The Hot Zone

Chapter 20


"What's going on?" Zander asked, knowing that it was a stupid question.


Sonny simply smiled then said, "I've been wanting to watch you and Carly together for a long time. I know that the both of you are attracted to each other."

Zander shook his head. "I can't do this."

"Why not?" It was Carly who asked the question. She locked eyes with Zander. "Don't you want me?"


"You know I do...but not like this. Not when you're still with Sonny."

Sonny slid off the bed and moved to Zander. He unwrapped the towel that was slung low on Zander's hips, baring him to his heated gaze. "You have my permission," he whispered. "I want to watch you fuck Carly." As he spoke, Sonny moved behind Zander, letting his own erection press against the taut ass. Then he leaned in to whisper in Zander's ear, "Then I want to fuck you at the same time."


Zander shuddered and started to pull away, but Carly was in front of him, shrugging off her robe, lifting one of his hands to press his palm against her breasts. He squeezed gently and felt the nipple pebble into hardness.


"I want this, Zander," she said softly, then she leaned in to kiss him.


The kiss was hot and wet, the way it had always been between them and Zander felt himself melting into it. Into her. He let his other hand move to the back of Carly's head to deepen the kiss, and then he felt warm lips gliding across his shoulders. Sonny. Zander tried to distract himself by moving his hand from Carly's breast so he could wrap it around her waist to pull her closer to him. The contact made his cock twitch into hardness. Then Zander slid his hand between her legs from behind, feeling the slick folds. She was already wet and ready for him and he wanted this. Zander wanted to be with Carly.


She moaned as Zander stroked her then broke the kiss. "On the bed," Carly hissed.


"Yes," Zander replied. He broke away from Sonny to lift Carly in his arms, then he laid her out before moving between her legs. Zander licked her and sucked on her nub, making Carly scream his name as she came. Then he was on his knees, guiding his aching cock into her wet heat, sheathing himself fully and moaning as she pulsed squeezed him gently.


"You feel so good," Carly whispered.

Zander leaned in to kiss her, then he began to move. He felt her long legs wrap around his waist and he was so wrapped up in the two of them that he forgot about Sonny being in the room, until he felt it. A slicked finger pressing inside him. Zander froze, breaking the rhythm of his thrusts. He wanted to protest but Carly was kissing him, her fingers tangling in his hair. Telling him to let it happen. Zander moaned as Sonny brushed over his hot spot, then he whimpered as the fingers were replaced by Sonny's cock and the pressure was too much and Zander tried to buck away. But Carly held him fast, kissing him harder and Zander tried to ignore the burn and the stretch as Sonny breeched him.


Sonny thrust in hard then leaned over Zander's back. "Perfect fit," he drawled, then he began to move.


"Fuck.." Zander moaned, as he fell into the rhythm that Sonny set. Every thrust of Sonny's cock inside him, pushed Zander deeper into Carly. And with every pull out he did the same. It was a dance that was intricate and somewhat frenzied. Then Zander felt Carly's body tense and she cried out as she came, her inner walls pulsing around his cock and soon he was cumming as well. Then Zander locked his arms, keeping himself up over Carly, as Sonny gripped his hips and pounded into him. Then Zander felt warm wetness fill him and relief washed over him. It was over. Zander bit back a moan as Sonny slid out of him, then he pulled out of Carly and slid off the bed, reaching for his towel that was on the floor. Zander wiped away a trickle of cum from his thigh then wrapped the towel around his waist. He looked at Sonny. "Are we done?"


"For now," Sonny allowed.

Zander nodded then left the room. He headed back to his own room and took another shower. He fought back tears as the hot water flowed over his body. He dried off, slipped on a pair of sweat pants and slid into bed. And when he closed his eyes and fell asleep, he dreamed of Nikolas.


* * * * *


When Zander woke up he got dressed in jeans and a pullover, stamped his feet into his boots then headed down the stairs. He found Sonny, alone, in the dining room. Zander said nothing as he poured himself some coffee. Then he sat down at the table.


"Did you sleep well?" Sonny asked.


"Fine," Zander replied. He was silent for a moment, then he asked, "What happened last that part of the deal?"

Sonny shrugged. "Maybe. We'll see."

Just then voices could be heard and one was all too familiar to Zander. He jumped up and ran out to find Nikolas in the living room with Jason. Zander didn't stop to think, he simply launched himself into Nikolas' arms.

Nikolas hugged Zander to him with all his might.


"God I missed you," Zander whispered.

"I missed you too. Are you all right? I was so worried about you."

Zander pulled back enough to look at Nikolas' face. "I'm perfect now. That's all that matters."

Nikolas nodded. "Yeah...we can talk later."


"Welcome back," Sonny interjected as he strolled into the room.


"What happens now?" Nikolas asked Sonny. He knew that Sonny would be in control of Zander's fate.


Sonny smiled. "Zander goes back to work for me at the club," he stated. "But I told him that I won't interfere in your relationship with him. You can be together with my blessing."

Nikolas nodded. "Good. Because there was no way I was going to allow you to keep us apart. For the record, I don't want Zander working for you, but that's his call to make and, for whatever reason, I know he'll tell me he wants to do this. So be it. But I want Zander to live with me at Wyndemere."

"What?" Zander gasped. He was stunned by Nikolas' declaration. Stunned and pleased, but he knew that Sonny would never allow it.


"That's fine," Sonny stated. "So long as Zander doesn't miss work."


Nikolas smiled and nodded, then looked at Zander. "You ready to go home?"


Zander frowned then pulled away from Nikolas to confront Sonny. "Is this a trick?" he countered. "Are you setting me up in some way?"

"No trick," Sonny replied. "I don't care where you live, Zander. Just so long as you do your job. Fair enough?"


"Fair enough," Zander allowed. Then he went back to Nikolas and kissed him. "Take me home," he whispered.


Nikolas smiled then took Zander by the hand. But before they left he glared at Sonny. "Keep in mind, Corinthos...if you hurt Zander in any way...I will kill you." That said, Nikolas headed for the door with Zander in tow.


Zander didn't look back. He didn't care about anything but living in the moment. This moment. With Nikolas back in his life. Nothing else mattered. He was finally going home.



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