And he moved like sex

He moved like sex.

A gliding, graceful, sensual stride. Faith couldn't take her eyes off him as he worked his way around the room. When he wanted to, Zander Smith could charm the birds out of the trees. And tonight he was *on*. Just watching him walk around the room made Faith wet.

"You look beautiful tonight," he drawled into her ear, his voice deep and raspy. A sexy growl that made Faith go weak at the knees. And then he was gone again, moving away to turn his charm on some matronly woman who was losing at Black Jack and making a stink about it. Faith watched with pride as Zander calmed the woman, flirting with her, and got her to stay in her seat and keep playing. He flirted with her enough so that she stopped caring that she was losing.

Faith continued to watch as Zander turned and winked at her then approached again, this time taking her drink from her hand and downing the whiskey in one smooth gulp. Faith licked her lips as she watched the tendons in his neck flex as he swallowed.  When he leaned in around her to set the glass on the bar, Faith leaned into Zander and nipped at his throat. Then she inhaled deeply, loving his scent. He always smelled so damn good. He didn't use cologne and it was more than the fresh scent of the soap he used. It was something that was purely sex, purely masculine...purely Zander. "I want you," Faith whispered in his ear.

"It'll cost you," Zander replied.

"I can afford it." Faith purred then she felt him take her hand and lead her towards the back behind the bar. There was a door and she followed Zander through it. She shoved it closed then pushed him back against it, her hands clawing at his tie. Faith needed to feel his skin under her hands and she didn't care about the buttons that popped off his two hundred dollar silk shirt in her quest. Olive-toned skin was revealed and Faith pressed her bare breasts against it. Zander's hands had been busy as well. She tangled her fingers in his hair. Dark silk against her sensitized skin and claimed his mouth. A perfect mouth that he knew how to use. Zander never slobbered, never tried to swallow her whole. He kissed like he wanted to taste her, and he did it with a finesse that was at odds with his age and his character. Faith found that sexy in itself and often wondered when Zander lost his virginity and to whom.

But Faith knew how to kiss too and she shoved her tongue into Zander's mouth, craving the taste of him. Mint and whiskey and something chocolate. She didn't stop kissing him as her hands glided between them and undid his belt. She popped the fastening on his slacks and almost ripped the zipper down. Then her hand was slipping inside and she wasn't completely surprised to find there was no barrier in the way. Zander had a habit of going commando in his suits. Faith approved. When he wasn't wearing the suit jackets, there were no lines to mar the way the fabric of his pants molded to his rock solid ass. 

But it was his hard and throbbing cock that commanded her attention right now. Faith stroked Zander for a moment, loving the way he moaned into her mouth, then she broke the kiss and fell to her knees. She licked the swollen tip of his shaft, lapping at the tiny slit for a moment before taking him into her mouth. Faith felt Zander's fingers tangle in her hair and then his hips were thrusting, just a bit, and she opened her throat to swallow this length. After a moment she felt Zander tugging on her hair and she let him slide out of her mouth.

Strong hands pulled her to her feet and then warm wet lips were suckling one of nipples and Faith arched into Zander's mouth. She moaned as she felt his fingers stroking between her legs, massaging her slick folds before one was sliding deep inside her. Her knees buckled but Zander held her easily, one strong arm wrapping around her waist. "Zander..." Faith whispered, and then he she felt him lifting her as if she were weightless, and she opened her thighs for him. The tip of his cock found her wet center and Faith shifted just a bit and then he was inside her, pressing hard and deep, filling her until she ached from it and wanted more.

 "Fuck me!" Faith commanded, as she wrapped her legs loosely around his ass. And then it was her back pressed up against the wall and he was thrusting into her, somehow finding the strength to hold her as he stroked in and then out in an ever shifting cadence of rhythm that made Faith want to scream her pleasure. And scream she did, but into his mouth as he kissed her to muffle the sound. And then he broke away from the kiss and Faith opened her eyes to watch his face as he came, digging her nails into his strong shoulders as she watched him quiver from the force of his release, and she felt it pumping into her and Faith wanted to freeze this moment.

She wanted to freeze the expression on his face. Eyes heavy lidded, lips rosy and wet, a light sheen of sweat making his skin glow and Faith had to lean in and taste him, her tongue licking a stripe from cheek to chin, and the rasp of his five o'clock shadow set off mini explosions of desire that tingled deep inside her core. Faith rested one hand flat against his chest and felt the thud of his heart against her palm. It echoed the thud of her own.

Then Zander was slipping out of her, easing Faith onto her feet and she wobbled on her stiletto heels until his hands gripped her waist to steady her. He had strong hands. "I ruined your shirt," Faith whispered as she leaned in to smell him again. He didn't smell any different, although the scent of their sex lingered in the air. But he did look like sex, all tousled and messy and the wicked smile that curved his lips made Faith wet all over again.

"You'll buy me another shirt," Zander replied, and Faith watched him as he shrugged off his jacket and the shirt. She frowned as she watched Zander retrieve a black tee shirt from a nearby shelf and pull it over his head. He tucked it into his pants, redoing them and the belt before running his fingers through his hair.

"Why are you stashing tee shirts in here?" Faith demanded, then she was distracted by his kiss and the way his fingers pinched her still hard nipples.

Zander pulled away and unlocked the door. "You've ruined four shirts this week," he drawled. "I can go back to work naked."

Faith had no reply to that and then he was gone. She pulled herself back together and when she stepped back out into the main room, her eyes found him easily.

He was prowling the room.

And he moved like sex.