Dark Desire

Chapter 6


Zander was dreaming about making love. With Elizabeth. He could feel her soft skin beneath his hands. He could feel her full breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel himself thrusting deep inside her and then he felt the tingle in his spine and all too soon he was coming in long, pulsing, spurts.


"Elizabeth!" Zander came awake abruptly, her name on his lips, only to realize that he was alone but that he had orgasmed. There were wet spots on the sheets and his body felt lethargic and spent. Zander groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. He hadn't had a wet dream since he was sixteen. He sat up and groaned again as pain lanced through his ribs. He had forgotten about the beating. Pressing finger to his lips, Zander remembered Alcazar kissing him. He remembered a hand stroking his cock and making him come, but he told himself that it was only a dream. A twisted memory.


Moving carefully, Zander slid out of bed, making a face at the wet sheets. He padded into the bathroom and took a shower, letting the hot water wash over him soothingly. He washed his hair and soaped his body clean, then he dried off and got dressed. Because of his ribs, it took Zander a while to pull on boxer-briefs, jeans, socks and boots. He actually felt a bit tired by the time he was reached for his shirt. But he ignored it when he heard footsteps and turned to see the door swing open. Zander had expected to see Alcazar standing there, so he was surprised when Brenda entered the room.


She smiled at him. "Good morning, Zander." But then her smile faded. "What happened to you?" Brenda moved forward, her eyes fixated on his bruised ribs.


"Nothing," Zander replied as he reached for his shirt. He winced as he slid his arm into one sleeve. "I fell. I'm clumsy." The lies fell easily from his lips. Too easily.


"Let me help you." Brenda grabbed the other side of Zander's shirt and helped him slide his arm in. Then she slapped his hands away and did up the buttons. "Are you hungry? Breakfast is ready?"


Zander nodded. He was relieved that Brenda didn't pressure him about the bruises. The look in her eyes told him that she didn't believe his story. "I'm starved," he stated. "Thanks for helping."


She smiled and smoothed the front of his shirt. "No problem. Come on." Brenda took Zander by the hand and led him out the door.


* * * * *


Zander felt himself grow tense as he and Brenda entered the dining room. He saw Alcazar sitting at the head of the table and suddenly Zander could feel the imprint of the other man's lips on his and he lost whatever appetite he'd had. But he put a smile on his face as he greeted his boss. "Good morning, Mr. Alcazar."


"Good morning, Zander. How are you feeling?" Luis asked, setting aside the paper he had been reading.


"I'm fine. Just a little sore."


Luis nodded. "I thought you might be." He pointed to Zander's place at the table. On the place mat were two white capsules. "Take them, they'll help ease the pain."


Brenda patted Zander's arm. "Sit. I'll get you some orange juice."


"I'm not some invalid," Zander replied, but there was a teasing light in his eyes. He felt comfortable with Brenda.


"I know you're not. But sit anyway." Brenda laughed then went to the side table to pour the juice. She poured a glass for herself as well then moved to give Zander his before taking her designated seat. "What are the plans for the day?" she asked, looking at Alcazar.


Luis smiled at her. "Well...I have business to attend to. As for Zander," he turned his attention on the young man. "I want you t take it easy for a couple of days. Keep Brenda company."

Zander shook his head. "I'm fine. Really. I can do whatever you need done."

"What I need is for you to obey me." Luis' tone was light but his eyes were dark. "Be with Brenda. And if you get a little bored, there are some files on my desk that you can take a look at. Some figures you can work on. You know the ones I mean."

"Okay." Zander had been doing some background checking and the like for a corporation that Alcazar had been thinking of investing in. "Will you be gone all day?"


Luis nodded. "For the most part. Today and tomorrow. I might even be gone over night. I'll call and let you know." With that Luis rose from the table. "Have fun you two. I'll talk to you later." He moved away from the table and left the room without a backward glance.


Brenda rose from her seat. "I'm in a French toast kind of mood today. How about you, Zander?"


"Uh...I dunno." Zander felt at a loss. He felt unsettled in some way that he couldn't explain. Nothing made sense to him anymore. Certainly not Alcazar's behavior towards him. A part of Zander couldn't help but wonder if this was yet another test in some way. "I'm not really hungry."


