The Hot Zone

Chapter 11


Zander allowed the kiss, more because he was too stunned to react than for any other reason. He felt like he was trapped in a nightmare only he couldn't wake up from it.


"Leave him alone!" Nikolas snarled, as he struggled against the hands that held him.


Arroyo broke the kiss and turned to Nikolas. "Zander belongs to me," he purred. "I can do anything I want to him." As he spoke, Arroyo slid his hand inside Zander's sweat pants, fondling him.

Zander did react now, or tried to. But he couldn't stop what was happening because he was being held by two of Arroyo's goons. So he glared at Arroyo and hissed, "Don't touch me, you bastard!" And for that he received a slap. But it was worth it, because Arroyo stopped fondling him.


"Naughty boy," Arroyo drawled, as he gripped Zander's face in one hand. "That was a warning, the next time you make me angry, Mr. Cassadine ends up with something broken. Same thing with the next time…and so on. Catch my drift?"


"Yeah...I got it," Zander replied, and he felt himself begin to shake. Arroyo would hurt Nikolas if he didn't behave. Hurt him and no doubt kill him.


Arroyo smiled then he kissed Zander. He deepened the kiss until they were both panting for air. "Very good," he said, pleased by Zander's response. He nodded to the guards. "Release him...Zander will behave himself. Won't you?"

Zander nodded. "What do you want from me?" He asked, already knowing the answer. And knowing that he would do whatever he had to do. To protect Nikolas.


"Undress for me," Arroyo ordered. He moved to sit on the end of the bed to watch.


"NO!" Nikolas was still struggling in the hands of his captors. "Zander…don't do this. Please!"


Zander closed his eyes and turned his back to Nikolas. He didn't want to do this in front of the other man, but he knew that was exactly what Arroyo wanted. So be it. He pulled his tee shirt over his head the slipped off the sweat pants. He felt more naked than he ever had before in his entire life.


Arroyo was pleased. "Come here." He waited for Zander to step within reach then he trailed his fingertips over the ridged abdomen. "I've missed you so much...missed being inside you." He leaned in to kiss Zander's stomach, feeling him flinch. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes." Zander gritted out the word, knowing he had to play Arroyo's sick game.


"Suck me."

Zander fell to his knees and freed Arroyo's cock. He could hear Nikolas screaming at him to stop. Screaming until Arroyo ordered him gagged. From the corner of his eye, Zander saw a big hand clamp over Nikolas’s mouth. He was almost grateful for the silence. He then focused on doing what he was told. He wanted this over with. Zander sucked Arroyo's cock into his mouth and worked him. He felt fingers curl in his hair then they tugged him off the hard shaft.


Arroyo pushed Zander onto the bed. "On your knees and grip the headboard," he ordered. When Zander obeyed he nodded to one of his goons and they bound Zander's wrists to the headboard. "Such a perfect, beautiful, ass..." Arroyo purred, as he let his hands knead the muscled globes. Then, without warning, he pressed a fingers inside, hearing Zander gasp. Arroyo smiled then turned to look at Nikolas. "Have you fucked him yet? He's so tight, so perfect." Arroyo laughed when Nikolas tried to scream his fury, only to have it come out muffled from the hand over his face.


Zander felt sick as Arroyo pushed another finger inside him. He was helpless to stop this, and what made it worse was that Nikolas was watching. He was seeing just how much of a whore Zander really was. But then all thought faded as the fingers were removed and Arroyo's cock was pressing into Zander. The burn and stretch brought tears to his eyes. Zander pulled on his restraints and his hips thrust forward, his body wanting to escape. But strong fingers gripped his hips and with another thrust, Arroyo was all the way in. He didn't allow time for Zander to adjust to him, he just began a hard rhythm of thrusts. Zander closed his eyes and prayed for it to be over quick. And then he felt it, Arroyo's release. He moaned as Arroyo pulled out but then he hissed as another cock thrust inside him. And Zander realized that Arroyo was going to punish him for trying to escape. He would let the guards fuck him as well.


A sob escaped Zander as his body rocked from the thrusts. He felt as if his insides were being torn apart and he just wanted it to be over. But then he heard a scuffling sound and the cock inside him went still. Zander looked over his shoulder and saw Nikolas break away from the guards. Saw him grab the gun from the nearest guard's holster and aim it at Arroyo. Zander jerked in reaction to the gun shot being fired and he heard Arroyo cry out, then the thud of a body hitting the floor. Zander felt the guard pull out of him.

All hell broke loose as the guards turned on Nikolas. Zander knew that Nikolas would be shot down, but suddenly there was more gunfire. Zander couldn't see what was happening, everything was out of his line of vision. But suddenly there was a deafening silence and he realized he was shaking. Then hands were on his wrist, releasing him, and Zander looked over to see that it was Nikolas.


"You're…you're alive," he whispered.


"Yeah...I'm alive...and so are you.." Nikolas’s hands were shaking as they cupped Zander's face. "I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry," he whispered.

"Sorry?" Zander echoed, not understanding. Then he felt Nikolas wrap a blanket around him and everything seemed surreal. Zander looked past Nikolas’s shoulder and saw Jason standing there, gun in hand. Jason and two other guys. Zander turned around and saw Arroyo and the guards, lying dead on the floor. Zander looked at Nikolas. "You killed Arroyo."

Nikolas nodded. "Yeah…but not soon enough to stop the bastard from raping you. God…I'm sorry, Zander.."

Zander pressed a finger to Nikolas’s lips. "Don't be sorry. He didn't hurt me...he can't hurt me.." Zander felt strangely detached from everything. As if nothing made sense. As if he were still trapped in his nightmare.

"You need to leave, now," Jason stated, moving to the bed.


"I have to shower," Zander replied.

Jason nodded. "Hurry."


Zander slid off the bed and swayed on his feet.  He felt Nikolas catch his arm then help him into the bathroom. Zander looked at the shower. He wasn't sure what to do next. He felt the blanket tugged away then Nikolas was there, pushing him into the shower stall after turning on the water. Zander picked up the soap and lathered up. He rinsed off then stepped out when Nikolas turned off the water and pulled on his arm. He let himself be dried off then dressed in the clothes Nikolas held out to him.  Jeans and a sweater, with thick socks and a pair of boots. Zander then shrugged on the jacket Nikolas gave him and let himself be led into the other room. The bodies were gone, but there were bloodstains on the floor. Zander followed Nikolas outside and got into the van.


"Head west," Jason told Nikolas. He handed him a piece of paper. "It's a new place. With Arroyo dead the threat is gone, but I think you need some time alone." He looked at Zander as he spoke, then back at Nikolas. "I'll call." Then Jason was gone.


"Are you okay?" Zander asked suddenly, reaching out to touch Nikolas on the arm as he made to start the van.


Nikolas smiled at Zander, then he reached out and touched his face. "We're alive and Arroyo is dead. I'm good." Nikolas started the van and drove off into the night.


Zander watched him until his eyes closed, then he drifted off to sleep. And he hoped that when he woke up, it will all have been just a dream.



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