The Hot Zone

Chapter 3


Zander felt a hand in his hair and his eyes flew open. He wasn't surprised to see Sonny there, but he was surprised to realize he was lying on his bed. "What happened?"


"You passed out," Sonny replied. "I had Max carry you in here. I guess I shocked you a bit."

"" Zander closed his eyes again but the name Sonny had spoken, echoed in his ears. "How did you find out?"


Sonny grabbed a file folder off the night table and held it out. "I did my homework, Zander. I did a background check on you a long time ago."


Zander sat up and took the file. He couldn't believe what he saw. Sonny had a copy of his birth certificate plus newspaper clippings related to himself and the past. He had various other papers and documents that were complete confirmation about who Zander really was. Tony Castle's son. "So now what?" Zander asked. He knew this was going to be a power play between them.


" I am assuming that since you ran away from home and changed your name...that you don't want to be found." Sonny's smile was cold as he locked eyes with Zander. "Am I right?"

"You know you are," Zander gritted out.


Sonny nodded. "Good. Then it comes down to this. You do what I tell you to do. You sleep with the men I pick for you and Alexis stays safe and so does your secret."

Zander felt anger and fear and desperation wash over him, but he tried to cling to the anger. "In other words, I let some guy fuck me or you're going to call my father? Right?"

"That's it in a nutshell." Sonny rose from the bed. "So we understand each other?"


"Promise me you won't tell anyone about this," Zander begged. He hated that he was begging, but he was terrified. He had been running from his past for so long, he couldn't let it catch him. He couldn't go back. "I'll do whatever you want...just please never make that call. And I don't ask just for myself....but if you call, you will regret it."


Sonny rubbed his chin. "Are you warning me...or threatening me, Zander? Because I don't like threats."

Zander shrugged. "Take it anyway you want. Just please don't make that call."

"Do as you're told and I won't." Sonny grabbed the file. "Tomorrow night you meet with your first client. He knows that you've never been with another man and he's paying me 250,000 for the privilege to be the first one to fuck your virgin ass." Sonny chuckled as he watched Zander flinch. "Just do what you're told, Zander, all the way around, and you got nothing to worry about."

"Right." Zander watched Sonny cross the room and leave. When the door closed behind him, Zander gave in to his terror. He stuffed a fist into his mouth to muffle the keening wails of fear that threatened to spill out, even as he wrapped his free arm around his knees and rocked himself. But there was no comfort to be found. He couldn't pretend that he was safe anymore. All Zander could do now was pray that Sonny would keep his word.


* * * * *


Zander didn't leave his room until the following night. He just lay in bed, curled up on his side, refusing to talk to anyone. Carly was persistent and kept coming in to check on him, and Zander repeatedly told her he had a headache and to please leave him alone. She finally got the hint.




He sat up and blinked when the lights came on. Jason stood in the doorway. "What?"


Jason stepped into the room. "You need to shower and get ready. We leave for the club in fifteen minutes."


"Okay." Zander slid off the bed. He watched Jason leave then he went into the bathroom and showered. He then dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, combed his fingers through his damp hair, and avoided his reflection in the mirror. He didn't want to see his face. It wouldn't matter how he looked now anyway. After tonight, he wouldn't be the same man.


* * * * *


The club was packed as always. Zander did his dance, and he managed to detach himself from reality and just dance. After the show he changed into an outfit Sonny had left for him. Black pants and a blousy white shirt that was almost sheer. Zander had been told to mingle afterwards, as usual, when he didn't have a customer to service, and he knew that it was Sonny's intention to let whoever had bought him for the night, get a chance to watch him work the crowd. So that's exactly what Zander did. He played it up tonight. Flirting and teasing both the men and the women, and when he turned around suddenly, he found Nikolas standing there, watching him, Zander didn't think. He just reacted. He cupped Nikolas' face in both hands and kissed him, shocking them both. But a smile curved Zander's lips as he walked away. The look on Nikolas' face was priceless and maybe now the guy would stop showing up.


"Zander!" Sonny called him over.


"Yes sir." Zander went over, obediently. He saw the man standing with Sonny. He looked Spanish with blue-black hair shaved close to his head, black eyes and a scar over one eye. He was a big man too, towering over Sonny, and even though he wore an expensive suit, Zander could see the bulge of muscle underneath. Not a man to piss off. Warning bells went off in Zander's head. He prayed that this was not the guy Sonny was selling him to.


Sonny smiled at Zander, then made introductions. "This is Carlos Arroyo. He's the one I told you about, Zander. I want you to make him happy."

