The Hot Zone

Chapter 6


Nik studied Zander, taking note of his pale face and the bruising on his cheek. "Hello, Zander," Nikolas said, somewhat formally.


"Nikky," Zander drawled.


"Are you okay?" Nikolas knew that he wasn't and he felt a surge of anger at whoever had hurt Zander.


Zander smirked. "I've been better. blow jobs tonight." He made to leave and swayed.

Nikolas caught Zander by the shoulders and steadied him. He could see pain glittering in the hazel eyes and he saw how Zander was cradling his ribs. "I'm taking you to the hospital."


"NO!" Zander made to pull away and hissed in pain.


"You're hurt," Nikolas shot back. Zander's face was white and his skin was sheened in a cold sweat. Nikolas was worried.


Zander pushed at Nikolas. "I'm fine," he stated, through gritted teeth.


Nikolas shook his head. "Like hell you are."


"I'll take care of him." Jason appeared, as if out of the shadows. He moved to Zander and took him by the arm.


"What happened?" Nikolas let go of Zander, seeing the look on Jason's face. Something was going on but he knew that this was not the time to push the issue.


Jason blinked at Nikolas. "Not your problem," he stated, then he looked at Zander. "Come on...I'm taking you home."

Nikolas watched them move off and vowed to himself to learn the truth.


* * * * *


Sonny gave Zander a break from dancing at the Club. It wasn't as if he could have done it with the bruising on his ribs and the marks on his wrists and face. During the time off, Zander kept to himself. He didn't leave his room much, and had no interest in eating. In fact he only ate because Carly badgered him to, at least twice a day. In the end it was easier to eat than to listen to her bitch at him.


Once he could move without hurting, Zander spent alot of time with Alexis. They talked about the past alot, and sometimes about Emily. They talked about the future, and the baby. Zander still wasn't sure if he wanted to be a godparent. And they carefully avoided talking about the present, which would include Zander dancing at the club. Although he had thought to ask how she got that picture of him. Alexis had declined to answer.


Two weeks passed and Zander managed to avoid running into Nikolas. Physically the bruises faded, but he still felt the pain on the inside. He asked about going back to the club but Sonny told him he wasn't ready yet. Zander didn't argue. He didn't have the energy, or the desire to. As it was, he barely spoke to Sonny anymore. He couldn't get past the fact that Sonny had sold him to Arroyo like he was a piece of property.


Most nights Zander dreamed about what Arroyo did to him. Some nights Carly would check on him and come lay with him. Zander let her stay. Her presence helped him sleep. One night the dream changed and Zander dreamed about the guy hitting the woman down the stairs. He woke up in a cold sweat, hearing a gun shot in his head and seeing blood on his hands. He slid out of bed and made it into the bathroom in time to puke. This time it was Jason who came to check on him.


" okay?"


"Just great." Zander glared at Jason as he moved to the sink and brushed his teeth.


Jason leaned against the doorframe. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Zander laughed and shook his head. "Nope. Leave me alone, Jason."


"Okay." Jason left.


"FuckÖ" Zander hissed to himself as he climbed back into bed. He curled up on his side but he didn't close his eyes.


* * * * *


Nikolas knew that Zander was avoiding him. For over a week he didn't bother going to the club, he knew Zander wouldn't be dancing. But when two weeks passed, he got worried. Finally he confronted Jason. "How is Zander doing?"

Jason blinked. "Fine."


"Who hurt him?"

"Stay out of it," Jason warned.

Nikolas shook his head. "I want to know what happened?"


Jason locked eyes with Nikolas. "Why? What do you care?"


"I care about Zander," Nikolas shot back, with more passion that he intended to reveal.


"Since when?" Jason countered. "You two aren't exactly friends."

Nikolas couldn't answer that question. He couldn't tell Jason that ever since Zander had gone to Wyndemere with him that he couldn't stop dreaming about him. Wet dreams a couple of times. Nikolas knew he was obsessed and a part of him wanted to see Zander again to try and get him out of his system somehow. There was a part of Nikolas that believed if he just fucked Zander, he could let his attraction to the guy go. Yet a tiny voice in his head screamed at him that it wasn't that simple. That his feelings for Zander went deeper than mere lust. "Look...I saw how he was hurting on the docks. I just...I just want to know he's okay."

