Opposites Attract: Jail Time

Zander was at Jake's, playing pool, when Lucky walked in. He was in full uniform and his eyes glinted with determination as he singled Zander out.


"You're under arrest," Lucky stated, reaching for his cuffs.

"Say what?" Zander glared at Lucky. "For what?"


Lucky glared back, then made his move. He gripped Zander by the arm, spun him around and slammed him into the nearby wall. A moment later he had Zander's hands cuffed behind his back. Then Lucky gave him a thorough pat down after kicking his legs open. Given the tight black jeans and tight black tee shirt Zander was wearing, he wouldn't really be able to conceal anything. But Lucky did the job right. Starting with Zander's right ankle, he ran his hands up the inner and outer sides of the strong legs. Lucky then reached in front of Zander and cupped his crotch, gripping the back of Zander's neck hard to keep him still when Zander protested. Lucky then moved to Zander's left leg and worked his way down. Then he made a point of running his hands over Zander's chest before squeezing the denim clad butt. Zander had buns of steel. Lucky then stuck his hands in Zander's back pockets before doing the same with the front pockets. He grunted as he removed a small baggy containing about a dozen pills. "Lookee what I found," Lucky chanted as he hauled Zander around to face him. "Tsk tsk tsk, Zander. Now, for the record, you're under arrest for possession of an illegal substance."

Zander stared at the pills in disbelief. "Those aren't mine! I swear. You sonofabitch! You're setting me up."

"Shut up while I read you your rights," Lucky shot back. And he did so as he hauled Zander towards the door. Once they reached the cop car, Lucky shoved Zander into the back seat. He grinned as he listened to Zander curse a blue streak at him and he was still grinning when they pulled up at the PCPD. Lucky parked near the back entrance.

"Where are we going?" Zander asked, as Lucky dragged him inside. They didn't head up the stairs like he expected them to.


Lucky pushed through a heavy door then tugged it closed behind them before leading the way down a long flight of stairs. "New interrogation room," he stated. "Reserved for special customers...you might say."

Zander dug in his heels and pulled away from Lucky's grip. "What the fuck is going on?" he demanded. "You know those pills aren't mine. You planted them."


"Prove it." Lucky grabbed Zander again and pushed him along ahead of him. He reached a door at the end of the hallway and shoved Zander through it. He smiled at the man who was waiting there. "Hello, Ric. Did you miss me?"


"You know it." Ric Lansing moved to Lucky and kissed him.

Zander stood by the door and stared at them in disbelief.


Ric broke the kiss then turned to smile at Zander. He then approached him, his eyes roving over him appreciatively. "Hello, Zander," Ric purred, reaching out to let one finger tip brush across the boy's firm chest. He chuckled when Zander took a step back and glared at him. "I understand you've been a naughty boy."

"Lucky set me up!" Zander snapped. He looked at Lucky, who was perched on the corner of the table that dominated the room. Then back at Ric. "What the hell is going on here? What is this place? Why am I here?"


"So many questions," Ric purred, as he stalked Zander. The boy backpedaled until he hit the wall then Ric had him trapped. He pressed against him, pinning him with his own body, then let his fingers tangle in Zander's hair. "I'll start with the first one. What's going on here is that Lucky and I are going to teach you a lesson, Zander. And you're going to love it."


Zander tried to push Ric away, but with his hands cuffed behind him and trapped between his back and the wall, he had no leverage. But he still had his attitude, so he glared at Ric. "And what lesson would that be?" he shot back.


Ric chuckled, deep in his throat. "Fucking 101." He laughed again at the look at Zander's face. It was priceless. The boy was totally stunned. Ric continued. "Lucky and I will be the instructors and, of course, we'll have to demonstrate...on you."

"You guys...you...you're lovers?" Zander couldn't help but choke a bit on the question.


"That we are," Lucky replied, rising from the table to join them. He smiled at Zander then he set about undressing Ric. Sliding off the suit jacket then undoing the tie.

Zander watched them, shaking his head. "No...I don't believe it. You guys are messing with me. I want out of here...now!" He made a move towards the door only to be grabbed by Lucky and hauled back.

