Wild Night

Carly was crying. Again. She had been doing alot of that since her life turned upside down. She was so involved in her tears that she didn't hear footsteps approaching, so she jumped when a hand touched her shoulder. She looked up to see Zander standing there. Zander in a snazzy suit with his new haircut. Carly's first instinct was to rush into his arms. He had always held her tight and made her feel safe and sane. "What are you doing here?" Carly snapped. She was miserable and lashing out at everyone. Something she knew Zander would understand. They were alike in that way.


Zander grinned. "What? You own the docks now?"

"I don't own anything," Carly whispered, wiping away more tears. "I lost it all, Zander. Sonny...Jason...my kids."

"What?" Zander sat down beside her. "What are you talking about?"


Carly sighed. "I thought I had it all. But then Lorenzo Alcazar complicated my life. I fell in love with him but I still loved Sonny. I wanted them both and my kids and my life. But you can't have it all, Zander."


He nodded. "Yeah…I know. Most of time you get nothing. Even when you do everything right."

"I'm sorry about Emily," Carly told him. She knew about Emily dumping Zander for Nikolas and how Zander had started working for Faith. She had kept an interest in Zander's life after they had their own falling out. Her fault. She had been stupid enough to dump him aside when Jason came back. Jason, whose loyalty would always belong to Sonny. Whereas Zander had been loyal to her. He had been her friend and she had stabbed him in the back for it. She was a fool.


"Fuck Emily and her Prince too," Zander shot back.


Carly was surprised by his attitude. "You don't love her anymore?"

Zander shrugged. "I'll always love her. Emily made my life golden, but she also lied to me. She betrayed me and she lied and she destroyed even the memory of what we had. So I hope she lives miserably ever after with her asshole Prince. Cause that's what she's trying to do. Live a fucking fairy tale. But life isn't make-believe. It's real and raw and hard. So we take what we can get. And it's too damn short. So I'm tired of living my life for other people. I'm tired of being told what to do and how to do it. I did it the right way and I did it the wrong way and the end result was the same. I lost everything."

"It hurts, Zander."

"Yep it sure does. But once you accept that it's easier to move on."

Carly touched his arm. "Is that what you've done?"


Zander squeezed her hand. "That's what I'm doing. Moving on."

"By working for Faith?"

"She pays me good and I'm getting laid. What more could a man ask for?"


Carly found herself laughing. "She's a lucky woman, having you in her life. I still hate her though."

Zander chuckled. "That's okay. I actually don't like her much either. But I know where she's coming from. With Faith I know the deal. No games. She is what she is and she's cool with it. Me too."


"Wish I could do that."


"You have to make an effort, Carly. You can't say it." Zander stood up and took Carly's hand, drawing her up as well. "Let's go to Jake's and shoot some pool. Have a few beers, make a few laughs."

Carly nodded. "Let's do that." She let Zander lead the way, knowing she could trust him when she couldn't even trust herself.


* * * * *


Carly ordered another round of beers then turned to watch Zander take a shot. When he leaned over the pool table, she grinned. He had a great ass and she realized that she wasn't the only one who thought so. Several women were watching Zander with interest. Once they had arrived at Jake’s, Zander had gone upstairs to change out of his suit. He had come back down dressed in black jeans and a tight fitting black tee shirt. Carly couldn't keep her eyes off him. She watched him stand up and turn around and realized he had made his shot. He had won yet another game. Carly didn't care. When he reached her she acted on impulse. "Congratulations," Carly whispered, then she tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his head down for a kiss. She was thrilled when he kissed her back then she whispered, "Take me to your room."

Zander said nothing. It was all about actions, not words. He kissed Carly, one hand cupping her face, his thumb caressing her cheek. He let the tip of his tongue trace the line between her lips and when they opened for him he tasted her. Then he pulled away and took her hand, leading her towards the stairs.


Carly was eager. She was already wet for Zander and the moment they reached his room and he closed the door behind them, she pressed her hands to his chest and pushed him up against the wall. Then, as she kissed him, her fingers worked on the opening to his jeans.


"Eager, are we?" Zander teased, but his chuckle turned into a moan as Carly's fingers closed over his cock.


"Seems to me you're the one who's pretty eager," Carly replied. Zander wasn't wearing underwear and his cock was already hard in her hand.


Zander let himself thrust into her hand for a moment. "Hey…I've been waiting on you for two years."


Carly squeezed him then pulled back to yank her top over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra. "I threw myself at you, Zander. You threw me out."

"Because you didn't really want me then." Zander's hands were on Carly's breasts, kneading them.


