Dark Desire

Chapter 10


Zander felt the rush of heat that flooded his veins. Whatever Alcazar had given him, it was something different. He felt his body relaxing as much from the drug as from the way Alcazar was caressing him. Then the hands were gone and Zander whimpered at the loss. But when he focused on Alcazar, it was to see that he was shedding his clothes. The body being revealed to Zander was familiar somehow. As Alcazar climbed over the bed and leaned over him for a kiss, Zander reached out to trace the *X* shaped scar above Alcazar's right nipple. He had touched that scar before.


...water. Washing over him. Cold and heavy and he couldn't breathe. A muffled voice...angry at him. Cold eyes glaring at him.


"No!" Zander hissed as he shook off the memory.


"Easy." Luis nipped at Zander's lower lip. "It's going to be beautiful between us, Zander. Trust me." He slicked his hands with warming oil and stroked over Zander's smooth flesh.


Zander focused on deep breaths as the strong hands roamed over him. Fingers curled around his cock and stroked him, even as a tongue stroked into his mouth. Then the fingers moved to cup his balls and knead them until Zander was moaning into Alcazar's mouth. And then a finger was inside him, pressing in slowly and his hips thrust upwards until Alcazar pressed him down with his free hand. Zander suddenly felt as if he couldn't breathe.


...A cock shoved deep in his mouth...thrusting in hard and fast...gagging him. Cruel fingers twisting in his wet hair to hold him...fingers sliding inside him...twisting and crooking...a jolt of pleasure cutting through the pain....


Luis moved between Zander's legs and took his cock in his mouth. He squeezed the base with one hand as he suckled even as the fingers of his other hand found the puckered opening between Zander's muscled ass and slid inside.


"No...no..." Zander whimpered as he was penetrated. Then his body jerked as pleasure jolted him and then he felt himself coming and he couldn't look away from Alcazar as he sucked Zander's cock dry. Then Alcazar was over him, kissing him, before rolling him over onto his stomach. Zander's hands clenched in the bed sheets and he felt a ripple of fear.


...hands holding his wrists pinned as hardness pressed inside him. Burning and stretching and he wanted to cry out but the gag muffled the sound. His body rocking with each thrust in...a familiar voice whispering his name...


Luis slicked his cock then settled himself between Zander's legs. He gripped the base then pressed in.


Zander went tense as he felt the tip of Alcazar's cock pushing into him. It was too thick, too hard. He whimpered and tried to pull away and a hand smacked hard on his ass. Zander froze. Then he felt Alcazar's weight pressing down over his back and warm lips were at his ear.


"Pleasure with the pain, Zander," Alcazar whispered. "We need them both." He thrust his hips and gained two inches.


"Please..." Zander felt the burn and he shuddered. "Please," he said again and he wasn't sure what he was asking for.


Luis pressed in further, sliding all the way in then he went still. "Feel me inside you, Zander. Feel how perfectly I fit."

Zander closed his eyes. There was pain but it was fading and then he felt Alcazar moving in a familiar rhythm.


...pain turning to pleasure as the cock inside him stroked over his hot spot. Too much pleasure, too much pain and Zander whimpered. He felt himself pulled up onto his hands and knees...a hand curling around his cock...bringing him off even as he felt slickness coating his insides...long fingers stroking through his wet hair...the gag was removed and his head turned for a kiss....


"Come for me," Alcazar whispered.


Zander was startled to realize he was on his knees, almost sitting in Alcazar's lap. A strong hand was stroking him and Zander was coming again, on command. Then Alcazar's hands were on his hips, and Zander felt the warm wetness of his own seed on his skin. Instinctively he matched the rhythm that Alcazar was setting and then he felt the hot wetness pulsing into him. Felt Alcazar's teeth biting into his shoulder as the man rode out his orgasm. Felt the arm that tightened almost painfully around his waist, locking him to Alcazar, holding him spitted on the softening cock. Zander closed his eyes against the tears that threatened to fall.


* * * * *


Zander rose from the bed, making a face at the tangled and crusted sheets. Alcazar had stayed with him all night, making love to him again and falling asleep still buried inside Zander. He hadn't dared to move and eventually exhaustion had claimed him. It was a relief to be alone.

Heading to the shower, Zander scrubbed his body until his skin was red, but he couldn't scrub away the feel of Alcazar's hands and mouth against his skin. And there was a soreness inside him that made Zander feel sick with shame. He couldn't believe he was doing this. That he was allowing Alcazar to fuck him. And he couldn't shake the feeling that his dreams were more than just dreams. That they were a reality his conscious mind wasn't willing to face.


Once done with his shower, Zander brushed his teeth then quickly dressed in black jeans, a tee shirt and a pullover sweater. He wasn't hungry but he knew he needed to put in an appearance for breakfast. Zander was relieved to find himself alone. He loved spending time with Brenda, but today he wasn't in the mood for any company. Moving to the side table, Zander poured himself some coffee and skipped the food. His stomach felt twisted into queasy knots.


"Mr. Alcazar would like to see you."

Zander jumped and spilled hot coffee on his hand at the sound of Jack's voice. "I'll be right there," he said, mopping up the spill with a napkin. His hand stung a bit but it would fade. Zander took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then he headed for the office. He plastered a smile on his face as he entered. "You wanted to see me?"


Luis smiled at Zander and rose to greet him with a kiss.


Zander stiffened and pulled away. But regretted the action when he saw the fury that blazed in Alcazar's eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered, but it was too little too late. A hand cracked against Zander's cheek and he was rocked by the blow. Then he felt himself pressed back until he hit the wall with a thud and fingers curled in his hair and a hard mouth crushed into his and Zander knew that this was only the beginning of his punishment.



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