The Hot Zone

Chapter 15


Zander struggled under Dr. Benson, all the more so when he realized that he could feel the man's cock settling between his ass cheeks. "Get off me!" Zander hissed.

Dr. Benson nipped at Zander's ear lobe then said, "Behave...or I'll tell your father a lie that will send him into a rampage, Alexander. And all the people you care about will suffer. And you know I speak the truth."

"Bastard!" Zander snarled, but he stopped struggling. "Why are you doing this?"


"Because I missed you," Dr. Benson purred, even as he pulled back just enough so that he could press the tip of his cock to Zander's opening. Then he thrust his hips and pushed inside.

Zander stiffened at the stretch and burn, biting at his lip to keep from crying out. Another thrust and Dr. Benson's cock was all the way in, and in that moment, even as his body was being rocked with the force of the doctor's thrusts, Zander's memory was being rocked with images of the past.

He remembered another time, when he was fifteen. Dr. Benson had come to check on him and had given Zander a shot. Then he had started touching him, caressing him. And then he had stripped him of his boxers and had fucked him. The memory was made all the more vivid by the fact that he was fucking him now. "No…no..." Zander whispered, wanting the memory to disappear. He felt tears burn in his eyes and then he felt the cock inside him pulse and warm wetness filled him. It was over.

"Good boy, Alexander," Dr. Benson purred, as he slumped over him. "You always were such a good boy. Such a beautiful boy." He eased back, pulling out, and grabbed a towel from his bag to wipe his cock before tucking himself back inside his pants. He then reached for another small towel and wet it with saline.


"You sonofabitch!" Zander hissed, anger burning away his tears. He tried to roll over only Dr. Benson pressed his weight down on him again. Then Zander felt him shift, then a soft cloth was wiping away the semen off him. What should have been clinical in its own way, became a humiliatingly intimate caress. When it was finally over and Zander was allowed to get up, he slid from the bed and got dressed. He was shaking so hard his knees almost buckled. He felt Dr. Benson watching him the whole time. Finally, Zander turned to face him. "You drugged me when I was a kid…and then you raped me. Didn't you?"


Dr. Benson shrugged. "I had sex with you, Zander. There's a difference."


Zander nodded. "Yeah…there is. Sex is something consensual. Rape is non consensual. I never wanted it, you bastard! And you made sure I wouldn't remember it happened!"


"I can do the same now," Dr. Benson stated. "You're father wants you back on your medication, Alexander."

"Zander! My name is Zander!" It was the one thing he had control over. The only thing at this point.


Dr. Benson smiled. "Okay...Zander. I'll give you the same thing you were on before. It will make all of this easier on you."

Zander couldn't believe what he was hearing. "All of this...meaning what? I take it you plan on fucking me again?"


"I need to get your father. He wanted to be here when we talked about Arroyo and the rapes." Dr. Benson headed for the door.


"I'll tell my father what you did!" Zander snapped.

Dr. Benson reached the door. He stopped and turned to smile at Zander. " won't. Because you know he will believe me over you. And I will tell him an entirely different story." That said, Dr. Benson opened the door and called for the guard to inform Mr. Castle that they were ready for him.


Zander paced as he waited for his father to show up. He was furious at what had happened, and sickened. And the worst part was that Dr. Benson was right. His father would believe the lie over him. Zander was well and truly trapped. Then he heard footsteps and Zander felt a ripple of fear as his father entered the room.

"How is he?" Tony asked the doctor.


"Healed," Dr. Benson replied. "I did a complete physical."

Zander saw the doctor's smirk and longed to punch it off his face. "Are we done now?" he asked.

Tony smiled at his son. "I think you need to talk to Dr. Benson about what happened to you. I want to know the story myself. Mind you, I know about your working for Sonny, and I blame Corinthos for hooking you up with Arroyo. But what happened, Alex? What did that piece of shit do to you?"

"He fucked me," Zander shot back. "I'm sure you don't need the graphic details, Dad. He fucked me alot. He also let other people do it. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Zander began to pace.


"Calm down, Alex. I know this is difficult for you."

Zander turned around and glared at his father. "You have no idea!" he spat.


Tony sighed. "You're right. But you were raped and I can guess how traumatic that would be."

"Maybe it wasn't rape," Zander countered, and he almost giggled at the stunned look on his father's face.

"What are you saying, Alex?"