Zander heard the steel in Sonny's tone, the warning. And something else. Something that was reflected in Sonny's eyes. Fear tinged with anger kept carefully in check. Zander realized that Sonny was afraid of Arroyo and that almost gave him hope. Zander didn't think there was anyone that Sonny was afraid of, so this had to be business related. Zander wondered how, and why. But for now he pushed those thoughts aside for Arroyo was eyeing him. "It's nice to meet you," Zander lied.


"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Zander," Arroyo purred. His voice deep and smoothly accented. "I've been watching you dance for weeks now. No one has ever affected me the way you do. Feel." He grabbed Zander by the wrist and forced his hand over his crotch. He was hard and throbbing. "You'll take care of that for me tonight."


"Of course." Zander tugged his hand back and was relieved when Arroyo let him go. His grip was steel strong and Zander rubbed at his wrist. He felt his stomach twist into knots at the thought of what was going to happen to him all too soon. He wanted to bolt from the room but he had to think about Alexis, and about his secret. Zander knew that if he fucked this up, Sonny would call his father and Zander's life, as he knew it, would be over. It wasn't much of a life, but it was better than the alternative. Even given the fact that he was about to be fucked, literally.


Sonny looked at Zander. "Go with Mr. Arroyo. You'll stay with him tonight and Jason will pick you up in the morning."

Zander felt panic flare through him. Sonny hadn't said anything about this being an all-nighter. Zander had geared himself to be fucked and then to be able to walk away. He shook his head and started to protest when Sonny whispered,


"Behave, Alexander."


"Sorry." Zander felt himself shaking, but he willed himself to be calm. Acceptance was slow to wash over him, but Zander was distracted by Arroyo grabbing his arm. He went with him, stepping outside then into a waiting limo.


Carlos smiled at Zander as the car pulled into traffic. "Would you like a drink?"


Zander nodded. He wanted about a dozen. "Yes...thank you."


"What would you like? I have a well stocked bar. "


"Anything is fine." Zander accepted a glass of golden liquid and knocked it back. He hissed as fire burned down his throat and into his gut. Strong stuff. But the aftermath glow was worth the pain.


Carlos smiled at Zander then he reached out to tangle his fingers in the thick, dark, hair. "You're very beautiful...and you have been making me insane, watching you dance and tease and flirt with everyone. I had to have you for myself."


Zander let himself be pulled forward into a kiss. But he stiffened a bit when Arroyo's tongue pushed into his mouth. He made himself relax, telling himself he to accept the inevitable. But when fingers slid inside his pants, Zander felt panic wash over him. He started to pull back but the fingers still in his hair held him firm.


"I want to look at what I bought," Carlos stated, as he released Zander from the kiss. His hand was still inside the boy's pants, fondling him. "Strip for me."


"Here?" Zander was surprised and unprepared. They were still in the car.


Carlos nodded. " Now!" The sharp command in Carlos' voice was unmistakable.

Zander bit his lip then nodded. "Of course." With shaky fingers he undid his shirt, then stripped it off. Or tried to. He had forgotten to undo the sleeves and when he made to do so, Arroyo stopped him. Zander was effectively bound by his own shirt as the other man's hands glided over his chest. Then lips kissed his scars before teeth bit his nipples. Zander had to force himself not to pull away. This was happening too fast.


"You have freckles," Carlos purred, as he licked them. "Lots of them...I like that. And skin like satin over steel. Beautiful."


"I...I thought you wanted me to strip for you."

Carlos smiled. "I did...but I think this will do for now. If you reveal any more of yourself to me in here, I'll have to fuck you now. I want to wait until I have you spread out, naked, on my bed."


Zander shuddered at that image of himself, but he forced a smile and nodded. "Okay." He tried to pull his shirt back up then Arroyo was helping him. Zander made to button it, but a hand stopped him.


"I like to look at you," Carlos stated. "You're nervous." He said as Zander raked a hand through his hair.


"A little." Zander couldn't lie about it.


Carlos chuckled. "I understand. You have never been with a man before. It will be shocking to you and, perhaps, terrifying. But I will make you feel things you have never felt before, Zander."


Zander nodded. He didn't have a verbal response for that. And he was grateful when Arroyo let silence fall between them until they arrived at his hotel. They went up the back way so no one saw them but the guards. Then Zander was ushered into a penthouse suite that was more luxurious than Sonny's place.


"Here is the bedroom," Carlos said, leading Zander inside. He moved to sit on the bed. "Now...undress for me," he ordered.


