On Common Ground

Chapter 13


Stefan and Alexis set down on a private land strip. They were in the Alps, on a piece of property that few people knew about. Stefan ushered Alexis off the plane. They had taken the helicopter to a private air strip, then a private plane to here.

Alexis looked about as they waited for a guard to approach them. "I feel like Heidi is going to pop out at me at any moment," she drawled.

"It's an isolated enough area that you wouldn't be far off," Stefan replied. When a car arrived, they entered and drove off. It didn't take long to reach the manor. They were escorted into the main salon. Stefan was stunned to see that they were not alone.

"Hey, Stevie...Natasha...nice of you to join us," Luke Spencer drawled.

Alexis frowned at him, then turned to Lucky who was standing by the fireplace. "What are you two doing here?"

Lucky shrugged. "I'm not sure. We each got a post card as an invitation then a car showed up, drove us to some airstrip and here we are."

"What did your cards say?" Stefan inquired.

"They both mentioned my mother," Lucky replied.

Luke moved to invade Stefan's space. "I take it we're all here because of your mother."

Stefan held Luke's steely gaze. "So it would seem." He was about to say more when another guest was announced.

"Interesting gathering," Nikolas stated, as he entered the room. He was holding a note card in his hand. "I take it we all got an invite."

"We did," Alexis replied. She moved to hug Nikolas then looked at his card. "So...you're here because of Stefan and your mother."

Nikolas nodded. "Why are you here?"

Alexis sighed. "Zander."

"What?" The question was echoed by most everyone in the room.

"Ask Stefan about it," Alexis deferred.

Stefan felt all eyes upon him. "Zander works for me now. He disappeared and then I received a note that my mother has him."

Nikolas stared at his Uncle. "How did Zander come to work for you? And what does my grandmother want with him?"

"Zander working for me is a long story that can wait," Stefan replied. "As for what my mother wants...I can't even begin to guess." Stefan turned away from Nikolas, to hide the worry that he knew was reflected in his eyes. He was terrified at what Helena might have done to Zander.

* * * * *

Zander glared at Helena. He was back in his room after having been hit with a tranquilizer dart. He had come so close to freedom. He was at the docks and almost on a motor boat when the guards had appeared. Zander had a gun but he hadn't been able to shoot to kill. He had aimed, telling himself to fire, but he couldn't pull the trigger. The guards, however, had been more than happy to release a volley of tranquilizer darts. One had nailed Zander in the thigh. He had awakened about an hour ago to find himself back in his room, lying on the bed. This time in restraints. "So what happens now?" Zander asked.

Helena removed a remote control from the bed table drawer and clicked it in the direction of the TV in the corner. An image appeared. It was live feed. "I've invited a few guests," she stated, gesturing to the screen.

"What the..." Zander was stunned by what he saw. Gathered together in a room were Stefan, Alexis, Luke Spencer, Lucky Spencer and Nikolas. "What are they doing here?"

"They came for various reasons," Helena replied. She moved to sit on the bed then reached out to comb her fingers through Zander's hair. She laughed when he pulled away. "I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you a few interesting facts, Alexander."

Zander gritted his teeth. "Don't call me that!" he snapped.

Helena smiled. "Why? Because it reminds of your father? Speaking of which...There must have been many times when you asked yourself why he hates you so. Your father, that is."

"I don't give a shit about my father in any way. What he does or doesn't think of me."

"Liar." Helena sighed. "Anyway...I have the answer for you."

Zander was intrigued in spite of himself. "Which is?" he prompted.

Helena left the bed and strolled across the room. She returned with a thick folder and dropped it on the bed. "These are copies of paper work you can look at later. In a nutshell it contains all the documentation about your...creation, if you will."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your father hates you because you're not his child, Zander."

Zander realized he wasn't all that surprised to hear that. He had often thought as a kid that he didn't fit into the family, perhaps because he didn't belong. "So...you're saying that I'm adopted?"

Helena smirked. "Not exactly. You're a test tube baby."

"You're whacked," Zander shot back, tugging at his restraints. He wished he could wrap his fingers around Helena's scrawny neck.

