Dark Desire

Chapter 17


Two weeks had passed since Jason had spirited Zander away from Alcazar. Since then the body of his mole had been delivered to one of the coffee warehouses. Jason and Sonny were both worried. They knew that Luis Alcazar was hunting for Zander with a vengeance. They were discussing possibly moving Zander and Elizabeth to a new location when Sonny's cell phone rang. "Hello?"


"Sonny...Sonny it's me!"


"Carly?" He felt fear ripple through him. "Where are you?"

Her voice was vibrating with fear. "Alcazar grabbed me!"


Sonny felt himself grow cold. "What the fuck! I want to talk to him!"


"He has a message for you," Carly continued. "He wants Zander back." The line went dead.


"Fuck!" Sonny threw the phone across the room.


* * * * *


It felt like two weeks in hell for Zander. He was finally released from his restraints and allowed the freedom to walk around the private wing of the facility. But someone was always watching him. He guessed it had something to do with his two escape attempts. But he had to get out of there. He had to get back to Alcazar, and he couldn't seem to make either Dr. Morales or Elizabeth understand that.


Dr. Morales had been trying to get him to talk about what had happened. Zander had nothing to say to her. Today she had decided to gang up on him with Elizabeth in the room. He tried to ignore them both as he paced the confines of Dr. Morales' office.


"Why do you want to go back to Alcazar, Zander?" Selena asked.


"I've told you why a million times."

Elizabeth went to Zander. "He hurt you."

Zander shook his head. "No. He didn't. He wouldn't."


"Zander...you were raped." Selena pulled no punches. "I saw the damage, I stitched you up. You've been drugged, obviously abused in every way. The man branded your thigh. Those are facts that you can deny if you like, but it doesn't make them not true."


"Alcazar didn't hurt me," Zander shot back.


Elizabeth touched his arm, curling her fingers around his wrists. The wounds were healed but still pink. "What about this?" She asked. "If he didn't hurt you, why did you try to kill yourself?"

"I don't know!" Zander pulled away from Elizabeth and paced over to the corner. "I don't remember...okay? Why do you keep doing this to me? What the fuck do you want?"


"We want you to face the truth, Zander," Selena said softly. "You can't heal on the inside until you do that."


Zander glared at her. "Go to hell! I don't need to heal!"


Selena's expression tightened. "Would you like me to go into detail about the stitches I had to put in your wrists? Or how about the internal stitches, Zander? The rectal tears that I had to suture."

"Shut up!" Zander put his hands over his ears, he didn't want to hear this.


"Zander...Zander please." Elizabeth went to him. "I know this is painful to hear. It breaks my heart to know how you've been hurt. I don't want anyone to hurt you again. Alcazar will do that, Zander. He'll hurt you. He'll rape you again and he'll let other people hurt you as well."

Zander looked at Elizabeth, seeing tears in her eyes. He didn't believe her words, not about himself, but he could see that she was afraid for him and that she cared about him. And he cared about her. And that was the thing that made Zander so desperate. He didn't fear for himself but he was terrified that Alcazar would hurt Elizabeth. The one thing that Zander remembered, all too clearly, was Alcazar telling him that he was not to be with Elizabeth. Why couldn't she understand that? "I won't let anyone hurt you," Zander whispered, letting his fingertips brush away her tears.


Selena interjected. "You can't save yourself, Zander. How can you save Elizabeth?"

"Fuck you!" Zander felt fury wash over him and he grabbed a nearby chair and hurled it across the room. He couldn't stop himself and he trashed everything in sight until three orderlies bore him down to the floor and Zander didn't even feel the pinprick in his arm. He just felt himself dragged swirling into darkness.


* * * * *


Jason entered Zander's room. He had learned about Zander's two escape attempts and his earlier trashing of Dr. Morales' office. Zander had been sedated for that and his room locked. But Jason had a key and he entered quietly to find Zander sitting by the window. "Zander."

"Jason. What are you doing here?"


"I need your help."

Suspicion glinted in Zander's eyes. "My help? For what?"


Jason turned on the small lamp then went to the closet. He pulled out boots and a jacket, then he tossed Zander a pair of jeans and a sweater. "Get dressed."

"Why?" But even as Zander asked the question he was slipping off his sweat pants. "Are you taking me back to Alcazar?"


"Sort of." Jason didn't dare tell Zander the whole truth, but he told what he could. "Alcazar has Carly and he wants to make a trade."

Zander was stunned. "Is Carly all right?"

Jason shrugged. "She will be."

"When do we make the trade?" Zander had his jeans and sweater on, now he stamped his feet into his boots.


