Taggert sat at a corner table of the bar, watching Zander Smith. The kid was working the room. Had been for the past hour. Zander hadn't been drinking that much, but he was definitely high. Taggert knew the signs. Zander was feeling no pain and now he was looking for release of the physical kind. Better he go cruising for sex than a fist fight, Taggert conceded.


For the past few weeks Taggert had been keeping an eye on Zander. Ever since Gia had moved to Chicago, after receiving a job offer to work with the District Attorney there while finishing up law school. Zander had been lost without her after his father had popped up in town. The kid had overdosed and Taggert had been ready to write him off yet again when Gia had explained the situation between Zander and his dad. Taggert now had some sympathy for the kid, who had been turning his life around. In fact, Zander still worked for Ned at ELQ.


Sipping at his soda, Taggert continued to watched Zander. He was dressed in black. Black shirt unbuttoned half way down his chest, the bottom tucked into black jeans with black boots to finish off the look. A stray lock of hair tumbled over his forehead, per usual, and Taggert watched the blonde woman dancing with Zander, brush it back for him. They were a hot couple and pretty much everyone in the place was watching them. Probably because the way they were moving and kissing and touching each other, pretty much resembled foreplay. It was affecting Taggert so he had no doubt it was arousing everyone else as well. And it wasn't the pretty blonde that was holding his attention.


Zander knew how to move. He had an innate sensuality that was smoldering, and right now it was on overdrive. Taggert shifted in his chair to make room in his pants for his growing cock. Never too old to get horny, he thought to himself with a chuckle. But he stopped being amused when he saw the blonde take Zander's hand and lead him off the dance floor. He watched her head for the stairs and it wasn't hard to guess where they were going. There were rooms available upstairs. But an alarm bell went off when Taggert saw a man detach himself from the crowd to follow them. He got up and moved to intercept. He beat them there by one step and blocked the way. "Time to go home, Zander," Taggert drawled.


Zander glared at Taggert. "What are you? My Keeper? Get lost!" He made to push Taggert aside.


"As a matter of fact, I am your keeper. Tonight," Taggert replied. And he didn't budge as Zander pushed against him. "I'm taking you home. Now!" His tone left no doubt but that he was serious.


"Fuck off!" Fury blazed in Zander's eyes. "I'm over twenty-one and I haven't broken any laws. Leave me alone!"


Taggert shook his head. "Can't do that." He detached the blonde from Zander's side then, in one smooth motion, he bent and hauled Zander over one shoulder. Then he turned and strode through the bemused crowd, heading for the exit.


Zander struggled to get down, but was held in place by Taggert’s strong arm wrapped around his thighs. "Put me down…you sonofabitch!"


"When I'm ready." Taggert could feel Zander trying to gain leverage and failing. But he kept struggling anyway so Taggert felt justified when he smacked the palm of one hand hard against Zander's jean covered ass. "Hold still," he commanded, but he chuckled at Zander's outraged shriek. By then they were out the door, but Taggert didn't release Zander until they reached his car. And even as he set him on his feet, Taggert kept an arm locked about Zander's waist, locking him tight against him so that his groin was pressed against Zander's butt. Good thing he did so for Zander struggled like a wild thing to get free. Taggert was surprised when Zander suddenly froze then went limp. Then he guessed why. His erection was throbbing against the confines of his jeans and there was little doubt but that Zander would have felt it. "You going to behave now?" Taggert asked.


"Let me go!" Zander ground out between clenched teeth.


Taggert shook his head. "I don't think so. He shifted his hold a bit so he could open the driver's door. "Get in," he ordered.

Zander didn't budge. "Go to hell! I'm not going anywhere with you!"


"Sure you are," Taggert drawled, as he manhandled Zander into the vehicle. And he was prepared for Zander to try and bolt out the other side so Taggert slapped his cuffs on one wrist and when Zander froze in surprise, he locked the other cuff around the strap on the door.


"You bastard!" Zander snarled, and his body practically vibrated with fury. He tugged on the cuffs and succeeded only in abrading his wrist. "Let me go!"


Taggert shook his head. "Not happening." He leaned back in his seat with his arms folded over his chest and watched as Zander continued to tug and pull on the cuffs in an attempt to free himself. Finally Zander went limp, no doubt exhausted from his struggles. "Done?" Taggert asked, as he leaned in to strap Zander's seat belt on him. He noticed that Zander smelled good and idly wondered what cologne he used.


Zander puffed a stray lock of hair off his forehead. "Why are you doing this?"


"I have a list of reasons," Taggert stated. "Most of them you probably don't want to hear.


"Try me."

