The Hot Zone

Chapter 23


"Let's go upstairs," Carly said softly, taking Zander by the hand and leading the way.

Zander knew that Sonny was following him. Again, to be expected. But what surprised him was the fact that Jason was in the bedroom when they got there. Naked Jason. Zander was confused. He looked at Sonny. "What's going on?"


It was Jason who answered. "Just let it happen, Zander," he whispered.


Zander felt strong fingers fisting in his hair and then Jason was kissing him and it was familiar and almost welcome. He could feel Carly's hands moving over him, undressing him. Jason broke the kiss just long enough to help and once Zander was naked, they all moved to the bed. Zander watched Carly lay down and realized she was now naked too. He didn't need prodding to move over her. He let his fingers move between her legs and she was wet for him. He wanted to taste her and made to move between her legs, but Jason stopped him.


"Lie down," Jason ordered, pushing Zander down onto his back.


"I want to taste you," Zander protested, reaching out for Carly.

She smiled at him. "You will, baby. She moved over his face, her knees straddling his head, then she pressed down so that he could reach her slick folds.

Zander lapped at Carly even as his fingers slid inside her. Then he felt it, a warm, wet, mouth closing over his cock and he knew that it was Jason. Zander moaned as he was suckled to hardness, then fingers were kneading his balls. He moaned again, the sound vibrating against Carly's womanhood and it was enough to send her into orgasmic bliss. Zander lapped at her juices and knew he was close to following her with his own release. But then Carly was moving away, shifting over his hips now, and Zander watched as Jason helped guide her down on his cock. And then he felt her wet tightness sheathing him and Zander was surprised he didn't cum in that moment. But he held on as Carly rode him. Then Jason was looming over him, then kissing him, tasting Carly on Zander's lips. And just as Zander was about to come, he felt Carly slide off him and he whimpered. He pulled away from Jason's kiss and begged, "Please…please.." He needed release badly.


"On your hands and knees," Jason ordered, helping Zander to reposition himself. Then he pressed a slick finger into Zander's opening.


"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as the knuckle brushed his hot spot, even as Jason's free hand wrapped around Zander's cock and stroked him. Then he was coming, hard and long as his body trembled at the effort to stay on his hands and knees. Then he was rocked forward as Jason breeched him. Zander hissed as the thick cock pressed into him. Then fingers were gripping his hips and he cried out at the stretch and burn as Jason pushed, relentlessly, inside him. All the way in and it was too much. Zander tried to shift away but Jason wrapped an arm around his waist and hauled him back into his lap so that Zander was spitted on his cock.


Carly moved in front of Zander, cupping his face and kissing him. Then she whispered. "God this is so fucking hot. You guys are so beautiful." She kissed Zander again. "You were made for this, baby. So sexy...I love seeing you like this." She kissed him again and again until they were both panting.


Then Jason began to move, shifting Zander over him. Shallow thrusts but it was enough because he was buried so deep inside. Then he shifted position so that he brushed over Zander's hot spot.


"Please...please," Zander begged, and he wasn't sure what he was begging for. Only Jason went still again and it was pleasure and pain for Zander. He let himself rest fully against Jason, then he felt fingers on his jaw, turning his head so that Jason could kiss him. Zander let Jason's tongue ravish his mouth, but then the cock inside him pulsed, reminding him of how hard and thick it was inside him and Zander began to move.


"My way," Jason hissed in his ear, then he was shoving Zander back onto his hands and knees and he gripped the slim hips and began thrusting in and out of him, hard and fast.

Zander moaned as Jason fucked him, then he felt the warm wetness of Jason's release and it was a relief that it was over. There was a burning feeling as Jason slid out of him then Zander reached for a blanket as he slid off the bed. He moved to face Sonny who had stroked himself to release watching them. "Am I done now?" Zander asked.


Sonny shook his head. "Go shower. You're doing a private dance for a husband and wife client. You'll service them afterwards. So shower then nap. They're expecting you in three hours."


"I need to call Nikolas."

"I'll tell him you're working. He'll understand

Zander nodded. There was nothing else he could do. He left the room and headed for his own room. He showered and when he came out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of light sweats, he was surprised to see Jason sitting on the bed. A dressed Jason. "What do you want?" Zander asked.


Jason patted the bed. "Come lie down."

"Go away, Jason," Zander whispered, even as he obeyed. He was too tired to fight.


"On your stomach," Jason ordered. When Zander obeyed he moved over him and started massaging his shoulders and back. "Sleep."

