Opposites Attract: Fire and Ice

After thoroughly fucking Zander, Ric left him to sleep. In *his* bed. He then showered and went downstairs, knowing that Lucky would be waiting to confront him. He didn't have long to wait. Lucky had been pacing in the living room, but he stopped when Ric walked in.

"What the hell is going on?" Lucky demanded. "Who knows about us?"


"No one." Ric moved to the side bar to pour himself a drink. "I wrote the note."

Lucky was stunned. "What? Why?"


Ric took a sip of the scotch then smiled. "To make sure Zander keeps our secret. You want this to continue, don't you? For Zander to keep playing with us?"

"You know I do." Just thinking about Zander was enough to make Lucky hard again.


"Then I had to make sure Zander would keep his mouth shut."

Lucky shook his head. "Why would he tell anyone? You think he wants people to know we grabbed him and fucked him? I wouldn't in his place."

Ric moved to Lucky and kissed his cheek. "But you're not Zander. He speaks before he thinks." Ric sat down and sighed. "But he makes up for that flaw in other areas. I've been thinking of having him move in with me."

"Excuse me?" Lucky moved to loom over Ric. "Move in with you? Wouldn't that be giving the game away?"


"Not at all. I have a very big house. Zander can have his own room...for show. I'll look like I’m doing a good deed. Helping Zander turn his life around again."

Lucky glared at Ric, not believing the bullshit he was hearing. "Zander has turned his life around."


Ric snorted. "He's working for Faith Roscoe. He's hooked up with the mob again."


"Like you're Mr. Clean?" Lucky countered. "No...Zander is not moving in with you. If anything, you would corrupt him all the more. Besides which, you just want him to warm your bed."

"And that's a bad thing...why?"

Lucky felt anger flaring inside him. "You're not keeping Zander for yourself, so don't even think about it."

Ric smirked. "You're jealous...aren't you? You want him all to yourself, don't you, Lucky?"


"So what if I do?"


"Tell you what..." Ric rose from the couch. He tossed back the drink then set the glass down with a thunk. "Why don't we let Zander decide who he wants to be with."

Lucky frowned, he had a feeling that Ric was trying to trick him in some way by getting the upper hand. "What do you mean? We just ask him who he wants to live with." Lucky realized that there was some irony in this. That they still weren't giving Zander a real choice.


Ric locked eyes with Lucky. "I mean we both seduce him. And may the better man for Zander win." He was throwing down the gauntlet.


"Works for me," Lucky replied. "When do we begin?"

"Let Zander sleep for a few hours," Ric suggested. "The beautiful boy is going to need his rest."


* * * * *

Zander woke up and was startled by his surroundings. He had been dreaming about Emily and had forgotten where he was. He sat up and remembered what had happened. "Fuck.." Zander muttered, as he ran his fingers through his hair. He slid off the bed and headed for the shower. When he was done he dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist. Ric hadn't brought him any clothes yet. Zander then looked for the time. He new it was morning by looking out the window and he was surprised that he had slept for so long. He was actually feeling hungry. He figured he would head downstairs, get some clothes, something to eat then head back to town. Even if it meant walking. But when Zander tried the door, it wouldn't open.


"Hey! Open the damn door!" Zander shouted, pounding on it with his fists. Now he was angry again.


"Take it easy." Ric pounded back. "I'll unlock it." He did as he said and opened the door. "Good morning, Zander. Did you sleep well?"

Zander glared at Ric, then noticed Lucky was behind him. "I want to go home," he announced to them both.

Ric smiled. "Soon. Tomorrow we'll take you home." And by that he meant either his home or Lucky's. Although Ric fully intended to be victorious in this little game. Zander would soon be his.


"I brought you some clothes," Lucky interjected, holding them out.

"Thanks," Zander took them. "Look...I want to go home now," he stated.

Ric cocked an eyebrow at him. "What are you afraid of, Zander?"

Zander laughed. "Not you." It was a lie and they both knew it. "I just…I want to go home."

"Tomorrow," Ric repeated, then he reached out and tugged at Zander's towel. It fell off the slim hips and pooled at Zander's feet. Ric smiled as he reached out to grasp Zander's cock. The boy was soft but he knew how to arouse him.


