The Promise

Chapter 1


Lucky was happy. His relationship with Zander was perfect. They fought, the made love, they shared the good times and the bad. And through it all they love and trust was there. It made everything worthwhile for the both of them. Throw Jason into the mix and Lucky didn't think his life could get any better than this.

Right now he and Zander were at Jake’s, playing pool. Jason had shown up a little while ago and he and Zander were playing a game. Zander, of course, was winning. He would always win, unless he wanted to lose. Which Lucky knew he would do on occasion just to make him feel good. Zander never threw a game with Jason. It was fun watching them play. Jason would be very focused throughout the entire game. Zander would be enjoying himself, drinking his beer, flirting with Jason or Lucky, until the moment he made his shot. Then his demeanor would change and he would zero in on the ball. Every shot counted.

Tonight was like many other nights. Jake's was a little bit crowded tonight, and a bit rowdy, but doable. Or it was until Lucky saw two guys throw punches at each other. Before he could get across the bar, a full fledged bar fight ensued. Lucky thought about whipping out his badge, but he knew he was sorely outnumbered and that doing so would probably make things worse. So he tried to wade through the fray, keeping one eye on Zander, who was holding his own. Jason, of course, was methodically taking down his opponents.

Lucky ducked a right cross and decked the fellow who threw it, then turned in time to see Zander get caught between two foes. He avoided one punch, but almost walked into the other one, and it sent him reeling back into a table. Lucky flinched as he saw Zander hit his head against the table as he went down. And he stayed down. "Zander!" Lucky shouted, pushing his way over to his lover. He was shaking as he checked for a pulse. It was there, strong and steady. "Zander? Zander...wake up, baby. Come your beautiful eyes." But Zander didn't respond. Lucky didn't know what to do, but suddenly Jason was kneeling beside them.

"I called 911," Jason stated. "And the cops."

"Why won't he wake up?" Lucky bemoaned, as he brushed dark hair off Zander's brow.

Jason patted Lucky on the shoulder. "He'll be okay. Zander has a hard head."

Lucky almost smiled at that. Fortunately, it was the truth. But the fact that Zander was lying there so still and looking so pale, terrified Lucky. "You have to be okay, Zander," he whispered, then he leaned over his lover, shielding him as a beer bottle whizzed over Lucky's head. Then he heard sirens and relief washed over him. "Help is on the way, Zander. You're going to be okay." It became Lucky's mantra while the EMTs were loading Zander onto the stretcher. On the drive to the hospital, and as he paced in the waiting room. Lucky was about to go crazy when Tony called him into the treatment room.

"How is he?" Lucky queried, moving to the treatment bed so he could take Zander's hand. He needed to feel connected to him. It worried Lucky that Zander's eyes were still closed.

"Well...I think he's going to be okay," Tony replied. "I'll know more once he wakes up, of course.."

Lucky cut him off with a wave of one hand. "Why hasn't he woke up? That's bad…isn't it?"

Tony smiled. "Zander is very responsive, so my guess is that he does have a concussion, but he almost awoke a few times which is a good sign. Just keep the faith, Lucky. I'm going to have him moved to a room."

"Can I stay with him tonight?"

"I'll have a cot put in the room." Tony headed for the door. "You can have a moment with him, then the orderly will move him."

Lucky nodded. "Thank you." He waited for Tony to leave, then he leaned over to brush a kiss to Zander's lips. "I'll be here when you wake up," he promised. "Just do it soon…okay?"

The orderly showed up with a stretcher. "I have to take him now."

"Yeah...okay." Lucky released Zander's hand and, reluctantly, exited the room. His cell phone rang as he headed back to the waiting area.

It was Jason. "How is Zander?"

Lucky sighed. "Still out of it. But Tony seems to think he'll be okay. They're moving him to a room now. I'm staying with him."

"Do you need me to come over?"

"Not now. But I might call you later."

"I'll be here." Jason broke the connection.

Lucky clipped the phone back on his belt, then he dropped into a nearby chair and buried his face in his hands.

