Chapter 21

Zander struggled against the hands that held him. He started cursing only to find a heavy hand clapped over his mouth. He felt the buttons on his shirt pop and hands groping him. Then a hand was inside his pants and Zander felt ill. This couldn't be happening. Then he heard it, a familiar voice, shouting a warning.


"Police! Let him go or I'll shoot your ass!"


Relief washed over Zander as he was released. He sagged to his knees as he listened to the sound of running footsteps receding. As he tried to stand, he realized he was shaking. Then a hand was on his arm and he stiffened, until he realized who it was. Taggert. "Thanks...for the rescue," Zander said softly.


Taggert nodded as he hauled Zander to his feet. "No problem. You okay?"

"Just peachy."


"Who were those guys?"

Zander pulled away from Taggert and tried to fix his shirt. No use, the buttons were gone. "I dunno. I don't want to know."


Taggert put his gun back in his holster. "I'll drive you home."


"Yeah…okay." Zander wasn't about to refuse. He followed Taggert to his car and got it. Zander closed his eyes as Taggert drove, opening them only when he felt the car come to a halt. Zander frowned. "This isn't Jakes."

"Nope. It's my home. Or, rather, my temporary digs. I'm just in town for a few days."

Zander frowned. "For what?"


Taggert grinned. "I have some family business to take care of. You coming in?"

"Why?" Zander was suspicious.


"Because I asked you to?" Taggert got out of the car then came around and opened Zander's door. " were almost raped, Zander. You're shook up. You shouldn't be alone tonight."

Zander almost laughed. "Wow...your concern is touching," he drawled. "We're not friends, Taggert, so what gives?" As he asked he stepped out of the car. But he wasn't sure if he was going in yet.


Taggert smiled. "No...we were never friends. But I just saved your ass, literally. You owe me one, kid. Come on in." He led the way.

"Fuck," Zander whispered, then he followed. IT was a nice place. Almost like a loft. Off in one area was a raised dais with a King Sized bed. Zander turned away from it.


"You thirsty?"


Zander nodded, then accepted a beer. "Thanks."

Taggert snagged a beer for himself, popped the top and drank half down. "You tired?"



"Look…why don't you take a shower, it'll help you to relax. I've got a pair of sweats that will fit you. Gia bought them for me for my birthday but they were the wrong size." Taggert pushed Zander towards the bathroom.

Zander was still suspicious. "Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?"


Taggert grinned. "Why not?" He shoved Zander into the bathroom and closed the door.


"I hate my life," Zander muttered, even as he stripped out of his torn shirt. Then he turned on the shower before stripping off the rest of his clothes. Before stepping in, he downed his beer and enjoyed the slight buzz. Zander showered quickly and did feel better by the time he dried off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door. He looked around but no sign of Taggert, or the sweat pants. Stifling a yawn, Zander took a step towards the living room area, only to find a hard body suddenly in front of him. Naked Taggert. Zander backpedaled only to hit the wall then Taggert was on him. Warm lips sealed to his, big hands tugged at the towel, stripping it off Zander, then fingers were kneading his ass. Zander tried to bite the tongue that pressed for entrance into his mouth.

"No biting!" Taggert stated, smacking one hand against Zander's bare ass in warning.


Zander gasped in pain then glared at the man who held him pinned against the wall. "Get off me."

Taggert smiled then rubbed his, obvious, erection, against Zander's stomach. "I plan to get off...*in* you," he purred.


"Why? You can't stand me! Why do you want to fuck me?" Zander was really beginning to feel like he was living out an episode of the Twilight Zone. A triple X rated ep.


"Why doesn't matter, Zander," Taggert replied, before leaning in to nip at Zander's lower lip. "We're both here, I'm horny, you're beautiful and naked...what else is there?"


Zander had had enough. For once he was going to be in control of things. Having made his decision, Zander cupped Taggert's face in both hands and kissed him. Hard. When he felt Taggert respond, Zander pushed him back then dropped to his knees. Taggert's cock was long and thick and achingly hard in Zander's hand. He kissed the tip then took it into his mouth. Zander planned on giving Taggert a blow job to end all blow jobs. Then he was going home. But he didn't get too far along in his plan when fingers were curling in his hair. They tugged hard, making Zander wince. Hard enough to make him pull off. Then Zander found himself lifted into Taggert's arms only to be dumped on the bed. He tried to scramble off but Taggert was over him, pressing him down with his heavier weight.

Taggert smiled down at Zander. "Behave or I'll cuff you to the bed," he warned.


"Bastard!" Zander hissed, then he whimpered as fingers curled around his cock and stroked him to hardness. Then Taggert was between his legs, taking the tip of Zander's cock into his hot, wet, mouth. But Taggert was intent on teasing Zander. He pulled off before Zander was ready to come. "Cock tease!" Zander snarled.


"That's what you are, baby," Taggert purred, then he shifted them on the bed. He pushed Zander down onto his stomach, with two pillows under his hips, the taut ass lifted into the air.

Zander moaned as Taggert bit his ass, then he stiffened as strong hands opened him. Then he jerked in reaction as a wet tongue stabbed into his opening. "No!" Zander hissed, his hands curling into the sheets. "Stop…stop!" But Taggert wouldn't stop and he had Zander pinned. He had never felt anything so intimate before in his life.


Taggert rimmed Zander, opening him, then he slid a finger inside to stretch him further, probing for the hot spot. Then he was reaching for the lube on the end of the bed and he slicked himself. Then he pulled Zander up onto his knees. Taggert gripped the base of his own cock then he tugged Zander onto his lap.

"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as he was impaled on Taggert's cock. The burn brought tears to his eyes and it was too thick inside him. Pressing in too deep. But then fingers were curling around his own cock, stroking him to release, helping his inner muscles to relax and then Taggert was gripping his hips, urging Zander to ride him. Zander fell into the rhythm, his head falling back as Taggert bit into his shoulder. Then warm wetness slicked inside him and Zander felt Taggert's body go limp. Then he was being toppled over onto his side, with Taggert's softening cock still inside him. Zander tried to think of some scathing remark, but he was too tired. He let his eyes close and drifted off to sleep.


A few hours later he woke up alone. Zander willed away the shame that threatened to overwhelm him. He fought it as he showered and dressed, slipping into the sweat pants and a tee shirt that Taggert had left him. Then he stepped into his shoes, grabbed his coat and left.

When he got home to Jake's, Zander showered again. He took three sleeping pills, not caring that they were prescription and one would have been more than enough to send him into a heavy slumber. Then he crawled into bed, naked, and let darkness claim him.

Chapter 22