Dark Desire

Chapter 11


Zander forced himself to relax, and he parted his lips to let Alcazar's tongue invade his mouth. He wanted to prove he was sorry. So he kissed Alcazar back with all the passion he could muster, and tried to envision kissing Elizabeth, imagining the softness of her lips against his instead of the hard mouth crushing his and the rasp of stubble against his skin. And when Alcazar broke the kiss, Zander could see that he was still furious. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. Let me prove it to you." Zander was desperate to do so.


Luis let his lips curve into a cold smile. "How?"


"Like this." Zander fell to his knees and his fingers worked at Alcazar's zipper. He was trembling so much that it was hard to work the fastenings, but finally he was able to free Alcazar's cock. It was hot and hard and throbbing in his hand. Without hesitation, Zander licked the tip and he felt a sense of relief when Alcazar moaned his pleasure. Carefully, Zander took the cock into his mouth, and he felt Alcazar's fingers twine in his hair. Then they tightened painfully and Zander found himself almost gagging as Alcazar began thrusting hard and fast, forcing his cock deep into Zander's throat. Time seemed to stop and Zander closed his eyes, willing it to end. And then he felt it, the hardness pulsing then semen was flooding his mouth and Alcazar forced him to swallow every drop. Zander felt like weeping as the soft cock slid from his mouth and then Alcazar was pulling him to his feet.


"Good boy, Zander," Luis purred, as he kissed the red and ravaged lips. He licked a drop of his cum off then nipped until the lips parted for him.


Zander responded to the kiss. Alcazar was gentle now and Zander prayed that he was forgiven. But when Alcazar pulled away and smiled, while tucking himself back into his pants, Zander felt a chill skitter up his spine.


Luis moved to the door and called for Jack. Once the guard entered, Luis turned to Zander. "Kiss Jack," he ordered.


"Kiss Jack..." Zander echoed, feeling fear ripple through him now. But he moved to obey. He cupped the guards face in both hands and pulled his head down so he could kiss the thin lips. And Zander didn't protest when Jack took control of the kiss, curling his thick fingers, painfully, in his hair and thrusting his tongue into Zander's mouth. This was better than the alternative.


"Good boy." Luis stood behind Zander, one hand caressing the length of his back. He looked at Jack who released Zander. "Now, Zander...I want you to give Jack a blow job."


Zander almost shook his head but he realized that this was his punishment and it would be easier to accept this. So he fell to his knees again and did as he was told, gagging hard as the guard thrust fast and deep into his mouth, his cock longer than Alcazar's, his thrusts more cruel. Then it was over and Zander managed to swallow the cum. He rose, shakily, to his feet and didn't look at Alcazar. Then gentle hands were on his face and lips brushed his softly.


Luis made Zander look at him. "Go spend the day with Brenda. You've earned it."

"Thank you," Zander whispered, then he ran for the stairs. He made it to his room before the bile in his throat gagged him, and he barely got the toilet lid lifted before he was retching hard. He felt weak by the time he was finished and Zander almost crawled to the sink before pulling himself to his feet. He brushed his teeth then splashed cold water on his face. All without looking at his reflection in the mirror. He couldn't bear the to see the self-disgust in his own eyes.


* * * * * 


Zander did spend the day with Brenda and he was able to block what happened out of his mind. Alcazar had purchased a few horses recently and Zander and Brenda rode the grounds, with Brenda's guard in accompaniment, of course. But Zander could deal with that. The guard wasn't Jack. They returned laughing and Zander felt relieved to learn that Alcazar had left town abruptly, on business. He enjoyed dinner with Brenda and when she suggested watching a movie, Zander begged off. He wanted to go out for a while.

He headed into town and was strolling the docks when a figure slid out of the shadows. Zander jumped and fear reverberated through his body, until he recognized the guy. A dealer he knew from his days with Sorel. "Hey, Woody, what's up?"


"Not much, Zman. How ya been?" Woody walked a circle around Zander. "You look good. All spiffy and stuff. I hear you're working for Luis Alcazar."

"Yeah...I am."

Woody chuckled. "Moving up in the world. Alcazar has alot more money and power than Sorel ever dreamed of having."