"You need to eat." Brenda filled two plates with French toast, smothered them in butter and syrup and set one in front of Zander. "Eat. Don't make me feed you." Brenda's tone was stern but merriment glinted in her eyes.


Zander picked up his fork and took a bite. It tasted surprisingly good and he realized that with Alcazar gone he felt less tense. "So...what do you want to do today?" Zander asked between bites. "I think swimming is out for me."


Brenda shrugged. "You should probably take it easy."

"I'm fine. Really."


"Well...it's a nice day. We could go for a walk around the premises."

Zander liked that idea. "That would be cool." He stared down at his plate and realized he had eaten every bite. "Want seconds?" he asked, as he rose carefully from his chair.


Brenda made a face at him since her plate was still half full. "None for me, thanks. But help yourself. You're still a growing boy."

"Brat," Zander shot back. It felt good to laugh, even if it hurt a little. He took another slice of French toast and added a peach to his plate. He also poured himself a cup of coffee then returned to the table. And to Zander's surprise an hour passed in the blink of an eye. After breakfast he grabbed a jacket and he and Brenda walked the grounds. They talked about movies and music and things but Brenda did ask him about his life in Florida and Zander surprised himself by telling her that he never felt like he fit in and that his father had never really wanted him. After that he had clammed up on the subject and Brenda had taken the hint and gone back to critiquing movies.


Two days passed in much the same vein since Alcazar called to tell them he would be out of town on business. Zander let himself heal and he told himself that everything was good.


Then Alcazar came home.


* * * * *


When Alcazar called Zander into his office, Zander felt ready for action. He was pleased by Alcazar's next assignment, setting fire to one of Sonny's warehouses. In the end, Zander was more of supervisor than anything else, but he felt that Alcazar was trusting him to handle things and everything went off as planned. Sonny had to close down shop for a time, which meant he would lose money.


"You did well, Zander," Luis said, smiling his approval later that evening. "And your good work shall be rewarded. Desiree is waiting for you."


"Um.." Zander was surprised and not in a good way. "I appreciate that, Mr. Alcazar...but I'd prefer to choose my own lovers."


Luis was sitting at his desk but he rose from his chair and moved to confront Zander. Without warning his hand lashed out and cracked against the boy's cheek. "I know what you need, Zander!" he hissed. "I know what's best for you. When are you going to understand that?"


Zander pressed a hand to his cheek. He felt a ripple of fear and had to swallow against a suddenly dry throat. "I'm sorry," he whispered.


"I know you are." Luis pushed aside Zander's hand so he could stroke the red spot with one fingertip. "Now...I want you to go upstairs. Desiree is waiting for you."


"I'm tired tonight," Zander blurted out. "Maybe tomorrow?" He knew he was risking Alcazar's wrath but Zander didn't like being controlled in this manner.


Luis' smile was cold. "Perhaps you would prefer to be fucked?" His tone was almost casual but the look in his eyes was menacing. He pressed one hand to Zander's chest and pushed until the boy hit the nearest wall. Then Alcazar moved his hands to Zander's ass, squeezing the muscled globes before reaching in front to undo his pants. Then his hands were on bare flesh, one finger flicking at the puckered opening. "Would you like that, Zander?" he purred. "Say...Geraldo's cock shoved deep inside you? I could arrange for that if you like?"


Zander shook his head. His hands were fisted at his side even though instinct screamed at him to push Alcazar away and run. But he remained frozen, feeling the warm hands groping him. "No...no...I'm sorry. Please.." Zander was willing to beg.


"Good boy," Luis drawled, sliding his hands out. He refastened Zander's pants then leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips. "Go to your room now."


"Okay." Zander pushed away from the wall and almost ran out. He wasn't surprised to find Desiree naked on his bed. He went to her and helped her peel his clothes off. Then Zander let himself melt into her arms. He let himself drown in her passion. He let himself pretend that this was what he wanted. And then he slept.


* * * * *


Three days passed and Alcazar made no mention of the incident to Zander. One night they played chess after dinner and Zander found himself unable to concentrate. He lost the game but didn't mind. He was about to rise from his chair and say goodnight when he felt Alcazar's presence. Then fingers were combing through his hair and Zander froze.

"You have such beautiful hair," Luis drawled, as his fingers combed through the dark strands. "I should make you grow it to your waist." His tone was teasing.