Zander shrugged. "Maybe I wanted it rough? Maybe I liked it. Hell...maybe I even begged for it. Did you ever think about that, dad?" Zander was on a roll and the fact that his father was turning purple, made him want to continue in the hope that he might have a heart attack on the spot.


Tony moved to his son and lashed out, backhanding him across the temple. He watched Zander stagger back against the bed post. "What the hell is wrong with you!" he shouted.

"Mr. Castle...wait," Dr. Benson intervened. "I think Zander is acting out. He's not ready to deal with what happened to him. To call it what it was. To accept that he was raped…because that makes him feel like he was helpless. Zander is trying to find a way to justify what happened to him. It's a classic reaction for a rape victim. Especially a male rape victim."


"I see." Tony's anger deflated as he listened to what the doctor was saying. He went to his son and hugged him. "I'm sorry, Alex. I love you son, and we're going to help you get better."

Zander pushed away from his father. "I'm not sick," he shot back. "I don’t need to get better!" Zander was beyond caring if he pissed his father off. He wanted out of this place, out of his life. Out of hell.


Tony looked at Dr. Benson. "Can you give him something to calm him down?"


"No!" Zander started to back away.


"I have just what he needs," Dr. Benson replied. He pulled a syringe out of his black bag.


Zander looked about him for a way to escape, but he knew he was trapped. He watched as his father went to the door and opened it, calling for the guards. Zander knew he wouldn't win, but as they approached him he lashed out, kicking one in the kneecap and deriving some measure of satisfaction as the guy fell to his knees, whimpering. But it distracted Zander enough so that the other guard could grab him and he was hauled onto the bed. Zander struggled but his father held him as well and he felt his shirtsleeve pushed up. Then there was a pinprick and darkness swirled over Zander. He welcomed it.


* * * * *


Zander came awake to kisses and caresses. He felt bare skin against his skin and he opened his eyes to find Angela hovering over him. It should have surprised Zander, but it didn't. His mind felt foggy from the drugs and his body felt lethargic.


Angela smiled at Zander, then she kissed him again. "Hey sweet boy," she whispered. "Let's make a baby."




"Shh..." She whispered, a finger pressed to his lips. "Just let it happen, baby. Just like before. I'll take care of everything. Just let yourself feel me, Zander. Okay, baby?" As she spoke, Angela stroked Zander to hardness.

He didn't have the ability to resist nor the mindset too. After what Dr. Benson had done, Zander almost wanted this. He wanted to feel himself thrusting into Angela's wetness, a wetness he was stroking with his fingers. Zander drew her down into a kiss as he brought her to orgasm, then she was shifting over him and he was sliding into her wet heat. He moaned as she moved over him, and he matched her rhythm with shallow, upward, thrusts of his hips. It all felt surreal to Zander, but his release was vividly real. His body went limp in the aftermath and his eyes fluttered close. Vaguely, Zander felt a hand in his hair, then a brush of warm lips against his, before darkness claimed him once more.


* * * * *

Zander slept more or less, for the entire day and into the night. He woke up the next morning and felt a bit lightheaded, but otherwise okay. He remembered Angela's visit and he felt the same regret and shame from before. Running a hand through his hair, Zander slid out of bed and showered. He got dressed then headed downstairs. He actually felt hungry. But his appetite faded when he saw his father at the table.


"Good morning, Alex," Tony greeted his son.  "Get yourself something to eat then sit. We need to talk."


"You mean about making babies?" Zander shot back. He knew that his father was going to force him to do this again. Zander wasn't going to pretend ignorance. He poured himself some coffee and a glass of juice, and managed to juggle a muffin over to the table. When he sat down he wasn't surprised to see a pale yellow pill on his placement. Zander didn't argue about it. He simply swallowed it down with the juice. It would be easier to deal with everything if he could forget most of it. Maybe he could even forget about Nikolas.


Tony locked eyes with Zander. "I want another son."

Zander nodded. "I'm sure you do. Lord knows that I didn't live up to your expectations."

"It's not about that, Alex. It's about keeping the generations strong. And having an heir that keeps Angela's family connected to mine through more than marriage." Tony smiled. "It's all about bloodlines and business. Speaking of start work with Leo today. Are you ready?"


"Can't wait," Zander drawled. He applied himself to his breakfast and was relieved when his father let the subject matter drop. He didn’t want to think about bringing a baby into this hellacious family. No one deserved this life, Zander realized. Not even he deserved this.



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