"You sound eager."

Zander smiled. "I want to go back. It's where I belong. At least you get that now."

Jason didn't reply, but he realized that what he had heard about Zander was true. The guy was in total denial about what Alcazar had done to him. So Jason had no intention of telling him that he was leading him into a set up. He would show Zander off to Alcazar's men, just so that they would release Carly. But in the end, Carly and Zander would both be spirited away to a safe place.


"I'm ready." Zander had his jacket on.


"Stay with me," Jason ordered, then he lead the way out.


* * * * *


The trade was to take place at an abandoned airstrip. Jason knew his people were in place. When he pulled up with Zander, a dark Mercedes was already there. "Ready?" Jason asked.


Zander was already stepping out of the car. "Ready."


"Let's go." Jason walked with Zander and had a hand in his pocket, fingers curled around his gun. When he saw Alcazar's men start forward with Carly, Jason gave a signal to his men. He scratched the back of his neck and a heartbeat later, snipers took out Alcazar's men. "GO!" Jason shouted, and his men converged on Carly, whisking her away.


"What are you doing?" Zander shouted, when two goons appeared and tried to grab him. He kicked one in the kneecap and grabbed his gun. Eyes cold, body shaking, Zander turned it on Jason. "What the hell just happened here?"


Jason locked eyes with Zander. "I got Carly back. Now Iím taking you back to the facility."

Zander shook his head. "You said you were trading me back to Alcazar. I want to go home."

"He'll hurt you again."


"He won't. But like you care." Zander's hand holding the gun shook harder.


Jason signaled for his men to back off. "Elizabeth cares, Zander...and that matters to me."


Zander nodded. "I care about her too and that's one of the reasons why I have to go back. Don't you get it? I want her to be safe. You can't protect her, Jason."


"Okay...maybe you're right." Jason decided to play along for now. He had a plan. "I'll let you go back to Alcazar, but not right now.  Give me two days, Zander. Enough time to make sure that Carly is safe."


"Two days? You promise?" Suspicion glinted in Zander's eyes, but he lowered the gun a bit.


Jason nodded. "I promise." The lie came easily. "I have a cabin not far from here. We can stay there for the two days then I'll let you go." He held out his hand for the gun.


Zander gave it to him. He ran a hand over his face. "Don't fuck with me on this," he whispered.


"I won't." Jason walked back to the car and he was relieved when Zander followed. They both got in and Jason drove off.


* * * * *


Luis got the call about the massacre at the airstrip. He was furious about losing Carly, and that Jason had double-crossed him with Zander, but he had been expecting as much. When he hung up the phone, a smile played across his face. The doors to his office opened and his men dragged a young woman inside. "Hello, Elizabeth," Luis drawled. He moved to touch her face, loving the fear that glimmered in her eyes. "Once Jason knows I have you...he'll send Zander home."


* * * * *


Jason checked on Zander. The kid was sleeping. So far so good. He made to return to the table to continue cleaning his gun when his cell rang. Jason answered it and listened, his expression turning grim. It was Dr. Morales, letting him know that Elizabeth was missing. Jason hung up and made a call to Sonny who confirmed what Jason suspected, Alcazar had Elizabeth. "I'll take care of it," Jason stated, then he hung up. He turned just in time to see Zander making his way towards the door. He must have heard him on the phone. "Zander!" Even as he spoke, Jason was across the room and grabbing onto Zander's arm, hauling him away from the door. And got a slug on the chin with a fist for his efforts.

Zander almost made it to the door when he was tackled from behind and he hit the floor hard. He rolled over only to find Jason over him, pinning him down. "I have to go back!" Zander snapped.


"We'll find another way." Jason held Zander down with his body weight, and kept his arms pinned by the wrists.


"There is no other way!" Zander struggled against Jason's grip. "Why are you doing this? What do you care if I go back?"


Jason locked eyes with Zander. "No one deserves what Alcazar did to you. What he'll do again."


Zander glared at Jason. "He won't hurt me!"


"Like hell he won't!" Jason leaned in and kissed Zander, hard. He felt Zander stiffen in surprise then Jason released his wrists long enough to rip open the tee shirt he was wearing, then he pinned Zander's arms again before biting his flat nipples.


"What the fuck are you doing?" Zander tried to break free. "You're crazy, man!"


Jason let go with one hand, only to slap Zander hard. "Do you like that?" he hissed. "Do you miss it?" He could see that Zander was too stunned by his actions to respond, and Jason took advantage of it by hauling Zander to his feet. He dragged him over to the bed and pushed him down upon it. Once again he pinned Zander down. "Is this what you want, Zander? A rough fuck?"

