On Common Ground

Chapter 14


Stefan was the first to react. He moved to confront Robert Scorpio. "Why are you here?"

"I was invited." Robert offered a cold smile. "Where is Helena?"

"Good question," Luke interjected. "I can feel her creepy aura, so she must be close by."

Robert nodded to Luke. "Long time no see."

Luke moved to the side bar and poured them both a drink. "So...I take it you got an invitation from the Wicked Witch?'

"Something like that," Robert allowed, as he accepted a glass. Before he could say more, the double doors opened.

Helena strode into the room, arm in arm with Zander. "Good evening everyone. I'm so glad you could make it," she declared, with a dramatic wave of one arm. "You all know one another, so introductions are not necessary."

Stefan took a moment to glare at his mother, then he turned his attention to Zander. The young man looked pale and worn out and Stefan could well imagine the horrific things that his mother had subjected him to. Uncaring of the eyes upon them, Stefan went to Zander and gripped his shoulders, tugging him away from Helena. Then he hugged Zander to him, in full view of everyone.

"What the hell..." Luke drawled, as he watched the spectacle.

"I missed you," Stefan whispered in Zander's ear. "God I missed you. Are you all right?" He could feel Zander trembling and that worried him.

Zander pulled out of the hug. "I'm fine. Really. Your mother didn't hurt me."

Stefan cupped Zander's face in his hands and he couldn't resist. He had to kiss him. He heard several gasps and ignored them. All that mattered was that Zander was safe and in his arms. The rest of the world could go to hell.

"Isn't that precious?" Helena cooed, clapping her hands in delight. She turned to her grandson. "Bet you weren't expecting that, were you, Nikolas?"

"No...I can't say that I was," Nikolas allowed. He turned to Alexis. "What's going on?"

Alexis shrugged. "Beats me."

Helena pouted at them both. "Oh come now. Surely you're not blind or dumb. Stefan and Zander are lovers."

"I'll be damned," Luke hooted. Then he poured himself another drink.

"Why did you kidnap Zander, mother?" Stefan asked. Zander had broken the kiss and Stefan had wondered if he had crossed the line, but he felt reassured when Zander's fingers intertwined with his. But it bothered him still that Zander was shaking.

Helena strode over to her son. "Let's just say I wanted to meet the boy who stole my son's heart," she purred. Then reaching out, she combed her fingers through Zander's hair and was amused when Stefan slapped her hand away. "Possessive...are we? That's so sweet."

Stefan glared at his mother. "Why are we here?"

"You'll have the answers to all of your questions in due time," Helena replied. "For now, dinner is ready and we shall all repair to the dining room." She led the way, expecting to be followed.

"This should be interesting," Luke commented, taking his glass with him and snagging the bottle of Whiskey as he passed by.

Everyone filed into the dining room, except for Stefan and Zander. Stefan held them both back. He cupped Zander's face in his hands and locked eyes with him. "Tell me what she did to you."

Zander smiled at Stefan. "Nothing. She just kept me here until everyone arrived. I swear to you...she didn't hurt me."

"Then why are you shaking?"

"I just feel a little off." Zander pulled Stefan's hands from his face. "Truth is I tried to escape and her goons hit me with a tranq dart. I'm kind of still feeling the effects."

Stefan felt relieved, at least a little. And somehow he wasn't the least bit surprised that Zander had tried to escape. "I'm sorry about all of this," he apologized. "I never expected my mother to interfere. I didn't think she had a reason to."

Zander leaned in to kiss the frown off Stefan's mouth. "It's okay. We're together now…that's all that matters."

"Yes...you're right." Stefan knew that his mother would send someone to get them if they didn't put in an appearance soon. "We should join the others."

"Right." Zander took Stefan's hand and they headed for the dining room.

* * * * * 

Dinner was a stilted affair. Helena made comments that were meant to get a rise out of her guests, but Luke was the only one who bothered to banter back. Everyone else just stabbed at the food on their plates and bided their time. There was no point in trying to rush Helena and they all knew it. She would tell them what they wanted to know when she was good and ready, and not before.

Stefan spent his time watching Zander. The boy didn't eat a bite and he looked both nervous and exhausted. Stefan wanted to put him to bed and watch over him. They hadn't been apart for long, but he had missed him with both his heart and his body. Pushing back his chair, Stefan declared, "I think dinner is over, mother. I'm tired, as is Zander, and I wish to be shown to my rooms."

"Of course, Stefan," Helena replied. "Zander knows the way. Sweet dreams to you both."

"Goodnight everyone," Stefan said to the room at large. He then pulled Zander to his feet and let him lead him up the stairs. Once in their room, Stefan opened his mouth to suggest that Zander get some sleep, only to find warm lips sealing over his.

Zander kissed Stefan until they were both breathless. "Make love to me," he begged.

Stefan wanted that more than anything. He was worried about what his mother had planned, but in this moment he wanted nothing more than to reconnect with Zander. "My pleasure," Stefan whispered, as he began unbuttoning Zander's shirt, and he found Zander's fingers busy doing the same to his shirt. Stefan felt how, almost frantic, Zander was and he allowed it until he had Zander naked. Now he wanted to take things slow, to look his fill. He gripped Zander's hands then pushed him back towards the bed, laying him out upon it then standing back for a moment, simply to gaze at him. "I want to look at you," Stefan whispered. "You are so beautiful...so perfect."