"It's too long as it is," Zander replied, then he flinched as the fingers slid down to his shoulders and began massaging. It felt good but it made him nervous.


Alcazar leaned in and buried his nose in Zander's hair. "It smells good too. Do you like the shampoo I got you?"


Zander nodded. "It's great." Truthfully he didn't care one way or another. So long as the stuff lathered. Zander felt himself relax a bit when Alcazar dropped his hands, but then he was being pulled to his feet and warm lips were on his.


"Open for me," Luis demanded.


Without hesitation Zander obeyed. He allowed the kiss and knew when to kiss back, following Alcazar's lead. But he felt nothing. Then the lips were gone and Zander stumbled a bit on his feet. He resisted the urge to wipe his mouth with the back of one hand.

Luis moved to the side bar and poured them both a scotch. "I have another job for you," he announced.

"I'm ready." It shook Zander a bit, the way Alcazar could go from kissing him to being strictly business. Another test perhaps.


"I want you to kidnap Carly."

Zander was stunned. "What? Why?"


Luis smiled and handed Zander a glass. "You don't need to know why. But I will tell you this much. Jason is out of jail, which I instigated. We made a deal." He saw Zander's surprise and chuckled but did not explain further. "Now I need to shake him and Sonny up and kidnapping Carly will accomplish that nicely."


"I won't do that." Zander didn't think before he spoke. "I can't."


"You will do as you're told, Zander...or I will punish you." Luis' tone was ice cold. "Do you want that?"


Zander felt his defensive walls rising, along with his attitude. He would do just about anything for Alcazar. Short of murder or kidnapping Carly. "I won't hurt Carly!" Zander was shaking but he held his ground.


Luis smiled and drained his glass. He then strode over to the door and opened it. He nodded then Geraldo and another guard entered.


Fear coursed through Zander's veins but he didn't move. He knew it wouldn't do any good anyway, but he wasn't prepared for what happened next. He was grabbed and his wrists cuffed behind his back. Then a blindfold was tied on and Zander suddenly knew what would happen next. But he didn't beg or plead or say a word or make a sound as he was shoved into a familiar room. A tiny room that was pitch black. He hit the floor with a thud and lay still as the door closed and the lock clicked.


* * * * *


Once again time lost all meaning for Zander. He ignored the hunger pangs and thirst and managed to doze off, only to come awake abruptly when hands suddenly grabbed at him. Zander felt himself pressed down onto his back, trapping his cuffed hands underneath him. Then those same hands were undoing his pants and ripping open his shirt. He tried to kick out at them but they grabbed his legs and pinned them down. Then hands were curling around his cock and Zander cried out in protest. But he wasn't even given a chance to beg. Even as a warm mouth engulfed his cock, warm lips were on his and a tongue stabbed into his mouth. Zander had never felt so terrified or so completely helpless. He wanted to scream but the sound died in his throat and then he was coming and shame washed over him in waves.

"Leave him!"


Zander recognized Alcazar's voice. The hands and mouths left him and Zander tried to curl up on his side. He was exposed in every way and he felt sick and humiliated. Then he felt it, gentle hands behind his head and the blindfold was removed. Zander blinked against the soft light that seemed harsh to him. He couldn't hold Alcazar's gaze but was glad for the blanket that was draped over him before Alcazar undid the cuffs. Zander's shoulders protested as he brought his hands in front of him and rubbed his wrists. It wasn't until a fingertip traced over his cheek that Zander realized he was crying.


"Shhh....it's okay now," Luis whispered soothingly. He pressed a gentle kiss to Zander's lips. "I want to let you out, Zander. I do. But you were bad...so you have to be locked in again."


"NO!" Zander's voice was hoarse and raw sounding, but more than anything he heard the desperate plea in his tone. "No...please. I'll do anything you want."


Luis smiled. "Kiss me."


Zander didn't hesitate. He cupped Alcazar's face in both hands and kissed him for all he was worth. It was Alcazar who broke the kiss this time.


"Go to your room and take a shower," Luis ordered. "I'll be there soon."

"Yes, Mr. Alcazar," Zander replied. He gathered the blanket around him and rose to stand on shaky legs. But he didn't stumble as he made his way out of the tiny room. He also didn't realize he was still crying as he climbed he stairs.



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