Jason smirked. "He's fine." Then he shouldered past Nikolas and left the club.


* * * * *


A month went by and Zander went back to dancing. He convinced himself that the thing with Arroyo was now safely tucked away in his past. It was over and he had moved on. Zander was even able to get back into the swing of things, as it were, and when he saw Nikolas at the club, he flirted with him outrageously. Until Jason pulled him away and made him change before taking him home. The routine of it all became almost boringly predictable.

Until tonight. Jason and Zander walked into the Penthouse to find Sonny waiting for them.


"Arroyo called," Sonny blurted out. He locked eyes with Zander. "He's coming to get you in the morning."


"Fuck!" Jason hissed.

Zander said nothing, he just sank down into a nearby chair. He had thought that particular nightmare was over.


Sonny watched Zander for a moment then said, "I'm sorry. Itís business. You understand."

"Sure...I understand," Zander replied. He knew that Sonny was referring to the deal he had made with Arroyo as well as the deal he had made regarding Zander's secret.


"You can't do this, Sonny," Jason protested. "You have to break the deal with Arroyo. We'll find a way to protect our territory."


Sonny shook his head. "I can't do that. It wouldn't matter even if I did. Arroyo will get Zander regardless. If we don't give him up, he'll take him."


Zander knew that Sonny was right. At the same time he was surprised at Jason standing up for him. But he knew what he had to do. Protecting Alexis and his secret were all that mattered. "I'll do it," Zander stated, rising to his feet. He moved to confront Sonny. "But under one condition."

"Name it." Sonny countered.

"You promise me that you will keep Alexis and the baby safe. And you keep my secret safe." Zander locked eyes with Sonny, letting him see how much this mattered to him. How much he was willing to sacrifice.


Sonny nodded. "You have my word."

Zander had no choice but to believe him. He nodded back then headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Jason asked, intercepting him.


"To Arroyo's," Zander replied.

Jason shook his head. "Sonny said you have until morning."

Zander smiled, appreciating Jason's concern. "I want to go to him on my terms," he said softly, then he brushed past Jason and slipped out the door.


* * * * *


Arroyo was surprised when his guard announced Zander's arrival. Surprised, but pleased. He had him ushered up to his bedroom. "Anxious to see me?" he queried, only to fall silent when Zander crossed the room to him and kissed him. "Very nice," Arroyo drawled, approvingly, once the kiss was broken.


Zander smiled. "Are you tired?" he asked, even as he began stripping off his jacket. He kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks, then he went to work unbuttoning his shirt.


"I'm wide awake at the moment," Arroyo replied. He licked his lips once Zander was completely naked, then he reached out to trace his fingers over the boy's chest and down his abs till he reached his cock. Arroyo squeezed it for a moment, then his hand was tapped and he let go, amused by Zander's actions. Amused and excited.

"Sit down," Zander ordered, pushing Arroyo back into a chair. Then he knelt between the strong legs and undid his pants, freeing Arroyo's cock. Zander sucked on the turgid flesh until pre-cum oozed out. He licked it off then rose to his feet, moving over to the bed table. He retrieved the bottle of lubricant then moved back to Arroyo.

Arroyo moaned as Zander slicked his cock. Then he moaned again as the boy straddled his thighs before pressing down over him. His cock was sheathed in Zander's tightness. Arroyo gripped Zander's slim hips, helping him to move over him. It didn't take long for him to cum and he was so pleased by Zander's performance that once he was done he didn't let the boy go. Instead he gripped Zander's cock and stroked him until he came. Watching Zander lick his own cum off his hand, made Arroyo's cock twitch. And he was still buried inside of Zander. "I missed you, pretty one," Arroyo whispered as he drew Zander back against his chest so he could turn his head and claim the sweet lips.



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