Dark Desire

Chapter 20


Zander kept his eyes squeezed shut against the burn of tears as he fucked himself with the vibrator. He could feel Alcazar's gaze upon him, it nearly scalded Zander's skin. There was no sense of satisfaction in what he was doing, it was meant to humiliate and it was working. Zander just wanted it to end. Then he felt a hand on his wrist and he thought it was finally over, but he was pushed forward, so that he was now on his hands and knees, and then Alcazar was manipulating the vibrator, thrusting it in harder and faster, angling it so that it brushed over Zander's prostrate and he whimpered.

"Jack yourself," Luis ordered.

Zander obeyed, resting his weight on one arm as he stroked his own cock. His body betrayed him, as it usually did, and it wasn't long before he came. He released himself and quivered on arms and legs whose muscles felt liquefied. Then he felt Alcazar yank out the vibrator and Zander moaned.


Luis moved so that he could kiss Zander. "You're a good boy. I want you to shower and rest. You're going to have a long night." With that he rose from the bed and left the room.


Zander made his way into the shower and he stayed beneath the spray of water, even after it ran cold.


* * * * *


Elizabeth had expected to join the party, but instead she was escorted from her room and pushed inside another room with a guard to keep watch. He locked the door and stowed the key in his pocket. Then Elizabeth understood. One wall was two-way glass and she could see about eight couples, plus Alcazar, mingling about. Then she saw Zander and her eyes filled with tears.

He was naked, accept for a black tie, and he was serving the guests drinks and hors d'oevre. The guests would grope him and it sickened Liz that he would allow it. She turned away.


* * * * *

Zander had passed humiliated about an hour ago. That was when he had first entered the party. At that point he had been wearing breakaway leather pants, the kind that strippers wore. They hadn't stayed on him for long. The moment Alcazar had ripped them off of him, Zander had passed humiliated. Right now he wasn't feeling much of anything, due in part to the drugs Alcazar had given him. Drugs that were Zander's best friend.


He served a drink to an overweight man and felt the pudgy fingers curl around his cock. Zander smacked his hand away without thinking, only to find Alcazar at his side in an instant.


"Bad boy, Zander," Luis hissed. "Suck him off to apologize."

"Yes...sir," Zander replied, feeling nausea wash over him. But he fell to his knees before the smirking man and undid his pants. He pulled out the sweaty cock and sucked the tip into his mouth. The guy was primed and came almost immediately. Zander swallowed automatically then started to rise but fat fingers curled in his hair and wet lips were pressed to his. He endured the slobbering.


The fat man's name was Devlin. "I want to fuck this pretty boy right now," he said, his eyes shining with desire.


Luis chuckled. "Of course. But I think you'll have to wait until you're...up...to the occasion again. I could have Zander put on a show for you that might help you get titillated."


"Wonderful." Devlin clapped his hands in anticipation then he pulled Zander back into him and licked his lips. "Put on a good show for me, pretty boy. Then I'll fuck you till you scream."


"Yes sir," Zander whispered, his response automatic at this point. He rose to his feet when Alcazar took his arm and followed him blindly. One of the guest, a buxom blonde, was seated on the edge of one of the tables, her skirt hiked up, her thighs spread open, she was wet and ready for action. Zander knew what was expected of him. He knelt down to taste her, feeling her fingers curl tight in his hair as he licked her folds and suckled her nub. Then he slid a finger inside her. When she came he rose to his feet, then he felt a hand on his cock, stroking him to hardness. It didn't take long. Alcazar had given him something to make his body highly sensitive to stimulation. Zander could achieve a hard on if someone stared at his cock long enough.


The woman wrapped her legs around Zander, drawing him to her. She whimpered as he thrust into her, hard. He knew that she wanted it that way. Zander closed his eyes and tried to detach himself from what was happening, but he was jerked back to reality when a cock thrust into him without warning. He bit his lip to hold back a moan.


* * * * *

Elizabeth bit her knuckles. She could hear as well as see what was going on. She couldn't believe what Alcazar was doing to Zander, the way he was letting him be used. Elizabeth knew that this was going to shatter Zander in every way. She had to get him out of here. But there was little hope, unless...


Turning to the guard, Elizabeth smiled. "Do you know who Sonny Corinthos is?" she asked. When he nodded she continued. "Jason Morgan?" Another nod. "If you get a message to them, they'll pay you enough money so that you can disappear and start a new life somewhere else. You won't have to be Alcazar's muscle anymore."

