Dark Desire

Chapter 18


Luis smiled at Zander then shook his head. "Elizabeth stays."


"Why?" Zander heard the desperation in his voice. "I'm back to stay. I wanted to come home. You don't need Elizabeth." He knew that it was Alcazar's intention to use her to control him. And it would work. They both knew that.


"She stays." As Luis spoke, he moved to Zander and let his fingers curl in the boy's long hair. "I missed you," he whispered, then he leaned in for a kiss.


Zander kissed Alcazar back, knowing that it was expected of him. Knowing that Alcazar was putting on a show for Elizabeth and, at the same time, he was testing Zander. So he let Alcazar's tongue invade his mouth. He let himself be pushed back up against the wall. He stiffened when Alcazar ripped his shirt open but he didn't protest.

Elizabeth, however, did. Loudly. "Leave him alone you bastard!" she screamed. "Don't touch him!"


"Hold her!" Luis snarled to his guard, turning away from Zander. He went to his desk and removed a silk scarf, which he used to gag Elizabeth. Then he kissed her cheek. "Watch and learn," he whispered to her, then he went back to Zander.


"Please don't hurt her," Zander pleaded, as he watched Elizabeth struggling in the guard's hold.


Luis nipped at Zander's ear. "That's up to you. Behave yourself and nothing will happen to Elizabeth." His hands worked at Zander's jeans, opening them and freeing the boy's cock.

Zander felt shame wash over him, knowing that Elizabeth was watching. "Can we go upstairs, please?" he begged.


"We will...later," Luis allowed. He had been stroking Zander's cock to hardness, now he fell to his knees and sucked the throbbing shaft into his mouth.


"God..." Zander hissed, as Alcazar expertly brought him off. Then lips were on his and Zander could taste himself. But he knew that the show wasn't over.


Luis stepped back and studied Zander. "Undress for me," he ordered.


Zander wanted to protest, but he was afraid of what Alcazar would do to Elizabeth, so he shucked his clothes, standing naked and shivering in front of Alcazar. But he trusted the man not to hurt him. It was just a matter of passing this test, then everything would be okay.


"Jack!" Luis bellowed. When the bodyguard arrived, Luis turned to Zander. "I want you to give Jack a blow job."


"Mr. Alcazar, please," Zander begged. He didn't want to do this in front of Elizabeth. "I'll do anything you want, just not here. Please."


Luis fisted his fingers in Zander's hair. "You do as I say...when I say to do it," he purred. "Do you understand me?"


Zander did understand. He heard the ice in Alcazar's tone. When the fingers in his hair unfurled, Zander moved to where Jack was waiting. He tried to pretend that Elizabeth wasn't in the room as he unzipped the guard's pants and freed his thick cock. Zander took it into his mouth, gagging a bit as Jack thrust forward. He closed his eyes and waited for this to end.


"Fuck him!"


Zander's eyes flew open at Alcazar's words. He felt Jack yank out of his mouth and then Zander was hauled to his feet and he found himself bent over Alcazar's desk. He started to struggle as he felt the tip of Jack's cock pressing between his ass. But then hands were pining down his arms and Zander was helpless. He felt the penetration and there was no preparation, no lubrication, just a hard pressure and then a burning pain as Jack's cock pushed into him. Zander heard himself whimper then he bit his lip to stop from crying out. In the background he could hear Elizabeth's muffled screams.


The pain was intense and Zander tasted blood as he bit through his lip to keep from crying out. His body rocked with the force of Jack's thrusts and the memory slammed into his head. Jack fucking him at Jake's. Zander forced out the memory and then he felt it, a warm wetness inside of him and relief washed over him. This would be over soon. He felt Jack slump over him then the cock was gone and Zander felt the hands holding him slip away. He slid off the desk and huddled on the floor, his knees drawn up, his arms wrapped around them.


"Take Elizabeth to her room," Luis ordered, then he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Zander before pulling him to his feet. "Go to your room and take a shower. I'll be up soon."

"Yes, Mr. Alcazar," Zander replied. He did as he was told and it wasn't until he was standing beneath the hot spray of water that he realized he was shaking.


* * * * *

Zander stayed in the shower until the water ran cold. Then he dressed in jeans and a black tee shirt. He was just pulling some socks out of the dresser when Alcazar entered his room. Zander turned to greet him and was rocked back by the hand that slammed into his cheek. Zander pressed a hand to his face and stared at Alcazar in stunned disbelief.


"Never EVER try to leave me again, Zander!" Luis roared, and he swung at the boy again, this time knocking him off his feet. He loomed over him. "Do you understand me?"


"Yes...I'm sorry." Zander scuttled back until he hit the wall. He cried out as harsh fingers curled in his hair, yanking hard. Then Alcazar's face was on level with his and Zander could see, as well as feel, the other man's anger.


Luis licked at the handprint on Zander's cheek. "You belong to me, Zander. In every way. And because you were bad...you must be punished."

Zander felt fear slither up and down his spine. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry," he whispered.


"You have to go in the room, Zander," Alcazar whispered, even as he pulled a syringe from his pocket.

"No!" Zander tried to move away and suddenly Jack was there, holding him still. Zander felt the pinprick in the crook of his arm then liquid heat washed over him, making his blood prickle. Then darkness claimed him.


* * * * *


Zander was curled up in a corner, rocking. His arms were wrapped around his stomach and he felt like retching as pain twisted in his gut. He didn't know what Alcazar had been giving him, but the withdrawals made him wish he were dead. He was soaked in a cold sweat, shivering, his body aching. Time had no meaning for Zander. There was nothing but pain. Cold, dark, heavy pain.



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