Zander closed his eyes and let himself relax. Jason knew what he was doing, Zander had to give him that. And in a heartbeat he was a asleep.


* * * * *


Zander danced for the couple. Marissa and Jacob Salinger. Afterwards they went into one of the private rooms at the club and there wasn't much for Zander to strip off. As he stood naked before them, Zander tried to detach himself from the moment. When Marissa told him to fuck her, he closed his eyes and pretended it was someone else. Anyone else. But when Jacob pulled Zander onto his lap, his cock pressing deep inside him, it was hard to be detached. So Zander tried to take control. He set the pace and the rhythm, literally fucking himself on Jacob's cock. He used every trick he knew to make the man cum faster. Clenching his inner muscles every time the cock pressed inside him. Pushing himself down harder each time, taking the thickness deeper. And when he felt Jacob's release flood his insides, Zander closed his eyes to hold back tears.


* * * * *


When Zander got home, Nikolas was asleep and he was grateful. He couldn't face him. He had showered at the club, but Zander showered again. He felt dirty in a way he couldn't describe and he didn't want Nikolas to touch him. He didn't want the dirt to rub off on his lover. So Zander scrubbed his skin until it felt raw, but he still didn't feel clean. And when he came out of the bathroom, Nikolas was awake and waiting for him.


"Come to bed," Nikolas invited.


"I thought you were sleeping?" Zander's tone was sharp and he winced. He wasn't mad at Nikolas, but he couldn't stop himself from lashing out.


Nikolas slid from the bed. He was naked. "What's wrong?" he asked.


Zander shook his head. "Nothing."


"Talk to me, Zander. You know can tell me anything."

"Okay. Zander plastered a cold smile on his face as he gave Nikolas the details. "I did a private dance for a married couple. Then I fucked her and then her husband fucked me. He's bigger than you are, in case you were wondering." Zander saw the pain that flickered in Nikolas' dark eyes. Pain that he had inflicted and Zander hated it. He hated himself. But he couldn't stop himself from pouring salt in the wounds. "Is that enough detail for you? Or should I tell you about the threesome I had at Sonny's before that? Carly is quite the freaky bitch really--" Zander broke off when a hand cracked against his cheek. He stared at Nikolas in disbelief.


Nikolas glared at Zander. "Lash out all you want, Zander. I know what you're doing. You're trying to hurt me because you're hurt. You think if you lash out enough times I'll walk away. But I won't. I'm not going anywhere. I don't care who you fucked or who fucked you. When we're together, when I'm inside you and we're's not about sex. It's about love. And there is nothing you can do to change that!"


Zander had to close his eyes to hold back an onslaught of tears. "I'm sorry," he whispered, brokenly.


"I know...I know you are." Nikolas pulled Zander into his arms. "But this isn't your fault, Zander. I don't blame you." Nikolas pulled back to kiss the reddened spot on Zander's cheek. "Come to bed. I want to hold you."


"I feel dirty," Zander whispered, resisting the pull towards the bed.


Nikolas wouldn't let go of Zander. "Don't do that to yourself, Zander. You're not dirty and you won't get me dirty...okay?"

It wasn't okay. But Zander let Nikolas push him down onto the bed and wrap him in his warm embrace. And after a while Zander let himself relax and he drifted off to sleep.


* * * * *


"You seem agitated today, Zander," Gail stated. "Want to talk about why?"


Zander huffed out a sigh then stopped pacing to glare at Dr. Baldwin. "I'm agitated about being here. I hate it!"


Gail nodded. "We both know that, but you came anyway."

"For Nikolas."

"Yes…for Nikolas." Gail scribbled a few notes on her pad. "Did you work last night?"

Zander dropped into the closest chair and closed his eyes. He didn't want to do this. "Yes…I worked. And yes I had sex. Are we done now?"


Gail tapped her pen against the notepad until Zander's eyes opened and he glared at her in annoyance. "Did you enjoy the sex?"


"Not of your goddamn business!" Zander shouted. Then he felt something inside him snap. He was out of the chair and ripping the notebook out of Dr. Baldwin's hand. He flung it across the room. Then he moved to her desk and brushed everything off it with the sweep of one arm. Zander then grabbed the nearest lap and he enjoyed the crash it made as it hit the wall. But even as he searched for something else to throw, heavy hands were upon him, bearing him down to the floor and pinning him there. Then Dr. Baldwin was looming over him and he saw the syringe in her hand. Panic flared through Zander. "No…NO! Don't…please!" he begged her. But even as the words left his mouth, Zander felt the pinprick in his arm and everything faded to black.



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