The thug blinked then said, "Keep talking."


* * * * *


Zander lost track of time. Alcazar gave him another shot then he led Zander into another room. Some strange contraption hung from the ceiling. Zander shivered as he looked at the straps that he knew were meant for him. He felt hands grip him and he fought against them, but Jack and another musclebound thug carried Zander over to the thing and strapped him in. Zander's arms were over his head, the wrists cuffed. He was upright but not sitting on anything. A padded board was under his upper thighs, which were spread wide and strapped down, along with his ankles. Another padded board supported his middle back and there was a headrest type sling and a strap that went over his forehead. Panic washed over Zander. He felt himself swung around, then eased forward a bit. Then he felt it, a finger pressing into him, but only for a moment, then a cock was rammed in hard and he cried out. But the cry was soon muffled by the cock that was stuffed into his mouth. Zander gagged on it but the thrusts continued. Then he was gagging on salty cum. He had barely swallowed it when another cock was shoved into his mouth. Zander closed his eyes.


* * * * * 

Elizabeth was horrified by what she saw. Zander was strapped down and helpless as he was repeatedly raped and abused. And Alcazar merely stood there, smiling. Elizabeth felt a surge of hatred for the man. She wanted to kill him. Her only help now was Luis' thug. Who promised to get word to Jason Morgan, in exchange for a favor. Elizabeth knew what he wanted and she promised it to him. The moment she knew Zander was safe.


* * * * *


Zander moaned as he felt something hard and cold shoved inside him. He knew he was raw and bleeding, but he could differentiate the pain. He had lost count of how many times he had been fucked. There were four men, not counting Alcazar, and Jack had had a turn. Now some object was being shoved inside him and Zander prayed for darkness to claim him. He got his wish.


* * * * *


"Wake up, Zander. Open your eyes."

He heard the words and wanted to ignore them. But it was Alcazar talking and Zander knew he had to obey. He opened his eyes. The face looming over him was blurred. Zander blinked to bring it into focus. There were two faces. Alcazar and some other man. A stranger.

Luis smiled and patted Zander's face. "Good boy. I need you to stay awake for a few minutes so that Dr. Keller can examine you and judge the extent of your injuries. You need to roll over now."

Zander wanted to protest but didn't. He felt pain ripple through him as he forced his muscles to obey. Firm hands helped him turn onto his stomach. He shivered as the blankets were pulled down and he realized he was naked. Not that that was unusual. Zander felt a hand touch his buttocks and he flinched.

"Easy...I'll try not to hurt you, Zander." The doctor said quietly.


Zander didn't believe him. He felt probing at his anus then a slick, gloved, finger was pressing into him. It hurt and he whimpered and tried to pull away.


"Be still!" Luis snapped. "I'll restrain you!"


Zander froze. The probing continued and he bit his lip. At one point he drifted out of consciousness and came awake to the feel of cool slickness being spread inside him. Some kind of ointment he guessed. Zander drifted off again for a moment. He came back to voices talking about him.


"His injuries are severe. Ruptures and tears. I had to put in about twenty stitches. You'll have to leave him alone for a few weeks if you want him to heal."


"A few weeks?" Luis was angry.


The doctor sighed. "What did you expect? How many times was he fucked, Luis? If you don't want to destroy this boy, you have to take better care of him. I've warned you in the past. You're hurting him to the point where it's going to kill him soon. You have that kid so damn drugged up I'd be amazed if he even remembers his name. If you want to keep him, then stop abusing him, Luis. As it is, as much as you've fucked up his ass, I'm betting his mental state is more fucked up."


Luis cursed for a moment. "All right. I won't let him be used anymore. I'll let him heal. But he's a bad boy sometimes. He has to be punished."

"Find another way, Luis. I'm telling you. It's a miracle the kid survived what was done to him. He won't survive again."


Zander heard all of this and knew they were talking about him, but he felt detached from it all. He let himself drift to back to sleep.


* * * * *


Jason got Elizabeth's message. She had picked the right person to give it to. The guy was interested in moving on from Alcazar and he was more than happy to tell them everything he knew about Zander Smith and what was happening to him. He also revealed a way into Alcazar's estate. Jason paid him off, giving him extra to cut the security system for him when the time came. Then he set things up to rescue Zander and Elizabeth. His main goal was getting Elizabeth out, but Jason would help Zander if he could. The kid didn't deserve what was happening to him. No one did. And if given a chance, Jason intended to put a bullet or two into Luis Alcazar.



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