The Hot Zone

Chapter 16


After breakfast, Zander was driven to the private corporate building where Leo had his offices. Zander wasn't surprised to learn that his father owned the building. Nor was he surprised that it oozed richness and was expensively decorated. Nothing but the best for Tony Castle. Zander was shown into Leo's office, only to find Leo on the phone. He waited just inside the door.


Leo caught sight of Zander and cut his call short. "Come in and sit down," he invited Zander.

"I'll stand," Zander replied.


"All right. That's fine." Leo smiled as he moved to greet Zander with a handshake. "I'm going to take you on a tour in a moment anyway, then you can settle in to your office."

Zander was surprised. "My office? I thought I was supposed to be your assistant?"

Leo's smile turned into a smirk. "You are. But you still need an office. Right?" Leo moved to perch on the edge of his desk. "Let's be real honest with each other, Zander. Okay?"

"Sure, Leo. Honesty is the best policy," Zander replied. He got a bad vibe from Leo and he had a feeling the guy was up to something. But Zander was willing to play along for now. Everything in his life seemed to be little more than a game, and he was the player destined to lose.


"Glad you agree." Leo's smile faded and his eyes became hard. "I don't have any problem with teaching you the ropes. You're Tony's son and I respect him. I'm where I am because of him. But I want no misunderstandings between you and me, Zander."

Zander nodded. "Sounds like a good idea."


Leo slid off the desk and approached Zander. "I remember you as a kid. Not that I was around much, but you made an impression. Now you're all grown up...and I like what I see."


"Is there a point to this?" Zander queried. He found himself taking a step back. Leo was invading his personal space and it made Zander uncomfortable. As did the look in Leo's eyes. A look he was all too familiar with.


"Do you know why I never married, Zander?" Leo countered. He didn't wait for a reply. "Because women bore me. They're pretty and they smell good and they're useful if you want to procreate...but they're fragile and way too easy to break."


Zander took another step back, then another, until he found himself hitting the wall. "Where are you going with this, Leo?" He prompted.

Leo stopped and smiled. "Tony told me about what happened? About Sonny Corinthos and the HOT ZONE. About Carlos Arroyo...all of it."



"So...I was thinking...maybe you could dance for me some time."

Zander couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Maybe not!" he snapped, and pushed away from the wall. He made to head for the door but Leo blocked him. "Back off!"


Leo didn't. He was bigger than Zander and he pushed his advantage until Zander was against the wall again. Then he pinned him there with his body weight before fisting his fingers in the dark hair. He bent his head and kissed him, pulling back when Zander tried to bite him. "Naughty boy," Leo purred, tugging on Zander's hair.

"Fuck you!" Zander shot back, wincing at the pain in his scalp.


"Close," Leo drawled. "I do intend to fuck you, Zander. Right over my desk for the first time...I think."

Zander shook his head. "Not going to happen."


Leo smiled then nipped at Zander's chin. "Sure it will. You know why? Because I know things. I know who you care about, Zander. Like…Alexis Davis. Did you know she had her baby?"


"What?" Zander hadn't known that and it brought home just how much time had passed since he had got caught up in this mess that had become his life. "What...what did she have?"

"A little girl. I think her name is Katy...or something like that."

Zander knew. "Kristina."

Leo nodded. "Yeah...that's it. I know everything about them, Zander. I made it a point to know. So...I think you will do anything I want you to do. Right?"


"You sonofabitch!" Zander felt his anger flare, but he tamped it down. Leo was right. To keep Alexis and her daughter safe, Zander would do whatever he had to do. Whatever Leo wanted. At least until he could figure out a way to keep Alexis safe on his own.


"Call me anything you like, Zander. I've surely been called worse than anything you can come up with." Leo kissed him again and was pleased when Zander allowed it. "I'm going to enjoy fucking your beautiful ass. I know you won't break on me."


Zander felt his stomach twist into knots. He couldn't believe this was happening to him again. But he would see it through. "Are we done for now?"


Leo shook his head. "I told you…I want to see you dance for me."


"Now?" Zander was stunned.


"Right now." Leo moved to his desk and pulled a CD player out of a drawer. "I did my homework, Zander. I got the music you used to dance to." He hit the play button and the sensual music filled the room. "Dance for me," he ordered.

Zander wanted to refuse but the image of Alexis holding a baby girl filled his head. He did as he was told. He danced. In fact he fell into the routine almost too easily, remembering every beat and every step. And when he was done he prayed it would be enough. But he was wrong. He saw that Leo was in his desk chair, his pants were open and he was stroking himself.

Leo grinned at Zander. "Beautiful.." he whispered. "Now blow me. I know you know how."

"Whatever." Zander preferred this to being fucked again. He fell to his knees between Leo's legs and did as he was told. He swallowed when Leo came then kissed Leo back when lips sealed over his.


"Good boy, Zander," Leo stated, as he tucked his spent cock back into his pants.

Zander said nothing. He wiped at his mouth with the back of one hand, then he fished a stick of gum out of his pocket and stuffed it in his mouth. "Are we done now?"

Leo shook his head. "Not yet. I can't fuck you now, but I want to see the goods. Strip for me."

"Don't do this," Zander pleaded. The words coming out of his mouth before he could stop them.


"Fine...if you don't care about Alexis.." Leo drawled.

Zander blinked back tears, but he was angry as well. It was like going back to where this all started with Sonny. Sonny's threats against Alexis had led Zander to this place in all ways. But he still had no choice. He would not make Alexis pay for his sins. So Zander did as he was told. He stripped off his clothes, hating the way that Leo watched him. And when he was naked, he closed his eyes as Leo walked around him, trying to ignore the hands that stroked him, the lips that brushed over his skin, the fingers that curled around his cock, or pinched his ass. Then one was pressing inside him and Zander had to bite his lip to keep from crying out.

Leo patted Zander on the ass then said, "You can get dressed now. I'll give you a tour then explain your duties."


"Fine." Zander got dressed.

"Tomorrow...I'm fucking you over the desk," Leo said, before ushering Zander out of the room.

As he followed, Zander prayed for tomorrow to never come.


* * * * *

Nikolas pounded on Jason's door. He told him about everything that had happened to him. About everything Zander had told him. He begged for Jason's help to find Zander. Jason didn't hesitate in agreeing. But they had to start from scratch. Nikolas had been drugged on his way to where he had been held captive. And he had been drugged when taken back to Port Charles. Which meant he had no clue where Zander might be.


"We'll find him," Jason promised.

"We have to," Nikolas replied.

Then they both headed out the door.


* * * * *


Zander made it through the day. He went straight to his room when he got home. He had two hours before dinner so he showered, dressed in jeans and a sweater, then stretched out on his bed. He closed his eyes and dreamed. Of Nikolas.



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