Lucky slammed Zander back against the wall. "You're not going anywhere, baby," he whispered. "Not until we're done with you. And we haven't even started yet." Lucky let his hands roam over Zander's chest then down to cup his crotch.

"Get off me!" Zander hissed, trying to twist away.


"Relax," Ric purred, as he tugged Lucky away from Zander. But only to start undressing him. Off came the belt and utilities. The black tie and then the uniform shirt.

Zander couldn't believe what he was seeing. This had to be some fucked up dream. Or maybe somebody slipped him something at Jake’s and he was hallucinating. "I want out of here," he muttered, as much to himself as to Ric.


Ric finished ridding Lucky of his shirt and he pinched the flat nipples, eliciting a moan from Lucky, before turning to Zander. "Here's the deal," he stated. "You play with us and I drop the charges. You don't play, you go to jail. And I can make sure you end up in a cell with a guy named Bubba, who has a fondness for pretty...pretty…boys like you, Zander."


"You're fucking with me," Zander shot back, glaring at Ric.

"I fully intend to fuck you," Ric countered. "Not the same thing." He started unbuttoning his own shirt, letting Lucky help him from behind. Lucky, who was now fully naked.

Zander noticed naked Lucky and tried to keep his focus on Ric. This was not happening. "Why are you doing this to me? Go fuck each other and leave me alone!"


Ric sighed. "There in lies the rub, Zander. You see...Lucky and I enjoy sex together, but we're both toppers. So even though the blow jobs and rimming and jacking off is wonderful, we need a bottom. That's where you come in."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Zander didn't get the lingo, not exactly. Although he could guess what Ric meant and he didn't want to go there. He suddenly realized that Ric was now naked as well. "Shit! I want out of here!" He tried to move towards the door again, but Lucky blocked him. Naked Lucky. Naked Ric. Zander didn't want to look.


"You have such a tight ass, Zander," Ric drawled. "Lucky and I have both been admiring it for quite some time. That's why we chose you. That and the fact that you’re young and beautiful and sexy beyond belief."

Zander shook his head. "You are not fucking me. No way!"

Ric sighed. "It's going to happen, Zander. Me and Lucky or Jail. You choose."

"You bastard!" Zander realized that Ric was serious. He watched Lucky kiss the back of Ric's neck, then stroke his hands down Ric's bare chest until his fingers curled around Ric's cock. His very hard cock. Zander closed his eyes. "If I let you do this...then you leave me alone, right? I'm free to go."

"Free to go," Ric echoed. Then his hands were gripping Zander's tee shirt and he ripped it open. And he kept ripping until it was nothing but scraps that he let flutter to the floor. "Beautiful..." Ric whispered, as he leaned in to lick at the scar between Zander's pectorals.


Zander flinched as the warm, wet, tongue swiped over his skin. He was shaking and his knees buckled. A hand caught him and Zander opened his eyes. Lucky. Zander felt himself pulled away from the wall then Lucky was behind him. Then fingers were undoing his belt and unzipping his jeans. And all the while Ric was lavishing attention on Zander's chest, licking and biting his nipples. Then jeans and boxer briefs were being tugged down and that's when panic set in. "No…wait...Stop!"


Ric curled his fingers in Zander's hair and kissed him softly. Then he whispered, "No stopping now, Zander."


"Please!" Zander heard the desperation in his voice. But then his pleas were muffled by Ric's tongue. Zander froze as Ric kissed him. It was strange to feel stubble against his face. Strange to know that a man's tongue was ravishing his mouth. Then Zander realized that the kiss was meant to be a distraction from what Lucky was doing. Which was getting him naked. "Mmmm.." Zander mumbled around Ric's tongue, when he felt fingers curl around his cock. He wasn't ready for this. Then Ric broke the kiss and Zander went back to begging. "Please...please stop.." He was panting and his voice was barely a whisper. And Lucky's fingers were still curled around him, then Ric was on his knees, tugging off Zander's shoes, then stripping away his jeans and briefs and socks. Now Zander was fully naked and he had never felt more vulnerable in his life.


