The Hot Zone

Chapter 4


Jason went to Arroyo's hotel to pick up Zander in the morning. He was ushered inside and told that Arroyo was gone but that *Mr. Smith* was waiting for him in the bedroom. The moment Jason walked in, he knew something was wrong.

Zander was sitting in a chair by the window. He appeared to be staring out the window but he was so *Still* that it disturbed Jason. He approached cautiously.
"Zander." No response. Jason moved closer and touched his shoulder. When Zander turned his head to look at him, Jason saw empty eyes.


"Zander…I've come to take you home," Jason said. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Zander replied. He stood up when Jason tugged on his arm.


"Do you know where you are?" Jason asked.

Zander frowned. "Of course. Mr. Arroyo's penthouse. I did what Sonny wanted. I let him fuck me. That's what I was supposed to do....isn't it?"

Jason cursed under his breath. Whatever Arroyo had done to Zander, it had traumatized him to the point that Zander had emotionally *detached* himself, as it were. "Yeah...that's what you were supposed to do," Jason replied. He snagged Zander by the wrist and headed for the door. "Let's go home."


The drive was made in silence. Jason asked questions and Zander answered them, without any emotion.


"What did Arroyo do to you?" Jason asked. He needed to understand what happened so that he could help Zander deal with it. For his sake and for Sonny's sake. Arroyo was a powerful man and he was interested in a partnership with Sonny for control of the Port Charles Family. Sonny did not want that connection, but he knew if Arroyo forced the issue, he would have little choice but to agree to it. Which is where Zander came in. Sonny had noticed Arroyo's interest in the boy from the get go. He was hoping that Zander might be used as a bargaining chip. But he would be worthless to Sonny, and to Alexis, if he remained in his present condition of detachment.


"He fucked me," Zander replied. He was staring out the side window.


Jason sighed. "Did he hurt you."


Zander shook his head. "No. I don't think so."

"Did he tie you up?"




Jason thought maybe they were getting somewhere. "How many times did he fuck you?"


Zander considered. "I think three."


"Did anyone else fuck you?"



Jason had his doubts about that one. "Are you sore? Did you bleed a lot?"

Zander turned to look at Jason and smiled. "I'm fine."


Jason let it drop. When they reached the penthouse, he was relieved to learn that Sonny and Carly were out for the day. Jason took Zander up to his room. "I need to examine you, Zander," Jason stated.




"To make sure you're okay." Jason reached out and began unbuttoning Zander's shirt. It bothered him that Zander just let him do it. The fire that always sparked in Zander's eyes was gone. He needed to get the fire back. Once Jason got the shirt off, he took note of the ligature marks on Zander's wrists. He brushed over one wrist with his fingers tips and he felt Zander flinch. "Did he tie you up every time he fucked you?"

Zander nodded. "Yes." His voice was small.


Jason let go of Zander's wrists and went to work on undoing his pants. "Step out of your shoes," he ordered, then he waited for Zander to obey. Jason noted that Zander wasn't wearing socks and he soon discovered he wasn't wearing underwear either. No doubt Arroyo's doing. Once Zander was naked, Jason took note of his reaction. He stood there, hands fisted at his sides, head down, eyes locked on the carpet. He trembled a bit as well. Jason took that as a good sign. Zander was feeling something. "Lie on the bed, on your stomach."


"Okay." Zander did as he was told.


"I won't hurt you," Jason stated, as he moved onto the bed as well and straddled Zander's thighs. He gripped the boy's taut buttocks and spread them. Zander's opening was red and he looked a little raw. "I'll be right back, don't move," Jason said, as he slid off the bed. He grabbed a blanket and covered Zander then left to go to his own room. Jason had some salve that would help the soreness. He returned to Zander's room and discovered that Zander had fallen asleep. It would make things easier for the moment. Drawing down the blanket, Jason parted Zander's buttocks again, after coating a finger with the salve, then he pressed it inside of Zander. He felt Zander stiffen and a hiss of pain escape him. "It's okay," Jason said, pressing down on Zander's back with his free hand, to keep him still. "This will help the soreness."

Zander's hands clenched in the bed sheets and he whimpered a bit, then he fell silent. He didn't move again as Jason continued spreading the salve.


Jason finished then rolled Zander over. "Get some sleep," he said, adjusting the blanket over him. He watched as Zander obeyed, the hazel eyes drifting close. Jason moved to the chair by the window and sat down to keep vigil. He knew there was a rough patch ahead.


* * * * *


It was a rough couple of hours. Zander suffered from nightmares and Jason ended up sedating him at one point. It was almost supper time when Jason came downstairs to find Sonny and Carly just coming home. Jason looked at Sonny. "We need to talk."

