Chapter 25

Zander had to pull Courtney's hand off of his lap. She knew what she was doing. "Wait till we get to the apartment," he told her. And she, grudgingly, obeyed. But the moment they arrived, Courtney practically dragged Zander inside, closed and locked the door behind them, slammed him against the door then started ripping his clothes off. Zander returned the favor and they were both naked in seconds. "You're eager," Zander whispered, between kisses. Sexy, hot, wet, deep kisses.


"Eager…and horny," Courtney replied. "I've been dreaming about you fucking me ever since that night on the Haunted Star. Courtney paused to bite one of Zander's nipples, then she squealed when he returned the favor before lifting her into his arms and carrying her over to the bed.


"Eager and horny works for me," Zander replied, as he laid Courtney out on her back. Then he climbed on the bed, between her legs, and dived into her wet folds with his tongue. It didn't take long to make her scream and by then Zander was so hard it hurt. He gripped her thighs, lined himself up, then thrust in deep. Courtney wrapped around him like a suede glove. " feel so good," Zander moaned.


Courtney wrapped her legs around his waist. "I was thinking the same thing about you," She replied, then she whimpered as Zander lifted her up so that she was sitting in his lap.


Zander suckled Courtney's breasts as they moved together in a rhythm of shallow thrusts. Drawing out the inevitable. Teasing each other. Zander could feel Courtney contracting her inner muscles around his cock and it felt like heaven. He nipped at her nipples and loved the way he made her moan. Then he reached between them to find her nub and all too soon she was screaming her release. Zander followed her into a pleasure overload then he let her push him down onto his back. He was still inside her and he never wanted to leave.


"Tired?" Courtney asked, between kisses.


"A little." Zander chuckled.

Courtney shifted, letting Zander slide out of her so that she could snuggle against his side. She reached for covers and pulled them over them. "Sleep...I want to do this again."

Zander kissed her. "Me too." He let his eyes drift closed and sleep soon claimed him.


* * * * *


Zander felt warm lips on his and he opened his eyes to see Courtney hovering over him. She kissed him and Zander tangled his fingers in her hair, deepening the kiss. Then he turned them both over so that he could move between her legs to taste her again. Zander licked Courtney's wet folds, then he teased her nub with his teeth and his tongue, then he slid a finger inside her. She orgasmed, screaming his name, and he was ready for her. He slid inside her, buried to the hilt in one thrust. Zander moaned as Courtney's legs wrapped around him tightly, then he felt it, a hand on his ass and he stiffened.  Zander turned his head to see Jason behind him. Naked Jason, who was now climbing onto the bed. "No!" Zander hissed.

Courtney tightened her grip around his waist. "Don't go," she begged. "I want this to happen, Zander. I want to watch Jason fucking you while you're fucking me. Please?"


"God.." Zander moaned, as a slick finger slid inside of him. Jason wasn't waiting for a reply. Zander felt Courtney's inner walls clenching around his aching cock even as Jason's knuckle brushed over his hot spot. Zander whimpered, then moaned as he felt the finger slid out and Jason's cock press into him. He was rocked forward, his cock slipping deeper inside of Courtney who whispered his name. And then Zander was lost as he was caught between the rhythm that the two of them set. He felt Courtney spasm around his cock, then he felt his own pleasure building, becoming an almost overload as Jason angled his thrusts so that the tip of his cock brushed over Zander's prostrate with each thrust in. Then Zander was coming hard, biting his lip to keep from crying out. Then he felt Jason pumping harder and faster into him, rocking his body hard. Zander slid out of Courtney and he felt her sit up, then she was kissing him, moving to the rhythm of Jason's thrusts as well, fucking Zander's mouth with her tongue and matching the thrust of the cock in his ass. Then Zander felt warm wetness flooding his insides and Jason collapsed against him. Zander's arms shook as he held the weight so that Courtney wouldn't get crushed by them.


"That was so beautiful," Courtney whispered against Zander's lips. "You're so beautiful, Zander."