Taggert shrugged. "Okay. You've come a long way from the being the drunk dealing, kidnapping, fucked up, punk kid who came to Port Charles three years ago." Taggert fell Zander's sullen glare lock on his face and ignored it. "You turned your life around, Zander. You're working for Ned now and you're out of drugs. You were also a good friend to my sister."

Zander sighed. "You hate me, Taggert. So what is this?"


"I don't hate you. And part of what turned me around was what Gia told me about your father."

"What?" Fury blazed in Zander's eyes. "She told you about that?"


Taggert winced. "She didn't mean too. We were arguing about you and she blasted me back and the stuff came out about you and your dad...and your brother."

Zander closed his eyes. "Fuck. So now you feel sorry for me?"


"I feel respect, admiration and sympathy," Taggert countered, then he let his eyes roam over Zander, enjoying his sensual beauty. His cock stirred in appreciation and Taggert shifted in his seat. He cleared his throat. "And there are other…things…I feel for you."


"Gee…I'm happy for you, Taggy," Zander drawled, sarcasm oozing from every pore. "But don't let me fool you. I'm still a fucked up punk."


Taggert sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. Getting through to Zander tonight was a lost cause. "Bottom line is, I'm sorry for how I've treated you in the past."

Zander chuckled. "Why? I deserved it."


"Maybe some of it," Taggert allowed. "But people do change, Zander. And you have."


"Thanks for the pep talk, it's been great." Zander tugged at his cuffed wrist. "Can I go now?"


Taggert shook his head. "I'm taking you home with me. You can sleep off the high."


Zander was furious again. "I don't want to sleep it off!" he snarled. "Don't you get that? I like the buzz. It's like being numb, only better. I want to go back to the bar, drink, dance with pretty girls, and then I want to take one home and fuck her brains out! And seeing as how I'm over twenty-one...I can do that! You don't have the right to stop me! I'm not breaking the fucking law!"


"Was getting fucked yourself part of the bargain?" Taggert queried as he watched Zander's muscled chest rise and fall as he panted from his tirade.


"What the hell are you talking about?" Zander shot back.


Taggert shrugged. "The girl you were going upstairs with had a friend. A male friend. He was tagging along with the intention of joining the action. If you get my drift."


Zander glared at Taggert. "Yeah…I get it! Did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted it?"

"Really?" Taggert knew a bluff when he saw one but he would be more than happy to call Zander on it. "So you're telling me your sweet ass ain't virgin?"


"Fuck you!" Zander snarled.


Taggert smiled. "Actually, I prefer it the other way around. And since you do too, you won't mind if I do this." He grabbed handfuls of Zander's hair then leaned in and kissed him . Hard. Not pausing when Zander froze in surprise. He grabbed Zander's free hand and put it between them, pressing the palm over his erection, letting Zander feel how much he wanted him. And all the while he deepened the kiss, invading Zander's mouth with his tongue. Tasting him. Tasting mint and whiskey. It was intoxicating.

Zander broke away and glared at Taggert. His hand was still on Taggert’s crotch and he tugged at it until Taggert released his wrist. "You mother fucker!" It was the only come back he had.


"Something wrong?" Taggert drawled. He could see that Zander was shaking. He was right. The kid had never been with another man before.


"Let me go," Zander demanded, swiping at his mouth with the back of his free hand.


Taggert reached out and let his thumb trace over Zander's full bottom lip. "Can't do that. But we'll finish this at my house." He laughed when Zander tried to bite his thumb then settled back in his seat, put his seat belt on, started the engine and drove off.




It took more manhandling to get Zander into the house. Taggert didn't mind. But the moment the door was closed and the lights were on, he slammed Zander against the door and took possession of his sweet lips. When they were both gasping for breath, Taggert pulled away and sauntered into the living room. He poured himself a drink. "I'm going to pop your cherry tonight, Zander," he purred.


"You're not man enough," Zander shot back, then fell silent as if realizing that was not the best retort in this situation.


"Are you afraid of me?" Taggert noticed that Zander had put the couch between them.


Zander shook his head. "I'm not afraid of anything."

Taggert smiled. "Moment of truth. Ever been with a man before?"


"No." There was a pause. "You?"

"A few times," Taggert allowed. "Ever thought about being with a man?"


Zander shook his head. "Never."


Taggert believed him. "Are you afraid of what I might make you feel?"


"No!" Zander's tone was belligerent.


"I don't believe you," Taggert drawled. Then he gasped in surprise as Zander was suddenly before him, hands cupping his face and pulling him down into a kiss. And the boy knew how to kiss. It didn't take Taggert long to get over his shock and kiss him back. In fact he wrapped his arms around Zander, and backpedaled him until he hit the wall. Only then did Taggert break the kiss. But only so he could grip handfuls of Zander's shirt and rip it open, uncaring of the buttons that flew everywhere. Leaning in, Taggert kissed Zander again then licked a path from his chin down to his chest then over to one flat nipple. He bit it and heard Zander's gasp of pleasure.

