The Hot Zone

Chapter 21


Nikolas escorted Zander into his bedroom at Wyndemere. He had promised to give him the grand tour tomorrow, but for now he wanted Zander naked and in his arms. "God...I missed you so much," Nikolas whispered, as he pushed Zander against the closed door and kissed him. And he was thrilled when Zander moaned and kissed him back, in that sexy way he had.


"I missed you more than you'll ever know, Nikolas," Zander replied, as he clawed at the buttons of his lover's dark shirt. "I dreamed about you...all the time."


"Same here." Nikolas pulled back so he could yank Zander's shirt over his head, then he paused for a moment to admire the perfect chest revealed to him.


Zander chuckled and snapped his fingers in front of Nikolas's face. "Sex now…stare later," he teased, before falling to his knees. He freed Nikolas' cock and took the swollen tip into his mouth.

Nikolas moaned, his fingers curling into Zander's hair. " have to...stop," he panted, after a moment. "I'm too close...Zander...ah!"


"Sorry…" Zander pulled back, then stood up, a wicked smile curving his lips.

"You brat!" Nikolas huffed, then he attacked, pulling Zander over to the bed and knocking him down onto his back upon it. Then he had the younger man stripped in the blink of an eye. "I need to be inside you," Nikolas whispered, as he nibbled on Zander's happy trail before taking his cock into his mouth.

Zander hissed, then moaned, then he whimpered as he came in a rush. His body felt like a puddle of melted goo in the aftermath and he offered no resistance as a pillow was stuffed under his lower back. Zander barely had the energy to moan as a slick finger pressed inside him. But he whimpered when that finger found his hot spot. Then he begged as Nikolas teased him. "!" Zander hissed.


Nikolas was more than happy to obey. He finished shucking his clothes, then he held out the bottle of lube, biting his lip as Zander slicked his cock for him. Then he was pushing Zander's strong thighs back, before lining himself up. A hitch forward with his hips and the tip of his cock was inside Zander. Nikolas had to grip the base to keep from coming as he pushed in another inch. Zander's muscles walls were sealing around his cock like a suede glove. Then he was all the way in and it was perfect. "You were made for me," Nikolas whispered, leaning in to kiss his lover.


"We were made for each other," Zander replied, then he laughed softly. "Who would have thunk?"


"Not me," Nikolas allowed, then he stopped talking. He was too busy moving. Pulling out slowly and thrusting back in smooth and deep. He loved the way Zander moved with him, finding the rhythm that was their own little dance. And then he felt it, the tingling in his spine that signaled his release and he came in a rush, unable to hold back a cry. Then he slumped over Zander, kissing him until they were both breathless. Then Nikolas rolled to his side, slipping out of Zander, before pulling him against him. He just wanted to hold him, to feel Zander in his arms and know that this was real. Zander was with him and he was safe. "You okay?" Nikolas asked, when he heard Zander sigh.


Zander lifted his head to smile at Nikolas. "Sure...I'm good. Really good," he purred, deep in his throat.


Nikolas chuckled, but then he grew serious. "I mean it, Zander. Are you okay? What happened while you were gone? Did your father hurt you?"


"It doesn't matter now," Zander replied, laying his head back down on Nikolas's shoulder.


"It matters to me," Nikolas shot back. "Talk to me, Zander. Please? I want to know."


For a time Zander didn't respond. He drew patterns on Nikolas' chest with one fingertip for a while, then he whispered, "He drugged me again. It was like going back in time. He even made me sleep with Angela again."

Nikolas was horrified. "Zander...I'm so sorry. God...your father was sick."

"Yeah…well…he's dead now. So we can just forget about what happened."

"Can you?" Nikolas sat up and shifted Zander with him. "Can you just let it go?"


Zander shrugged. "I want to. I just...I just want to live in the moment, Nikolas. This moment...with you. I mean...we can be together now. That's all I care about."


Nikolas knew that Zander was hiding something. He wanted to push for it, but he sensed that it would be best to let it go. For now. "Okay," he said softly. "Are you tired?"

"A little."

"Let's sleep a bit. I know I'm tired."

Zander nodded then closed his eyes.


Nikolas felt Zander snuggle closer to him and he wrapped his arms around his lover and vowed to never let him go.


* * * * *


"NO! No, Leo...stop...stop!"


"Zander! Zander...wake up!"


Zander came awake with a jolt, pulling away from the hands that gripped his shoulders. But when his eyes snapped open and he realized that it was Nikolas who was shaking him, Zander made himself relax. "I'm sorry," he whispered, running his hands through his hair.

Nikolas frowned. "It's okay. Who the hell is Leo?"

"No one." Zander started to slide out of bed but a hand on his arm held him firm. "Don't...Nikolas. Just let it go."

"Did this Leo...did he rape you?"

Zander jerked in reaction, tugging free of Nikolas' grip and sliding off the bed. He took a blanket with him and wrapped it around him. He felt cold. "He fucked me?" Zander responded. "So what?" He heard the bitterness in his tone and hated that he was being so defensive. Nikolas was not the enemy. But he was hitting all of Zander's sore spots. Zander headed for the bathroom, he wanted to take a shower, but Nikolas blocked his way. "Move!" Zander snapped.


Nikolas shook his head and held fast. "Did you want him to fuck you?" he countered.


"No!" Zander didn't want Nikolas to think that.


"Then he raped you," Nikolas said softly.


Zander rubbed a hand over his face. "He wasn't the only one." He spoke so quietly he could barely hear himself.


But Nikolas heard him. "Who else?"


"I found something out," Zander replied. "That doctor I told you about...the one who was giving me the drugs?"


"I remember."

Zander swiped at his eyes, trying to rub away the tears. "He fucked me too. The first time was when I was fifteen. But I didn't remember it till now. Can you believe that?"


Nikolas pulled Zander into his embrace. "You wouldn't want to remember that, Zander."


"I don't want to remember it now, either." Zander let himself be held, but he didn't let himself cry. But he felt a sudden wetness and he looked up to see tears sliding down Nikolas' face. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"It's not your fault," Nikolas replied. "Zander...I want you to go counseling. Okay? Will you do that for me?"


Zander pulled away, shaking his head. "No. No more shrinks."


Nikolas went to him. "Dr. Gail Baldwin is very good at what she does. You need to talk to someone about this, Zander."

"I'm talking to you!"


"I don't know how to help you."

Zander stared at Nikolas in disbelief. "Sure you do. You love me...that's all the help I need, Nikolas. Don't you get that? Or do you think I'm crazy."

Nikolas shook his head. "Not crazy, Zander. But messed up. Anyone would be after everything you've been through. this for me. We can call her and make an appointment. I'll go with you to meet with her. Please?"


"Don't ask me that," Zander begged, sinking down onto the floor. He felt Nikolas go with him, and strong arms wrapped around him again. And still, Zander wouldn't cry.



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