Ok, since some of you know way more about GH than I do besides the fact that I have "only" seen all the Lucky scenes and nothing else (just read the transcripts or the summaries) this site is just for fun and completion - what would a Jonathan Fansite be without anything about GH? Those pictures below were collected over the past years (I started watching the Lucky tapes in October 1999) and as much as I want to give due credit - I can't. Only with the ABC stuff (you know those pics immediately.) I am also gonna concentrate on Jonathan's Lucky only since this is a website about him and not GH. So enjoy my collection, feel free to send me other GH pictures or to give any feedback!

updated December 2004


Triple L Diner 1993 in the Club playing Timoria Nurses' Ball 1995 Lulu's Birth Lulu's Birth Nurses' Ball 1998
Lucky & Gina @ Kelly's Lucky & Nikolas showdown
Luke & Lucky
Lucky & Luke
Liz&Lucky and Sarah&Nikolas
collage Lulu collage
Liz & Lucky and Nikolas & Sarah Liz & Lucky
Liz & Lucky
Liz & Lucky Liz & Lucky Liz & Lucky Liz & Lucky
after the rape

painting the boxcar

singing "Elizabeth" the first kiss the first kiss X-Mas 1998 resting @ Nikolas' house
X-Mas 1998 "My Girl" X-Mas 1998 their vows kissing at their "prom"
Liz & Lucky
Liz & Lucky
Lucky in his black shirt (hottie!!!)
Lucky & Foster
Liz & Lucky
attacking Laura @ Luke's @ Liz's @ Luke's trying to escape from Faison
being captive Liz is in danger realizing
being a ghost @ Luke's
the dream baby :-)

Liz & Lucky Photo Booth slideshow 


Lucky's singing

Jailhouse Rock - Nurses' Ball, 1998

Elizabeth - Boxcar, Sept. 15, 1998

My Girl - Luke's Club, Nov. 1998

Deck the Halls - Lucky's apartment, Dec. 1998


Lucky: "You have my heart..."

Liz: "You have my heart..."

Stefan Cassadine: "Do you pray Mr. Spencer?..."

Lucky: "Salud amor..."

*please also visit the Liz & Lucky Sounds page - it's full of beautiful quotes!!!* (external link, I've been told not all of the quotes work!)

Featured Songs

Bryan Ferry - Will you love me tomorrow  

played at Triple L Diner (first scene); then when Lucky explains to Liz about his parents always dancing to certain songs (in his apartment); and after Lucky's "death" when Luke remembers happier times with Laura & Lucky

(music & lyrics by Carole King & Goffin; copyright Screen Gems & EMI Music Ltd.)

*N Sync - God must have spent...

played at Liz's imitated prom night on Valentine's Day 1999; at Kelly's for Liz & Lucky's "last dance" before the fire; and then various times after the fire including Liz & Jason's dance at Kelly's

(music & lyrics by Carl Sturken & Evan Rogers; copyright by Trans Continental Records)


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