"No…I'm not," Zander replied, reaching out to Stefan. "But you are. And I can't believe you want me." There were tears in Zander's voice and shining in his eyes.

"Shh.." Stefan whispered, kissing the soft lips. Then he pulled back to lock eyes with Zander. "When I left you weren't sure about us. But you seem to have made a decision."

Zander smiled. "I had time to think about us. About what you mean to me. I want to be with you." He let one hand slide between them and curled his fingers around Stefan's cock. "I want to feel you inside me."

Stefan moaned as Zander stroked him. He was already hard and aching. He gripped Zander's wrist. "I want that too." Stefan wanted to admit his love for Zander, but he felt it was too soon. He wasn't sure if what Zander felt for him was the same. Perhaps Zander was only reacting to the situation. Being grabbed by Helena and being held captive. Fear could be making him feel this way. Fueling his desire for Stefan. But he would worry about that later. Right now he wanted to be with Zander in every way. "Let me get what we need," Stefan said, as he moved from the bed. He went into the bathroom and wasn't the least bit surprised to find lubricant. He brought it back and smiled at the sight before him. Naked Zander took his breath away.

"I need you," Zander whispered.

"I need you," Stefan replied. He moved onto the bed and took Zander's hardness into one hand. He kissed the boy until they were both wild with need, then he moved to take Zander into his mouth. It didn't take long for Zander to explode and Stefan swallowed every drop. Then he kissed Zander again, pulling back only long enough to slick one hand. Then he kissed him some more as he pressed a finger inside the boy, searching for that special spot and loving the whimpers that Zander made as he found it. Stefan loved that he could do this to Zander, give him such pleasure.

Zander bit his lip then whispered, "Please.." as another finger slid inside and stretched him.

Stefan was more than ready to give them what they both wanted. "I want to watch you when I come," Stefan said softly, pulling his fingers out then reaching for two pillows. He smiled as Zander lifted his hips for him then he pressed the strong thighs back and lined himself up. Stefan closed his eyes as he thrust forward, pressing in an inch. He froze when Zander gasped, knowing he was feeling the burn. So Stefan leaned in to kiss away the pain, then he inched inside with tiny thrusts until he was fully sheathed in the warm tightness. It was a perfect fit.

"Move…move," Zander begged, wiggling a bit for Stefan to get the hint.

"Easy.." Stefan purred, and then he did move, drawing out to the tip before making a slow slide back in. He tortured them both for a time, shifting his angle to brush over Zander's prostrate with each inward thrust, loving the pleasure that darkened Zander's eyes almost to black. He loved the way that Zander bit his lower lip as he tried not to whimper, then Stefan leaned in to capture the sound in a kiss. And then he had to move faster, had to thrust in hard and deep as his own pleasure crept up on him. And when he came he cried out as his seed pulsed inside his lover. And he felt Zander's fingers stroking through his hair, calming him. Stefan kissed Zander tenderly, then he pulled out so that he could roll onto his back with Zander snuggled against him. He knew that Zander was exhausted and that they both needed to sleep. "Sweet dreams," Stefan whispered, to give Zander the hint.

Zander kissed Stefan's cheek then closed his eyes.

Stefan held Zander, unable to sleep. Vowing that he would protect this man that he loved, even if it meant destroying his mother in the process.

* * * * *

Robert Scorpio entered the Library. He knew that Helena was waiting for him. She was. She was sitting in a chair, with a brandy snifter in one hand. "What game are we playing today, Helena?" Robert asked, as he joined her by the fire. He passed on the brandy she offered.

Helena smiled. "What do you think of Zander Smith?"

"I know he's my son." Robert watched for Helena's reaction as he spoke. Hoping to have spoiled her surprise.

"I thought you might have figured that out. After all, I gave you enough clues throughout the past 23 years."

Robert nodded. "What happens now? What are you planning?"

Helena shrugged. "I'm bored. Any suggestions?"

"Let me leave with Zander. You don't need him."

"But I want him, darling," Helena countered with a bright laugh. "He's absolutely exquisite, quite delightful in his own way. He has alot of your qualities, as well as Laura's. And to top it all off...my son is in love with him."

Robert stroked his chin. "And you plan on using that fact to torture Stefan in some way," he guessed.

Helena nodded. "It's one of the few real pleasures I have in life."

"You might want to rethink that, Helena. Stefan is no fool. And if you hurt Zander...I think he'll kill you."

"Stefan is no threat to me!" Helena snapped. "And I have no intention of killing Zander."

Robert offered a cold smile. "Good, because then I would have to kill you."

Helena nodded understanding of the threat. "I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when you have your first...talk...with Zander."

"Good night, Helena," Robert countered, rising to his feet. He gave away nothing with his words or expression. But in his heart he felt a sense of jubilation and of fear. Zander Smith was his son, and Robert had no intention of leaving this place without him.


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