"Of course." Zander wanted to get this over with. He shrugged off the shirt, stepped out of his shoes, then peeled off his socks. He took a deep breath to relax himself before undoing his pants and shucking them off, then he hesitated with his boxer-briefs. It took another deep breath before he could peel them off. Now he was naked to Arroyo and he felt shame wash over him. He had never felt so exposed or so vulnerable before.


Carlos rose from the bed and made a circle around Zander. "You are perfect," he whispered, reaching out to press one hand to Zander's ass. "Made for sex. Made to be fucked."

Zander stiffened at Arroyo's words. Then hands were in his hair and the man was kissing him again, tongue thrusting into Zander's mouth and almost choking him. Then the kiss broke off and a hand grabbed his arm.

"Into the shower first," Carlos stated. He pulled Zander into the bathroom, turned on the shower and tested the water. Then he pushed Zander inside. "Lather yourself and wash your hair," he ordered, leaning against the sink to watch. The shower stall was deep so there was no need for a door or a curtain to contain the splash.


Zander did as he was told, hating every minute of this. Shame suffused his skin but he knew he had to see this through. The memory of his conversation with Sonny motivated Zander to follow Arroyo's orders without hesitation. He lathered up, rinsed off, washed his hair then stepped out and let Arroyo dry him off. He tried to detach himself as the man's hands touched him and fondled him. Then Zander was led back out into the bedroom.


Carlos pushed him towards the bed. "Get on your hands and knees facing the headboard," he instructed.


Biting his lip, Zander obeyed. He closed his eyes when he felt Arroyo's weight shift the mattress. Then he was told to grip the head board so Zander opened his eyes to obey, and it was then that he saw the leather cuffs. He shook his head and wanted to protest, even as Arroyo bound his wrists. Now Zander was truly helpless. He was stretched out and on display. He flinched as a slick finger slipped inside him without warning. Probing him, then another. It was uncomfortable and Zander wiggled a bit, only to go still when a hand smacked his ass. One more finger and then they withdrew and Zander felt as if he could breathe again. Until he felt the push against his opening. He knew it was Arroyo's cock. Zander felt it press in and the stretch and burn made him whimper. He pulled against the restraints and closed his eyes. He felt Arroyo's hands grip his hips and his body rocked as a hard thrust pushed the thick cock deeper inside him. Too deep and the pain made Zander a bit dizzy. He bit his lip to hold back a cry as the thickness went deeper and he felt roughness against his bare skin. The bastard was fucking him fully dressed. The thought made all of this worse somehow.


"So fucking tight....just perfect for me," Carlos whispered in Zander's ear. Then he began to move. Slow pull out, fast thrust in. Over and over again. Harder and faster.

Zander bit through his lip as Arroyo fucked him hard. Each thrust in hurt and his body rocked forward. He had to grip the headboard hard to keep from banging his head into it. But the pain paled in comparison to the humiliation and shame that Zander felt. This was so wrong and he was sick to let it happen. Sick and fucked up. Then he felt it, a warm wetness filling him and it was almost a relief. Then Arroyo pulled out suddenly and Zander felt as if his insides were going to follow. He hung his head and panted as he worked through the pain. Then fingers were undoing the cuffs and Zander hoped it was over. But it wasn't.

Carlos kissed Zander then fisted a hand in his hair. "Good boy. Now lick me clean," he ordered.

"No!" Zander responded without thinking, horrified at the thought of licking his own cum. But then a hand slammed into his temple and the fist in his hair forced his head down. Zander saw stars and then he was gagging as Arroyo forced his softened cock into Zander's mouth. Time lost all meaning and Zander wasn't sure if he did as he was told or not. The next thing he remembered was lying on the bed on his back, his arms pulled over his head and bound to the headboard again. Then something was inside him. Not Arroyo's cock this time because Arroyo was dressed and between Zander's legs. And the thing inside him felt cold and hard.


"You have to be punished for your disobedience, Zander," Carlos stated. "This time it's a dildo, next time it will be my guard's cock. Do you understand?"


Zander nodded. He felt what was happening to him yet he felt oddly detached. As if the pain belonged to someone else. Then the dildo was removed and Zander felt himself turned onto his side. Arroyo snuggled up behind him, a possessive hand on Zander's cock, but there was no pleasure or release for him.

Time passed and Zander dozed off only to come awake to pain. His pain, only he felt detached from it again. He could feel Arroyo's cock thrusting inside him but it meant nothing. Zander simply closed his eyes and waited for it to end.



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