The Promise

Chapter 2


After Tony ran some tests, he assured that Zander would be okay. But that he could not predict when his memory would return. He would only say that he was sure it would return. Eventually, and for them not to push it or to allow Zander to push it. He also signed Zander out, but cautioned him to take it easy for a few days.


Lucky promised that Zander would rest. "Does he need to do anything special? Take anything?"


"I'm giving him a prescription for pain pills," Tony replied. "But use only as needed."


"Thank you." Lucky took the prescription and tucked it in his pocket. He turned to smile at Zander. "So…ready to go home?"


Zander nodded. "Ready." He made to get out of bed and wobbled a bit.


Lucky grabbed his arm. "You okay?"


"Fine." Zander leaned in to give Lucky a kiss. "Thanks for the save."


"Sure." Lucky felt a little giddy. Zander's kisses always had that effect on him. "Let me get your clothes." He actually helped Zander to get dressed and couldn't resist brushing a hand over the perfect chest, or letting his hand linger on the perfect ass as he was, supposedly, helping Zander thread his belt through the loopholes.

Zander gave Lucky a seductive smile. "So...where is home?" he asked, as he nipped at Lucky's earlobe while sliding past him to reach for his jacket.


Lucky frowned at the question. He heard the words but it took a moment for him to focus enough so that they made sense. "Oh…'s a loft apartment on Water Street. It's actually your place but you let me live there."


"Lucky me...pun intended," Zander replied. He smiled. "I'm ready to go."


"Great." Lucky opened the door and found Bobbie waiting just outside with a wheelchair.


Bobbie looked at Zander then pointed to the chair. "Get in."

Zander frowned. "I may not remember anything, but I have a feeling I hate those things."


"You do," Bobbie allowed. "But you're going to sit in it anyway. Hospital policy."


"Fine." Zander pouted but sat down.

Lucky looked at Bobbie. "Can I wheel him out?"

She smiled and stepped aside. "Sure." But she followed them to the elevators.

Soon after, they were in Lucky's car and heading home. Lucky smiled over at Zander. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too," Zander replied. "I'm sorry I don't remember you."


"You will." Lucky was sure everything would be okay. He just had to be patient.


Zander nodded then leaned his head back and closed his eyes. "Nice car."


Lucky chuckled. "Thanks. It's actually your car. You have all the money. Oh my god!"

"What?" Zander's eyes flew open.


"Your company!"


Zander frowned. "What company?"

Lucky sighed. "You run a company. can you do that when you don't even remember it? Oh...wait...Jason can take over until you get your memory back."

"Who's Jason?"


"Um...he's a friend. A good friend." Lucky wasn't really sure how to explain it. He had told Jason about Zander's amnesia and Jason seemed to understand. After all, he had dealt with Zander the first time he had amnesia, and Jason had suffered from it as well. "Actually...he's sort of part of our lives. I mean...he's a *Special* friend."

Zander laughed. "Special? In what way?"


Lucky rubbed a hand over his face. "Well...I told you how you and I are lovers."

" told me." As he spoke, Zander's hand slid over Lucky's thigh and squeezed.

"Yeah...uh..." Lucky heard his voice squeak and he had to cover Zander's hand before he caused an accident. And not just with the car. "Um...Jason is a part of our lives in that...he cares about us. Especially you. So...sometimes we sleep together. All of us. You know?"


Zander's smile was wide and knowing. "Yeah...I think I get what you mean." He tugged his hand out from under Lucky's grip and settled for tangling their fingers together. "So...when do I get to meet him?"


Lucky shifted in his seat. Zander's touch had its desired effect and he was hard as a rock. "Uh...I think he's waiting for us at home. He said he would be. He wants to make sure you're okay."

"Great…I can't wait to meet him," Zander replied.


"Yeah..." Lucky had to force himself to concentrate on the road. The moment they got home he was heading for the shower. They made it home safely, and Lucky led Zander into the loft. Sure enough, Jason was there.


He opened the door and his eyes locked on Zander's face. "You okay?"


Zander nodded. "Fine.'re Jason."

"That's right."

"Nice to meet you," Zander purred, then he cupped Jason's face in both hands and kissed him.



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