"Don't," Zander protested, grabbing Ric by the wrist. But then he felt Lucky behind him and warm lips were kissing the nape of his neck and Zander felt his cock twitch in Ric's hand. "Please…stop.." Zander begged, but the duo continued their assault on his body and his body was as traitorous as ever.


Ric leaned in to kiss Zander. "Just let yourself go," he whispered as he continued stroking. And it wasn't long before Zander came and Ric smiled before licking the cum from his hand. Then he picked up the towel and cleaned Zander's cock. "I'll go make breakfast," he stated, before leaving the room.

Lucky knew Ric was giving him a shot at Zander. "Come lie down on the bed," he invited.

"No!" Zander was not going to let Lucky fuck him again.


"You're tense," Lucky observed. "You shouldn't be, all things considered. I just want to relax you with a massage."

Zander wanted to believe him. He was tense. So he took a chance and stretched out on the bed. He bit his lip as Lucky moved over him and was almost relieved to feel the scratch of denim against his bare skin. Maybe Lucky was being sincere and this was just going to be a massage.


Lucky reached for the bottle of oil on the bed table and slicked his hands. Then he began massaging Zander's shoulders, kneading the kinks out. He worked his way down the perfect back to the perfect ass, letting a finger slide over the crack. He wanted to fuck Zander so badly, but this wasn't the right moment.  He had to prove to Zander that he could be trusted. So Lucky shifted off him and said," Roll over."


"Just do it."

Zander sighed then rolled onto his back. He felt too exposed like this. Being fully naked while someone else was fully dressed could do that to you. Especially when the someone else was another man. But Zander closed his eyes and tried to relax as Lucky began massaging his chest. He bit his lip when strong fingers kneaded his balls, then stroked his cock. Zander even came again, just a slight spattering, as if he hadn't quite finished before. And now he felt truly lethargic and relaxed.

Lucky leaned in to kiss Zander. "Was it good for you?"


"Yeah...yeah it was. Thanks." Zander opened his eyes and kissed Lucky for making him feel so good.


"I'm glad." Lucky slid off the bed. "Get dressed. Breakfast should be ready by now."

Zander watched him go, then he slid off the bed and pulled on jeans and a white shirt. He realized that underwear had not been included and he decided that he didn't care. He didn't have socks or shoes either, not that it mattered at this point. Zander tucked the shirt in, combed his fingers through his hair, then headed down the stairs.


* * * * *


When Zander entered the kitchen he was surprised to see the table laden with a variety of foods.


"Hungry?" Ric asked, as he poured orange juice into tall glasses.

"A little," Zander allowed, sitting down in the chair that Lucky pulled out for him.


Ric set the glass of OJ in front of Zander. "Eat up," he invited.

Zander felt a tingle of suspicion but ignored it. For now. He figured everything had to be okay and Ric didn't drug the food or anything, seeing as how Lucky was already digging in. So Zander reached for some toast. As he munched on it he asked, "Why can't I go home now?"


"I suppose you could, if you want to walk back," Ric stated. "Lucky and I are staying until tomorrow."

"Fine." Zander realized he was beating a dead horse so he let it go. He could survive one more day. He saw strawberries in a bowl and grabbed one. There was a small bowl of whipped cream and Zander dipped the berry in it then took a bite. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sweet flavor as he chewed. But he opened his eyes when a tongue licked his lips.

Lucky grinned at him. "You had whipped cream on your lips," he stated.

Zander reached for a napkin and deliberately wiped his mouth. Then he pushed back his chair and stood up. "I'm full," he announced, then he made to leave the room. That suspicious tingle was back again.


"Want to play cards?" Lucky asked.


"Sure…why not," Zander allowed. Playing cards was safe enough.

Ric studied all the untouched food and sighed. "Guess I'll come join you after I clean up," he stated.


Lucky made a face at Ric then followed Zander out into the living room. They sat down on the floor, on opposite sides of the coffee table. "Name your game," Lucky invited, as he shuffled a deck of cards.


"Good choice." Lucky dealt and they began to play. It didn't take him long to realize that Zander was good at this game.


Ric soon joined them. "How about strip poker?" He suggested.

Zander shook his head. "No way."

"You afraid?" Ric challenged.