Zander pushed against Taggert's shoulders. "Wait," he pleaded.

Taggert shook his head. "No," he stated, even as his fingers went to work on Zander's pants. He pushed them down and was pleasantly surprised not to find any underwear. "Going commando?" Taggert teased, as he curled his fingers around Zander's length. It was long and thick even soft and he began stroking it firmly, feeling it flicker to life in his palm.


"Taggert...wait…wait.." Zander was begging even as his hips began thrusting a bit.

"Shh.." Taggert whispered, then he took the tip of Zander's cock into his mouth and he felt Zander's knees buckle. Taggert used his free hand to fondle Zander's balls and when he felt Zander's hips thrusting again, he pulled off the rock hard cock for just a moment, to slick his fingers in his mouth, then he went back to work, taking Zander's cock deep into his mouth. Taggert's saliva slicked finger found Zander's puckered opening and pushed in. He locked his other arm around Zander's thighs when he tried to pull away. Taggert pumped his finger in Zander's tightness, then crooked it as he searched for the right spot. He heard Zander's moan and could feel his body stiffen. And then he tasted the first wave of come and swallowed as much as he could. Rising to his feet, but still supporting Zander, whose body had gone limp in the aftermath, Taggert cupped Zander's face in his free hand and kissed him. He felt Zander jerk in reaction to tasting himself. "You taste good," Taggert whispered against the soft lips, then he pulled away and ordered, "Undress for me."


Zander shook his head. "No."


Taggert smirked. "Got something to hide?" he challenged, knowing it would be effective. And he was right. Zander stiffened and glared at Taggert, but then he shrugged off his shirt before kicking off his boots and stepping out of his jeans. Then he peeled off his socks and stood before Taggert. Gloriously, and defiantly, naked. "Beautiful," Taggert whispered. "You're so fucking beautiful, Zander." He reached out and touched the scar between the perfect pectorals. Then he stroked his fingertips over the golden hued skin. "Like satin over steel. You have no idea how badly I need to fuck you." As he spoke, Taggert scooped Zander up into his arms, ignoring his struggles and the rather impressive cursing, and strode into the bedroom to deposit him on the king-sized bed. He then moved over Zander to kiss him. Long, wet, deep kisses that made Taggert's toes curl. Zander was finally giving in to the inevitable. Taggert broke away from Zander's mouth to nibble on the strong tendons in his neck.


"Wait.." Zander's voice was breathless.

"I don't want to wait." Taggert was being honest.


Zander nodded. "I know but...I don't want to be the only one naked. It's...kind of embarrassing."

Taggert rather liked it himself. He found it sexy as hell to be fully dressed and have Zander naked beneath him . But, at the same time, he wanted to feel all that smooth skin and hard muscle pressed tight against his own naked flesh. "I can take time for that," he decided, as he slid off the bed. He almost chuckled to note that Zander wasn't quite watching him disrobe. The kid might have been on his own for a long time, and he'd definitely walked on the wild and dark side of life. But for all that he was hardly worldly and he still possessed an intriguing innocence. Taggert climbed back on the bed and was about to move over Zander again, when a hand on his cock stopped him.


" this okay?" Zander asked, curling his fingers around Taggert's hard shaft.


"It's more than okay," Taggert replied, biting back a moan. Even though Zander's touch was rather tentative, he was a guy so, instinctively, he knew what to do. And when the tip of Zander's tongue lapped at the slit of Taggert's cock, he felt as if he had been jolted by a currant. Then his cock was surrounded by wet heat and Taggert almost came. But he didn't want that and he realized what Zander was doing. Exchanging a blow job for getting fucked. It wasn't going to happen. Taggert let Zander suckle him for about a minute before fisting his hands in the soft, dark, hair and forcibly removing the succulent mouth from his aching hardness. "You're not getting out of this so easy, Zander," Taggert drawled. "I'm going to fuck your beautiful ass until you scream for mercy."

Zander's eyes went huge and he tried to slide off the bed. "I don't want to play this game anymore," he stated.


Taggert gripped his wrist hard, holding him in place. "It's not a game, Zander. Not for me. And you're not going anywhere . You're going to see this through."


"What's the point? What are you trying to prove?"

"Simple." Taggert drew Zander to him and pushed him down on his stomach, moving to sit on his legs so that he couldn't move. Then he spread open Zander's buttocks and bent his head to lap at the puckered hole with his tongue. He felt Zander stiffen at the intimate contact, then he was struggling to get away. There were a pair of cuffs on the bedside table and Taggert snagged them. He then efficiently, though with a bit of a struggle, manacled Zander's hands behind his back so that he was helpless. Taggert then nipped Zander's ass before stuffing two pillows under his hips to angle him better for a good rimming. He ignored the innovative cursing Zander did, and concentrated solely on opening Zander with his tongue. "I'm going to prove to you that you can step outside of the box, Zander. You can accept what's happening between us. You can accept a friend."

