Dark Angel

Chapter 12


Zander didn't look at Jason as he stripped off his clothes. He didn't want it to be this way. He had rather hoped, if anything, Mick would have just bent him over the table and been done with it. Zander was shaking a bit as he tossed away the last layer of protection from Mick's leering gaze. He felt naked in every way. And when Mick moved to him and brushed a fingertip down his chest, Zander had to resist the urge to shiver.


Mick grinned as he let his hand rove down to Zander's cock. He curled his fingers around it and squeezed. He looked at Jason as he spoke. "Pretty pretty boy you have here," he drawled. "Bet you fucked him proper. Or tried. Pay attention, Morgan and I'll show you how it's done."

"Then do it already!" Zander interjected. He wanted Mick's hand off him. He could feel his cock beginning to respond to the stimulation and he didn't want that to happen. He had to control this. It had to be only what it was meant to be. A way to save Jason's life. Even if it only bought minutes. It gave him a chance to think of something that could save them both. So Zander slapped Mick's hand away and moved to the table. He bent over it, offering himself up, then gripped the sides and bit back a whimper when hardness suddenly slammed into him. Dry penetration again and Zander was still sore from the last time. But even as his body was rocked by Mick's hard thrusts, he felt a sudden slickness that offered some relief. He could hear Mick panting and grunting over him and he hoped that signaled the man's quick release. Then Zander felt it, warm wetness flooding him and then Mick was slumped over him, nuzzling his back. Zander did shudder as the man slobbered kisses on his skin. He felt a sense of relief that it was over, but hissed in pain as Mick pulled out abruptly. As Zander raised up and turned around, he felt wetness sliding down his thigh. He swiped at it without thinking and bit his lip to see blood and semen on his fingertips. His blood.


Mick grinned as he tucked himself back in his pants. "I marked you good, pretty boy. I think I'll ask Mr. Alcazar if I can keep you. You'll need someone to fuck that tight ass once Morgan is dead."

Zander said nothing. He didn't look at Jason even though he could feel his eyes burning into him. Shame washed over Zander. Shame and fear. If he didn't think of something fast, Jason would die.


"Go clean up in the bathroom," Mick ordered, grabbing Zander's clothes and shoving them into his arms. "Take your time. I won't shoot Morgan until you come back. I want you to watch."

"Thanks." Zander kept his tone cool as he headed into the bathroom. He longed for a shower but that wasn't feasible at the moment. He had to do something fast or Jason was dead. While he tried to focus, Zander grabbed a towel, wet it, and cleaned himself up as best he could. He tried to detach himself from the pain and shame. He did what he did to keep Jason alive. Nothing else mattered. Dressing quickly, Zander headed back out. He glanced at Jason then looked away. There was pain glimmering in the blue eyes. That surprised Zander.  But he had to focus on getting Mick's gun away from him.


Mick smiled then moved into a direct line of sight in front of Jason. He stood about ten feet away though as he raised his arm. "Say goodbye, Morgan," Mick drawled, even as his finger wrapped around the trigger. He glanced over at Zander for a moment. "You were such a good fuck I decided to be merciful after all. One bullet between the eyes. Clean and quick." He didn't wait for a response but simply focused on Jason and pulled the trigger.


Zander moved in that moment. He didn't think about it or hesitate. He simply put himself between Jason and the bullet. And when it slammed into him, it hit like a sledgehammer, sending Zander toppling into Jason and the chair tipped back, sending them both to the floor.


"Fuck!" Mick snarled, but even as he raised his gun to take another shot the door burst open. He turned and bullets riddled his chest. He was dead before he hit the floor.


The men who had shot Mick entered quickly and surveyed the room. One went to Jason and Zander. He rolled Zander off onto his side and checked for a pulse. Then he untied Jason. "Kid's still breathing," he announced.


Jason ripped off the gag and went to Zander, checking his pulse again. "Call 911, have an ambulance meet us." Jason knew he could trust the man to do as he was told. They were Sonny's men. Jason didn't know how they had found them nor did he care. His only focus now was Zander. Jason ripped off his tee shirt and pressed it to Zander's chest. "You're going to be okay," Jason said softly, and he was relieved when Zander's eyes fluttered open.


"S-sorry.." Zander whispered, then he coughed, and his body shuddered in reaction.


"For what?" Jason countered. "For saving me?"


Zander tried to smile. "Something...like...that…" his voice faded away as his eyes fluttered closed.

Jason felt a moment of panic and checked for a pulse. Still there, but barely. They were running out of time.


* * * * *


Jason was pacing when Sonny appeared. Without a word they headed for a quiet corner to talk. "Thanks for the rescue," Jason stated. He didn't know how Sonny had pulled it off but he was grateful he had.


Sonny nodded. "Wish it had been sooner. How's Zander doing?"

"Don't know. He's still in surgery."


"He's a tough kid."

Jason nodded.

Sonny studied him. "You okay? You look beat."

"It's been a long day." Jason moved to the wall and let himself lean against it. He was bone tired but his wait had just begun. "How did you find us?"


"My lawyer." Sonny sighed and shook his head. "Long story short. Faith came to see me. She was scared to death. She knew who had set me up. My brother, Ric, and Lorenzo Alcazar."

Jason locked eyes with Sonny. "Lorenzo found us."


Sonny held the intense gaze. "That was my fault. My lawyer, Carl Seavers, was on Lorenzo's payroll. Faith told me about him in exchange for my protection."

"I take it Mr. Seavers has been dealt with?" Jason almost hoped he was still alive. Since he hadn't been able to kill Mick for what he had done to Zander, Mr. Seavers would make an acceptable replacement. He had been the one to betray them all.


"Yes...he has," Sonny replied. "Can I get you anything?"


Jason shook his head. "I'm fine. I'm glad you're out."

Sonny patted him on the shoulder. "Me too. I'm going to go take care of Zander's bill."

"I already did that," Jason countered. It had given him something to do for a whole ten minutes.


"Mind if I stick around?" Sonny asked.

Jason shrugged. "Whatever you want." He then pushed away from the wall and went back to pacing.


* * * * *


Zander's surgery lasted for almost six hours. They had almost lost him at one point. Now he was in ICU and hooked up to IV's and monitors. He was in critical condition but holding his own. He hadn't woken up yet and that worried Jason. Also, his left arm was in a cast. He had fractured it during his fall somehow, and the doctor was concerned that there might be some nerve damage. They wouldn't know the extent until the cast came off.


Jason sat at Zander's bedside, just watching his face. He sat there for hours, refusing to leave and eventually the nurses left him alone. "Thank you," Jason whispered to Zander, after one of the hourly checks by the night nurse. "Thank you for every sacrifice you made for me. Now you have to pull through so you can tell me why you did it."

Closing his own eyes, Jason sent out a prayer. To whatever God would listen.



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