Chapter 17

Sam paced the bus terminal. She was bored. Her bus had been delayed. She had bought a one way ticket out of Port Charles. She was sick of the town and the people in it. She had hoped to be long gone already and she was tired of waiting, but then she saw something that peaked her interest. A gorgeous, dark-haired guy, with hazel eyes and a cowboy stroll was coming towards her. "Hey," Sam offered in greeting. "Leaving town?"


Zander nodded. "That's the plan."


"Which way you headed?"


Sam was thrilled. "Me too. Whereabouts?"

Zander frowned at the petite brunette. "New Orleans."


"Now isn't that a coincidence. I'm heading there myself." Sam pulled out her ticket. "Bad news...bus has been delayed."

"For how long?"

Sam shrugged. "At least two hours, last I heard."

Zander cursed. "Figures." His luck sucked.


"Listen...I know a hotel we could rent for those two hours." Sam's tone and smile left no doubt as to what she was suggesting.


"Sounds like a plan," Zander drawled, letting her take him by the hand. "By the way…what's your name?"


Sam chuckled. "You first."



Zander smiled.
"Nice to meet you."

Sam smiled back. "Same here."


* * * * *

They barely got the door open before they were clawing at each other's clothes. Zander was almost ripped off the half shirt Sam was wearing, baring her full breasts to his hungry gaze. He bent his head and suckled on a rosy nipple, all the while sliding one hand in the front of her jeans. Which she was frantically trying to get off. Zander helped. He was happy to see she wasn't wearing any underwear and she had already kicked off her shoes. Naked Sam was a beautiful sight and Zander lifted her into his arms and onto the bed. He dove between her thighs and licked her wet folds. It didn't take much to make her cum.


"I want you naked!" Sam hissed, sitting up and tugging at Zander's clothes. She helped him undress and licked her lips at the sight before her. "Fuck you're perfect."


"You're perfect," Zander shot back, then he bent his head to nuzzle her breasts, but her hands were in his hair, tugging hard.

Sam pushed Zander onto his back. "My turn." She fisted his cock then licked the tip.


Zander moaned. It was sweet torture. But he wanted to be inside her. He tugged gently on her hair and she got the hint. A hoarse moan escaped Zander as Sam straddled his hips then lowered herself onto his cock. As she rode him he half sat up so he could knead her breasts, pinching her nipples. When she started moaning, Zander found her nub with two fingers and pinched it. She screamed his name as she came.


"That was amazing," Sam whispered, as they lay tangled together in the aftermath.

"Amazing," Zander echoed, feeling sleepy. He closed his eyes and let himself drift off to sleep.


* * * * *

Zander woke up and disentangled himself from Sam. He showered and dressed and checked on Sam. She was still sleeping. Zander slipped out the door. He figured they would hook back up on the bus, but right now he just wanted a moment to himself and a chance to get something to eat. He headed towards the nearby diner but as he slipped into the alleyway to enter the back door, he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see a familiar figure. Detective Capelli, holding a gun on him. "What the fuck?" Zander snapped.

"You're under arrest," Capelli replied, smiling.


"For what?" Zander felt his arm grabbed and he was turned and shoved up against the wall. Then his arms were yanked behind him and he was cuffed. Then he felt Capelli pat him down.


Capelli groped Zander's ass and laughed when the boy cursed at him. "ADA Lansing requests your presence. Your stuff is in my car. Let's go." He pulled Zander along.


They drove for a bit, heading back into town, but Zander got nervous when Capelli turned onto a side road. "Where are we going?" Zander demanded.


"You'll see," Capelli drawled. He continued driving till they reached a cabin. "We're here," he singsonged, then he got out. He pulled Zander out of the back seat and shoved him along. Once inside he pulled Zander over to the only furniture in the place. A giant bed.

"What's going on?" Zander eyed the bed with suspicion.


Capelli grinned. "Mr. Lansing told me I could...teach you a lesson…so to speak."

Zander felt a ripple of fear. "What kind of a lesson?" He got his answer when Capelli grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and ripped it open. "No!" Zander tried to pull away, but was hampered by his hands being cuffed behind him. Capelli got him off balance and Zander tottered over, landing on the bed. He tried to scramble off but Capelli was over him in an instant. "Get off!"


"I plan too," Capelli purred, as he curled his fingers in Zander's hair. He sealed his mouth over Zander's thrusting his tongue past his lips.


Zander gagged as Capelli tongue fucked him. The kiss lasted until Zander felt as if he were going to pass out. Then Capelli pulled back and began undoing Zander's jeans. "Don't do this," Zander begged.


Capelli laughed as he tried to yank down the jeans, then he cursed when Zander kicked out with one foot. It almost caught him in the crotch, as it was his thigh muscle throbbed. "Fucker!" Capelli lashed out, back handing Zander in the temple.


Tiny lights danced in Zander's vision then darkness claimed him.


* * * * *

He came awake to pain. His body rocked as a cock slammed into him hard and fast. Zander was still sore from Justus and he whimpered, biting his lip to swallow a cry. Shame washed over him and he willed darkness to claim him once more. But no such luck. Zander was conscious as Capelli came hard, biting into Zander's shoulders, grunting a bit as he pulsed out his seed. Then he pulled out of Zander and rolled him over.

