On Common Ground

Chapter 16


Helena allowed everyone to stew in their juices, as it were, until dinner that night. She was pleased at the tension in the air and smiled as she tapped her spoon against her water glass to get everyone's attention. "I have an announcement to make," she stated.

Luke snorted. "Let me guess. The ice cream you had planned for dessert melted, so we're having animal crackers instead?"

"I'm sure that in your...inebriated state...you find yourself quite musing, Luke...but do please, shut up," Helena countered. "Otherwise you won't hear what I am about to say."

"Whatever, darlin," Luke replied, giving a sloppy salute. Then he fell silent as he poured himself another glass of bourbon.

Helena looked around the table. "I brought you all here to tell you something that should be of interest to you all in some way."

Nikolas glared at his grandmother. "Then tell us already!" he snapped.

"Of course, dear," Helena replied. She rose from her chair and moved to the right to stand behind Zander. She did this to draw attention to him and she could feel him squirming when she rested her hands on his shoulders. "All of you know this young man as Zander Smith. And up until a few days ago, he thought of himself as either Zander Smith or Alexander Lewis. But he's neither of those people."

"Then who is he?" Stefan queried. He was sitting across from Zander and he could see the boy go pale. Whatever Helena revelation his mother was going to make, Stefan realized that Zander already knew what it was.

Helena smiled again and remained silent for a moment, letting the tension raise for dramatic effect. Then she announced. "Zander is the son of Robert Scorpio and Laura Webber-Spencer."

Chaos erupted as everyone in the room, other than Zander and Robert Scorpio, reacted in shock.

"Isn't this fun?" Helena whispered in Zander's ear.

"You're a sick bitch!" Zander shot back, then he bit back a moan as her fingernails dug into his shoulder muscles.

Robert was the first one to stand up and ask for quiet. "Hey! Enough!" he roared. Everyone fell silent and Robert gave a terse smile. "I realize that this is a shock to everyone, but you'll accomplish more if you calm down and let yourselves digest the news."

Luke glared at Robert. "You already knew…didn't you?"

"I figured it out, yes." Robert allowed.

"Laura did NOT sleep with you!" Luke shouted, rising to his feet.

Robert shook his head. "She didn't."

Alexis was stunned by this announcement. "How else could she have gotten pregnant?"

"Test tube baby," Stefan interjected. He knew his mother all too well.

"Bravo, Stefan," Helena said as she, mockingly, applauded him. "Maybe you are smarter than I give you credit for. Maybe."

Stefan stood up and moved around the table to push his mother away from Zander. Then he crouched down to his lover's level and asked, "Are you okay with this?"

Zander shook his head. "Not really." He pushed his chair back and stood up. "I need some air." Zander pushed past Stefan and ran out.

"Zander!" Stefan called after him. He turned to glare at his mother, then he followed Zander out.

"I don't believe this," Lucky whispered to himself.

Nikolas moved to join his brother. "That makes two of us. Do you realize what this means?"

Lucky knew. "Yeah...Zander is our brother." Lucky got up and walked out as well.

"Anyone have any questions?" Helena queried. She was having such fun with this.

"Why did you do this?" Alexis asked. "For what purpose?"

Helena shrugged. "Because I could. Because it messes up so many people's lives. Because it gives me control in ways you can't even begin to imagine. Control and power."

Luke glared at Helena. "Does Laura know about Zander?"

"Yes...I told her about him."

"I don't believe you, you ugly old bat! Laura...she would have told me about this."

Helena sighed and shook her head at Luke. "You poor deluded fool. I told her that if she said one word to you, or to anyone, I would kill Lucky."

Luke was on his feet and ready to go over the table for Helena's throat. He cursed when Robert pulled him back and turned on him. "I blame you for this too, you bastard!" Luke snarled, then he snatched up the bottle of bourbon and stormed from the room.

"What are you going to do to Zander?" Alexis interjected into the sudden silence.

"What makes you think I'm going to do anything to him?"

Alexis snorted. "Now that is truly a stupid question. Don't you dare hurt him. I will find a way to kill you if you do."

Helena laughed softly. "It would be most amusing to watch you try. But fear not...I have plans for Zander."

"What kind of plans?" Alexis was like a dog with a bone.

"Stick around and you may find out," Helena countered, then she too drifted from the room. She had things to do. Preparations to make. More lives to mess with.

