Dark Desire

Chapter 14


Zander was cursing at his tie when he heard a knock on his door. He didn't respond, figuring it was Alcazar and that the man would simply enter at will. He was surprised to hear Brenda's voice call out,


"Are you decent?"


"No!" Zander shot back, laughing, as he strode over to open the door. He gasped at the sight before him. Brenda dressed in a lavender, Grecian style, gown. He hair was pulled up into loose curls and she looked stunning. "Wow," Zander whispered. "You look so beautiful."


Brenda smiled. "Why thank you. So do you."

Zander winced at her compliment. Then he cursed as a lock of hair fell into his face. He was seriously tempted to grab a pair of scissors and hack it all off. Only the thought of the punishment that Alcazar would inflict upon him afterwards, stayed Zander's hand. "Do you know how to work these tie things?" Zander asked, holding out the hated black piece of cloth.


"I think I can figure it out," Brenda replied. She accepted the tie then pushed Zander over to the bed so he could sit on the edge. Then she looped the tie around his neck. "You okay, Zander?" Brenda queried as she worked with the tie.


"I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

Brenda shrugged. "You look a little pale and a little nervous."

Zander forced a smile. Brenda was too astute for his peace of mind. "I'm just a little anxious. I know that this party is important to Mr. Alcazar and I don't want to do anything to mess it up for him."


"I think you'll be fine." Brenda finished with the tie and gave it a little pat. "There...you look perfect."


"I look like a monkey," Zander countered. He moved to shrug on the matching black jacket then he ran his fingers through his hair, heaving a sigh when he succeeded in making more strands fall in his face.


Brenda giggled. "Want some hair spray?" she offered.

Zander made a face. "God no. I'll suffer." He had become expert at seeing through the strands. "Ready to go?" Zander offered his arm.


"Ready," Brenda replied, curling her hand around his bicep. "Let's dazzle 'em."

"You surely will," Zander said warmly. Then he escorted her from the room.


* * * * *


The party wasn't as much of a trial as Zander had expected, mainly because he had Brenda at his side for most of the evening. Dinner went smoothly enough, then there was dessert and drinks and that was when things changed. Alcazar ousted Brenda from Zander's side and become openly possessive of him.


It started with fingers running through his hair, which Zander could handle. But when Alcazar kissed him, he stiffened in surprise. Then when a hand fondled him he felt himself flush red with embarrassment. Zander even started to push Alcazar away, but froze when moist lips pressed against his ear.


"You will do anything I wish you to do, Zander," Luis whispered. "If you disobey me, Brenda will take your place...entertaining our guests. Do you understand me?"


"I understand." Zander understood too well what was expected of him. He searched for Brenda and was relieved to see her being escorted out of the room. Zander couldn't bear the thought of her watching this. Of her watching him play the whore.


Luis began undoing Zander's tie. "Good boy," he purred, making short work of the black ribbon. He tossed it aside then popped the buttons on Zander's shirt before sliding his suit jacket off his shoulders. Luis then kissed Zander again before pulling away. But only to allow a red-haired woman to take his place.


Zander kissed her as he knew he was expected to do. He felt her hand slide into his pants to fondle him and he allowed it. He knew what to do and he undid the clasp on her halter dress to free her breasts. Zander suckled the rosy nipples even as he let one hand slip under her dress. She was panty free and wet. He felt Alcazar leaning into him.


"Fuck her," Luis ordered.


And like a good little whore, Zander obeyed. He lifted her onto the side table and moved between her wide spread legs. He let her free his cock and stroke him to hardness, then he guided himself into her wet heat. Zander closed his eyes as he thrust into her, hearing her moans echoing in his ears. Then he felt hands on him and his eyes flew open. It was Alcazar, tugging his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. Then his pants were stripped down his legs along with his boxer-briefs. Zander was all but naked now, exposed to everyone in the room. Shame washed over him in waves. Then he felt it, a pinprick in his thigh and whatever Alcazar had given him, Zander welcomed it. He thrust into the woman with renewed vigor, wanting this to be over. But even as he felt his impending release, a finger stroked between Zander's ass then pressed into him.


Luis added another finger, stretching Zander for what was to come. "Such a good boy," he whispered in Zander's ear. Then he removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock, thrusting hard into Zander.

A gasp escaped Zander as he felt the burn of Alcazar's invasion into his body. One hard thrust and the thick cock was all the way in and Zander felt his body jerk in reaction. Then his orgasm hit him, causing his body to relax and easing the pain of the cock thrusting inside him. Zander became aware of the redhead kissing him but it couldn't distract him from his shame. He felt relieved when Alcazar came, but it was a temporary moment. Zander felt Alcazar pull out of him then pull him from the woman. Then familiar lips were on his and Zander wanted to melt into the floor.


"I want you naked for me," Luis whispered.

"Yes, Mr. Alcazar," Zander replied. He kicked off his shoes as best he could with his pants pooled around them, then he stepped out of the rest of his clothes, standing naked before everyone in the room. Zander held Alcazar's gaze, knowing that it was expected of him. Then he felt it, hands roving over his back, over his buttocks, a finger sliding into him before he was pushed down onto his hands and knees. And even as a cock slammed its way inside him, another cock was pressed to Zander's lips. He choked back a sob, then a grunt of pain as fingers curled in his hair and yanked hard. Before Zander could catch his breath, the cock forced its way past his lips and he was gagging on it.


Zander felt his body rock between the thrusts into his mouth and the thrusts in his ass. He felt numb at this point and he closed his eyes, just waiting for it to be over. But he knew it had just begun.


* * * * *


Zander felt Jack wrap him in a blanket and lift him into his arms. He lost track of time, only to come back to awareness as he was being dried off in the bathroom and he realized that Jack had put him in the shower and cleaned him up. Zander blinked and saw damp towels on the floor. Towels spotted with blood. His blood. Then Jack was picking him up again and putting him to bed. Zander closed his eyes when he felt Jack's hand on his cock. He didn't care anymore. One more hand, one more humiliation. He felt his body respond, felt his release, then he felt Jack clean him up before pulling the covers over him. Zander heard footsteps retreating and the door close. He lay there for a long moment then he rose from the bed. He ached inside and out but that did not deter him. Zander moved slowly but deliberately, pulling boxers and socks from the dresser and putting them on. Then he pulled on jeans and a bulky sweater. Only then did Zander go into the bathroom. He turned on the light and studied his reflection in the mirror. He smiled at the pale face that stared back at him. The face of a stranger. The face of a whore.

Drawing back his arm, Zander made a fist then he slammed it into the mirror. He stared at the shattered pieces then pulled one out of the sink. The sharp edge sliced through his skin like a knife through warm butter. Zander didn't feel a thing. No pain. Just the warmth of his blood as it dripped down his hand.



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