The Hot Zone

Chapter 7


The first twenty-four hours with Arroyo weren't too bad. Because Zander had pleased him with his performance upon his arrival, Arroyo had been content with letting Zander keep a modicum of control during sex. Zander felt as if he could deal. At dinner the second day he asked how long Arroyo would be in town. He was relieved to hear that it was only for three days. He was past the halfway mark. After dinner, Arroyo had some calls to make and he told Zander to wait for him in the bedroom.


Zander decided to shower while he waited. He hoped it would help him to keep awake. He hadn't been sleeping good and last night was no different. So he showered, dried off, then wrapped the towel around his waist. No sense in getting dressed since he knew Arroyo would want him naked.


Moving into the bedroom, Zander stretched out on the bed and closed his eyes. He didn't expect to fall asleep, but darkness claimed him. Surprisingly he didn't dream, but it must have been a deep sleep. Zander came awake to warm wetness on his cock and opened his eyes to see one of the guards giving him a blow job. Zander made to sit up but couldn't. His wrists were bound to the headboard and he'd never felt it happen. Zander knew that the guard being there wasn't a good sign of things to come. He tried to detach himself from what was happening, but a moan escaped him even as he turned his head, seeking out Arroyo.


The man was sitting in a nearby chair, smoking a cigar, watching.


"What's going on?" Zander asked, then he whimpered as he felt his balls tighten. He came in a rush and his body went lax. Then he felt the guard slipping a pillow underneath his hips and Zander tried to fight against it.


"Relax, pretty one," Arroyo purred, rising from his chair. "I thought we could have a little bit of fun experimenting tonight."

Zander did not like the sound of that. "What kind of fun?" He got his answer when something cold and thick was pushed into him. He gasped at the pain of being breeched without being stretched and he bit his lip against a moan as he was filled too full.

Arroyo nodded at the guard who now left. "Do you know what this is?" Arroyo asked, as he pushed the object just a little bit deeper inside of Zander.

"No!" Zander hissed. He shifted his hips, wanting it out of him. But his actions made Arroyo press it in even deeper.


"It's a butt plug, to open you for me," Arroyo replied. He pressed it in even more, watching Zander squirm. "I have another surprise for you."


Zander didn't want to know what it was. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the object shoved inside him, only to open them when he heard a female voice. A pretty, naked, red head was standing by the bed. "I don't understand," Zander said. He tried hard not to let the shame he was feeling show.


Arroyo stroked Zander's thigh with his fingertips. "I want to watch you fuck Charlene," he stated. Then he nodded to the woman and she climbed onto the bed, moving to squat over Zander's face.


Zander knew what he was supposed to do. When Charlene pressed down, he used his tongue and teeth and lips to bring her to orgasm. Then Charlene was pulled off him and Arroyo was there, kissing Zander to taste Charlene's juices. When Arroyo broke the kiss, Zander asked, "Do I fuck her now?"


"Soon," Arroyo replied. He let Charlene take his place between Zander's legs.

"Fuck!" Zander hissed, as the redhead sucked his cock into her mouth. She was skilled and it didn't take long for him to get hard again. Then he felt it, Arroyo undoing his wrists. Zander knew it was time to perform. He made to sit up and whimpered as the butt plug made itself felt. He made to take it out and fingers gripped his wrist.


Arroyo glared at Zander. "Leave it." He then moved off the bed so Zander and Charlene could position themselves.


Zander didn't want this to be so clinical. For himself or Charlene. So he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly, letting one hand drop down to her breasts. He kneaded one then the other before breaking the kiss so he could dip his head to suckle on the rosy tips. And she fisted her fingers in his hair, Zander let one hand slide between her legs. She was soaking wet as he stroked her.

"Fuck her now!" Arroyo ordered. He was stroking himself through his pants.

Zander laid Charlene out on her back before moving between her legs. He positioned himself then pressed inside, even as he leaned in to kiss her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to move. Zander continued to kiss her, and to stroke her soft skin. Then he felt it, movement behind him and before he could react, the butt plug was yanked out of him. It burned and Zander hissed, but then he bit back a cry as a slick cock slammed into him. Zander could feel Arroyo's balls slapping his ass, he was buried so deep. And it stretched Zander too full and he panted against the pain.

Arroyo pulled out to his tip then slammed back in, rocking Zander forward and deep inside of Charlene. He set the rhythm for the three of them and it didn't take long for Charlene to scream her release. Zander soon followed then Arroyo gripped the slim hips and drew the boy back and out of Charlene so that Zander was sitting in his lap, spitted on his cock. "So fucking tight," Arroyo hissed, before he bit Zander's shoulder. "So fucking perfect!"


"Move!" Zander begged, trying to wriggle around. Arroyo's cock was too thick and too hard inside him. He was about to beg again when Charlene was before him, her fingers buried in his hair, kissing Zander, swallowing his moans and whimpers.


* * * * *


Jason was ushered into Arroyo's penthouse. He knew that the man was leaving today, so he had come to take Zander home. He found Arroyo and Zander in the dining room. Jason studied Zander. The kid looked pale and tired, but otherwise okay. "Ready to go?" Jason asked.


Arroyo chuckled. "He's not going with you, Morgan. He's going with me."


"That's not the deal," Jason shot back.


"It is now."


