Dark Desire

Chapter 5


Two days passed and Zander allowed himself to pretend like nothing had ever happened. Alcazar didn't touch him or kiss him again and neither did he mention the incidents. Desiree did not return and Zander was happy about that. He was also pleased when Alcazar started training him in regards to the legit businesses that he ran. The other thing that pleased them both was that Jason Morgan was still in jail. Sonny's lawyers weren't able to get him off on bail since even without Zander pressing charges, assault charges were brought against him based on the testimony of the other witnesses of the event.


Zander also spent more time with Brenda and he really enjoyed her company. They went swimming again, he taught her how to play chess and she started reading poetry to him. Zander didn't care for poetry as a rule, but he liked her voice as she read it and she infused it with a passion that helped him to understanding the underlying meaning of the words.


The next day Alcazar sent Zander on an errand after dinner, to make a simple delivery to a business associate. It went smoothly. On his way back Zander stopped at Kelly's for a coffee. Elizabeth was there and he was happy to see her. "Hey, Elizabeth. How's it going?"


"Good. How are you doing?" Elizabeth came out from behind the counter. "You look better than the last time I saw you."


"I'm fine." Zander smiled then shook his head. "This feels a bit awkward."

Elizabeth frowned. "Why?"


Heaving a sigh, Zander moved to the counter and fiddled with a packet of sugar. "I dunno. It just...I guess the whole Jason thing. I know you care about him and now he's in jail and I'm partially responsible for that." A bit of a lie since he was the one who planted the earrings. But Zander refused to feel guilty about that. He owed Jason that one.


"I do care about Jason, but I'm realistic, Zander. He's a hired killer." Elizabeth heaved a sigh of her own and tucked a lock of hair behind one ear. "I can't deal with that...you know? I can't pretend I'm okay with that."


"Yeah...I get that." Zander tossed the sugar packet aside. "You don't belong in that world, Elizabeth. You belong in Paris or whatever places do that art thing."


Elizabeth laughed softly. "Thank you. But you don't belong in that world either, Zander. You're not a killer. You don't even make a very good thug. You have too good of a heart and you don't have the killer instinct."

Zander was surprised by her words then he shook his head. "You don't know that, Elizabeth. You don't know me that well."


"I know you better than you think, Zander." Elizabeth reached out and smoothed a lock of hair out of his eyes. "I remember the guy in the crypt. And the guy who bought me a night light. And the guy who shielded me from a bullet."


"I'm also the guy that shot you."

Elizabeth frowned. "Yeah...well that was an accident and Jason was as much to blame as you were." A customer entered Kelly's and Elizabeth smiled apologetically. "I have to get back to work. Did you want a coffee to go?"


Zander nodded. "Yeah...that would be great." He watched her work, paid for his coffee and left.


* * * * *


"Mr. Alcazar would like to see you."


Zander nodded at Geraldo, one of Alcazar's main bodyguards. He was a bit unsettled when Geraldo followed him to Alcazar's office then took up residence at the door. "You wanted to see me?" Zander said in greeting.


Luis rose from behind his desk to confront Zander. "Where were you?"


"Making the delivery you wanted."

"Where else?"

Zander frowned. "I stopped for coffee at Kelly's."


Luis nodded. "And you spoke with Elizabeth."

"Are you having me followed?" Zander was stunned and a bit creeped out.


"Answer the question." Luis' tone was cold and sharp.

Zander wanted to deny it but he knew the lie wouldn't fly. "Yeah...I spoke with Elizabeth. I told you...we're friends. It's no big deal."


Luis smiled. "I did not give you permission to be with Elizabeth."

"We were just talking." Zander would have said more but a hand cracked across his cheek. He was jolted back a step then he pressed one palm to his face. He stared at Alcazar and could almost feel the man's anger.


"Elizabeth is off limits to you, Zander." Luis' tone was soft but laced with steel. "Do you understand me?"


Zander nodded. "Yeah...I understand." He could feel himself shaking and his fear was more for Elizabeth than for himself.