Zander nodded. "Yeah...yeah he does." He felt shame wash over him and tried to shake it off him. "Well...I gotta go." Zander turned to go then stopped. "Hey...uh...you wouldn't happen to have any product on you, would you?"


"What are you going for? Sweet oblivion or a righteous high?"




Woody smirked. "I got just what you need." He pulled a four-pill foil packet from his inside coat pocket. "On the house, Zman," he said, holding them out. "For old times' sake."

Zander accepted the packet. "Thanks, Woody. I'll see you around."

"Hope so." Woody chuckled then strolled back into the shadows.

"Yeah..." Zander headed for the stairs, tucking the packet of pills deep into his pocket.


* * * * * 


Jake's felt familiar and safe to Zander. He had a few beers, shot some pool, won some money and flirted with a few beautiful girls. And sometime after midnight he let a gorgeous blond lead the way up the stairs to his old room. They barely made it inside the door when they started yanking each other's clothes off. Zander buried his fingers in her luxurious hair, trying to remember if her name was Mindy or Marie and decided it didn't matter, when she curled her hand around his cock. He let himself thrust against her palm, his own fingers finding her wet folds, then Zander was lifting her, barely making it to the bed. He laid her out on her back and crawled between her legs. She parted them willingly and he tasted her womanly sweetness.

"In me!" she cried.


"God yes!" Zander was more than willing. He guided himself to her opening then plunged inside, sliding in easily because she was dripping in readiness. They fell into a perfect rhythm and Zander kissed her as he rocked her body with his thrust. Then he felt her channel tightening around him and he moved one hand so he could pinch her nub. His own release came when she screamed his name and then they fell together in a limp tangle of arms and legs.


She rained kisses on his face. "That was incredible."


Zander smiled. "You're incredible." He wished he could remember her name. But then she was snuggling up against him and it really didn't matter. Zander pulled the covers up over them and let his eyes flutter closed.


* * * * * 


The dream felt so real. Zander felt hardness pressing inside him, felt the burning pain as his body was penetrated and he whimpered, but he refused to cry out, knowing that to do so would bring more pain. It was so real that he felt tears burn in his eyes and Zander willed them back. His body rocked with each hard thrust inside him. Zander tried to pull away but a strange pressure held his body immobile. Then he felt it, a slickness coating his insides and his eyes flew open. "NO!" Zander hissed, as he realized this was no dream. He was face down on his bed at Jake's and a cock was growing soft inside him. He felt teeth biting into his shoulder then the pressure holding him down eased even as the cock slid out of him. Zander turned around and was horrified to see Jack tucking himself back into his pants.


"Mr. Alcazar sent me to find you. He won't be pleased," Jack stated.


Zander felt Jack's eyes roam over his naked body and he felt himself flush with embarrassment. "Where's the girl?" Zander asked. He felt a sudden fear that something had happened to her.


Jack smiled. "She left about an hour ago."


"You didn't hurt her?" Zander asked as he slid off the bed, taking the sheet with him. He wrapped it around him but it didn't help him feel any less naked. Or violated.


"She was fine when she left." Jack nodded towards the bathroom. "Go shower, I'm taking you home. Mr. Alcazar is waiting."

Zander almost fled into the bathroom, slowing down only to scoop up his clothes. He locked the door behind him then started the shower. While it steamed up he fumbled in his jacket pocket for the pills. His hands were shaking as he popped one out and he almost dropped it. But he managed to get it into his mouth and he used his cupped hand to scoop up some water from the sink to swallow it down. Then Zander dropped the sheet and stepped into the shower. He scrubbed himself until his skin felt raw then he dried off and got dressed. The pill had kicked in and Zander felt warm inside and mellow. But there was still an underlying sense of fear. He didn't want to go home. He knew that Alcazar would punish him for the girl.


Panic fluttered in Zander's stomach. He couldn't go back. Then he remembered the small window. It would be a tight fit but Zander knew he could make it. He opened it, tossed his jacket out, then shimmied through. It was a long drop to the garbage bins below and Zander winced at the reverberating thud he made when he landed, but then he jumped to the ground, grabbed his jacket and took off running.



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