Dark Desire

Chapter 15


Brenda slipped into Zander's room. She had been pacing in her own room for hours, ever since Alcazar had sent her there. She had known, in her gut, that something bad was going to happen to Zander, that Alcazar was going to punish him for running away. But she had had to wait for her guard to fall asleep. Now she closed the door to Zander's room and she was surprised to see the lights were on. The bed covers were pulled down but the bed was empty. So was the room. Then Brenda noticed that the light was on in the bathroom. She opened the door and gasped at the sight before her.


"Zander!" Brenda saw the blood pooled on the floor. Saw the shattered glass. She saw the gash on his wrist and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the wound. "Zander...Zander!" Panic flared in Brenda as she searched for a pulse on his neck. She almost wept when she found one, weak and thready, but there. "Don't you die on me, Zander!" Brenda hissed at him, even as she unclipped a cell phone from her belt. She had taken it off her guard before coming to Zander's room. Now she punched in a number. When the person answered Brenda explained the situation to him in clipped tones. Then she hung up the phone, tossed it in the garbage can, then drew in a deep breath and screamed for help.


* * * * *


Luis paced. He watched as Desiree examined Zander. He was laying on the bed now, his wrist tightly bandaged. "How is he?" Luis barked at the nurse.


"Not good," she replied. "He needs to be in a hospital, Mr. Alcazar. He's in shock and he needs treatment that I can't give him there, and he needs it now or he'll die."


"I sent for a private ambulance. It should be here any minute." Luis had hoped that Zander would be all right, but he had not wanted to risk losing him either. So he would send Zander to a private clinic where a doctor, who owed Luis a favor, would take care of him.


Just then Jack entered the room. "Sir...the ambulance has arrived."


Luis nodded. "Send them up." He moved to the bed and looked down at Zander's pale face. "I won't let you die on me. I won't let you go that easily." Leaning down, Luis kissed Zander's pale lips. Then he pulled back and strode out of the room.


* * * * *


Jason watched the EMT working on Zander, hooking him up to IV's and attaching leads to him. The kid didn't look good. Jason sighed and rubbed a hand over his face, thinking back on the phone call that Sonny had received from Brenda. A one-sided phone call but Sonny had reacted, explaining to Jason that Zander had attempted suicide and that he needed to be spirited away from Alcazar. The irony of the situation was that Jason had been planning on spiriting Zander away from Alcazar anyway. Because of Elizabeth. She had come to him after Zander had been hospitalized for the car accident. Then she had told him about the rape and her fears for Zander's safety. Jason knew that Elizabeth had strong feelings for Zander, but his own feelings for her had lingered so he had brushed off her concerns at first. But he had assigned someone to keep an eye on her and he had managed to get a man on the inside of Alcazar's domain. Initially to keep an eye on Alcazar as an enemy to him and Sonny, but the guy had told Jason about Alcazar's treatment of Zander. Drugging the kid, beating him, raping him. And Jason had just gotten off the phone with the guy only to learn about the orgy that Zander had been forced into. Jason wasn't a fan of Zander's, but what Alcazar was doing to the kid sickened Jason.


"How is he?" Jason asked the EMT.


"Holding on," the man replied. "We'll be at Riverview in about three minutes."


Jason nodded then got on the phone again. Instinct told him that Elizabeth might be in danger so he called someone to pick her up and bring her to Riverview. Instinct also told Jason that Zander was going to need her.


* * * * *


Dr. Selena Morales closed the door to Zander Smith's room. She sighed and rubbed a hand over her face. Examining the kid was rough. He had been brutally raped and had required stitches. More stitches to the gash in his wrist, and then she had discovered the brand. She felt sickened that someone could do that to another human being.

"Dr. Morales."

"Mr. Morgan."

Jason locked eyes with her. "Is Zander going to be okay?"


Selena shrugged. "I think that he will heal, physically. But emotionally and mentally...the prognosis doesn't look so good. Quite frankly between what you told me has been done to that young man, and what I saw for myself, I'm not in the least bit surprised that he tried to kill himself."


"Can you help him?"


"I'm going to try. I really can't tell you anything more until he wakes up and I can talk to him."

Jason nodded. "You have my number, please keep me informed. And have you prepared a room for the young woman I told you about?"

Selena had almost forgotten about her. "Elizabeth Webber...correct?"


"That's right. She's a friend of Zander's and I think she'll be able to help you help him."

"And you're hoping that she'll be safe here, along with Mr. Smith." Selena could read Jason Morgan like a book. And she knew that she was probably the only one who could.

Jason blinked. "I have my own security in place here. Everyone will be safe. Just take care of Elizabeth and Zander."

Selena nodded. "I'll do what I can." She watched Jason Morgan walk away then she turned around and headed back into Zander's room. Selena settled herself in the chair in the corner to keep vigil. If Zander woke up, she didn't want him to be alone.


* * * * *


"No...no...please..." Zander whispered as he thrashed on the bed. He could feel Alcazar's cock thrusting hard inside him, even as others touched him, stroked him, kissed him. "NO!" Zander came awake with a start. His eyes flew open and he felt panic wash over him when he didn't recognize his surroundings. A woman came towards him. She had dark hair and golden skin. "Get away from me!" Zander screamed at her, even as he ripped the IV needle out of the back of his hand then slid from the bed.

Selena tried to calm him. "Zander...take it easy. It's okay. You're safe here."

He wasn't listening to her. Zander ran for the door only to find his way blocked by two big men in white. They grabbed him before he could retreat, dragging him back over to the bed and pinning him down upon it. "NO!" Zander screamed as he struggled against them. Then he saw the woman approaching again, this time with a syringe in her hand. He felt the pinprick and then darkness washed over him.


"You can let him go now," Selena said to the orderlies as she watched Zander's eyes close and his body go lax. "Send Janet in with the restraints and another IV." Selena sighed as she reached out to brush a lock of dark hair out of Zander's eyes. She could only guess at the nightmare that had plagued him, but it confirmed what she already suspected. Helping Zander Smith deal with the trauma he had suffered was not going to be easy.


* * * * *


Elizabeth paced in her room. She should have been sleeping but ever since her arrival at Riverview she had been restless. Dr. Morales had allowed her to peak in on Zander, but that had been hours ago. Elizabeth had been stunned by Jason's call in the middle of the night, telling her to pack and to be ready to leave in twenty minutes. Then he had told her about Zander's attempted suicide attempt, and about the sexual abuse he had suffered through. Elizabeth knew that Jason had spared her the details, but she knew it had to be bad for Zander to cut his own wrists. The thought of what he had suffered at the hands of Luis Alcazar brought tears to Elizabeth's eyes. She brushed them away with the back of one hand then headed for the door. She needed to see Zander.



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