"Oh...I wanted you." Carly was naked now and she went to work on getting Zander naked as well. She pulled his tee shirt over his head then kissed her way down his chest, pausing to tease his navel before nibbling on his happy trail. Then she took his cock in her hand again and lapped at the tiny slit. She felt herself grow wet when Zander moaned his pleasure. "I wanted you more than you'll ever know, Zander," Carly continued. She helped divest him of boots, socks and jeans then she stood back a moment to simply admire him. "Remember how I was always telling you how sexy and gorgeous you are?" It was a rhetorical question so she didn't wait for a reply. "I meant it, Zander. I loved watching you move, like pure sex, and you have the most amazing ass." As she spoke, Carly pressed herself against Zander so she could reach around and squeeze his butt. She could feel his arousal against her belly and it was Carly's turn to moan. "Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous hair, gorgeous everything, Zander," Carly whispered. "I wanted you so much it made me ache."

Zander kissed her silent then said, "You loved Sonny. No getting around that."

Carly nipped at his lower lip. "Yeah...but I wanted you. Bottom line…you turned me on. You still do."

"Feeling is mutual." Zander lifted Carly into his arms as he spoke then carried her to the bed to lay her out. Then he moved between her legs. He let his tongue taste her.

"Fuck!" Carly hissed, as she felt his finger slide inside her. Her body felt as if it were vibrating with pleasure, then she was coming hard, her fingers fisting in his hair as he continued to lap at her juices. "God...you are good at that," Carly panted.


Zander moved up over her and kissed her. "I'm good at alot of things," he replied.


Carly smiled then sat up, pushing him back. "So am I." She pushed him down onto his back then turned around so she was straddling his chest with her ass near his face. As she bent over to take his cock in her mouth, Carly was pleased when Zander got the hint and pulled her down onto his face. His tongue and teeth brought her to  the edge, and she did the same for him, which is when she pulled away and turned back around to face him before impaling herself on his cock.


"You feel so fucking good!" Zander hissed as he was sheathed in her tightness.


"You feel so fucking perfect," Carly replied as she moved over him and she let her head fall back as she rode him. Her eyes drifted close so she was surprised to suddenly find hands on her waist, shifting her over onto her back. But Zander never broke their connection and Carly opened her legs wide as he thrust into her slow and deep. "You're killing me.." Carly breathed.

Zander chuckled, his voice deep and hoarse. He was so close to cumming but he wasn't ready to let this end. He pulled out abruptly. "Hands and knees," he told Carly.


She obeyed without question, wanting to feel him as deep inside her as she could. And when he slid back in she could feel it to her toes. Then she felt him shift them again, and Zander was sitting with her on his lap and she could feel him pressing in deep, throbbing inside her. Soon his skillful fingers were back in her folds, stroking her and pinching her nub even as his lips were on her neck. He kissed and sucked a slow path up until his teeth were nipping on her earlobe. "Who taught you how to do this?" Carly asked, as she felt his free hand close over one breast, teasing the nipple as if he knew how extra sensitive she was in this moment.

"Do what?" Zander's voice was ragged as he moved inside her with shallow thrusts. They moved together in a rhythmic dance, as if their bodies were attuned to one another.


"Make love to a woman," Carly replied. "God...you're amazing. This is amazing.." Carly felt as if she were going to shatter with pleasure at any moment.


Zander nipped her shoulder then whispered, "Shhh...." He teased her slick folds and he could feel her clenching around him, then she screamed as she came and her contractions around his cock brought his own release. Zander held Carly as she slumped against him.


Carly shifted in his arms and felt their slicked skin rub together and it was a sensual sensation that sparked her desire all the more. She was sated yet not ready to let this erotic haze fade. Nor would she give up her connection to Zander. She turned her head, letting one arm lift up and move behind her to cup the back of his head so they could kiss. "I want to sleep in your arms," Carly whispered.


"God yes," Zander replied, shifting them down slowly. He stayed inside of her as she curved into him.


"You have an electric touch, Zander," Carly whispered, as the fingers of one hand slid between her folds again, and the fingers of his other hand pinched her nipples. And she was amazed when she came again and more amazed to feel him twitching inside her. "There are perks to having a young lover," she breathed, when she came down from the high.


Zander nipped her earlobe, then whispered, "Go to sleep."


Carly closed her eyes and drifted off, feeling at peace.


* * * * *

Zander came awake as pleasure rippled through him. He was hard and aching and wrapped in warm wetness. He opened his eyes and saw Carly's head bobbing over his cock. Zander smiled then made to reach out for her, but he couldn't move his arms. He looked up to see his wrists bound to the headboard. "What are you doing?" Zander asked, as he tugged on the bindings. But they held fast.


Carly let his cock slide out of her mouth then she crawled over him to ravish his mouth before replying. "It's called a blow job," she whispered." I'm sure you've had a few."


"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as her fingers found his balls and gently squeezed them. "I meant...why am I tied up?"


"Because I want to play with you." A wicked glint danced in Carly's eyes. "I want to do things to you, Zander. Things I've dreamed about doing but never had the courage to do with Sonny. Or any other man, for that matter."