Zander blinked back tears. "I know what you're trying to do. You don't scare me, Jason. We both know this won't go anywhere."

"You're wrong." Jason had a pair of handcuffs in his back pocket and he pulled them out and cuffed one of Zander's wrists to the bedpost. "I have no problem fucking you, Zander." He almost laughed at the stunned expression on the boy's face. "You look surprised. Well this will surprise you more. I want to do it." He took Zander's free hand and pressed it to his crotch. His cock was hard and throbbing under the tight denim, which covered it.


"Take me back to Alcazar," Zander begged, yanking his hand back. Then he gasped when Jason's hand slid inside his jeans. He tried to push it away.

Jason pinned Zander's hand with one knee then went to work on opening the boy's jeans. A moment later he freed Zander's cock and kissed the tip. He heard Zander whimper then Jason stroked the thick shaft into hardness before taking it into his mouth completely. He felt Zander's resistance but overcame it and soon his mouth was flooded with hot cum. Jason swallowed most of it then let Zander's cock slip from his mouth. He kissed his way up Zander's body then kissed the soft lips, stifling any protest as his hands worked to remove Zander's jeans and briefs. Kissed his way back down the taut body to yank off his boots and socks, then Jason slid off the bed and retrieved a bottle of lubricant from the bathroom. He didn't give Zander a chance to react before he was back over him, kissing him, even as he slicked one hand and let a finger press inside of Zander, stretching him open for what was to come. Never stopped kissing him as he freed his own cock and slicked it, then Jason was inside of Zander, gasping at the tightness that surrounded him, pushing in firmly but slowly, swallowing Zander's moans of pain, going still until the moans became whimpers, then he started to move. And when it was over, Jason kissed away Zander's tears.


Zander closed his eyes. "Why did you do that?"


"Because that's how it should be between two men, Zander."


"You and Sonny?"


Jason didn't answer. He undid the cuff and watched Zander sit up, slipping off the bed so that Zander could wrap a blanket around himself. "It won't be like that with Alcazar. You'll be his whore again."


Zander laughed. "Seems to me like I was just your whore." He rose from the bed and ran into the bathroom.


"Fuck." Jason ran a hand over his hair. He was surprised by how protective he felt towards Zander. Surprised as well by how much he wanted to do this. It felt right somehow, which was fucked up in itself. Jason rose from the bed and moved to the dresser. Zander would need a shirt and he had some clothes stashed here. Then Jason went outside to give Zander some privacy. When he came back fifteen minutes later, Zander was sitting on the bed, which he had straightened out. "You okay?" Jason asked.

"Not really." Zander offered a wobbly smile.


Jason moved to sit in a chair at the table. It was a small cabin. He was surprised when Zander stood up and moved to stand before him. He was all the more surprised when Zander suddenly straddled his lap then sat down. He opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but was silenced by a kiss. A deep, wet, sexy kiss. Jason found his hands lifting to cradle Zander's head, then he took control of the kiss. Then he heard himself moan as Zander wriggled on his lap, the taut ass brushing over his crotch and arousing his cock into aching hardness. Jason knew Zander could feel it. Then the boy was on his knees on the floor, fingers working on Jason's belt, then his jeans, then his cock was in Zander's mouth and Jason let this happen. Then cursed himself a fool when stars exploded behind his eyes and darkness claimed him.

Zander dropped the gun on the table, then checked to make sure he hadn't hit Jason too hard. He wiped his mouth with the back of one hand then reached for the car keys on the table. "I may be a whore," Zander whispered. "But at least I'm a good one." Then he headed for the door.


* * * * *


Elizabeth was locked in a room. She never saw Alcazar after the first meeting, but she did see his other houseguest. A beautiful woman named Brenda. They met at breakfast, then both were escorted back to their rooms by hulking guards. Elizabeth was terrified. Not for herself, but for Zander. She knew that Jason would bring him to Alcazar. Jason loved her and pretty much hated Zander. He wouldn't even hesitate in his decision to sell Zander out to protect her, and Elizabeth couldn't bear the thought of Zander being back in Alcazar's clutches. She blinked back tears as she heard the door to her room open. Her guard appeared.

"Mr. Alcazar would like to see you."

Elizabeth said nothing, she simply let herself be escorted downstairs. She was ushered into Alcazar's office but stopped dead when she saw a figure by the window. She started to shake.

Luis smiled at Elizabeth then gestured to the other man. "Look who's come home," he drawled.


"Zander," Elizabeth whispered.


"It's okay, Elizabeth," Zander replied. Then he turned to Alcazar. "Let her go."



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