"Like I said, all the documentation is in the folder and you can look at it later." Helena sat back down on the side of the bed. "Would you like to know who your true parents are, Zander? It would explain…a bit...my guest list."

He thought about telling her to go to hell, but then Zander realized he wanted to hear her out. She was crazy as a loon, but at the same time, Stefan had warned him about Helena's madness. And he had a sudden fear that she was telling him the truth. "Okay...who are my parents?" Zander shot back.

Helena paused, dramatically, then replied, "Robert Scorpio and Laura Webber-Spencer."

"Who?" Zander was confused. He knew that Laura was Luke's wife, and Lucky and Nikolas' mother. But he had never heard of Robert Scorpio. He knew of Commissioner Mac Scorpio, and they weren't exactly buddies.

"Robert Scorpio was a WSB agent. He's Mac Scorpio's older brother. And I'm sure you've heard of Laura."

Zander was more than a little confused. "How could they be my parents? And supposing they are...why would my father...Cameron Lewis...raise me if he hated me?"

Helena patted Zander's thigh. "This is a good story, so pay attention. I came up with the idea of creating you. I picked Robert Scorpio because he is a most excellent male specimen, and I chose Laura because it amused me. And turns out I can rub it in Luke's face that Laura actually has THREE Sons and only one of them is his." Helena paused to study Zander's reaction. "You realize that what I'm telling you means that Lucky and Nikolas are your half brothers."

"What about my father...I mean...Cameron Lewis." Zander didn't want to believe what Helena was telling him, and yet he did. And it scared the hell out of him. "Why would he raise me as his own?"

"He and his wife had money problems early on in their marriage. Problems they both created and I gave them an out. All they had to do was let me impregnate Mrs. Lewis with you. They agreed. Mrs. Lewis handled it better. She loved you regardless of your...creation, as it were. But Cameron...he couldn't accept what you were. Who...you were. But he had no choice but to keep up the pretence. I threatened to take his precious Peter away from him, if he didn't obey me. Then the silly boy had to go and shoot himself. Not that I blame him with Cameron as a father. But you...you were much stronger."

Zander was furious. "SHUT UP!" he screamed at her. "You shut up about Peter!"

Helena shook her head at him. "Calm down or I will sedate you," she warned.

"Bitch!" Zander hissed, but then he took a deep breath and visibly relaxed. "Why...why did you do this? "

"Because I could," Helena drawled. "And for other reasons that you don't need to know about. My darling, precious, son had some wonderful ideas about what we could do with you. Then you disappeared for a while. I located you again when you popped up in Port Charles and bided my time. I never...ever...expected you to end up with Stefan. It's the only thing that stupid boy has done right."

Zander hated hearing her put Stefan down like that. "Stefan is a good man. He's a good man in spite of having you as his mother!"

Helena patted Zander on the cheek. "I'm glad you love him, dear. I can use that love to manipulate you."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You will do whatever I tell you to do, or Stefan will die. Or perhaps I'll kill Alexis. Or maybe her little baby girl. Kristina…isn’t' it?" Helena's eyes glittered like ice.

Zander felt a cold chill wash over him. "You leave them alone!" he hissed.

Helena smiled. "I will...if you behave and obey me. Their lives are in your hands, Zander. And trust me. You disobey me just a little bit in any way, and I will hurt them. And you won't be able to warn them. They could die from a bullet. A car. Poison. They won't see it coming and neither will you. Do you understand?" She gripped his chin to force him to look at her.

"Yeah...I understand." Zander's voice shook with fear. "What do you want me to do?"

"In a little bit you'll be reunited with Stefan. Basically I want you to just be normal with him. Tell him that you're fine and you don't know why I grabbed you. Make him believe you or I will hurt someone you love. And do not tell him what I told you. Don't tell anyone. I'll share your parentage with everyone, when the time is right." Helena released Zander's chin and rose from the bed. She turned to look at the TV screen and almost purred with pleasure. "Oh...look who's arrived, and right on time. It's your father."

* * * * * 

Everyone in the main salon stopped talking when they heard the double doors open. They were all expecting to see Helena. Instead they all stared as Robert Scorpio entered the room.



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