31 december 2005
27 december 2005
The trailer for Jonathan's newest movie A Little Thing Called Murder is now online on Lifetimetv.com!!!! 
24 december 2005

25 november 2005
  • Dan from enation has asked me to pass on some exciting news regarding the band (THANK YOU!!!):

    Hello there, this is Dan from enation. Here are some updates:
    We will be playing a show in december (www.myspace.com/enationmusic for more info).
    We are currently working on a follow up album to Identity Theft

    Thanks, Dan

  • Dan is referring to their scheduled concert on December 17, 2005 at the Quality Inn & Conference Center in Vancouver, WA - it benefits the Wild Branch Ministries. Tickets are $15. (There's also a special rate at the hotel for guests coming from out of town - not me unfortunately, airfare prices are way too expensive right now)
  • Amber Sweeney has her own myspace website, check it out!
  • Jonathan's current project now has a name and date to go with it: A Little Thing Called Murder is going to air January 23, 2006 on Lifetime
  • If you're interested in reading the casting notice for Jonathan's role in A Little Thing Called Murder, then click here - beware of SPOILERS though!!!!
  • updated the following pages: filmography, music

    ...I seriously plan on updating the gallery real soon....like this weekend...
    thanks for being so patient with me!!!
6 november 2005
  • A little OT: enation band member Michael Galeotti is engaged to be married to actress Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) - who has been attending various enation concerts in the past! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  • Apparently, Jonathan is already done working on that Lifetime movie, as enation tells us on their website that they're back in the studio, working on a new album (yay!)
  • Jonathan's movie Venom will be released on DVD on January 17, 2006 - click to see the cover art
  • Nicole found this picture of Jonathan (click pic to enlarge) - thanks Nicole!
    Source: SpotlightActors
    Jonathan Jackson
    with Jackson Warris
27 october 2005
  • It's getting busier again! Gigi found out that Jonathan will appear in a new Lifetime movie alongside Emmy Award® winner Judy Davis as grifters and convicted murderers Kenneth and Sante Kimes, coming in early 2006! It is currently filming in Canada.

    ETA: For anyone interested in the real story behind this movie, click here (beware, it's a gruesome story)
24 october 2005
it's me again...
  • I keep forgetting that enation also maintains a blog on MySpace - you all go run check it out: it has a new song called This Darkness and also a few concert photos - and the best part? You can download the songs!!!
23 october 2005
  • only semi OT, but I just have to report it: On Jonathan's former show General Hospital, his character Lucky and long-time love Liz are finally tying the knot (starting Oct. 28) and it's one spectacularly beautiful dream wedding!!! Check out more pictures here

    [credit goes to SOAPeSCAPE]

  • Another GH-related mention - this time by soap columnist Michael Logan - can be found here, read the Jonathan-related part below (btw, the "reader" who asked that question was our very own Gigi!!!)

Reader Question: Michael, what do you think of Greg Vaughan over at "GH"? Personally, I think he's better than Jacob Young, but I still really, really miss Jonathan Jackson. Jackson should be a superstar with his level of talent. — Gigi

Logan: There's only one Jonathan Jackson, and his rare intelligence, sensitivity and old-soul incandescence put an indelible stamp on that role. I think Greg Vaughan is perfectly fine, I just don't think of him as Lucky. But I do that a lot with "GH" replacements. I always have to remind myself that Natalia Livingston is playing the same character Amber Tamblyn did — to my mind Livingston is playing someone who also happens to be named Emily. I never adjusted to Lesli Kay as Lois, or John Ingle as Edward, and certainly not Sandra Ferguson as Felicia. I'm hopeless that way where "GH" is concerned, and I'm not sure why. I have no such issues on other shows — like when Heather Tom took over the role on "OLTL" created by Gina Tognoni, or when Tognoni took over the role on "GL" made famous by Wendy Moniz. There's just something about "GH"...
[Evansville Courier & Press, free registration needed]

  • I added a new affiliate - welcome The Haley Revolutions! 
16 october 2005

Okay, so I got a full time temp job, that's what keeps me a bit from updating the site, I'm sorry... 

  • Sad news for enation fans: Seems like Amber left the band to pursue a solo career - good luck Amber, you'll be missed! [enation website]
  • Jonathan and Richard have been spotted at the Delirious? concert on Sept. 16, 2005 - see a picture here
  • There are rumblings about a possible new movie for Jonathan - stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!!!
  • Some more reviews/articles

    * Amazon - read some reviews from people who actually liked Venom!
    * SF Crowsnest.com - Venom review from a European POV

  • I added a new affiliate - welcome Ryan Merriman Fansite! 
27 september 2005

Sorry, been busy trying to land a real job and in the meantime I started a full-time side job to earn some money...