Sonny nodded and turned to Carly. "Why don't you put our stuff away."


"Okay." She took the bags from him and gave him a kiss. Then she turned to Jason. "Is Zander back?"


"He's sleeping."

Carly frowned then nodded. "Okay...I'll talk to him later." She climbed the stairs.


Sonny looked at Jason. "Sleeping?"

"It's been a rough day. Zander isn't doing too well."

"What does that mean?"

Jason shrugged. "It means what I said. He's not dealing well with being fucked by Arroyo. He was hurt."

Sonny cursed. "Bad?"


"I don't know details, he's withdrawn...detached. I had to sedate him."

"Fuck!" Sonny was furious.


Jason watched him. "You can't give him back to Arroyo. The guy will break him."

Sonny ran a hand through his hair then sighed. "I have no choice. I saw him today. He offered me a million dollars for Zander to be his exclusively. I agreed. And in return Arroyo won't do business here."


"You can't do that to Zander."


"I made the deal."


It was Jason's turn to curse. "So what happens now? Arroyo just takes Zander with him?"


Sonny shook his head. "No. He'll be in and out of town. When he's IN town, Zander will stay with him. Otherwise he stays with us and keeps dancing. He can service women and I figure some guys too. Arroyo won't know."

"This is fucked up, Sonny. It's not right to do this to Zander. To sacrifice him this way."

"Since when did you give a shit what happens to Zander?" Sonny countered.


Jason said nothing. He just headed for the stairs. He entered Zander's room but the bed was empty. He saw that the bathroom door was closed. Jason entered and saw Zander through the frosted shower door. Quietly, Jason shucked his clothes, then he slid open the door and entered.


* * * * *

Zander was stunned when Jason entered the shower. He had been trying to wash away the memory of Arroyo's touch. The memory of a hard cock thrusting hard inside him. At first it had been easy enough to detach himself, to pretend it hadn't happened to him. But then the memories came flooding back and the reality of it all hit Zander like a kick in the gut. He couldn't pretend anymore. But he told himself he could will it all away. Convince himself that it didn't matter. But now, seeing Jason, naked Jason, the reality was all too defined. "Get out!" Zander snapped.


"I want to help you, Zander," Jason stated.

"How? By fucking me too?" Zander made to get out but strong fingers gripped his forearm.


Jason locked eyes with Zander. "You can't run away from what Arroyo did to you. You can't pretend it didn't happen either."

Zander tugged at his arm but Jason held him firm. "No shit, Sherlock. I know that." Suddenly Zander's vision blurred as tears filled his eyes. But he refused to cry in front of Jason. So he used anger to hold them back. "What the fuck do you want from me?"


"I've been there, Zander. I know what you're feeling. I can help you deal with this. I can show you what it's supposed to be like."

"What...what are you talking about? You know?" Zander was confused.


Jason shook his head. "I'm not going to talk about it now. This is about you...about what you're feeling, and what I want you to feel." Jason let his free hand press against Zander's chest, then glide down until his fingers curled around his cock. "Arroyo used you for his own pleasure. It was all about his pleasure and your pain."

Zander stiffened as Jason stroked him. He started to pull away only to find himself turned around so that his back was pressed to Jason's chest and a strong arm wrapped around his waist. Then Zander felt Jason's hand on his and his fingers were curled around his own cock. "What are you doing?" Zander asked, even as Jason forced him to stroke himself. He felt embarrassed and ashamed, especially as he felt himself harden.


"No matter what Arroyo did to matter what anyone does, Zander...find your own pleasure. Feel it." Jason continued moving Zander's hand over himself, and he could feel the younger man's body go tense and he neared his release. "That's it," Jason whispered in Zander's ear, then he let go of him to spin Zander around before dropping to his knees to take the hard cock into his mouth.


"God!" Zander hissed, as he was enveloped. He felt the tingle in the base of his spine and it wasn't long before he was coming, and the release was so powerful that Zander felt his knees buckle. But Jason's hands gripped his hips and held him. Then Jason was standing, then he was kissing Zander, and Zander let himself kiss back.


Jason was the first to break the kiss. "This is what I want you to remember, Zander. You earned this." He kissed Zander once more then he stepped out of the shower.


Zander closed his eyes when he was alone again. He closed them against the sting of tears. He couldn't let them fall.


* * * * *


Two days passed. Sonny spoke to Zander about what happened and told him that he was pleased with his work, and that he didn't have to go back to the club for a week. Zander accepted the time off and spent the first day with Carly and Michael in the park. He thought the fresh air and playing ball with Michael would help him sleep. He was wrong.