"God...you are beautiful," Ric whispered as he stood up and stepped back to admire the view. "Both of you are like a painting. A work of art."

Lucky chuckled then he nuzzled Zander's neck even as he stroked his cock, working it to hardness in spite of Zander's protests. "He's always been beautiful," Lucky whispered into Zander's ear. "I love the way you move, Zander. You move like sex."


Zander shuddered as Lucky's warm breath sent tiny waves of pleasure rippling over his skin. He wasn't supposed to feel like this. He shuddered again when Ric fell back down on his knees then licked the tip of his cock. Zander bit his lip to hold back a whimper. When Lucky's fingers suddenly moved to his balls, even as Rick sucked his entire length into his mouth, Zander's body went into sensory overload. Then he felt it, a finger pressing into him and the pressure jolted him into motion. He tried to pull away but Lucky's arm wrapped tight around his waist. And Ric was still sucking on his cock and the finger went in deeper, thrusting in him and then he felt it. A jolt of pure pleasure that made Zander gasp, then moan, then whimper. He was so hard and aching now that it hurt. And when Ric pulled off him, he had to bite back a protest. Then he gasped as the finger was removed as well.


"Time to get wet," Ric purred, as he rose to his feet. Then he and Lucky guided Zander into the adjoining room. Which was an open stall shower. Zander felt like he was in the Twilight Zone. He was led over to the wall where the shower head protruded from and then he saw the cuffs attached to the tile. He started to struggle against the hands that held him but in the end, Zander ended up with his wrists bound before him. There was a slight length of chain, but not enough to afford him much movement.


"We're going to make you feel so good," Ric whispered as he turned the water on.

Zander gasped at the cold drops that hit him, but they warmed up quickly. And before he could gather his wits about him, he felt hands moving over him, lathering him up and caressing him, yet avoiding his aching cock. Fingers massaged shampoo into his scalp then he was being rinsed off and before he could blink, Lucky's mouth was on his cock and Zander was so on edge that it didn't take long for him to explode. He felt himself go limp and then Lucky was kissing him, his tongue pushing into Zander's mouth and Zander tasted something bitter. He realized it was his own cum and he shuddered and tried to pull away. But Ric was behind him, squeezing Zander's ass. Then he felt his cheeks parted and then there was warm wetness stabbing into him and Zander realized that it was Ric's tongue.


"No…NO!" He protested, but Lucky was kissing him again, swallowing his cries. Zander had never felt anything so intimate before and it made him shudder. He was going into sensory overload again when Ric pulled back. But not for long. Fingers replaced the tongue then they were gone as well to be replaced by something thick and slick and pulsing. Zander realized that it was the head of Ric's cock that was pressing into him. He pulled back from Lucky's mouth. "Stop...please stop!" Zander begged.

Ric couldn't stop now. He thrust his hips forward and gained an inch, feeling Zander's muscled walls sealing tightly around his tip. "Just relax," he whispered, as he pushed in farther.


"Just look at me, Zander," Lucky interjected. Then he tried to distract Zander by kissing his face.


"Burns…it burns!" Zander hissed. He felt Ric slide in deeper, and it was too hard and thick, the pressure too intense. Zander closed his eyes and dropped his head, panting as Ric slid in another inch, then another. Then he felt balls slap against his ass and he knew he had been fully penetrated. Zander couldn't believe this was happening, that another man's cock was balls deep inside him. He felt fingers curl in his hair then lips were on his as Lucky kissed him again. And Zander kissed back, wanting the distraction.

Ric massaged Zander's lower back, waiting for the tightly clenched muscles that gripped his cock to relax a bit. Finally he felt them ease and he slowly pulled out to his tip. Then he pushed back in again, all the way in, and it felt like being gripped by a suede glove. A perfect fit. "God...Zander...you were made for this," Ric whispered. He lifted his eyes to watch Lucky kissing Zander for a moment. The spray of water from the shower head being blocked by Lucky's back, causing a mist to surround them. It was perfect in every way. Then Ric had to move again. Slow thrusts in and out before shifting the angle so that his tip would brush over Zander's hot spot with each stroke in. The whimpers the beautiful boy made were nearly Ric's undoing.