"No." Zander knew he was good at poker. The problem with Ric's challenge was that all he had to lose was two hands and he would be naked, seeing as how all he had on were jeans and a shirt. Ric and Lucky could count their socks as two hands.


Ric sat down next to Zander and smirked. "I think you are afraid," he replied.

Zander grabbed the deck from Lucky and began shuffling. He locked eyes with Ric and hissed, "Let's play."


Six hands later, Zander was shirtless and Ric and Lucky were both naked. And both aroused. And jacking themselves off. Zander tried not to watch them, but even when he closed his eyes he could hear them moaning and he knew exactly what they were doing. He made to get up and leave but Ric grabbed his arm.


"One more hand, Zander," Ric stated, and he was still jacking himself with his free hand. "Play your cards." The seventh hand had been dealt out, it just needed to be played out.

"Fine!" Zander jerked his arm away and sat back down. He bit his lip as he looked at his cards. It was hard to focus. Lucky had folded, since he was already naked it didn't seem to matter. So Zander just had Ric to worry about. Ric was staying. Zander tossed two cards and drew two new ones. He had two pair. He turned them over.

Ric smiled, turned over his cards to reveal three aces. "I win," he announced. "Time to get naked, Zander." And it was in that moment that he came.

Zander watched Ric shoot his load, watched him lick it off his own hand. He didn't want to play anymore. But suddenly Lucky was over him, undoing his jeans and sliding a hand inside. "Don't.." Zander hissed.


"You lost the hand, Zander," Lucky reminded him. "You have to take your jeans off. I'll help." And help he did, drawing the denim off of Zander's legs with quick efficiency.

"I want.." Zander began, only to break off with a choked moan as Lucky suddenly sucked the tip of his cock into his mouth. And Zander realized he was already hard. He whimpered as Lucky's fingered his balls and it would have been so easy just to give in and cum, but Zander was tired of being manipulated. He reached out, intending to pull Lucky off him, but Ric was suddenly behind him, grabbing Zander's shoulders and easing him down onto his back next to the coffee table. When Zander tried to fend him off, Ric grabbed his wrists and pinned them down over his head. Which left Lucky free to continue his sensual assault.


Ric loomed over Zander, then he leaned down to kiss him. He tongue fucked Zander's mouth, swallowing his moans.

Zander couldn't hold back a cry as he came hard, and he felt Lucky swallowing around his cock, not missing a drop of his seed. And Ric was still kissing him, still pinning him down. They kept tag teaming him and Zander's body kept giving in to the erotic pleasure. He went limp in the aftermath and was relieved when Ric let him go.


"What do you want to do now?" Ric asked, a sexy grin on his face.


"I want to shower," Zander replied. He got up on shaky legs and made to grab his shirt and jeans, but Ric scooped them out of reach. "What are you doing?" Zander asked.

Ric laughed softly. "New house rules. Everyone goes naked."

Zander glared at him then shrugged. "Fine…whatever," Then he stomped off towards the stairs.


"He's going to be mine," Ric drawled, as he watched Zander go, enjoying the view.

"In your dreams," Lucky shot back, rising from the floor. He had cum just before giving Zander the blow job and now he was feeling sticky, so he wanted a shower too.

Ric watched him go as well then smiled. His plan was working out beautifully.


* * * * *


After his shower, Zander stretched out on the bed. He was actually feeling tired and since he didn't want to face either Ric or Lucky at the moment, he decided to take a nap. He ended up sleeping past dinner. When he got up the door wasn't locked this time. Zander felt weird about walking around naked, but it wasn't like he had a choice. He had checked the closet and the dressers. Empty. So he headed down the stairs and was relieved to find himself alone. Zander knew it wouldn't last so he grabbed a few strawberries out of the fridge and munched on them as he headed out the door. It was dark now and he was drawn out by the warm breeze. To Zander's surprise there was a pool in the back and the idea of a swim was too appealing to resist. He quickly ate the last berry then he stepped onto the diving board and dived in. The water was perfect.

Zander swam a few laps then he relaxed against the side of the pool. He closed his eyes and reveled in the quiet serenity, but his eyes flew open when he heard a splash. A moment later a wet, and very naked, Ric swam up to him.


"Enjoying the water?" Ric asked.