Zander squirmed and cursed. "This isn't about...friendship, Taggert. It's sex…period."


Taggert licked at Zander for a moment, stabbing his tongue into the opening, then he pulled back and reached for the bottle of lube. He slicked his fingers. "It's pleasure, kid. Yours…and mine."


"Take the fucking cuffs off!" Zander shouted as a finger slid inside him, then a strangled moan escaped him.

"Haven't lost my touch," Taggert purred. Finding Zander's prostate had been easy. He brushed over the sensitive area until Zander was squirming and cursing and almost begging. Then Taggert inserted another finger and scissored them to stretch the tight passage.


Zander whimpered. "Please...stop! Taggert…please."


Taggert knew that Zander was feeling vulnerable right now so he decided to make it easier on him. Sort of. He slid his fingers out carefully slicked his cock. "Just relax," Taggert stated, as he positioned himself at Zander's opening. Carefully he pushed in and made an inch before Zander gasped. Taggert rubbed the small of his back. "Relax.."


"You relax!" Zander spat. He wriggled but stopped when a hand smacked his ass.

"It's going to feel so good, Zander," Taggert purred. He pushed in again and made it half way before he felt Zander tense up. "You okay?"

Zander moaned. "Burns. Please…stop."


Taggert couldn't stop now, not when he was so close to heaven. "Deep breath," he said then he pushed the rest of the way in and went still. He leaned over Zander, feeling his lean body tremble, and distracted him from the pain by nipping at his shoulders and stroking his sides. Taggert felt Zander start to relax and he began to move. Little thrusts in and out. Without warning Taggert leaned back and undid one cuff. Before Zander could react he pulled him up into his lap then redid the cuffs in front. "You're in control now, Zander," Taggert whispered in his ear. He had one arm wrapped around the slender waist, and his free hand wrapped around Zander's cock.


"I'm in control?" Zander almost laughed but it turned into a moan as his cock hardened. "I'm handcuffed and spitted on your cock, Taggert. Not my definition of being in control."


"You make the moves, Zander." Taggert was pleased when he felt him begin lift up then press down. He knew Zander did it more because he needed the motion, needed Taggert to move inside him. Once Zander got the rhythm going, Taggert eased back into control. He pushed Zander forward, onto his knees. "Hold the headboard," he ordered. "I'm going to make you scream."

Zander snorted but did as he was told. His body rocked with Taggert's hard thrusts.


Taggert shifted position to angle himself and was pleased when Zander began to whimper. Every stroke in brushed over the hotspot. It was a win win situation. With each wave of pleasure, Taggert could feel Zander's walls clamp around his cock. He was so close to coming. He could feel the slow burn in his spine and his balls began to tighten. Taggert gripped Zander's hips and pumped harder and faster. Then he heard the scream, but it wasn't Zander crying out. It was Taggert. A primal scream that was ripped from his throat. He collapsed onto Zander, bringing them both down onto the bed. Taggert was still inside Zander and he had no intention of leaving any time soon . But as he rolled them onto their sides, he noticed that Zander was still hard. Taggert smiled as he curled his fingers around the hard length. Didn't take long before Taggert felt Zander's body tense then warm wetness spilled over his hand.

To Taggert's surprise, Zander took his hand, between his cuffed ones, and brought it to his lips. Taggert’s cock twitched as he felt Zander's warm tongue licking off his own come. It was the most erotic moment of his life. Taggert shifted carefully, feeling himself harden a bit inside of Zander, then he turned Zander's head so he could kiss the boy's taste off the sweet lips. "You learn fast," he purred.


"You're a bad influence on me."


"Uh huh." Taggert tongue fucked Zander's mouth until they were both breathless.


Zander held up his arms. "Uncuff me."

Taggert shook his head. "Later."

"Now." Zander wiggled until strong fingers cupped his balls. He went still. "You…you're still…in me."


"Yep. I like it here." Taggert pressed a kiss to the nape of Zander's neck. "Go to sleep."

Zander sighed. "I want to go home."

Taggert combed his fingers through the dark hair. It felt like silk. "I'm not done with you yet. Next time I'm gonna make you scream."

"In your dreams."


"Dreams do come true." Taggert kissed Zander again. "Sleep."


Zander shifted then sighed. "I still hate you."


Taggert chuckled. "That's okay." He continued stroking Zander's hair until he felt the lean body relax. Taggert smiled and let his own eyes drift shut. He was gonna need the rest.