He looked over at Jason, who was sitting in the opposite chair, and Lucky could tell Jason was as aroused by the sight of Zander as he was. Lucky rose from his chair and moved behind the couch. He tugged Zander's shirt off his shoulders a bit and let his fingers massage the tense muscles he found there. "You need a break, Zander," Lucky stated.


"I can't." Zander tapped a few keys and stared at the monitor screen. "I've got alot of work to do." But he moaned as Lucky's fingers probed at a knot of muscles.


"You're working too hard," Lucky said. "What's going on, Zander? Talk to us. Maybe we can help."

Zander shook his head. "It's just business, Lucky. I'll handle it."


Jason moved to stand next to Zander. He closed the laptop and pushed the coffee table out of the way.


"Hey!" Zander protested, only to be silenced by Lucky. Zander's head was tugged back and Lucky leaned down over him to kiss away his objections.


"All work and no play makes all of us very tense," Jason stated, as he knelt between Zander's legs. He freed Zander's cock and sucked the tip into his mouth.


Zander moaned and his hips bucked.


Lucky continued his assault on Zander's mouth, pausing only long enough to strip off the glasses and toss them aside. He kissed Zander until they were both breathless, then he kissed away Zander's moan as he came.


Jason swallowed Zander's seed, then he moved up his body to claim a kiss of his own. "We miss you," Jason stated.

"I get that," Zander replied, with a soft chuckle. "You guys are not very subtle."

"You don't seem to get subtle, Zander," Lucky replied as he moved around to the front of the couch. He held out one hand. "Come to bed...I need you."

Zander stood up only to find himself tossed over Lucky's shoulder and carried into the bedroom. He was laughing as he was laid out on the bed, but the laughter died and two pairs of hands stripped him, then moved over him. "You're killing me," Zander hissed, as he was rolled onto his stomach and a slicked finger slid inside him.

Lucky leaned over Zander to bite his earlobe. "But in a good way," he countered, adding another finger. When he knew Zander was stretched enough, he removed his fingers then guided his lover onto his hands and knees. Lucky then pressed into Zander, slowly, letting him adjust to the burn.


Jason stripped off his clothes and joined Lucky and Zander on the bed. He moved to kneel in front of Zander and moaned deep in his throat as the young man took his cock into his mouth.


Lucky moaned as well as he slid all the way home inside of Zander. Then he moaned again as he watched Jason fucking himself in Zander's mouth. Lucky set the rhythm that the three of them danced to and it was familiar and beautiful and perfect. Lucky watched Jason's face as he came in Zander's mouth. He watched Jason pull out then pull Zander up to kiss him, before easing him back into Lucky's lap so that he was spitted on Lucky's cock.


"Please…please..." Zander begged, as Lucky held him still for a moment, an arm wrapped around his waist.


"I just want to feel you around me," Lucky whispered. "There is nothing more perfect than the way we fit together, Zander. Nothing but you and me...the way it will always be."


Zander leaned into Lucky for a moment. "Always perfect," he whispered back. "Now move, dammit!"


Lucky chuckled then he moved, shallow thrusts in and out, and then he was coming hard and long, pulsing his seed inside Zander. Then he drew them both down onto the bed, keeping his connection with Zander in every way. It was only then that Lucky realized Jason was gone. "Talk to me, Zander," Lucky said, his lips pressed to his lover's ear.


"There's nothing to talk about," Zander replied. "Other than the fact that the sex was as mind-blowing as ever," he teased.


"You can tell me anything...you know that, right?" Lucky countered, as he pressed himself closer to Zander's back.


Zander nodded. "Yeah...I know. Thanks. I love you, Lucky."

Lucky nuzzled Zander's neck then whispered, "I love you too."


"I'm tired."

"Go to sleep." Lucky reached down for the covers and drew them over them. He felt Zander's body relax and heard his breathing change, and only then did Lucky close his own eyes and drifted off to sleep.


* * * * *


Zander woke up to find himself alone. He slid out of bed and into the shower, then he padded out into the kitchen. Lucky had breakfast on the table. Zander looked at him. Lucky was wearing a suit. "Where are you going?"


"I told you all week, I have to go to Albany and testify on a case."

"Oh…yeah," Zander scratched his head. "I vaguely remember that. How long will you be gone?"

Lucky shrugged. "No way to tell. A couple of days at least. You gonna be okay?"


Zander smiled. "I'll be fine. Jason will be watching over me while you're gone. We both know that."

"Yeah...I'm glad. I worry about you." Lucky leaned in to kiss Zander before setting a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him. "Eat."

