Dark Angel

Chapter 11


Zander watched the highway as they drove, trying to figure out where they were going. His kidnapper kept up a monologue that Zander pretty much tuned out. Except for his name. Mick. Not that his name really mattered. Suddenly Zander realized they were slowing down. He watched Mick make a turn onto a side road. They went about half a mile then Mick turned the car off. Zander looked out the window. There were no buildings nearby. This could not be where Jason was, unless maybe Jason was dead and buried in the woods. Zander's stomach twisted into knots at the thought. "Why did we stop?" he asked.


Mick grinned then got out of the car. He walked to the passenger side, opened the door, uncuffed Zander from it and hauled him out. "There's something I need to do before we reach our destination," Mick stated.

"What?" Zander had a bad feeling about this. He put up a bit of a struggle as his wrists were cuffed behind him. It was useless to fight as Mick was twice his size, but Zander did it if only to make a point. He turned and watched as Mick pulled something out of his jacket pocket then set it on the hood of the car.

"Recognize it?" Mick asked as he lit a cigarette and took a couple of puffs.

Zander frowned then realized what he was looking at. A bottle of massage oil, and he did recognize it. Joy had it in her bedroom. The night he'd slept with her, she had used some to give him a massage. Zander shuddered at the memory of his last view of Joy. "You're a sick bastard!" Zander hissed.


Mick grinned, took another drag on his cigarette then dropped it to the ground and stomped it out. "That I am," he willingly agreed. "Know why I brought it?" He didn't wait for a response. "You see...I watched you fuck her and then she gave you that nice massage. Very hot. So...I thought it would be appropriate to use the stuff while fucking you. Dontcha think?"

"No!" Zander took a step back without realizing it, but that was as far as he got before Mick grabbed him and shoved him face down over the hood of the car. He felt heavy hands moving over him and a moment later the gun he had tucked in the small of his back was removed.


"Naughty boy," Mick drawled as he set the gun down on the hood next to Zander's head. "Maybe I should teach you a lesson, hmm? After I'm done with you, maybe I'll shove that gun up your ass." As he spoke, Mick reached around Zander.


"NO!" Zander shouted as he felt his jeans being ripped open and shoved down his legs. His briefs followed then a thick finger was thrusting inside him. It hurt and he hissed and tried to pull away, but he was helpless in his position.  Hands cuffed behind him, bent over the hood, his legs kicked open. This was going to happen and there was nothing Zander could do to stop it.

"You've got the most fuckable ass I've ever seen, pretty boy," Mick drawled as he spread Zander's cheeks and lined up his cock. He had slicked himself just enough to gain entry. A snap of his hips and he was halfway inside.


Zander bit his lip as he was penetrated. There had been pain when Jason had fucked him, but nothing like this. Zander felt as if his insides were being split open and tears pushed past his closed eyelids to slide down his face. But he refused to make a sound. He wouldn't give Mick the satisfaction. So Zander endured as the thick cock pistoned in and out of him and his body was rocked with each thrust. He felt relief when warm wetness flooded his insides and, ironically, it helped ease the pain. He couldn't hold back a whimper as Mick pulled out. It felt as if his insides followed, then a rough hand was wiping him with a towel or something, then his clothes were yanked back into place and Zander felt himself being turned around. He was shaking but he held Mick's gaze, defiantly, as the man redid his jeans, making it a point to fondle his cock as he did so. Zander's body did not betray him and he didn't respond.


Mick smirked at Zander. "Best fuck I ever had," he purred, then he curled his fingers in Zander's hair and kissed him hard. But a moment later he howled in pain as Zander bit him. "You little fucker!" Almost absently he cuffed him in the temple.


Zander stumbled against the car from the blow, but regained his balance and said nothing. He found himself pushed back inside, then Mick got behind the wheel and they continued on their way. After a while Zander asked. "How much farther?"

"Anxious to see your boyfriend?" Mick teased. "I know Morgan has the hots for you. Can't say I blame him. Like I said, you're the best fuck I ever had."


Zander said nothing. He turned his head towards the side window and closed his eyes.


* * * * *


Jason tested his teeth with his tongue. He had received a few punches to the face since he had been captured, and the latest hit almost loosened a tooth. He tasted a bit of blood but nothing serious. He knew that the last punch was in response to his refusal to talk or react in any way. Jason kept a neutral expression on his face at all times. Never let the enemy know what you were thinking. It was a rule he lived by. He shifted in his chair, trying to get more comfortable, but it was difficult when he was bound to it, hand and feet.


There was a knock on the door then it opened and Jason watched, and almost reacted, as Zander was shoved into the room. The kid looked shook up and his hands were cuffed behind him. His shirt was rumpled and his hair was hanging in his eyes. But the defiant glare was in place and that gave Jason a sense of relief.