16 september 2005

HEY! I'm BACK!!!!! :-D
Here are some news while I was away...first of all: 

13 august 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates...but good news: I've finally graduated at the end of July! Since then I've been vegging and doing basically nothing :-) - but now I decided to slowly get things going here again before I leave for my vacation next week, so I updated a few things:

  • Please take a look at my new and (hopefully) improved front page here - let me know what you think!
  • Look at the filmography to find screencaps and clips from Jonathan's guest appearances on The Twilight Zone and Boy Meets World
  • A few more news about Jonathan's newest movie: 
    - it's now called Venom, according to Fangoria and will be released on Sept. 16, 2005 in the US
    - click here to see an image from the movie with Jonathan
    - a couple of reviews and/or articles: at bloody-disgusting.com and at Box Office Prophets
  • Apparently, Jonathan attended a play reading back in June according to this person's livejournal [LINK RATING NC-17!!!!]; more information about the play reading here
  • OT: For all those politically inclined: Jonathan's sister Candice has published a book! Congrats!!! You can find more about it here
  • For all Germans (probably Austrians and Swiss too): Riding the Bullet is available to buy on DVD!!!
11 july 2005
A slightly better review of The Reaper @ Ain't it Cool News

S T I L L  O F F  T O P I C

To all West Coast Canadians or people who have been in West Canada in the summer: I need your help!!!!!
I'll be touring West Canada [Vancouver to Banff and Jasper Natl. Park and back, incl. Vancouver Island] with my parents from mid-August to early September and I would like to know stuff like how's the weather usually during that time, do we have to consider any run-ins with mosquitoes or other animals? Do we need to consider anything else? Are there any special locations I DEFINITELY need to check out? That may be off the touristy road but way more worth seeing? Anything that you think worth mentioning would be extremely helpful!!!! Just send me an email [anya@starseek.de]! I thank you all in advance for helping me :-)

1 july 2005
O F F  T O P I C

To all West Coast Canadians or people who have been in West Canada in the summer: I need your help!!!!!
I'll be touring West Canada [Vancouver to Banff and Jasper Natl. Park and back, incl. Vancouver Island] with my parents from mid-August to early September and I would like to know stuff like how's the weather usually during that time, do we have to consider any run-ins with mosquitoes or other animals? Do we need to consider anything else? Are there any special locations I DEFINITELY need to check out? That may be off the touristy road but way more worth seeing? Anything that you think worth mentioning would be extremely helpful!!!! Just send me an email [anya@starseek.de]! I thank you all in advance for helping me :-)

In other website news: I will be back updating this site in mid to end July. I have - literally - tons of new (or rather old) pictures of Jonathan to post, as well as screencaps and vids of his Boy Meets World and Twilight Zone eppys, etc...

And to anyone who would like to help out financially to keep this website running until I have a job (hopefully soon :-D), you may send in any amount you like via the PayPal button :-D - I REALLY APPRECIATE any help I can get right now!!!!! THANK YOU :-D

18 june 2005
Some - not so flattering - early reviews of Jonathan's new movie The Reaper (formerly Backwater):
3 june 2005
Added 2 new affiliates - check them out :-)
31 may 2005
Again, this to let you know that this website is NOT closing or anything...I'm just in the middle of graduation...and hard at studying...which translates into not having enough time to update the site more often and probably being extremely late in replying to any emails...thankfully, Jonathan's public life has been pretty quiet as well right now ;-)

Nevertheless, some small but important news regarding Jonathan's movie Backwater:

Following the report last week of a schedule set for the new Weinstein Co.’s upcoming releases, Variety revealed that a whole bunch of Miramax and Dimension titles have been rescheduled to open before the Weinstein brothers’ departure from Disney September 30. Most significantly, the Jim Gillespie/Kevin Williamson film previously titled BACKWATER is now slated to open September 16 under the new title THE REAPER.

11 may 2005
8 may 2005
DON'T FORGET: Jonathan's 23rd birthday is next Tuesday, May 11!!!! Head over to his forum to send wishes :-)

Now here's the real concert report by Zandra - click here

A little OT, but Greg Vaughan, the current "Lucky Spencer" on General Hospital (a role made famous by Jonathan), recently mentioned Jonathan in the Dallas Morning News (free registration needed):

In a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, Mr. Vaughan, 31, talked about his days as a big-time model, his life away from the cameras and his present role as the oft-unlucky Lucky Spencer.


And now you're Lucky on GH. Is there a drawback to playing a role that had been portrayed by another actor for a long time?

People fell in love with Jonathan Jackson [the original Lucky] as a teenager. It was hard to accept him leaving. But it comes with the territory – it takes the first year of just being hated.

6 may 2005
DON'T FORGET: Jonathan's 23rd birthday is next Tuesday, May 11!!!! Head over to his forum to send wishes :-)

The first concert reports are in!