Lucky liked kissing Zander. He tasted like chocolate and coffee and whiskey. A flavor that was somehow, uniquely, Zander. He could feel Zander's body rocked by Ric's thrusts in and out and Lucky felt his own cock throb in anticipation for when it would be his turn to be buried in Zander's sweet ass.


Zander could feel the cock inside him begin to pulse, then he felt warm wetness flood his insides. And it hit him, anew, that Ric Lansing was fucking him and had now marked him with his seed. Zander moaned as Ric pulled out of him abruptly. Then he was being shifted as Ric and Lucky changed places. Then Zander gasped as he felt Lucky's tongue licking away Ric's seed. Lapping at Zander's opening then stabbing inside. Once again, a shockingly intimate act that made him shiver. But when Zander tried to pull away, strong hands and arms held him fast. "Let me go now...please. I did what you wanted."


"Not yet…it's not over yet," Ric whispered. "Lucky hasn't had his turn yet."

"God.." Zander closed his eyes and wondered if he would survive this night. He felt Lucky pull away from him then opened his eyes just in time to see Ric and Lucky kiss. Then they were washing him again before releasing Zander. His knees buckled for a moment and Zander was almost grateful for the support Ric and Lucky offered him. Until they steered him back into the other room and over to the table. Hand cuffs were hooked into the center of it. Padded cuffs. And Zander found himself bent over the table and his wrists bound once again. He was horrified by how vulnerable this position made him. Naked with his ass up in the air so to speak. And Zander opened his mouth to protest, but was distracted when a silk scarf was wrapped around his eyes. Now he couldn't see, which made him hyper aware of every sound and every touch. And hands did touch him. Fingers curled in his hair and warm lips sealed over his. A distraction, Zander realized, for the slick finger that suddenly pushed into him. Then he stiffened as the finger was replaced with something thick and cold and hard. It pressed in deep, almost as deep as Ric's cock but more unyielding inside him.


Ric leaned over Zander's back to whisper in his ear. "This is going to feel amazing, Zander."

Zander whimpered as the object inside him began to vibrate, sending shock waves of pleasure rippling through him as his prostrate was stimulated. But it was an overload of pleasure and Zander wriggled, wanting the object out of him.


"Don't fight it," Ric whispered, as he squeezed Zander's ass cheeks, his fingers massaging the lusciously muscular globes. "I'm preparing you for Lucky's cock," Ric continued. "I want you open for him so he can fuck you hard."


"God...I can't wait," Lucky breathed, feeling his cock throb in anticipation. He had been hard for so long and he needed release. And he wanted to find it, buried balls deep inside of Zander.

Ric smiled at him. "Sit down," he ordered.

Lucky moved to the nearby chair, gasping a bit at the coldness of the seat against his bare ass. Then he moaned and closed his eyes as Ric slicked his cock. It almost sent him over the edge. Almost. Lucky opened his eyes to watch Ric free Zander from the table. Watched as Zander tried to pull away, only to have his hands cuffed in front of him again. The blindfold kept Zander disoriented, just as the vibrating butt plug kept him distracted from putting up a true fight. Then Ric was guiding Zander over to Lucky and Lucky reached for the beautiful boy, guiding Zander over his lap. Lucky gripped the base of his cock then watched as Ric removed the butt plug. Zander was open for him and Lucky gripped the slim hips to pull him down over him, then his aching cock was sliding into warm tightness. Because the moment Lucky was inside of Zander, the boy's muscled walls started sealing around him and it was heaven. Lucky moaned and almost came in that moment.


"I wish I could paint the two of you like this," Ric whispered, as he studied the beauty before him. Zander was settled on Lucky's lap, spitted on his cock, his head back, whimpering softly as Lucky fucked him with shallow thrusts in and out, both bodies sheened with sweat, one of Lucky's hands fisted around Zander's cock, stroking him to hardness again. Both of them moving to a silent, erotic, rhythm that reminded Ric of a dance. He felt himself growing hard again as he reached out to remove Zander's blindfold. "Look at me!" Ric demanded, and Zander's hazel eyes snapped opened. Ric smiled. "Feel Lucky inside of you, Zander. Feel each slow thrust in and out, fucking you so sweetly. Making you ache and burn with the stretch as he fills you. I know you can feel every inch of him…can't you?"