"Hello, Mr. Smith," Lorenzo Alcazar drawled, rising from the chair he had been sitting in and moving forward to greet his guest. "I've been looking forward to meeting you."


"What the hell is going on?" Zander demanded, only to receive a cuff to the back of the head by Mick.

Lorenzo frowned at the muscle man. "I told you I didn't want Mr. Smith harmed." He turned to his guest. "Or may I call you Zander?"

Zander glared at him. "Call me whatever the fuck you want. Just tell me why I'm here."

"You're here to discuss business." Lorenzo nodded at Mick and Zander's cuffs were removed. "Do you know who I am?"


"Yeah…Lorenzo Alcazar," Zander replied as he rubbed his wrists.

Lorenzo nodded. "My brother spoke of you, Zander. He was rather impressed with you."

Zander snorted. "Yeah…I bet. He was so damn impressed he knocked me out and threw me overboard."

"He was impressed that you survived." Lorenzo moved to the side bar and poured a shot of whiskey, which he offered to Zander. He smiled when it was accepted and tossed back in one gulp.

"What business did you want to discuss?" Zander asked, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.


Lorenzo was about to reply when a phone rang. He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and answered it.  A moment later he excused himself, saying he would be back soon. Before leaving he told his men to keep his *Guests* entertained.


Jason watched as the man who had brought Zander in stalked towards him. He didn't react as beefy fingers curled in his hair and yanked his head back.


"You look a bit rough around the edges," Mick purred, as he studied Jason. "But a bit lopsided. Maybe I could give you a another black eye so you have a pair." He raised his fist.


"Pansy ass," Zander interjected.

Mick whipped around. "What did you call me?"

Zander smirked. "You're a real tough guy, beating up a bound man. Afraid he could kick your ass?"

"Careful pretty one," Mick replied. "Or I'll fuck your sweet ass again." Turning back around to Jason, Mick stated, "Zander is the tightest fuck ever, dontcha think?"

"Shut up!" Zander snapped.

Jason felt his expression tighten, but he kept his eyes blank. But he knew Mick wasn't just talking shit. The sonofabitch had raped Zander.

Lorenzo reentered the room with a smile on his face. He moved to Zander. "Sorry for the interruption. Where were we?"

"You were going to tell me why I'm here. I'm presuming to kill me," Zander stated. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you're the bastard who framed Sonny for killing the cop."

"Yes…I suppose that's fairly obvious at this point," Lorenzo allowed. "But I don't intend to kill you, Zander. Unless you force me to. I think we can come to an agreement."

Zander frowned at him. "What kind of agreement?"


Lorenzo smiled. "I know you're not fond of Sonny Corinthos. You agree to work for me and I'll let you live. You see…once Jason is dead, Sonny is weakened. Plus he'll be stuck in prison for the rest of his life and I will own Port Charles. You can have a piece of it, Zander. If you're smart enough."


"Works for me," Zander replied, without hesitation. "I don't owe Sonny shit."

"Good." Lorenzo was pleased. "I have to leave but my men will take care of you...and Mr. Morgan. I'll see you back in Port Charles, Zander." That said, Lorenzo and one of his body guards, exited the room.


Jason flexed against his bonds. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Zander had sold him out. He shouldn't have been surprised, but he was.


Mick was laughing. "I'm going to enjoy killing you, Morgan," he purred. "But first I'm going to make you scream for mercy. "I've got alot of bullets. I think I'll start by shooting you in the foot. See how many bullets I can fill you with before you beg me to put you out of your misery."

"Don't." Zander was suddenly before Mick, his hand pressing his gun down. "Don't hurt him like that."

"Why not?" Mick shoved Zander away. "What do you care?"

Zander shrugged. "I just...it's inhumane, you know? Off him nice and clean and I'll make it worth your while."

Mick was intrigued. "Yeah? How ya gonna do that?"


"Like this," Zander whispered, then he rose on tiptoe to kiss Mick.


"Nice," Mick replied, pulling back. "But not good enough."


Jason bit back a protest as he watched Zander fall to his knees and free the other man's cock. He realized what he was doing. Buying him time. Zander was sacrificing his body to keep Jason alive as long as he could. "No!" Jason hissed, and it came out of him without warning.


Mick had been moaning as Zander's mouth worked on his cock, but he pulled away with a curse at Jason's protest. He ripped a strip off the bottom of his own shirt and used it to gag Jason. "Shut up and watch me fuck your pretty boyfriend until he screams for mercy," Mick hissed in Jason's ear. Then he turned back to Zander. "Strip for me," he ordered. "Nice and slow."


"Whatever you want," Zander whispered, then he stripped off his jacket and let it fall to the floor.


*NO!* Jason screamed in his head as he watched kick off his boots. He wasn't worth the pain.



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