Jason saw two guards move in to flank Arroyo and Zander. He knew he couldn't shoot his way out and take Zander with him. "You're breaking the deal."

Arroyo shrugged.
"So sue me." He laughed at his own joke.


"I'm not letting you take Zander," Jason stated.

"It's okay, Jason," Zander spoke up. "I'll go with him. Just make sure Sonny keeps his word."


Jason was about to protest, only to realize that it was useless, and that he had just made things worse for Zander. He said nothing more but simply turned around and headed out. The moment he was back in his car, he called Sonny.


* * * * *


Zander knew what was coming. He had been relieved to see Jason, but he knew how this was going to end. Arroyo had already informed Zander that he would be going with him. He knew he didn't have a choice. A part of him had rather hoped that Jason would wave a magic wand and make them both magically disappear back to Sonny's. But there was no magic to be found. Just an angry Arroyo. Zander didn't react fast enough to avoid the hand that cracked against his cheek. He reeled back in his chair but said nothing.


Arroyo shook with fury. He hauled Zander out of his chair by his shirt front, then he bent him over the table. He motioned for the guards to hold the boy while he yanked Zander's pants down. Then Arroyo slapped the bare ass, until he heard a muffled sob escape Zander. "You are mine, do you hear me? Mine!"


Zander said nothing. He couldn't speak against the pain that ripped through him as Arroyo's cock thrust into him. No preparation, just a dry entry that brought tears to Zander's eyes. He bit through his lip to hold back any sound of pain. He would not give Arroyo any further satisfaction. When it was over and Zander was released, he reached for a napkin with a shaky hand and wiped a trail of semen off his inner thigh. He winced to see blood mixed in the semen. Then he pulled up his pants before asking, "May I go to my room?"


"Yes…go!" Arroyo snapped.

Zander walked off and he made it to his room and into the bathroom before he puked.


* * * * *


"We have to get Zander out." Jason was pacing as he spoke.

Sonny shook his head. "We can't. There's nothing we can do."

Jason glared at Sonny. "I'm getting Zander out," he snapped, then he strode out, determination glinting in his eyes.


* * * * *


Zander shivered. He was cold. But he shook not just from the coldness of the room, but from fear. After the breakfast incident, Arroyo had left Zander alone for the rest of the day. At some point Zander fell asleep only to be awakened by hands pulling him off the bed. He had been blindfolded and a ball gag shoved in his mouth. His wrists were bound before him then he had been hauled out of the room. He had known when he had arrived at his present place by the change in temperature. Zander had felt off balanced as he was dragged across the floor then supported while his arms were yanked up over his head and he heard clanking. Chains. His arms were somehow fastened over his head and when he was released, Zander was practically hanging. His toes barely touched the floor.

Fear had twisted his insides as he felt his clothing cut off him until he was naked. Then hands fondled him roughly before a cock ring was put on and another butt plug inserted. Then Zander had been left alone for a while. His shoulders had started to ache soon after from the pull of his body weight. The coldness had seeped into his bones, and then he had heard footsteps but he was disoriented, not knowing from which direction the person was approaching. Until a hand slapped against his ass and Zander whimpered around the ball gag.


But that had only been the beginning of his punishment. Time had lost all meaning and Zander had lost count of the hands that had groped him or slapped him. The cock ring had been removed a few times so he could cum, then he had been set down from the overhead hook only to be draped over a stool or something that left him on his hands and knees. The ball gag would be removed and a cock shoved in his mouth, while someone else would yank out the butt plug and a cock would be shoved inside him.


He was in that position now, his body rocking from the hard thrusts in his ass, strong fingers digging painfully into his hips to hold him, and each thrust in pushed him forward, making the cock shoved in his mouth nearly gag Zander. He tasted bitter cum and gagged as he swallowed. Warm wetness filled his ass and the cock was removed, but another took its place. Bigger and thicker and even with the semen to slick him, it hurt and Zander cried out his pain. That earned him a slap then fingers fisted in his hair, yanking his head up and another cock pushed past his lips.

Zander prayed to die.


* * * * *


Sonny closed his eyes as he put the phone back in the cradle. He prayed that he would not regret what he had just done.


* * * * *


Nikolas was more than a little surprised when Jason came striding into the Library at Wyndemere. He was surprised and instantly concerned. He knew Jason had come in regards to Zander. "What's going on?" Nikolas asked, setting aside the book he had been reading and rising to his feet.


"Do you care about Zander?" Jason countered, his eyes cold and glittering as they locked on Nikolas's face.


"Yeah...I do," Nikolas replied.


Jason nodded then asked, "Why?"


Nikolas knew this was a test but he also knew he didn't have a good answer. He was still trying to figure it out for himself. "I just do."


"Do you care enough to go into hiding with him?"

"Yes." Nikolas surprised himself by not hesitating to reply. He felt fear twist in his gut however. For Jason to ask him that, things had to be bad for Zander. "What's this about?"


Jason rubbed a hand over his face. "A man named Arroyo is holding Zander prisoner. I'm going to get him out. I need you to take Zander away. I've arranged everything. The vehicle, supplies, money and safe places to go. But you need to be willing to go the distance on this."


Nikolas knew what Jason was asking and he nodded. "I'm in. When do you need me?"


"Now. Pack what you need, pack light. You have five minutes."

"Good enough," Nikolas replied, as he headed.



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