"Fuck you," Zander hissed, but it turned into a moan as he came in a rush. Then he gasped as he watched Ric take Lucky's hand, coated with his cum, bringing it to his mouth to lick it. It was surprisingly erotic to watch. And then Ric was pressing Lucky's fingers to Zander's lips and he could taste himself. Zander moaned again, his eyes drifting closed as Lucky shifted him. The arm around his waist tightened and Zander was rocked as Lucky's thrusts became faster and deeper.


Lucky was so close to coming. His could feel the press and pull of Zander's muscled walls, clenching at his cock with each thrust in and out. It was like nothing Lucky had ever felt before and he never wanted it to end. But the familiar tingle at the base of his spine signaled his imminent release and then it happened. Lucky felt himself explode into pleasure as his cock pulsed his seed deep inside Zander. Marking the beautiful boy as his now. His and Ric's.


Zander felt Lucky's cum coat his insides and even as the shock waves continued, he found Ric's mouth on his then a tongue thrusting into his mouth, mimicking the shallow thrusts in his ass, as if Ric were connecting the three of them, binding them together in this moment. And Zander could taste himself on Ric's tongue and lips and the pungent scent of scent filled his nostrils, invading his senses the way Lucky's cock invaded his body. Once again his senses were overloaded and this time Zander felt darkness swirl around him, drawing him down into its warm embrace. And when he came back to awareness, he realized he was back in the shower and Lucky was supporting him as Ric washed him.


"Can I go now?" Zander asked, as he let Ric and Lucky enfold him in a towel.


"For now," Ric replied, a smile curving his lips. He and Lucky would never let Zander leave them now. He was a part of them both, the connection they had been missing. "You can dress and Lucky will drive you home."

Zander nodded. He didn't know what else to do. He walked into the other room, carefully avoiding looking at the chair where he had been recently fucked. He found his jeans but his boxer-briefs seemed to be missing. Zander shrugged it off as he dropped the towel and stepped into his jeans. He then realized he had no shirt, only to find Ric holding out a white tee shirt.

Ric grinned. "I figured you would need this." He watched Zander pull it on, then step into his shoes.

Lucky had gotten dressed again, ignoring his tie, but slipping his belt back on and clipping radio and cuffs back into place. He moved to kiss Ric goodbye then turned to Zander. "Ready to go."

"Yeah...I'm ready." But Zander paused and locked eyes with Ric. "I'm free now, right? No charges? No jail time?"


"No charges and no jail time," Ric allowed. Then he went to Zander and kissed him, loving the fact that Zander kissed him back, instinctively. Then he laughed when Zander pulled away abruptly and pressed a shaky hand to his lips.


Lucky smirked then said to Ric. "I'll call you later." He then opened the door and ushered Zander out. They drove to Jake’s in silence.


Zander was relieved to be home. He was sore and aching in places he didn't realize could ache. An intimate reminder of what had happened tonight. He still couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that Ric and Lucky had fucked him. Zander made to get out of the car but Lucky grabbed his arm and kissed him. And Zander let him. It felt like closure. Then Zander broke the kiss.


"I'll be back, Zander," Lucky stated, before the car door closed.


"Fuck," Zander muttered to himself, as he walked into Jake’s. He climbed the stairs and made it to his room. Briefly he thought about getting undressed, but he was so tired he just tumbled down onto his bed and closed his eyes. And a part of Zander wondered if he would wake up to find this had only been a dream.


* * * * *

Back in the secret room, Ric smiled wistfully as he turned off the lights, then closed and locked the door. They would come back here again some day. But as he climbed the stairs to the exit, Ric was already thinking of a new place to go and new toys to bring, for the next time he and Lucky fucked Zander Smith.


Ric felt himself grow hard, just thinking about it. And he promised his cock it would be soon.