The Hot Zone

Chapter 12


The new safe house was a beach house. Private beach, beautiful, spacious house.


When they arrived the first thing Zander did was shower again. When he came out Nikolas was waiting for him. "I'm sorry," Zander whispered.

Nikolas frowned. "Sorry? For what?"


"For everything that happened." Zander moved to the window and stared out at the rising sun. They had driven for hours before arriving and night was softly falling. "For what you did...for what you saw...for everything. You can go home now, you know. I'm safe. You made sure of that."


"Zander...I don't want to go home," Nikolas replied, moving to stand beside him. "Not without you. And for the record, I don't regret killing Arroyo. I'd do it again if I could."


Zander nodded. "Yeah...okay." He shivered even though the house was warm.


Nikolas reached out to touch Zander's face. He watched him pull away. "What Arroyo made you do...that wasn't your fault, Zander. You did what you did to save me. And I did what I did to save you. We saved each other...and that's all that matters to me."


"I can still feel him...I can feel him touching me...inside me..." Zander closed his eyes but hot tears leaked out anyway. He didn't want to do this, he didn't want to fall apart. Not now. Not in front of Nikolas. "I"m sorry...I'm sorry.." Zander started to turn away. But strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him against a strong chest. Zander fought against it for a moment, but his knees buckled and then he was melting into Nikolas's embrace.


"It's okay, Zander...let it out," Nikolas whispered against his hair. "Let it all out." Tears slid down his own face as he eased them down onto the floor.


Zander cried until there were no more tears left, then he felt Nikolas cup his face and kiss away the wetness. "I want to believe it's finally over," Zander said softly. "I want to believe that we're safe."

Nikolas smiled. "We are safe.'s going to take time for you to heal, Zander. To believe that it's over...and to accept that you can move on with your life now. You don't have to go back to Sonny."

"Yeah...yeah I do." Zander pulled away from Nikolas. "Roscoe is still a threat to Alexis."


"I talked to Jason about all of this on the drive up. I told him that I was not going to let you go back to Sonny, and he told me that it was okay. He would take care of things with Sonny." Nikolas brushed a lock of hair off Zander's forehead. "You're free to do what you want now, Zander. Okay? You're free."

Zander wanted to believe him but it was too much to absorb right now. So he simply let Nikolas hold him and eventually he fell asleep.


* * * * *

Sonny and Jason had talked about Zander. Sonny wasn't happy, but he was willing to let Zander go. The kid had been through enough. He had paid his dues to Sonny. It was a relief knowing that Arroyo was dead and things could go back to normal. Or so Sonny thought. He had checked on one of his warehouses and he made his way to the door, where his car was waiting. But when he stepped outside he heard a pop, then he felt a burning pain in his chest. Then darkness claimed him.


* * * * *


Zander and Nikolas spent the next two weeks getting to know one another. They slept alot, talked alot and laughed alot. Nikolas enjoyed seeing Zander laugh. He was beautiful when he smiled. It was a time of healing for Zander and it was a time of growth for Nikolas. He knew what he wanted out of life now. He wanted to be happy and loved. And he had both of those things with Zander.

They survived on the foods that Zander could cook, which turned out to be a bit more than he had claimed at the cabin. They went into town on occasion for Chinese or Mexican, but otherwise they were content to spend time at the beach house. The days warmed up and they were able to swim a few times. One night they swam in the surf but it was chilly in the night air. They ran out of the surf and grabbed for their towels.


Nikolas dried Zander off, and he couldn't help but let his hand brush over the perfect chest. Nor could he help but moan when Zander's hand brushed over his crotch. Nikolas was hard and aching. He wanted Zander in every way. Needed him.


"Make love to me," Zander whispered, leaning in to kiss Nikolas.


"Are you sure?" Nikolas asked, praying that Zander would be.

Zander laughed softly and guided Nikolas’s hand to his crotch. He was hard as well. "I'm ready."

Nikolas smiled then took Zander by the hand. They went inside and into the master bedroom. Nikolas kissed Zander until they were both breathless, then he slid off his wet swim trucks, revealing the perfect body to his heated gaze. "You are so fucking beautiful."

"I'm not...," Zander began, only to be silenced with a kiss. Then he divested Nikolas of his trunks before dropping to his knees. Zander suckled Nikolas’s erection, eliciting moans.