Zander frowned. "What kind of things?"


Carly laughed softly, even as she held up a black silk scarf and tied it over his eyes. "It's going to be a surprise," she whispered, once the blindfold was in place. Then she kissed him, fingers curling in his hair as she tasted him. She pulled away abruptly, leaving them both wanting more. "You're going to like this, Zander," Carly said softly.


"I bet I'd like it more if I could participate," Zander replied, still tugging on his bindings. He could hear her shifting about then he gasped as extreme coldness wrapped around his cock. It took Zander a minute to realize that Carly was sucking on his cock with an ice cube in her mouth. The sensation between hot and cold made him ache. Zander moaned and felt himself leaking pre-cum. He thrusted gently into her mouth only to whimper when she pulled off him. He heard more movement and wished she would say something, then he felt fingertips brushing his sides and it tickled. Zander tried to twitch away, but suddenly she was straddling his hips. "You're killing me here," Zander hissed.


"Shhhh.." Carly whispered, as she teased herself over his cock, gripping the base and brushing the tip against her wet folds until she was the one moaning. Then she moved over Zander's face and pressed down so that he could lap at her. She wriggled as his tongue stabbed into her, and she pinched her own nub, helping to bring her own release. Carly panted as Zander licked her juices then she was moving back down to give attention to his cock.


Zander wanted to touch Carly in the worst way. "Let me touch you," he begged, yanking at his restraints.


Carly teased the slit of his cock with her tongue. "Soon," she promised.


"You're a tease," Zander muttered, but his tone was lighthearted. His body was enjoying the torture. He felt warm lips wrapping around him again and there was a kind of tingling sensation, then he spattered some cum into her mouth. Then she was kissing him and Zander tasted himself and whiskey. "I need to be inside you...god…please, Carly," Zander begged. He would have kept begging but she had been moving between his legs again and suddenly he felt a finger slide underneath him and before could protest, Carly was pressing that finger inside him. Zander gasped and shifted his hips to pull away, but she wouldn't let him. Then the finger was crooking and it brushed his prostrate and pleasure jolted through Zander like a shock wave. "Fuck...fuck.." he gasped.


"I always wondered if what I read about this was true," Carly said, then she chuckled softly as she made Zander whimper. "I guess it is. I want to make you insane with pleasure, Zander. The way you make me feel."


Zander was panting and his head was rolling on the pillow. He couldn't even respond because Carly's lips were on his cock again and he knew he was going to cum soon. But he wanted to be inside her. "Please.." he whispered, desperately. Then he felt it. Carly moving over him again and her fingers were at his wrists, freeing him.  Zander yanked off the blindfold and wrapped an arm around Carly's waist. He kissed her hard then he dipped his head to attack her breasts, then his one hand shifted down her back and he brushed her crack with one finger. When Carly moaned Zander let it press inside her. It wouldn't be quite the same for her, but he knew this was what she wanted.


Carly moaned and whimpered then she was pushing away from him. "Fuck me hard, Zander!" she begged him. She left him to face the head board and gripped it with both hands, presenting her backside to him.


"As you wish," Zander whispered, as he moved behind her. He lined himself up then pressed into her smoothly, all the way in in one thrust. He lay over her for a moment to fondle her breasts, then he eased back to grip her hips so he could bring them both the release they so desperately needed.

"Harder…harder!" Carly hissed, as Zander plunged in and out of her. Her body rocked forward with each thrust in and she could feel his thickness, feel how he filled her in a way no other man ever had. Then she felt his fingers pinching her nub and Carly came screaming his name. Her arms gave out and she let her upper body fall onto the pillows, her ass still in the air as Zander found his own release. And when he flooded her Carly felt a sense of pure satisfaction. Then he was pulling out and collapsing next to her and Carly rolled over to face him. She pressed one hand to his cheek and smiled. "That was amazing...thank you."


Zander smiled and kissed her softly. "Thank you. This was better than my dreams, and my dreams were amazing."

Carly giggled then kissed him back. She felt him reach down to pull the covers over them. "I don't want to leave."


"You don't have to."


"Can you forgive me for what I did?"


Zander brushed a lock of hair off her face, his touch excruciatingly gentle. "We both fucked up, Carly. There's nothing to forgive anymore. I'm trying to let go of the past. There's only this moment and whatever happens next."


Carly nodded. "I want to be with you, Zander.  Even if all it is right now is sex. It feels good and it makes me feel...grounded...when I'm with you. You always made me feel that way. Safe and sane and...like I was somebody that mattered."


"You'll always matter to me, Carly."

"Same here, Zander. I mean that."

He smiled and kissed her nose. "I know you do. Now go to sleep. I want to dream about all the wild and wicked things I can do to you in the shower later."

Carly laughed then closed her eyes. "I like the way you think," she whispered, then she drifted off to sleep.