Jason eased out of Zander then tugged them all down onto the bed. They cuddled Zander between them. As they relaxed into the afterglow, Jason stated, "I heard about you and Lansing. That he's your guardian."

Zander shook his head, finding it beyond strange that he was tucked between Jason and Courtney. Courtney was combing her fingers through his hair and nibbling on his ear, while Jason was alternating between stroking Zander's chest and abs, to fondling his balls. It was both relaxing and tantalizing. "What else have you heard?" Zander prompted, guessing that Jason knew alot more. After all, Ric was Sonny's brother, so Jason would be keeping tabs.


"I know that Capelli is up on rape charges, and that Lansing took you to the hospital for a rape kit and that you took off." One of Jason's fingers now stroked inside if Zander.

"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as a knuckle brushed over his prostrate. "Gee, Jason," He drawled. "Do you know what I had for breakfast?"

Courtney sat up, confused. "Wait a minute. Jason…are you saying that Capelli raped Zander?"

Jason nodded. "That's what I'm saying."

"Ohmigod." Courtney cupped Zander's face in both hands. "That's why you took the money from the Haunted Star and said you needed to hide somewhere."

"Pretty much." Zander choked on any further words because another finger had pushed inside him.

Courtney was stunned. "I'm so sorry. And I asked you to let Jason fuck you. Zander.."

He pressed a finger tip to her lips, then drew her down for a kiss. "It's okay. I'm okay." Zander whimpered as Jason stroked over his hotspot again and pleasure rippled over him in seemingly unending waves. When the shockwaves ended, Zander's body felt totally relaxed and he was sleepy again. Which he realized had been Jason's intent. But Zander had business to take care of first. "I need to get out of town."

"I can help you with that," Jason allowed. "I'll get you a car and money."

"Thanks." Zander felt Courtney snuggle up against him and he was so close to falling asleep. "Uh…I can pay you back through my company. After I reach my destination I'll set it up with Alexis by phone."

Jason shook his head. "Don't do that. Someone could track you that way. I don't care about the money."

Zander was puzzled. "Then why are you helping me?"

"You're a good fuck." Jason didn't blink as he spoke.


"Asshole." Zander knew Jason was serious, yet the comment struck him as funny. He was losing it.


Jason slid out of bed and pulled the blankets over Zander and Courtney. "Sleep. I'll have it all set up when you wake up."


Zander nodded then let himself drift off. He dreamed about Lucky.


* * * * *


Lucky was frantic. Zander was missing and no one had seen him. He knew Ric was looking for Zander as well and Lucky was determined to find him first. He prayed that Zander was safe. And if he wasn't, there would be hell to pay.


* * * * *


Zander woke up to find Courtney and Jason gone. But Jason had left keys, fifty-thousand dollars in small bills. A backpack with several changes of clothing, a cell phone, a number for Zander to call if he needed help, and directions to a remote place where Zander would be safe.

After a quick shower, Zander dressed in black jeans and a black tee shirt. He grabbed the stuff, including a black leather bomber jacket that Jason had left for him, then hit the road. Six hours later he was on a remote back road, and about two hours from his destination, when a truck swerved around a curve and broad sided Zander's car. He spun out, careened off the bank and did a rollover. Darkness claimed him.


* * * * *



"Shhhh...You're safe now, Zander."


Zander's eyes flew open and he had to blink to bring into focus the face that loomed over him. A stranger. "Who…who are you?" Zander asked, as he tried to sit up. But he moaned as the movement sent pain stabbing through his head and flaring throughout his entire body.


Strong, but gentle, hands pressed him back against the pillows. "You need to rest. You were lucky, Zander. You survived with only bruising and a mild concussion, but you're going to be sore for a while."


"How do you know my name?"


"Read your license."

Zander realized he should have thought of that. And then he realized that the man looked familiar and he stiffened as he realized who was smiling at him. Stefan Cassadine. "Oh my god," Zander whispered. "You're dead."


Chapter 26