More Than A Kiss

She watched him getting dressed. No suit this time but rather black jeans and a black shirt, she had taught him to love dark colors. Plus she had tossed out all his old clothes, except for three pairs of jeans that fit him to perfection. The black ones he now wore were one of the three.


She could see his black boxer briefs since he had yet to button his jeans, and his feet were still bare. Zander had sexy feet. Letting her eyes roam back up, Faith licked her lips as she watched the muscles flexing in Zander's arms and shoulders and chest as he lifted one arm to comb his fingers through his hair. Then she smiled to herself as he dropped the shirt he had been about to put on and bent over. Zander had a fabulous ass. The black denim molded to it lovingly, but it was even better naked, as Faith well knew. When they were kissing, Faith loved to hold on to Zander's ass as they ground their bodies together in a foreplay kind of dance.


And Zander knew all about foreplay. He might be impatient for many things, but he never rushed sex. Even when she would be hot and wet and ready for him, he would tease her until she was cursing at him. But in the end he always gave her more than she asked for and Faith wasn't about to let him go. Yesterday he had told her that a kiss wouldn't make him stay, yet he had spent last night in her bed. Faith would make him understand that there was no where else to go. She was all he had and she could give him everything he didn't even know he wanted.




He turned to face her as he slipped on his shirt. "What's up?"


Faith sauntered towards him. "Going somewhere?"


"Figured I'd go shoot some pool." Zander began buttoning the shirt.

"Figure again." Faith undid the same buttons and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. She leaned in and licked his flat nipples, laving one then the other with her tongue. Then she licked her way down to his navel and played there for a moment. Zander's skin was smooth and soft over rock solid muscle, and here and there were freckles that Faith found equally lickable. She paused long enough to push his jeans off lean hips, then she slid her hands inside the back of his boxer briefs, cupping his firm buttocks. "You want me," she purred, as she felt his hardness throbbing against her belly.

Zander laughed. "I'm young and male...I'm easy to please." He stopped laughing when Faith's lips wrapped around his cock.

She knew how to bring him to the edge and back again. Just the right pressure of her hand on the base of his cock. Just how to flick her tongue into the tiny slit on the head of his cock. How to deep throat his shaft while squeezing his balls until it almost hurt. Faith could taste pre cum and she pulled back and off him. "Bed," she growled, already ripping off her own clothes. Zander beat her to naked and that suited Faith just fine. He simply stood there, letting her look her fill. Comfortable in his skin. Yet Faith knew it wasn't because of vanity. She knew that Zander had no clue as to how beautiful he was. How sexy and sensual and perfect. He simply didn't care what she thought about him. It was sad how he tried to feel that way about everyone, but failed.


"Let me help you with that," Zander purred, his hands working the front clasp of Faith's black lace bra.


"You have a gift," Faith told him, before moaning as one nipple was suckled into Zander's hot mouth.


Zander suckled the other nipple then laughed. "Nah...I just practiced. Alot." He lifted Faith into his arms and brought her over to the bed. He laid her out then made to move between her thighs to taste her.


Faith stopped him. "Not yet. Lay down on your back." It made her feel a rush of power when he obeyed. Faith draped herself over him, feeling his hardness against her belly as she captured his mouth. Zander knew how to kiss and Faith could kiss him forever, but this wasn't about forever. IT was about being in the moment and at this moment she was hungry for him. But it was more than that . She wanted to control Zander and she wanted him to understand that she could. And that she would. "No touching," Faith ordered, slapping Zander's hands away when the started sliding over her back. They played this game every so often and Zander enjoyed mocking her. But not tonight.


"You like it when I touch you," Zander drawled, his voice a husky growl. He let his hands come to rest on Faith's ass, kneading the soft globes of flesh.


"I said don't touch me!" Faith ordered, but a part of her was thrilled when he didn't listen. One finger slid inside, stroking in and out as his thumb rubbed at her nub, and Faith was so close to release. But she leaned forward as he nuzzled her neck, one hand sliding under the pillow. Then her gun was in her hand and she aimed between Zander's eyes. Faith saw surprise, but no fear.

"Do it," Zander whispered.

Faith slid off the bed and opened the bed table drawer. She drew out a pair of handcuffs. "Right wrist," Faith ordered, and she watched Zander smirk as he obeyed. Faith clicked one end of the cuffs around his wrist then attached the other to the bed post.

Zander tugged on the cuff but it held. "Kinky," he stated.

"You have no idea." Putting down the gun, Faith climbed back onto the bed, straddling him. She grasped his hardness and guided it into her.


"I still have one hand free," Zander taunted, but his breath caught as he was totally sheathed inside her.


Faith smiled at him, grabbing his wrist and bringing the free hand to her mouth so she could suckle on his fingers. She began to move over him at the same time, taking control of their natural rhythm. Whenever they fucked, they fell into an erotic dance that was instinctive to them both. But Faith changed the rhythm a bit, shifting up slow until he would almost slip out of her, then pressing back down hard and fast, making them both moan. Faith loved the way Zander felt inside her. Thick and hard and long. She felt him tug his hand free so he could touch her as she rode him and she allowed it. He knew just where to touch and how much pressure to apply. Sometimes Faith believed Zander knew her body better than she did.

But she knew his too. She knew every scar and every ridge of perfect muscle. She knew just where his sides were ticklish and that he growl deep in his throat if she bit him on the neck. But it was his face that Faith watched now. He was beautiful with his sculptured jaw and strong nose. His eyes were gorgeous and framed by lush lashes, but they were heavy-lidded now as he neared his release. And Faith loved his mouth with the fuller lower lip and the sensual quirk to it. Zander was made for this. For sex and the heat of passion. He was all energy and intensity and his stamina belied his youth. Most young guys did the deed and were down for the count, but Zander knew how to make it last, how to ride out the moment. And he knew how to make her scream, again and again and again. And she screamed for him now, even as she felt his own implosion, and they rode out the pleasure together before Faith collapsed on his chest, feeling the slickness of sweat even as the scent of their sex filled her nostrils.


A few minutes passed before Faith pushed up off him and rolled to his side. She let her fingertips walk down his chest then scratched her nails through the course hair that surrounded his sex. Even limp he was impressive and Faith leaned down to kiss that which had brought her so much pleasure. "Was it good for you?" she purred.

"Are you asking me or my cock?" Zander teased, with a glint in his own eyes. "We don't always think in tandem."


"You don't get to leave me, Zander," Faith countered, her tone suddenly serious.


He locked eyes with her and smiled coldly. "I do what I want."


Faith loomed over him then nipped his lower lip, hard enough to make him wince and draw blood. She licked it away. "You wanted to play the game, Zander. My game. I make the rules and you obey them.


"Maybe that's why I never win," he drawled. "I never play by the rules."


"Do what you have to do, but you don't get to leave me, Zander." Faith nipped her way down his chest to his cock and she blew on the tip and watched it stir. "It's that simple. You...don'"


A self deprecating smirk curved Zander's lips as he tugged on the cuff. "Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon."


Faith laughed. "Maybe I'll keep you handcuffed and naked for a while."


"Kiss me," Zander growled, reaching for her with his free hand.


And it was Faith's turn to obey.