* * * * *

Stefan found Zander outside, in the gardens. There was a cold wind blowing today and Stefan could see that Zander was shivering. Stefan was glad that he had thought to put on a coat and to grab an extra one. He knew that Zander wouldn't give a thought to his creature comfort. "Put this on," Stefan ordered, holding out the coat.

"I’m not cold," Zander shot back, defiantly.

"Yes...you are." Stefan's tone gentled and he took Zander's arm and eased him into the jacket. "It's cold…why don't we go inside and talk. I know this has to be messing you up inside, Zander. I can't wrap my mind around it yet."

Zander turned to Stefan with tears in his eyes. "Why did she do this? Can you explain that to me? Why?"

Stefan pulled Zander into his embrace, tangling his fingers in the soft, dark, hair. "I don't know, Zander. I wish I did." He felt Zander shaking and he held him tight, letting him cry out his fears and frustrations. Then Stefan cupped Zander's face and kissed away the salty wetness. "I still love you, Zander," Stefan whispered. "There is nothing my mother can do to ever change that. I want you to know that…to believe it."

"I want to believe it," Zander replied, then he kissed Stefan with an almost desperate hunger. When he broke off the kiss he whispered, "I will always love you, Stefan. Always."

"I know," Stefan replied. He took Zander's hand in his own and led him back into the house. They entered their room and Stefan began to undress Zander, yanking off the jacket, then going to work on the shirt and jeans. He felt Zander returning the favor and soon they were both naked. Stefan saw the want and the need in Zander's eyes. There was a certain wildness there as well, and Stefan could almost feel it. He knew that they both needed release. Keeping that in mind, and knowing that Zander could take whatever he dished out, Stefan pushed Zander back so that he hit the wall, then he crushed him against it with his body, claiming the sweet lips. He didn't taste Zander he devoured him, and he felt Zander match his passion. "On the bed!" Stefan ordered, and he reached for the lubricant and slicked one hand and his cock as he watched Zander obey him.

Zander was on his hands and knees, waiting for Stefan to open him. He moaned as fingers pressed inside him, moaned again as Stefan's cock replaced the fingers and they became connected with one, hard, thrust.

Stefan moaned as he felt himself sheathed deep inside Zander. He wrapped one arm around Zander's slender waist, then he sat back on his haunches, drawing Zander with him, till the boy was in his lap and spitted on his cock. Then Stefan moved in short thrusts, feeling Zander rock with him. He bit into Zander's shoulder, then reached around with his free hand to grip the boy's cock. Stefan stroked Zander to the rhythm of his own thrusts and it didn't take long for them both to come. Stefan felt Zander collapse against him and he held on to him tightly. Then he felt Zander take his hand and he caught his breath as he watched Zander lick off his own cum before turning his head to kiss Stefan and share the taste. It was so erotic that Stefan felt his cock stirring inside of Zander. "I won't ever let you go!" Stefan hissed in Zander's ear. "You're mine, Zander. You'll always be mine."

Zander replied with a kiss.


Later that day, Nikolas and Lucky retreated to the study to talk about Zander.

Nikolas was still stunned. He had talked to Alexis about this but he still couldn't wrap his mind around the truth. Zander Smith was his brother. "Just when I think my family can't get any weirder, my grandmother goes and proves me wrong," he commented.

"Yeah...she's good at that," Lucky replied. He paced from the fireplace to the window and back again. "I still can't believe Zander is our brother. It's crazy."

"That it is." Nikolas moved to the wet bar and poured them both a drink. "It's crazy enough that Zander and my Uncle are lovers and, apparently, *in love*. But now this? He's family...they both are. I just...I don't know what I'm supposed to think...or feel."

Lucky stopped pacing and accepted his glass of Vodka. "Yeah…it's weirder for you for sure. You know what's weird for me?"

Nikolas downed his vodka, waited for the burn to ease, then asked, "What's weirder?"

"I like the guy."

"Yep...that's weird," Nikolas confirmed. He poured himself another measure.

Lucky chuckled. "I mean...we talked sometimes and there's alot more to Zander than he lets people see. He's a good guy and he really loved Emily."

Nikolas sipped at his vodka this time. He didn't really want to get drunk. "Now he really loves my Uncle," he commented.

"Yeah...I do," Zander drawled from the doorway. Then he strutted over to Nikolas, getting right up into his face, and asked, "Got a problem with that?"



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