"Yeah...it's nice." Zander felt that tingle of suspicion creep down his spine. And he knew it was justified when fingers closed over his cock. No surprise that his body reacted and he hardened.


Ric stroked Zander for a moment, and was more than a little surprised when Zander suddenly gripped his face and kissed him. A hot, wet, deep kiss that Ric never wanted to end. He knew what Zander was doing, though. Trying to take control. Ric allowed it, for a moment, then he broke the kiss. But only so that he could go underwater and take Zander's cock into his mouth.


Zander gasped as Ric sucked on his cock. The feeling of being sucked deep into Ric's throat while the warm water lapped around his body, was unlike anything Zander had ever felt before. He gripped the side of the pool and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back as pleasure rippled over him. He was so close to cumming.


Ric came up for air, leaning into Zander's chest to whisper in his ear, "Let me fuck you."


"God.." Zander couldn't believe this was happening. He couldn't believe that he wanted this. "Yes," he replied, and then he found that they were not alone. Lucky was there as well and he and Ric were shifting him over to where the steps were. Ric sat down on the top step then turned Zander so that his back was to him. Zander moaned as a finger slid inside him. He knew this would hurt a bit since they couldn't use lubricant. It would simply wash away.


Lucky distracted Zander with kisses. He also helped to guide him down onto Ric's cock, supporting him when he stiffened at the stretch and burn, wrapping his fingers around Zander's cock and stroking him to release. And when Zander came his body relaxed and opened and Lucky more or less pressed him down onto Ric's cock, spitting him.


Zander whimpered as Ric held him on his lap. He was hard and thick and throbbing inside him and it burned more without the lubricant. But after a moment the pain eased and Ric began to thrust. Shallow thrusts that barely made any movement, yet Zander could feel it deeply. Then he realized that Lucky's cock was in front of his face. His very...hard...cock. Then fingers were in Zander's hair and Lucky was begging him to open his mouth for him. And Zander complied. He almost gagged when Lucky first thrust inside and the tip hit the back of his throat. And it was unreal to Zander that he had another man's cock in his mouth, but then he couldn't think straight because Ric had shifted and the cock inside him was brushing over his prostrate and pleasure washed over Zander in never ending waves.

"Fuck...fuck.." Lucky whispered as Zander whimpered around his cock. His fingers clenched in Zander's hair and he took control, fucking the sweet mouth, finding the rhythm Ric was setting as he fucked Zander's sweet ass. Then Lucky was cumming hard, easing out a bit so that Zander wouldn't choke. It was hard to swallow the first time. But Zander proved to be a trooper and when Lucky pulled out he praised him then kissed him, using his tongue to swipe his own taste from Zander's mouth.


"Almost...there.." Ric hissed, as he gripped Zander's hips and began pumping harder. He came in a rush, flooding Zander's tight channel, slicking him now as well as marking him, then he nipped Zander's shoulders as he came down from the pleasure high. "So beautiful," Ric whispered in his ear. "So beautiful and so mine."

Lucky heard him. "Don't bet on it!" he shot back. "Zander is mine!" He looked at Zander. "Right? I mean...wouldn't you rather live with me?"

Zander looked at Lucky for a moment, then he stood up, moaning as Ric's cock slid out of him. He turned to look at Ric then he shook his head. "Is that what this was all about?" he demanded. "You two were pulling all this shit on me to claim me as some kind of prize?"

"It didn't start out like that," Lucky confessed.

"Shut up," Ric interjected.

Zander laughed. "Save it," he shot back. "You guys want to win me? You're gonna have to do way better than this. Although I should probably thank you guys."

Lucky frowned. "Thank us? For what?"

"For teaching me how to be a good little whore. I bet I can use what I learned and get me a real sugar daddy. What do you think? Hey...maybe Lorenzo Alcazar is a player." As he spoke, Zander waded out of the pool. There were towels lying on the deck chairs and he used one to dry off. "Yeah…maybe I'll pay him a visit tomorrow," Zander drawled, then he headed for the house. And as he listened to Ric and Lucky bickering about him, Zander smiled. He knew he had won this round, but he doubted that the game was over. Still, he now realized that he really was the one in control. And in the future he was going to use that to make Ric and Lucky...play nice.