The second day Zander spent with Alexis. She needed the nursery painted and didn't trust a decorator, so Zander volunteered to paint. When he finished they left so the room could air out and Alexis bought him dinner. They talked about everything but Sonny and his job, and Zander was grateful. He felt happy when he went home and thought maybe he could finally sleep. He couldn't. The few minutes he did doze off ended in a nightmare. But when Zander came awake, he realized he wasn't alone. Jason was sitting in the chair by the window, watching him. "What are you doing here?" Zander asked, his tone sharp.


"Can't sleep?"

"What was your first clue?" Zander snapped. "The fact that I'm awake?"


Jason rose from the chair and moved to the bed. He was wearing a robe. He undid the belt and shrugged it off. He was naked underneath. He slipped into the bed and tangled his fingers in Zander's hair. He kissed him until they were both breathless.

After getting past his surprise, Zander tried to push Jason away. "What are you doing?"


"Helping you sleep."

"This isn't sleeping."

Jason almost smiled as he let his hands roam over Zander's chest. "Let me give you a massage. It'll help."

Zander shook his head. "I don't want a massage. Get out."

"What are you afraid of?"


"Not you." It was a lie and they both knew it.

Jason pulled back the covers then reached for Zander's sweat pants. "Trust me," he whispered.

For some reason, Zander did. He let Jason strip off the briefs, leaving him naked, then he let himself be rolled onto his stomach. He flinched a bit when Jason slid a pillow under his hips, but relaxed when oil soaked fingers began kneading his shoulder muscles. "You're good at this," Zander stated.

"I'm good at alot of things," Jason replied.


"Right." Zander let his eyes close and he almost drifted off, until he felt the hands massage his ass. "Wait!" Zander tried to roll over.


Jason held him down with his body weight. "Trust me," he said. "I’m not going to hurt you."

Zander bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, but then he let himself relax against the mattress. He felt Jason's hands on his ass again, massaging for a moment, then a finger slipped into the crack and Zander stiffened. But he didn't resist until the tip of a finger pushed inside him. "No!"


"Trust me!" Jason's tone was soft but firm. He let his finger press all the way in then crooked the knuckled.

"Fuck!" Zander felt a jolt of pleasure that made him dizzy. "What the fuck?"


Jason almost chuckled. "It's your prostrate. Relax and enjoy." He brushed his finger over the spot until Zander was squirming and whimpering. Then Jason slid another finger in, stretching him.


Zander felt himself being stretched and it hit him what Jason was going to do next. But before he could react, or protest, Zander felt Jason's fingers slide out and a moment later he felt the pressure of being breeched. The memory of Arroyo's cock slamming into him danced in Zander's head. "No!" He protested, trying to pull away. But strong fingers gripped his hips and held him firm. "Please…don't!" Zander begged, and he hated himself for doing so.


"Pleasure...with the pain, Zander," Jason whispered, as he pushed in halfway. Then he went still to let Zander adjust.


"Fuck you!" Zander hissed, then he bit his lip against a moan until the burn of the stretch eased. Then he felt Jason thrust again and it was too much. Jason was too big inside him. "Please..." Zander pleaded.


Jason shifted his hips as he pulled out to his tip, then he thrust back in, slowly. He felt Zander jerk as the tip of his cock brushed the hot spot. "Pleasure with the pain, Zander," Jason whispered again. He repeated the pull out and thrust in, going maddeningly slow for them both.

Zander felt as if he were on a sensory overload. Each thrust in was a rush of pleasure, each pull out a slow burn, then the two blurred together and Zander needed relief. He found himself shifting onto his hands and knees so that he could quicken the pace. He almost wept with relief when Jason got the hint. And he did choke on a sob when strong fingers curled around his aching cock and stroked him to release. Zander felt warm wetness flood his insides moments later, then he felt Jason collapse over him. He felt Jason grow soft inside him then he was being rolled onto his side, Jason still buried in him, and hands were stroking over his chest and abdomen in soothing caresses. Zander felt


"Go to sleep," Jason whispered in Zander's ear. "I won't leave you."


Zander said nothing. He simply closed his eyes and let darkness claim him.


* * * * *


Jason didn't come to Zander again after that one night. Zander was relieved. He wasn't sure what to make of what Jason had told him in the shower about understanding what he was going through. And he still didn't understand why Jason had wanted to help him anyway. After sex with Jason, Zander had slept the night through. He still had dreams after that, but they were easier to deal with. Zander felt as if he had more control over things. And the fact that Arroyo was now out of his life, helped him to deal all the more.

