Dark Desire

Chapter 19


Elizabeth had freaked out after watching Alcazar's henchman rape him. No matter that Zander hadn't put up a fight. Elizabeth knew why he had accepted it. For her. To save her from Alcazar's wrath. Four days had passed since then. Two days of hell waiting and praying for Zander. Alcazar had kept Elizabeth isolated. A guard brought her food three times a day and refused to answer her questions about Zander. She was going out of her mind with worry.


Suddenly the door Opened and Alcazar stood there. "How are you, Elizabeth?" he asked.

"I want to see Zander! Is he all right?"


"Zander is not your concern," Alcazar drawled.


Elizabeth glared at him, forcing back the fear that threatened to overwhelm her. She could see how cold Alcazar was. How dead his soul was in his eyes. "Please...tell me. Is Zander all right?"

Alcazar shrugged. "He will be. He has to be punished but he'll learn his lesson. You can see for yourself tonight at dinner. I will have the appropriate attire brought to you." With that Alcazar left the room.

Elizabeth watched him go and blinked back tears.

* * * * *

Zander couldn't stop shaking as he dressed. He put on the clothes that Alcazar had put out for him. The first time he had been allowed to wear clothing in several days. Alcazar told him that he had spent three days in the room, then he had been brought back to Alcazar's master suite. He would be staying here from now on. Zander had been put to bed, given an injection and allowed to sleep. This morning he had awakened to pain and shivering. Another injection and he felt better. Alcazar had fucked him, told him to shower, then let him dress and spend the day reading. An hour ago he had come to the room to tell Zander to dress for dinner. An hour ago the withdrawal effects had kicked in. Zander was hurting now and he felt like something was crawling under his skin. He needed a fix. But he knew he had to obey Alcazar to get it, so he finished dressing, but his hands shook when he tried to button the shirt.


"Let me."

Zander jumped as Alcazar appeared before him. He watched the other man button his shirt, then the same fingers were combing through his hair. It was almost to his shoulders in the back and needed to be cut. His bangs were to his chin. But Zander said nothing, he just waited.


Luis kissed him. "I have what you need," he whispered. "But what are you willing to do to get it?" He held up a syringe.


"Whatever you want," Zander, dutifully replied.


"Suck me off."

Zander didn't hesitate. He fell to his knees and freed Alcazar's cock. He sucked it into his mouth and brought him off quickly. Then he felt himself pulled to his feet and the sleeve of his shirt rolled up. The pinprick was a relief and Zander closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to stop.


Luis cupped Zander's face in his hands. "Go brush your teeth then come down stairs. Dinner is ready."

"Yes, Mr. Alcazar," Zander whispered. He did as he was told, carefully avoiding his reflection in the mirror.


* * * * *


Elizabeth was thrilled to see Zander. She kept quiet though, unwilling to do something wrong. Something that would end up with Zander being punished in some way. She took note of how withdrawn he seemed. He was quiet and pale and his eyes were huge and overly bright in his face. Most of the time his face was partially hidden by his hair. Elizabeth could guess that the long hair was Alcazar's doing. Zander had always kept it kind of long, but not like this. Elizabeth chided herself for having such mundane thoughts given the circumstances.


Dinner was served and she was surprised to see Zander eating. He cleaned his plate and chatted with Alcazar. But the whole time Zander acted like she wasn't in the room. Elizabeth knew that was Alcazar's doing. And that Zander was obeying him to protect her. She had to do something to get them both out of here.


After dinner they went into the study. Elizabeth watched as Alcazar and Zander played Chess. Zander smiled and laughed as he played, then he won the game. And then things changed. Alcazar called one of his thugs into the room, then he told Zander to blow him. Elizabeth watched Zander hesitate. "Leave him alone!" she shouted.


"Would you prefer to take his place?" Alcazar asked.


"No!" Zander was in Alcazar's face. "Leave Elizabeth alone. I'll do what you want."


Alcazar was amused. He nodded and another guard stepped forward, grabbing Zander. Then Alcazar looked at Elizabeth. "So...what's it going to be? Actions speak louder than words, Elizabeth. Zander will do anything to protect you. Will you do the same for him?"

Elizabeth shuddered, but she held Alcazar's gaze. "Yes...I will." She moved to the first guard and reached for his belt buckle.

"NO! NO!" Zander was squirming in the other guard's grip. "Elizabeth...don't! Please don't do this." He looked at Alcazar when Elizabeth ignored him. "Please...I'll do anything. Don't let her do this! I'm begging you!"


"Fair is fair, Zander," Luis drawled.


Zander almost got free of the guard, only to have another appear to help hold him fast. He didn't stop struggling against them. "Please, Elizabeth...don't do this."


She looked at him and saw the tears that stained his face. Saw the desperate plea in his eyes and in his voice. She shook her head. "I have to do this."

"It won't save me!" Zander was beyond desperate now. "I am what I am, Elizabeth. Alcazar's whore. I'm good at it! Okay? It's what I am...it's what I do. Don't wreck yourself for me, I'm begging you. Please don't do this."


"Zander..." Elizabeth felt her own tears flowing. She didn't know what to do. Hearing what he said about himself cut her to the quick.


Luis was amused and angry. He wanted to watch the show, to see Elizabeth debase herself, but he wanted to teach Zander a lesson more. "You are my whore," he allowed, as he moved to the boy. "And you're going to prove it. Tomorrow night. I've invited a few guests. You will entertain them."


Zander nodded. "Anything you wish, Mr. Alcazar."


"Take Elizabeth to her room," Luis ordered his men. When she was gone he turned to Zander. "Go to your room. You need to rest."

"Yes, sir." Zander fled. He had expected to have to service Alcazar, but he would accept this respite. He knew it would be his last.


* * * * *

Morning came and Zander felt a hand stroking him. He opened his eyes. No surprise to see Alcazar smiling at him. Zander was feeling shaky, he needed another fix. He wanted it before the withdrawal could kick in. He hated feeling like he wanted to jump out of his skin. "I need something, he whispered.

Luis nodded. "Of course you do. I have it for you." He pointed to the bedside table. "But you have to earn it."

"What do you want me to do?"


"Fuck yourself."

Zander was stunned. "What?"

Luis picked up an item off the bed. A vibrator, shaped like a well-endowed cock. "Fuck yourself," he repeated.


"I...I can't." Zander felt embarrassment wash over him already at the mere thought of doing that to himself.


"Okay...then no treat for you." Alcazar rose from the bed and reached for the syringe.

Zander grabbed his arm. "Wait! Please." He had to have his fix. The itching beneath his skin was getting worse and he could feel his insides starting to coil up into knots of pain.


Alcazar smiled and picked up the bottle of lubricant that was also on the bedside table. He coated the vibrator then he turned it on and held it out to Zander. "Good boy," he purred.


Blinking back tears, Zander accepted the vibrator. He allowed Alcazar to pull the sheets away from him then he slipped off his boxer-briefs. He had to move onto his knees to do this, then he reached behind himself, pressed the tip of the vibrator to his opening, then pushed in.



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