  • J. went to Thursday's concert in Seattle - read her report and see some pictures here - THANK YOU!!!
  • Nonni went to the concert in Vancouver, read about it here (scroll down)
  • Kristine posted her photos from the Vancouver concert here

Unfortunately, Jonathan did not win the Saturn Award (Emmy Rossum did for Phantom of the Opera) - but I updated/cleaned up the awards section anyway since some info was missing

Miramax has released the website for Jonathan's upcoming movie Backwater, however, there's nothing much on there yet...but keep checking :-)

In other news/rumors....I usually don't do this unless it's been confirmed...but this site has been right before:
According to TVTome, Jonathan and Lisa are expecting their second child...if true, CONGRATULATIONS!

Please check out all my new affiliates! Welcome on board!
For all French-speaking Jonathan fans: un site portant sur Jonathan en français! Cliquez ici
There's also a new country added in the tribute section as well.

24 april 2005
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, the Backwater release date is August 26 (thanks Nancy!)
  • A little tidbit of information about Backwater from an interview with Meagan Good (see picture), Jonathan's co-star:

    Meagan, what is Backwater about?

    MEAGAN: Backwater is a horror movie from the makers of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer and my character's grandmother is a Voo Doo priestess and I kind of grew up in the whole Voo Doo thing, kind of an outcast. It's also with Jonathan Jackson, Agnes Bruckner, Melanie Griffin. It's a really good cast. What ends up happening, these snakes that are used in ceremonies to milk people when they are possessed by demons, are kept in this cage that is buried in this burial ground. And, hundreds of thousands of different people have been 'de-milked' I guess you could say by these snakes. My grandmother finds out that they are going to turn the burial ground into a mill so she goes to dig up the snakes and take them to a safer place. In the process, she gets into a car accident and a guy jumps over the bridge to try and save her and he dives into the car, realizes that she's dead. He tries to get out and he gets locked in the car with the snakes. They attack him and now he's possessed by the evil of countless souls.

    Did you have to work with the snakes yourself?

    MEAGAN: No, I didn't but I'm not afraid of snakes. I'm petrified of spiders. I would never do Arachnophobia. It would never happen.

    Was being in a horror movie a different kind of challenge for you?

    MEAGAN: Spiritually, the whole Voo Doo thing was a little difficult for me because in my particular spirituality, I just don't believe in different Gods and all this Voo Doo stuff. But, I came to know that Voo Doo isn't actually evil like a lot of people think it is. It's not as negative as people think it is. I did ask to have some things removed that had to do with Gods and make them more like souls or spirits just for my personal beliefs. But, overall, it was really fun. The characters are really weird and kind of out there.

    (Copyright Blackfilm.com)

  • I added more reviews for Riding the Bullet
21 april 2005
Sorry for the lack of updates but I am still in the middle of graduation...but here are some new things:
  • changed the navigation a bit to try and make it look less cramped, better readable and make it easier to navigate the site - let me know if you miss something!
  • There are some new and corrected concert dates for the enation tour here and the guys have been seen (and heard) rehearsing all over WA doing gigs at churches and youth clubs!
  • A Canadian movie site claims that Backwater will be released theatrically in August/early September here (scroll down)
  • Added some new Riding the Bullet DVD reviews at the movie page
23 march 2005
Added even more dates and more information for the concert tour here
20 march 2005
Added more dates and more information for the concert tour here
16 march 2005
Sort of OT: Richard's movie Madison will be released in theaters after four years! It will have a limited release in about 500 theaters on April 22!

Only somewhat OT: We all know Backwater was first conceived as video game - well the creators behind that idea are now collaborating on more such ventures. Read all about it here.

15 march 2005
ATTENTION all European Jonathan fans:

Riding the Bullet will be shown at the Fantasy Film Fest in Brussels, Belgium on March 24, with director Mick Garris in attendance!!! Click here for more information. If anyone goes, please report back! :-)

Unfortunately, I can't go though as I'm still tied down with school stuff

7 march 2005
Again some news about the tour:

Saturday, April 30th, 2005
Portland, OR
MeowMeow Club (all ages)
w/ Cary Judd, John Stephens & Kristy Thirsk

for more information, see this cool flyer
for a complete list of dates, click here

It sounds as if Backwater will be released in October 2005 (my guess? around Halloween LOL)!!!

There might also be some awesome coming soon - I need a bit more official confirmation on it, but as soon as I have it, I'll post about it! It's still in its rumor stages...

6 march 2005
Thought I should mention the date when the Saturn Awards (see 14 feb. news below) are given out:

This year’s 31st Annual Saturn Awards will take place on Tuesday, May 3, at the Universal City Hilton Hotel. (Saturn Awards)

1 march 2005

More concert dates:

Sunday, May 1st 2005
Eureka, CA
w/ John Stephens, Enation, & Kristy Thirsk
Details to Come

Friday, May 6th 2005
Boise, ID
BSU Spring Fling
w/ John Stephens, Enation, Kristy Thirsk & more TBA
Details to Come

Saturday, May 7th 2005
Provo, UT
w/ John Stephens, Enation, & Kristy Thirsk
Details to Come

(Cary Judd website)

See my enation page for a complete list of concert dates.