"Yes sir," Zander replied, with a mocking salute. And he did eat, almost all of it. He was feeling better today. Playful even. Lucky was still eating when Zander slid off his chair and knelt beside Lucky. He undid Lucky's pants and freed his cock. He was semi erect and Zander stroked him to hardness before taking the tip into his mouth.


Lucky choked. He swallowed his mouthful then gasped, "What are you doing?"

Zander took his mouth off Lucky's cock. "What does it feel like I’m doing?" he countered, laughter in his voice.


"Zander...I have to go soon."

"This won't take long," Zander promised, then he went back to work.


Lucky came soon after, crying out Zander's name. He then pulled Zander into his lap. "That was incredible," Lucky stated, between kisses. "Thank you."

Zander kissed him back then said," Consider it one for the road. And a thank you for last night. I needed that."

"You're welcome." He kissed Zander again then pushed him onto his feet. "I really do have to go. I'll call you later. And don't work too hard."


"Thank you. Okay. I'll be waiting. Yes, sir," Zander replied, his eyes twinkling. He walked Lucky to the door, kissed him goodbye, then headed back to the dining room. Zander dealt with the messy plates, then he got himself dressed to head into work. And for the first time in a long time, he was smiling.


* * * * *


Work went well and Zander rewarded himself with a burger at Kelly's. He had just finished eating when Lucky called on his cell. So by the time Zander exited Kelly's he was in a great mood, smiling as he tucked his phone back in his jacket pocket. But the smile faded as he saw his father approaching.


Cameron shook his head and glared. "It figures, Alexander. Only you would be happy today. The anniversary of your brother's death! You disgust me!"


"When haven't I?" Zander shot back, anger eradicating his good mood. He hadn't forgotten about Peter's death for one minute. It was the reason he had become so focused on his work for the past week. The reason why he had been distancing himself from Lucky and Jason. Now Zander glared at his father. "You have no idea how sorry I am that Peter is dead. I still wish it had been me instead."

"So do I!" Cameron snarled. "You can't get anything right though...can you, Alexander? You're alive while Peter is rotting in the ground. And to top it off, you're gay! I know all about you and Lucky Spencer. Just one more reason I wish you were dead. You're the one who should be rotting in the ground."

Zander knew how his father felt, but to hear it now, in those horrible words, it was like being stabbed with a knife. "You know what, dad...maybe the reason I'm alive instead of Peter is to spite you! Maybe that's even God's doing!"


Cameron lashed out, striking Zander hard on the cheek. Hard enough to make him stagger. Then he shook his hand and simply turned and strode off.


"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as he pressed a hand to his stinging cheek. He felt wetness on his face but it wasn't tears. It had started to rain. Zander didn't care. His stomach was twisted into knots and his heart felt as if a giant fist had seized it and was squeezing it into a crumpled mass. He headed for the liquor store by the docks. Tonight his best friend was going to be Jack Daniels.


* * * * *


Jason went looking for Zander when he didn't answer his cell phone. Jason went to his workplace, no Zander. He went to his loft. No Zander. He tried Kelly's and learned that Zander had been there for supper so Jason tried tracking him from there. By now it was pouring out and cold and Jason cursed when he spotted Zander on the docks. He was standing near the edge, drinking from a whiskey bottle. "What are you doing?" Jason asked.


"Drinking," Zander replied, taking another swig.


"You're soaked and shivering," Jason stated. "How long have you been out here?"

Zander shrugged. "Don't know...don't care." He took another drink.


Jason grabbed the bottle and tossed it into the water then he grabbed Zander by the arm. He could feel heat radiating through Zander's wet garments. "I'm taking you home."


"I don't want to go home," Zander whispered.

Jason sighed and hauled Zander over one shoulder and carried him to his car. But on the way to the loft, he decided to make a pit stop at General Hospital. Zander was shivering in the passenger seat. The blanket that Jason had draped over him was wet now too. But when Jason made to turn the car around, Zander freaked. So Jason took him to the loft. He got him inside then got him out of his soaked clothes. "You're burning up," Jason stated, pressing one hand to Zander's forehead. Not that he needed to do that to tell he had a fever. Heat practically radiated off Zander's skin. "You're going in the tub." Jason steered Zander into the bathroom and ran a tepid bath. He made Zander sit on the toilet while he stripped off his own clothes. He then got Zander in the tub and used a soft wash cloth to try and cool him down. The water heated up fast so Jason added more cold water. It bothered him that Zander accepted his ministrations so easily.

Before letting Zander out of the tub, he made Zander take some Ibuprofen to help lower his temp. Not a great mix with the alcohol Zander had consumed, but luckily they stayed down. Jason then got Zander out of the tub and dressed in light sweats and a tank top. Jason dressed in similar attire then put Zander to bed. Zander was muttering and shivering and Jason wasn't sure what to do next. So he called Lucky.


"I can't leave," Lucky replied, after Jason told him what he knew. "Did Zander tell you why he was drinking and wandering around in the rain?"

"Not a word."


Lucky sighed. "How bad is the fever?"


"About a hundred and one. I'll put him back in the tub if it goes any higher."


"Do what you can for him," Lucky requested. "I have to testify tomorrow so the earliest I can get back is late tomorrow night. Call me if it gets any worse and take him to the hospital if you have to."

Jason didn't reply, he just hung up the phone. He returned to the bedroom to find Zander hugging a pillow. Jason didn't know what to do or say. If Zander needed someone kidnapped, or killed, he'd be in his element. But it was Jason Quartermaine who had the instincts of a healer. Jason Morgan didn't know how to help Zander feel better. "Are you hungry?" he asked.


Zander shook his head. "I need Lucky," he whispered.

"I just called him. He's stuck in Albany until tomorrow. I'm all you've got, Zander." Jason reached out to press a hand to Zander's forehead, only to find his hand slapped away. "I need to take your temp again," Jason said, reaching for the digital thermometer. A quick press into Zander's ear and it would be done.


"Leave me alone," Zander whined.


Jason resisted the urge to heave a sigh. He could handle this. He sat down on the side of the bed. "Why were you drinking?"


Zander glared at him with tear filled eyes. "I was thirsty!" he snapped. Then he sat up suddenly. "I feel sick!"


"Shit!" Jason almost hauled him off the bed and into the bathroom. They barely made it in time. When Zander was done puking he wiped his face with a cool cloth then held out a glass of water. Then two more aspirin. Zander knocked them away and Jason cursed again. "You have to take them to get your temp down," Jason stated.


"Go away," Zander shot back, like a petulant child.


Jason did sigh, even as he lifted Zander into his arms and carried him back to bed. He then got more aspirin and brought them to Zander with a glass of water. Jason gave him an ultimatum. "You can take them on your own, or I can shove them down your throat. Your choice."

Zander took the pills but made a point of flinging the half full glass across the room when he was done with it. "I want Lucky," he whispered.


"Me too," Jason replied, then he moved to clean up the glass and the wet spot on the carpet.


It was a long night. Zander's temperature spiked and Jason put him back in the cool tub. Twice. By then Zander was out of it and fighting him in his delirium. Twice Jason reached for the phone to call for an ambulance, but then he told himself he could handle this. So he sponged Zander off, dressed him again, put him back to bed and got more aspirin in him. Then Jason curled up next to Zander, listening to him babble about Peter and sometimes he would beg for forgiveness. Once he apologized for being alive and Jason felt a chill ripple through him. Especially when Zander whispered that he wished Jason had beat him to death that time on the docks.


Zander tossed and turned. He shivered and sweated and whimpered at turns. He cried out for Lucky and fought Jason's next attempt to get him in the tub.

In the end, Jason wrapped Zander in a blanket and carried him out into the living room. He was at the door, with the intention of driving Zander to the hospital, when Zander suddenly cuddled into him and Jason sighed. He spent the next few minutes walking the floor with Zander in his arms, trying to make up his mind about what to do. But in the end he settled himself on the couch, Zander still in his arms, and he simply held him, rocking him a bit as he combed his fingers through the dark hair.


* * * * *


Lucky made it home sooner than he expected. He gave his testimony then headed straight back home, breaking every speed limit he encountered. He was worried. He had tried calling Jason but no answer. Same for the home phone and Zander's cell. No reply. But as he unlocked the door to the loft and entered, Lucky heaved a sigh of relief to see Jason and Zander sprawled out on the couch. He smiled as he approached. 


Jason was sitting up, but slouched, his feet up on the coffee table, his head back, snoring lightly. Looking ever so much like an exhausted Uncle who had been badgered into babysitting a rambunctious two year old. Zander's head rested in Jason's lap and the fingers of one of Jason's hands were tangled in the dark locks. It was a sweet picture and Lucky was tempted to grab a camera, but his first concern was to make sure Zander was all right. So Lucky reached out and pressed his palm to Zander's forehead. He was relieved to find it cool, if a bit clammy.


"His fever broke about two hours ago," Jason whispered.


"Great," Lucky replied. "Sorry to wake you."


Jason shrugged. "I've just been dozing off and on."

Lucky sat down beside him. "You okay?"




"I know Zander can be a handful."

Jason almost smiled. "He missed you. So did I."


Lucky nodded then reached out to gather Zander in his arms. "I'll put him to bed."

"Great." Jason stood up and stretched, then he moved to stand in the doorway of the bedroom.


"Thank you for taking care of Zander," Lucky said, as he got his lover into bed and covered him up. Zander never even stirred.


Jason blinked. "No problem. I love him too."


Lucky smiled at that. "Yeah…I know." He went to Jason then hauled him over to the bed. "Lie down and sleep. You've earned it."


"Yeah...I did," Jason allowed, as he climbed in next to Zander. He closed his eyes and promptly drifted off.


Lucky smiled then started to shrug off his jacket, but he went still at the sound of his name. He looked over to see Zander sitting up. "Hey...lay down," Lucky ordered, as he reached the bed.

But Zander pulled him into a hug. "I missed you."


"I missed you too." Lucky hugged him back for a moment then eased away. "What happened, Zander? Jason told me you were drinking on the docks."


"It's a long story, Lucky," Zander whispered.


Lucky shrugged. "I'm not going anywhere. And he didn't move a muscle as Zander told him about his confrontation with his father and all the horrible things Cameron had said to him. "I’m so sorry, Zander," Lucky stated, as he kissed his lover and hugged him again. "You're father is an ass."

Zander offered a watery smile. "Tell me something I don't know. I'm sorry about how I've been acting. But it just…it was eating away at me, Lucky. A day hasn't gone by that I don't miss Pete. This time of year has always been hard for me. I'm sorry."


"Shh..." Lucky pressed a fingertip to Zander's lips. "You have nothing to apologize for." He kissed the tears off Zander's face, then eased him back against the pillows. "You need to rest so you can get better. Close your eyes and sleep."

"You'll be here when I wake up?" Zander asked, even as his eyes drifted closed.

Lucky pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I'll be here," he promised. He stayed on the bed until he was sure Zander was asleep, then he got up and headed out. He had a call to make.


* * * * *


Cameron was sitting behind his desk when Lucky stormed into his office. He didn't hesitate but stalked around the desk, buried his fists in Cameron's shirt and hauled the other man to his feet. He then slammed him against the nearest wall.


"I don't believe you have an appointment, Mr. Spencer," Cameron drawled.

"Shut up!" Lucky snapped. "I talk...you listen. If you ever EVER go near Zander again I will hunt you down. If you hurt him again, I will hurt you back. Got it? Your son is a precious gift, Dr. Lewis. A gift that you're too blind to appreciate, but that's okay because you don't deserve him. But Zander sure as hell deserves better than you." Lucky concluded his speech by knocking Cameron's head against the wall and hoping that he was seeing stars. Then he let him go and strode out the door.


* * * * *


Lucky, Zander and Jason spent most of the next three days in bed together. They talked about Cameron and Peter. Jason talked about his past life. Lucky talked about his mother and Nikolas. It was a bonding moment for the three of them. A reaffirmation of who they were and why they were together.


It was Zander who turned it into something more physical. Starting it off by sucking on Jason's cock. Then he found himself naked and spitted on Lucky's cock. And in the aftermath of their lovemaking, Zander found himself cuddled between his lovers.

"Thank you...both of you," he whispered, before kissing them both.


"For what?" Lucky and Jason asked, almost in unison.


Zander locked eyes with them both. "For loving me," he replied.


Jason almost cracked a smile. "You don't make it easy."


"I know."

"But you make it worth the effort," Lucky interjected.


Zander hugged them both, then a wicked glint danced in his eyes and he broke into song.


"You give me fever....

In the morning...

Fever all through the night

Fever...when you kiss me

Fever when you hold me tight...

You give me fever..."


He would have sang more but he was kissed into silence. He broke the kiss to ask Lucky," Do you still love me?"


Lucky chuckled. "Yeah...but only because you can carry a tune. If you couldn't sing...I'd have to kick you out."


"Hey!" Zander protested, then he looked at Jason. "You'd take me in, wouldn't you?"


"Probably," Jason allowed. "But only because I'm tone deaf...and because you have a great ass." He didn't flinch when Zander punched him in the shoulder.


Lucky pulled Zander off of Jason, resettling him between the two of them. "Go to sleep," he ordered, a smile curving his lips.

Zander closed his eyes. In a heartbeat he was asleep.


"Thank you again," Lucky said to Jason.


"You owe me," Jason replied.

Lucky nodded. "Yeah…I know." He draped his arm over Zander's stomach, his fingers opened, and when Jason intertwined them with his own, Lucky felt at peace. He closed his own eyes and let sleep claim him, knowing that the three of them were where they belonged. In each other's warm embrace.