"You…you have to stop," Nikolas ordered, tugging on Zander's hair. "I want to be inside you. Please..." As he spoke, he watched Zander's face, to gauge his reaction. He saw a moment of hesitation and a flicker of fear, but both faded to be replaced by passion.

Zander nodded. "I want that too."


Nikolas guided Zander onto the bed. He moved between the strong legs to take Zander into his mouth and he worked the thick cock until Zander's whimpers turned into moans of release. He held Zander as he softened, then slid up the lax body to kiss him, sharing his taste. "Are you ready for me?" Nikolas queried. At Zander's nod he reached over to the bedside table and removed a bottle of lubricant. Nikolas blushed at the look Zander gave him. "I've been hoping," he said, then he laughed as he rubbed oil onto his hands.


"How do you want me?" Zander asked.


"On your back...if that's okay?" Nikolas replied. "I want to see your face when I cum inside you."

Zander nodded. "Okay." He lifted his hips so that Nikolas could place a pillow under them. Then he opened his thighs, inviting Nikolas to become one with him.


Nikolas took the invitation. He slid a finger inside Zander, feeling the clench of inner muscles, then he worked it around, searching for that sensitive spot. When he found it, Zander's whimpers were nearly Nikolas’s undoing. That and the look of pure pleasure on Zander's face and the way he bit his bottom lip. Nikolas had to lean in to kiss him. He didn't stop kissing him until he had Zander writhing as he stretched him open, managing to brush over his hot spot repeatedly as he did so.


"In me already!" Zander begged.

"Yes..." Nikolas breathed, pulling his fingers out and pressing the tip of his cock to Zander's opening. He thrust his hips forward slightly and slipped in an inch. He felt Zander stiffen and went still. "I'll stop…"

Zander shook his head. "It's okay...I'm okay." He smiled softly. "I want to feel you inside me."


Nikolas nodded. He wanted that too. He pushed forward again and gained another two inches. He could feel Zander's inner muscles sealing around his cock and he couldn't help but want more. So he pushed in again, harder this time, and found himself all the way home. Nikolas moaned as warm tightness wrapped around him. Almost too tight. Nikolas studied Zander's face and saw a glitter of pain in the hazel eyes. "I'm sorry..."

"I just need a minute," Zander replied. He reached out to stroke a fingertip over Nikolas’s cheek. "You could never hurt me." A moment passed and Zander hitched his hips. "Move.." he whispered.


"God...yes," Nikolas replied. He gripped Zander's hips in his hands and began to thrust. Slow pull out, slow slide in. Nikolas shifted his angle and then he was brushing over Zander's prostrate with each thrust in. He could tell by the whimpers that escaped Zander and the way his taut body shuddered, and the way his fingers were clenching in the sheets. Zander was so fucking beautiful like this. Passion and trust glowed in his heavy-lidded eyes and his soft lips were wet when he licked them. Nikolas leaned in to kiss him, thrusting his tongue into Zander's sweet mouth. Then he felt it, the tingle in his spine that signaled his imminent release and Nikolas broke the kiss so that he could angle himself to thrust in harder and deeper. And then he was coming, releasing his seed deep inside Zander, and as he collapsed over his lover, Nikolas felt strong arms wrap around him, then warm lips were at his ear.


Zander whispered softly, "I love you, Nikolas."

Nikolas blinked back tears as he replied, "I love you too." Then he pulled back enough to kiss Zander's tears before pulling out gently so that they could hold each other in the aftermath of their newfound love.


* * * * *

Zander came awake slowly. He stretched before he opened his eyes, then reached out to the place next to him. It was empty. Zander's eyes flew open but he relaxed when he noticed that Nikolas had picked up the towels and their trunks. He was a neat freak in that way. Eyeing the clock on the night stand, Zander noticed it was almost ten o'clock and he wondered if Nikolas was trying his hand at making breakfast again. He was close to mastering scrambled eggs.

Grinning to himself, Zander slid out of bed and padded into the shower. He made short work of lathering up and rinsing off, washing his hair as well, then he dried off and dressed in jeans and a tank top. It looked to be a hot day. Combing his fingers through his hair, Zander made his way to the kitchen, calling Nikolas’s name. The kitchen was empty. "Nikolas?"


Fear suddenly rippled through Zander but he told himself to chill. He ran to the garage and the van was still there. Which meant Nikolas must have gone outside. Maybe for a run on the beach. Zander was heading for the back door when the phone rang. He snatched it up off the counter. "Hello?"


"Hello, son," Said the voice on the other end of the phone. "It's time to come home."



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