Tonight he went back to dancing at the club. While he was dancing, Zander caught sight of Nikolas Cassadine. He couldn't figure the guy out. Why he kept coming back. Feeling in a playful mood, Zander danced over to him and sat in his lap. He was surprised to feel Nikolas' arousal. At the same time it gave Zander a sense of power and he smiled as he leaned in to lick Nikolas' lips. Then he kissed him, deep and wet and sexy. And when he pulled away, Zander laughed at the stunned look on Nikolas' face. Easing off his lap, Zander took a moment to squeeze Nikolas' crotch for a moment, then he danced away. And for the rest of the night he smiled at the memory of Nikolas' face.


* * * * *


Three nights after kissing Nikolas at the Hot Zone, Zander had the night off and he wanted some alone time. So he took off and went for a walk, ending up on the docks. And who should he run in to but, Nikolas Cassadine. "Fancy meeting you here," Zander commented. "I'm starting to think you're following me."


"Maybe I am," Nikolas surprised.

"Why?" Zander hadn't expected that reply and he was curious. "What is it with you, man? You taking a walk on the wild side?"


Nikolas shrugged. "Maybe I am."

Zander laughed then ran a hand through his hair. He had been feeling messed up inside. He hated what he was doing, what he had let be done to him.  He wanted nothing more than to just pack up and take off, but then he would see Alexis every day and he knew he was trapped. It was making him a bit crazy and a bit reckless. And he couldn't shake the feeling that he was nothing but a whore now, so Zander decided to have some fun by acting like one. He sauntered over to Nikolas, a seductive smile curving his lips. "Do you like watching me dance?" Zander asked, his voice low and husky.


"I like watching all the dancers," Nikolas replied, non-committally.


"Is that right?" Zander purred as he leaned in to nuzzle Nikolas on the neck, then he pulled back. But he didn't get far before fingers fisted in his hair and warm lips sealed over his. Zander was surprised by the passion in Nikolas' kiss. When he was allowed to pull back, he smiled and said, "Consider that a freebie. If you want'll cost you."


Nikolas locked eyes with Zander and countered, "More?"


Zander nodded. "Yeah…more. Like a blow job. That'll cost you two hundred. Cash."


"Fine." Without hesitation, Nikolas pulled his wallet out of his jacket pocket and slid out two one hundred dollar bills. He held them out to Zander.


"Where do you want to do this?" Zander asked, as he took the money and tucked it in his back pocket. He didn't believe, for one minute, that Nikolas was going to follow through on this. But he was going to have fun teasing the bastard.


Nikolas smiled. "I have my car. We'll go to Wyndemere. I'd like some privacy."

Zander nodded. "Fine with me. You pay I'll play." He followed Nikolas towards the stairs, telling himself that this was just a game.


* * * * *


When they reached Wyndemere, Nikolas ushered Zander up the staircase, down the hall, and into the master bedroom. Zander was impressed. "Niice," he stated.

Nikolas closed the door behind them. "Thank you." He moved to an upholstered chair by the fire place and sat down. "I'm ready."

"I'll bet you are," Zander replied, with a grin. "You were hard enough the other night." He sauntered over to the chair. " you want me dressed or do you want me naked while I do this? Naked will cost you another two hundred."


"I'll give you three and I get to undress you."


Zander was surprised but he only hesitated a moment. "Fine. Show me the money." He watched Nikolas stand up, pull out his wallet and peel off three more one hundred dollar bills. Zander took them and crumpled them in his pocket. This wasn't about the money. Then he held up his arms and said, "Go for it."

Nikolas moved to Zander and started unbuttoning his shirt. He shrugged it off, along with Zander's jacket, leaving him bare-chested. He brushed his fingertips over the scar in the middle of Zander's chest. "Sorel."


"Ancient history," Zander replied. He made a move to reach for Nikolas' pants, to get this show over with, but strong fingers gripped his wrist and Zander lifted his eyes to Nikolas' face. He saw desire glowing in the dark eyes and it surprised Zander.


"You're not naked yet," Nikolas stated, pushing Zander's arm down. Then he was undoing Zander's jeans before sliding them down his legs. He then knelt to remove Zander's boots and socks.


Zander felt a bit freaked out by this. Nikolas on his knees, stripping him. He stepped out of his jeans then fingers were in the waist band of his boxer-briefs and Zander closed his eyes as they were stripped off him. He hadn't really expected Nikolas to take him up on his have it go this far. To be naked in front of the other man. But then he told himself it didn't matter. He was just doing his job. Zander's eyes flew open when fingers curled around his cock. "Hey…I'm supposed to be doing you,' he joked, but his words almost stuttered. Nikolas knew just the right pressure to use as he stroked him.