* * * * *

Lucky didn't sleep much. He ended up dozing in the chair instead of stretching out on the cot. Every ten minute stretch or so he would wake up and get up to check on Zander. But his beautiful lover kept on sleeping. Lucky sighed then stifled a yawn as he checked his watch. It was almost 6 AM. He reached out to smooth dark hair off Zander's forehead, that adorable forelock that just insisted on falling in Zander's eyes. The forelock that Lucky had begged Zander to grow back and, of course, Zander had done so. Just for him. "Dammit…open your eyes, Zander," Lucky ordered, his tone hushed and thick with unshed tears. And then he gasped as hazel eyes were suddenly staring at him. "Zander?" Lucky almost let out a whoop of joy. He didn't know whether he should hug Zander or run and fetch a nurse. He settled for hitting the call button then hugging Zander. He was relieved when Zander hugged him back. After a moment Lucky pulled back to say, "I was so worried about you. You scared me half to death, Zander."

"I'm sorry," Zander replied, a frown on his face. He touched his head and winced. "Where am I?"

"General Hospital. Do you remember the fight at Jake’s? You took a punch and went down and hit your head on the table. You've been out for a long time." Lucky smiled. "But now you're awake and I just know you're going to be okay." Lucky stopped babbling when he noticed that Zander was staring at him with this odd look on his face. "What's wrong?"

Zander sighed. "Um...this is going to seem like a really stupid question, I know you?"

Lucky was stunned. "What? Of course you know me. I'm Lucky. The guy you live with...the guy you sleep with…"

"We're lovers?"

"Of course we're lovers." Lucky narrowed his eyes and gazed at Zander with suspicion. "Are you busting my chops? Cause I don't think it's funny."

Zander shook his head then pressed his palms to his temples, wincing in pain. "Head hurts."

Bobbie entered the room at that moment. "Zander...nice to see you awake."

"That's my name…right? Zander?" He looked at Lucky. "You called me that. I think."

"Yeah...that's your name." Lucky looked at Bobbie and he knew she had to be able to see the panic he was feeling. "He doesn't remember me."

Bobbie checked Zander's vitals then gave Lucky a warm smile. "I know it's scary, but that's actually not a surprise given Zander's injury. Dr. Jones has arranged for a cat scan and an MRI. Now that Zander is awake I'll make arrangements for him to be taken down and we'll see what's up."

Lucky nodded his thanks. "Okay. He's going to be okay though. Right?"

"Hello!" Zander interjected. "I’m in the room. Would you stop talking about me as if I weren't here? Thank you." He glared at Lucky.

"Sorry," Lucky apologized. He watched Bobbie leave the room then turned back to the man he loved. "This is freaking me out a bit…that you don't remember me."

Zander frowned, then reached out to pat his arm. "Um…so...what's your name?"

Lucky winced then replied, "Lucky."

"For real?" Zander laughed.

"'s a nickname. Like yours is."

Zander's eyes narrowed. "Oh. What's my real name?"

Lucky figured it wouldn't matter if he told him. "Alexander."

"I think I like Zander better."

"Me too."

Zander leaned his head back against the pillows. "Do you think I can go home soon? I don't think I like hospitals."

Lucky felt a ripple of hope. "Do you remember not liking them? Cause you don't. You hate being in the hospital."

"I don't know if I remember...It's just a feeling." Zander smiled. " how long have we been together?"

"Almost a year." Lucky was relieved that Zander seemed cool about it. "You don't seem surprised that you have a male lover."

Zander chuckled. "Well...I don't feel surprised. Am I gay…or bi?"

Lucky didn't hesitate to reply. "We're both bi."

"That's cool."

"Yeah." Lucky wondered how Zander was going to react to the news that they shared their life with another man. Hell, Lucky wondered how Jason was going to react to the fact that Zander had amnesia. He shook such thoughts away for the moment and concentrated on his lover. Zander's eyes were closed and he was pale. He looked like he was in pain. "Are you okay?" Lucky asked. "Should I call the nurse?"

Zander opened his eyes and smiled. "I’m okay," he said softly. "But you know what would make me feel a whole lot better?" he countered.

Lucky shook his head. "No…what?" He had to admit to being curious. And whatever Zander wanted, or needed, Lucky would find away to give it to him.

"A kiss," Zander replied. He reached out and grabbed a handful of Lucky's shirt and tugged him down. Then he claimed Lucky's lips.

To say that he was stunned by the kiss would be an understatement, Lucky thought to himself. But then all thought faded away. Zander might have forgotten who he was, but he sure as hell remembered how to kiss.



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