Luis sighed. "I want to make sure that you do understand." He nodded to Geraldo.


"I won't see her again, I promise." Zander was desperate for Alcazar to believe him but he knew it was a lost cause when a heavy hand dropped on his shoulder and spun him around. Then a thick fist slammed into his stomach and Zander doubled over with a cry of pain. He was pulled back up and this time the fist nailed his ribs. By the third hit Zander was down on the floor, he curled into himself for protection and as a way to try and ease the pain.


"Enough!" Luis hissed, moving to kneel beside Zander. "You understand now...yes?"


Zander couldn't speak but he nodded. Then he felt a hand stroking his hair and he flinched.


Luis looked at Geraldo. "Take Zander to his room." He watched as Geraldo lifted Zander into his arms and carried him away.


* * * * *


After the first fifteen minutes, the pain became bearable and Zander made his first attempt to slide off the bed. But when his feet hit the floor his knees buckled and he would have fallen had strong hands not caught him. Zander looked up to find Alcazar holding him. "I'm sorry," he whispered, trying to catch his breath between waves of pain.


"It's all right." Luis eased Zander back onto the bed, but kept him sitting so that he could unbutton his shirt and remove it. He shook his head at the swelling and bruises that already marred Zander's ribs. "I'll take care of you, Zander. You understand that that's all I'm trying to do. Right? I'm taking care of you in every way."

"Yeah...I know." Zander didn't understand anything but he wasn't about to disagree with anything Alcazar told him.


Luis smiled as he eased Zander down onto his back. He then went to work removing Zander's shoes and sock, then his pants were tugged off. When Zander made to protest, Alcazar brushed his hand over his sore ribs as a reminder to behave. "Just let me take care of you, Zander. That's all you have to do."

Zander shivered as Alcazar moved over him, but when warm lips were pressed to his, he opened to them. He was too tired to resist and it wasn't worth the pain. But when he felt Alcazar's hand slide inside his boxer briefs, Zander whimpered in protest. "Please...don't," he begged.

"Shh..." Luis silenced him with another kiss, then he made short work of sliding the briefs off. "I'm going to make you feel better," Luis whispered. "Just let it happen, Zander."


"I...can't," Zander whimpered again as the hand on his cock tightened painfully. He didn't want this too happen and yet he knew he couldn't stop it. So he told himself that it was just another test of his loyalty and obedience to Alcazar. He could pass any test. He had too.


Luis kissed Zander again as his hand stroked him to hardness. He knew how firm the pressure should be. He knew how to press his thumb to the swollen tip and just what rhythm to use. "Kiss me back," he demanded, as he felt Zander nearing his release. And his hand went still until the boy obeyed him, knowing that Zander needed the release now. That he would beg for it if he asked him to.


Zander did as he was told. He kissed Alcazar and it was a relief when the hand on his cock moved again. Zander felt the tingle in his spine that signaled his imminent release. His own fingers fisted the sheets and he tried not to thrust into Alcazar's hand. Then it happened, the explosion of white hot pleasure as his orgasm washed over him. Zander went limp and then he shuddered as he watched Alcazar licking his semen from his hand. Then Alcazar caught him watching him and held the hand to Zander's lips.


"Taste yourself," he ordered. When Zander just looked at him, Luis smeared the come over the sweet lips then kissed him, using his tongue and knowing that Zander could taste it. He pulled back and smiled when Zander's wiped at his mouth with the back of one hand. "Don't move," Luis ordered, rising from the bed.


"God.." Zander whispered, closing his eyes against the rush of hot tears. But they flew open when he felt warm wetness on his spent cock. Alcazar was cleaning him with a washcloth and it was disturbingly intimate and Zander wanted to make it stop. But it was just another test. He couldn't blow it now.


Luis finished cleaning Zander's cock then he dried him with a towel. "Sleep now," he ordered, as he drew the blankets over Zander. "I'll check on you later."


Zander said nothing. He accepted the almost chaste kiss Alcazar gave him, then he closed his eyes and prayed for sleep to claim him.



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