Still gripping Zander's cock, Nikolas rose to his feet and kissed him. "I think I paid enough for the privilege to touch you," he whispered.


"Wait.." Zander felt his hips start to thrust of their own accord. It wasn't supposed to be like this. "Do you want a blow job or not?" He was panting now, nearing his release.


"I want it," Nikolas drawled, then he kissed Zander again, still stroking him.


Zander moaned into Nikolas' mouth, then he whimpered as a tongue thrust into his mouth, swallowing his moan as he came hard and long. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Zander needed to take control back. He was the whore after all and Nikolas had paid for his services. Paid to be pleasured. Breaking the kiss, Zander pushed Nikolas away, feeling the hand on his cock slip away. Zander grabbed Nikolas's wrist and brought the cum soaked hand to his lips, sucking off his own seed and he could see how it turned Nikolas on. Then Zander shared the taste with Nikolas, kissing him hard before pushing him back into the chair. He fell to his knees between Nikolas' thighs and undid his pants. Nikolas was already hard and aching and Zander nipped the tip, hearing Nikolas moan, before lapping at the tiny slit. Then he took the swollen head into his mouth and sucked on it. It didn't take long for bitter fluid to fill his mouth. Zander swallowed most of it. He was a pro after all. Then he pulled back and stood up, but only so that he could straddle Nikolas' thighs. He sat on his lap, feeling the softened cock slip between his ass as he leaned in to kiss Nikolas. Now they could taste each other. And as Zander deepened the kiss, he felt Nikolas' hands kneading his ass, then a finger was searching for his opening and something inside Zander snapped. He broke the kiss and moved off Nikolas' lap, turning almost frantically in search of his clothes. He pulled on pants and shirt and stepped into his boots, gathering socks and boxers and stuffing them in his jacket pocket which he then shrugged on.


Nikolas was on his feet, tucking himself back into his pants. "Where are you going?"


"Home." Zander remembered the money. He pulled it out of his pocket and tossed it on the bed. "Consider this just one big freebie," he hissed, then he ran out the door. Zander heard Nikolas calling his name but he kept running. He ran onto the ferry and snapped at the driver to take off. And it was only when they were away from the dock did Zander feel like he could breath again. He was a fucking idiot. And a fool.


* * * * *


Zander felt drained by the time he reached the docks at by Kelly's. He was tired and wanted only to go home and sleep. But even as he headed for the stairs, a man blocked his way. Zander tried to step around him, realizing too late, that the guy meant trouble. Zander made to turn and run but hands grabbed him from behind. His arms were pulled back and bound and then he was tossed over a broad shoulder and carried off to a waiting limo. As he was pushed inside, Zander's heart sank. The man smiling at him was Arroyo.


Carlos reached out to rub Zander's cheek. "You've been a bad boy. You have to be punished."


"What are you talking about?" Zander countered. He was more than a little confused.


"You belong to me, Zander. But you're whoring around on me."

Zander shook his head, angry in spite of his fear. "You don't own me!" he hissed, and received a palm cracking against his cheek in reply.


Arroyo leaned into Zander and whispered, "I paid for your sweet ass. One million dollars to Sonny Corinthos. You're mine now, pretty one. And you will remember that when I'm done with you."


"Fuck!" Zander whispered, then he cried out as fingers curled into his hair and twisted. Arroyo's tongue stabbed into his mouth, gagging Zander, then he felt the hands leave his hair only to pull at his clothes, almost ripping them off him. Zander was helpless to stop Arroyo, with his hands bound behind him. He watched Arroyo tear strips from his shirt and struggled as much as he could as he was gagged. When Arroyo tied another strip over his eyes, Zander felt panic set in. He was rolled onto his stomach and pushed down onto his knees so that he was bent over the seat. Zander cursed as a finger was thrust inside him, but it was only a cursory courtesy. Without warning the finger was removed and Arroyo's cock thrust into Zander. Pushing past the resistance. Zander's body stiffened in pain and a moan escaped him at the stretch and burn as he was breeched. Two hard thrusts and the thick cock was all the way inside him. Then Zander's body was rocked as Arroyo thrust into him, over and over again. The pain eased a bit when warm slickness coated his channel, but Zander realized that it wasn't semen. It was blood. His blood. He felt nausea wash over him then he felt the cock inside him twitch and more warm wetness. It was over. But it wasn't. The car stopped and Zander heard doors open, then footsteps, then he heard someone else enter the back. He whimpered as Arroyo pulled out of him, but before he could even try to move, hard fingers gripped his hips and another hard cock was shoved inside him. Zander choked back a sob and prayed for oblivion.



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