Chapter 1

"Take him out of the cage," Ric ordered the uniformed officer.

Zander smirked at him even as he was being removed.

Ric's face was impassive. "Cuff him." When the officer moved to cuff Zander's hands in front of him, Ric barked, "Behind him!"


"Scared of me?" Zander taunted.


"Let's go." Once Zander was cuffed, Ric took him by the arm and hauled him towards the door. Then he stuffed Zander into the passenger seat of his car and belted him in.

Zander was surprised. "Where are we going?"


Ric got behind the wheel and started the car. "You'll see when we get there."


* * * * *


Ric took Zander to his old house. He pulled him inside then moved to the book case to press the button. The panic room door opened and Ric pushed Zander inside. He grabbed the remote, then followed.

Zander's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "What's going on?"


"Shut up!" Ric flung off his coat then he stalked Zander, smiling as the young man backed away from him. Ric grabbed him by the shirt front and slammed him hard against the wall. Then he swallowed Zander's small groan of pain with his lips. He felt Zander stiffen as he kissed him and it pleased Ric. He ground his mouth on Zander's, pressed hard till the soft lips opened, then he plunged his tongue inside. Coffee and chocolate, the taste of Zander. A taste the Ric was addicted to. "God…I've been waiting for two days for this!" Ric panted, as he broke off the kiss. He looked into Zander's eyes for a moment and saw a passion that matched his own. