By Invitation Only

"Here's to always being willing to try new things so that life remains interesting," Gia toasted.


Zander grimaced at her, but clinked his glass to hers anyway, then he downed the remainder of the whiskey. When Gia made to refill his glass, he covered it with one hand. "I'm done for the night. Thanks." Zander had just a bit of a buzz going on. Anything more and he would regret it come morning.

Gia rolled her eyes at him, moving his hand away so she could pour more Jack into the glass. "Live a little, Zander. It's Friday night. You're single...I'm single. We're employed....healthy....a bit is good."

"Horny?" Zander echoed, then he laughed.


"Very horny," Gia replied, then she leaned into Zander and kissed him.

Zander was surprised by the kiss, but he accepted it. He and Gia had become good friends over the past few months. She had helped him through a rough patch when he overdosed and he had helped her deal with breaking up with Nikolas. Zander thought she was smart and sexy and beautiful and he was definitely attracted to her, so he saw no reason not to kiss her. He was a bit surprised that she was interested in him though. And when they broke apart, he said as much. "You realize you're now slumming...right?"

Gia punched him in the shoulder. "Don't say that. You're good people, Zander. And you're hot. Very *very* hot. And gorgeous and sexy...and you have the softest, most beautiful, hair I've ever seen on a man." To illustrate her point, Gia ran her fingers through it. "Oh...and did I mention your ass?"

"My ass?" Zander couldn't believe what he was hearing. It was obvious that Gia was drunk, but she was amusing.


"You have a great ass. God...I love your ass. I love the way your jeans cling to it. I want to bite it." Gia slid off her bar stool. "I also want to see it naked."

Zander was stunned. "What is going on here?" Her hand was on his arm and Zander let her pull him to his feet. "Gia…what are you doing?"

She sighed dramatically. "I'm trying to talk you in to going to a hotel with me so we can fuck. Is that blunt enough for you?"

"Yeah...that's pretty blunt." Zander gripped her shoulders. "I think you had too much to drink."

"I think you're a prude," Gia shot back.


Zander was pretty sure she was issuing a challenge. And he was never one to back down from a challenge of any kind. "You really want to do this?" he asked. "It's going to change things between us." Zander knew their friendship would move to the next level. But whether that was going to be a good thing or a bad thing, they wouldn't know until the aftermath.


Gia licked her lips. "I want you, Zander. I've wanted you for a while now. I'm not saying that because I'm drunk either, because I'm not drunk. Just pleasantly buzzed. And, for the record, I had totally planned on having sex with you tonight. In fact, I booked a suite at the PC hotel just for that reason. Okay?"


"Okay." Zander couldn't find any reason to argue with her. He wanted her too.

"So you're with me?" Gia held out one hand.


Zander took it and smiled. "Let's go."


* * * * *


Zander and Gia kissed and groped each other on the elevator ride to the tenth floor suite. They were giggling as they made their way to the door and then they were inside and Zander took a moment to take in the view. He felt Gia move behind him to kiss the nape of his neck. He was about to turn to capture her lips when he caught sight of the king-sized bed and froze. Stretched out upon it was Nikolas Cassadine. A very...naked...Nikolas Cassadine. "What the hell is going on here?" Zander demanded, pulling Gia off him. He glared at her. "I'm out of here!"

Gia grabbed his arm as he turned for the door. "Wait…wait...Zander." When he tried to tug away she gripped his hand and stuck it under her short skirt. Then she kissed him. A deep, wet, kiss.

The kiss was enough to distract Zander in itself, but when he realized she was naked under the skirt and very wet, he was lost. He actually forgot they weren't alone, especially when Gia freed his cock from his pants and stroked him. He moaned into her mouth, then he pulled back so he could strip her. It wasn't hard. She stepped out of her heels and wasn't wearing any stockings. Her top was zippered in the front so that came off with ease. And she wiggled out of her skirt in seconds. Zander took a moment to admire her beauty, then he picked her up and laid her out on the end of the bed.  Then he was moving between her legs, stretching out on his stomach so that he could taste her.


She tasted sweet and she was so slick that it was easy to slide a finger inside her as he suckled on her sensitive knot. Zander nipped at it, then let his tongue lick her folds in long strokes. It wasn't long before she was screaming her release and Zander's mouth was flooded with her juices. Zander pushed back and stood up, a smile on his face as he studied Gia's limp form. He was rather proud of himself.


"I want to taste her," Nikolas stated, reminding them of his presence.

Zander had forgotten about Nikolas, but now he felt a bit embarrassed. And he was acutely aware of the fact that his cock was out of his pants and achingly hard. Zander ducked his head and worked on tucking himself back in when he felt fingers in his hair. Then a strong arm wrapped around his waist and suddenly lips were on his. Nikolas's lips and Zander stiffened in shock. It was enough of an opening for Nikolas's tongue to slip inside his mouth and that's when Zander reacted. He raised his arms to push Nikolas off him but fingers gripped his wrists even as Zander felt a soft breasts pressing against his back. It was Gia. She pulled his arms down as she nuzzled his ear.


Nikolas ravished Zander's mouth then finally broke the kiss. He licked his lips then whispered, "Delicious." His eyes were locked on Zander's face, watching for a reaction.


"Why did you do that?" Zander demanded. Nikolas was too close and his arm was still wrapped around Zander's waist. And since he hadn't been able to zip his pants before the kiss started, Zander could feel Nikolas's naked cock pressed hard against his own. And suddenly this moment felt surreal.


"I wanted to kiss you," Nikolas replied. Then he ground his hips against Zander's.

Zander started to pull away and he was relieved when Nikolas released him. He was ready to leave only Gia was suddenly wrapped around him. "I can't stay here," Zander told her.

She kissed him softly. " can. I want you to stay, Zander. I want to do this with you and Nikolas. I want to feel both of you inside me. Please, this for me." As she spoke, Gia's hands were undressing Zander.

"Gia.." he began to protest but broke off when he realized that he was feeling aroused. And confused.


"You'll love it, Zander," Gia continued, as she stripped off his shirt then went to work on his jeans. She slid them down his strong legs and paused to lick the tip of his cock. "I promise you'll love it."

Zander wasn't sure about that, but he found himself kicking off his shoes and allowing Gia to finish stripping away his jeans and boxer-briefs. He tried not to think about the fact that he was now naked in front of Nikolas. To distract himself from that fact, Zander gripped Gia's face in both hands and kissed her hard. She moaned and kissed him back as fiercely. Zander felt her guiding him towards the bed and he allowed it. Then she broke the kiss and he watched her climb onto the bed, facing him. Nikolas was behind her. Then Gia got down on her hands and knees and Zander could not look away as Nikolas pressed his face into Gia's sweet ass and began rimming her.

Gia moaned then she smiled at Zander. "Come here, baby...and let me take care of you."

Zander let himself be coaxed onto the bed. He moved before her, on his knees, and it was his turn to moan as Gia took his cock into her mouth. But the moan turned into a whimper when she, abruptly, pulled off him. Zander understood why as he watched Nikolas draw Gia over his lap and guide her down onto his cock. Zander bit his lip as he watched Gia take it in the ass. Nikolas was propped up by the headboard and Gia was reclined against him. Zander watched her spread her legs wide, an open invitation to him to fuck her. He took her up on it, moving between her sweet thighs then letting the tip of his cock press into her. She was so wet and open for him that he slid easily inside and it felt like heaven. Zander leaned in to kiss Gia, then he began to move, setting the rhythm for the three of them.


"So…fucking…good," Gia hissed as she was rocked between Zander and Nikolas. She was close to cumming now and she almost screamed when Zander suddenly pinched her nub.


"Fucking amazing," Nikolas was chanting, as he nipped Gia's shoulders.

Zander couldn't agree more. He was close to exploding now and that's when he felt it. Hands on his ass. He froze, breaking the rhythm and turned his head to see Lucky behind him. Naked Lucky. Zander tried to pull out of Gia but suddenly her legs wrapped around his waist, holding him trapped inside of her.

Gia locked eyes with Zander. "It's okay, baby. Trust're gonna love it. It's gonna feel so good."

"No...No I can't do this," Zander protested. He felt a finger pressing into him and he tried to pull away. Then the finger was all the way inside and Zander hissed at the feel of it. It felt strange and he wanted it out of him, but suddenly a knuckled brushed a sensitive spot and Zander moaned as pleasure washed over him in a crashing wave.

"Say hello to your prostrate," Lucky whispered in his ear. Then he added another slicked finger and scissored them.


Zander was panting now but still shaking his head. "I can't...I can't do this." He wasn't prepared for this in any way.

Gia cupped his face in both hands, drawing him towards her with her legs and holding him there. It was a better position for what Lucky was doing. "It's gonna feel so good for you, Zander," Gia whispered, then she kissed him to distract him from what was to come.


"'t.." Zander tried to shift forward as he felt the tip of Lucky's cock press into him. But he was well and truly trapped between Lucky and Gia. There was no escape.


"So fucking tight," Lucky hissed, but he was relentless and determined. He hitched his hips forward and gained another inch, pushing past the ring of muscle that tried to keep him out.


Gia rained kisses over Zander's face to distract him. "Relax, baby. Let it happen."

Zander couldn't relax. The stretch and burn shook him. He felt as if Lucky were ripping him wide open. Zander had never expected anything like this to ever happen to him and the intimacy of it overwhelmed him. It was an intimate violation that shook him to his core. He whimpered as Lucky slid all the way inside him and it was too much. Lucky's cock was too thick and too hard and was in too deep. Zander trembled from the pain and closed his eyes against the hot sting of tears.

"," Gia whispered as she kissed away his tears. She knew that Zander had never felt more open, fragile and vulnerable than he did in this moment. And he had never been sexier or more beautiful. "Just focus on me," Gia told him, and she smiled when his hazel eyes locked on her face. "Make me scream your name, Zander," she challenged him. And then she felt him begin to move.

"Fuck.." Lucky hissed, as he felt Zander pull off his cock. Not all the way though, for Lucky quickly fell into the rhythm. And soon they were all moving as one.


Nikolas came first, his voice hoarse as he cried out his release.


Then Gia came, and she did cry out Zander's name.


Then it was Zander's turn. He felt Gia's inner muscles clenching around his cock, and in that moment, Lucky shifted the angle of his thrusts and Zander felt pleasure jolt through him every time Lucky thrust into him. Keeping his eyes locked on Gia's face, Zander thrust into her a few more times then he came hard. And in the aftermath his arms quivered as he held himself over her.


Now it was Lucky's turn. He shifted again, wrapping an arm around Zander's waist to draw him with him as he pulled back a bit. Lucky moaned as he eased Zander onto his lap and then his cock was in deeper than he thought possible and Lucky suckled on Zander's neck as he fucked the boy with shallow thrusts. Then it happened all too soon and Lucky felt the tingle in the base of his spine. He eased Zander onto his hands and knees, gripped the slim hips, then began pumping into the tight ass, hard and fast and deep. Lucky bellowed his release, feeling his seed pulsing out of him and into Zander's tight channel. Marking him forever.


Zander couldn't believe it when Lucky came inside him. He felt the warm wetness that flooded his insides and it was another moment of weirdness that he had never expected to experience. That and feeling a cock grow soft now inside him. Zander tried to pull away but Lucky drew him back on his lap again. Before Zander could protest, he felt lips on his and realized Gia was kissing him. Then hands were on him, touching and caressing him everywhere. It was a sensory overload and Zander felt himself fade to black.


* * * * *


He came awake to a myriad of sensations. Lips and hands moving over him. Zander opened his eyes. He was tangled between the other three and they were all smiling at him. "I don't believe this happened," Zander whispered.

"Believe it," Gia replied. She kissed him then said," Thank you. You made all of my fantasies come true, Zander. You're know that? And you were made for this."

"Gia's right," Lucky interjected. "You were definitely made to be fucked. And thank you for letting me be the first to do just that." As he spoke, Lucky cupped Zander's face in both hands then he kissed him. Until they were both breathless.


Nikolas then shouldered Lucky out of the way. "My turn," he stated, grinning at Zander.

Zander frowned at him. "For what?"

"To fuck your luscious ass." Nikolas grinned. "Lucky and I enjoy fucking Gia but we like other options as well. And since we're not going to fuck each other, being particular about that pesky incest thing...well, lets just say we've been waiting a long time to pop your cherry. And now I'm going to make your ass mine." As he spoke, Nikolas was slicking his fingers.


"Wait…wait.." Zander began to protest, but he found himself shifted between the three of them and then there were fingers inside him, stretching him, before he was pulled onto Nikolas's lap and spitted on his cock. It didn't hurt as much this time and it seemed less invasive. Partially because Zander knew what to expect this time and partially because Nikolas's cock wasn't as big as Lucky's. Before Zander had time to laugh about that, he was moaning as Lucky's mouth wrapped itself around his cock. And Lucky was a very enthusiastic boy, as well as very experienced. Zander whimpered and it was swallowed by Gia's kiss as she leaned in from the side.


Gia kissed Zander until she felt him shudder as he came, then licked her way over to his ear and whispered, "Welcome to the club."