"Best fuck I ever had," Capelli stated. "Nice and tight, pretty boy. I think we'll stay here for a while."

"Ric won't like that," Zander shot back. At this point Ric was a better option than being Capelli's fuck toy.


Capelli chuckled as he curled his fingers over Zander's cock, stroking him roughly. "What Lansing don't know won't hurt him. He doesn't know about this place. I'll just tell him I couldn't find you for a while."


Zander felt himself harden in Capelli's grip. He cursed his body's betrayal. Maybe he was meant to be a whore. Then Capelli's mouth closed over the tip of his cock and Zander whimpered. And when a finger was shoved inside him, searching for his hot spot, he came suddenly and shame washed over him once more. All the more so when Capelli licked the cum off his cock, then kissed Zander, making him taste himself.


"Let's go shower," Capelli stated, hauling Zander to his feet.


The shower was another humiliation then Zander found himself cuffed, naked, to the bed. At least Capelli coved him with a blanket. He was told to sleep and Zander willingly closed his eyes. But sleep alluded him. Capelli left after a while and Zander tried to free himself to no avail. His wrists started to bleed from his attempts. And finally, he did fall asleep. Waking up as a cock pressed inside him. Zander bit his lip as Capelli fucked him hard and fast, feeling the cum soak his insides, waiting for the cock to slide out, but Capelli just wrapped an arm around Zander's waist, still buried inside him, and fell asleep. Snoring.


* * * * *

Lucky was frantic to find Zander. Then he overheard two cops talking. One of them mentioned Zander's name and that Capelli had been sent to get him from the bus station and bring him back to town. Lucky took off.


* * * * *

Zander lost track of time. Capelli let him off the bed to shower and use the toilet. He fucked Zander every chance he got and he had alot of stamina. And the few times Zander tried to fight him off, Capelli had slapped or punched him into submission. Eventually, one day faded into another and Zander didn't care. He didn't eat. He just slept, sucked the cock that was shoved in his mouth, bit back cries when he was fucked and wished he was dead.


* * * * *

Lucky got lucky. He asked around and found someone who had seen Capelli and Zander. The diner owner had rented his cabin to Capelli. He gave Lucky directions. Lucky found the place and it looked empty. He pulled his gun and entered. He found Zander cuffed to the bed. He looked pale and he didn't respond when Lucky shook him. Lucky drew back the covers to find Zander naked, his body bruised, the sheets stained with blood and semen, his wrists raw from the cuffs. Fighting back tears, Lucky undid the cuffs, wrapped Zander in a blanket and carried him to his car.


As he drove he contacted his father. Lucky knew that Zander was in bad shape and he didn't want to make things worse. He wanted to take Zander some place where he would be safe. His father would know what to do. And he did. Lucky gave him the basics and Luke gave him directions to a safe house, which turned out to be secluded cabin in the woods. Luke met Lucky there with a female doctor he knew. Lucky laid Zander out on the bed then retreated to the other room so that Dr. Merrin could examine Zander. He paced as he waited, and was grateful that Zander didn't seem to waken.


"How is he?" Lucky asked, when Dr. Merrin joined them.


"He could be better," she replied, sliding off her glasses to rub her eyes. "I guess I won't surprise you by telling you he was raped...repeatedly."

Lucky winced even though he had known that. He was rather glad he had told his father about it. Luke winced too, but said nothing. "But he's going to be okay...right?"


Dr. Merrin sighed. "Define…okay. Will he heal physically? Yes. Emotionally? I can't say. I am certain that he's going to need help to deal with the aftermath."

"What kind of help?" Lucky questioned.

"Therapy. I know someone who could help. He works with male rape victims."


Lucky ran a hand over his hair. "I don't know. I want to help Zander, but I don't know how he'll react."

Luke looked at Dr. Merrin. "Look, Doc...why don't you leave us the number and we'll call if we need him."

"Okay." She scribbled it down on a piece of matchbook that Luke dug out of his pocket. Then she got down to business again. "I have some ointment for Zander and some pills to help him sleep and to help with the pain. I think he should go to a hospital, but since Luke called me in, I know you don't consider that an option."


"Not right now," Lucky concurred. "Thank you for your help."

Dr. Merrin nodded then smiled at Luke. "Guess we're even now. I'll come back in a few days to check on Zander's progress. I put my number on the matchbook as well. Call me if you need me."

Lucky nodded. "Thanks again." He watched his father show her out. "Dad...can you stay with Zander for a while? I need to go to his place and get him some clothes and stuff."

"I'll get it. If he wakes up he's going to need you to be here." Luke patted Lucky's shoulder. "You really care about him, don't you?"

"Does that bother you?" Lucky was prepared to get defensive.


Luke shrugged. "Different strokes for different folks, cowboy. We love who we love. I'll be back soon." Luke patted Lucky's shoulder then headed for the door.


Alone with Zander, Lucky made his way to the bed. He hurt to see how pale and still and young Zander looked. Lucky crawled onto the bed, staying on top of the covers. He lay on his side and reached out to let his fingers stroke through Zander's hair. "I’m here, baby," he whispered. "I'm here." Then he watched Zander sleep until his own eyes closed.


Chapter 18