28 february 2005

A new concert date has been announced:

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
Vancouver, BC
Richard's on Richard's
w/ John Stephens, Enation, & Kristy Thirsk
(Cary Judd website)

25 february 2005

Jonathan will be able to put another one of his original songs into his newest movie Backwater!!:

Enation is putting together a West Coast Tour to promote their new CD "Identity Theft". They have been busy in the studio the last two weeks recording a song earmarked for Jonathan's latest film, "Backwater". (Steve Vaile's website)

23 february 2005

The first concert date is available from Cary Judd (see below):

Thursday, April 28th, 2005
Seattle, WA
The Fenix Undrground
w/ John Stephens, Enation, & Kristy Thirsk

Keep checking enationmusic.com for details and more dates!

14 february 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are great news for Jonathan: He's been nominated for a Saturn Award (that's from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films) in the Best Performance by a Younger Actor (for Riding the Bullet) category!!!! Congratulations Jonathan!!!

5 february 2005
There seems to be some sort of specific plans forming in regards to enation on tour! according to this musician's web journal:

The line-up for this tour is going to be good, John Stephens (Columbia-Neve), Jonathan Jackson's band Enation (you might recognize Jonathan from the movies 'Tuck Everlasting' and 'Insomniac' [sic]) and Kristy Thirsk (Delirium-Nettwork). I'd love to hear from anyone in ID, UT, NV, CA, OR, CO, AZ & WA that wants me to make sure the tour comes through your town.
Cary Judd

A note from me: First of all, THANK YOU to all who already contributed!!!! I really appreciate your help! :-)
And second, I'll be out of town for a week, so if you send an email and don't get a reply, that's probably the reason ;-)

31 january 2005
A word from me to you, the fans of the Jonathan Jackson Fanpage:

As you can see on the right side, there's a little button that asks you to make a donation. There is a reason for this (for me doing this now): I'm about to finish school and won't be able to work the next few months, that means no income to finance this site (which actually has become pretty expensive the last couple of years). Because as you may have noticed, this website does not have any ads polluting the surfing experience, that's because I HATE ads LOL. So I am asking you very humbly that if you like this website and would like to help me continue it for as long as Jonathan's career is blossoming, please make a donation. It really does not need to be much, little can make a HUGE difference!!!

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!


30 january 2005
GettyImages has a picture of Jonathan from the Trailblazers Halftime Show - click here
26 january 2005
There has been an interview with Jonathan in a magazine called Infuze in December - check out the article (scroll down, it's the second one / December 20)

enation's official website is finally ONLINE!!!!

25 january 2005
Riding the Bullet, the DVD, will be released on April 19, 2005 according to Fangoria.

22 january 2005

Riding the Bullet will premiere on USA television on January 23, 2005! Don't forget to tune in!!!
Shortly after that, it's supposed to be released on DVD/VHS!

Backwater news:

Meagan Good has been cast in Dimension's "Backwater" for director Jim Gillespie. The horror movie tells the story of the evil side of voodoo at play when a demon spirit is unleashed in a small backwater community. (Hollywood Reporter)

Jennifer Parsons ("Mortal Kombat: Annihilation") is signed to costume design the Dimension/Miramax thriller "Backwater," directed by Jim Gillespie and produced by Kevin Williamson. Parsons recently wrapped "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation" for director and visual effects luminary Phil Tippett. (Hollywood Reporter)

There are tons of updates on this website - first of all: how do you like the new design? And be gentle in your feedback please - I've worked on it for a few months now LOL

  • The radio interview with enation from end of last year is up on the multimedia page
  • Two clips of enation live performances are up on the multimedia page as well as
  • One little interview (about Christian beliefs) and one red carpet clip from Tribeca's Insomnia premiere (thanks to Nicole for finding those 2!)
  • Two clips from Jonathan's photo shoot for DKNY in 2003 and
  • One clip from the 2000 Young Hollywood Awards
  • There is also an interesting article about Riding the Bullet's TV stunt in the articles section and one about Jonathan during the Tuck Everlasting release
  • The lyrics to Identity Theft are up on the lyrics page
  • Check the gallery section for over 200 new (not necessarily current) pictures that I finally uploaded!!!
  • I created some avatars that you can use for live journal or ezboard profile icons and some wallpapers for your desktop!
  • I cleaned up a few links and other stuff on various pages

Now enjoy the site and please let me know if you like the new design and all the additions :-)

1 january 2005

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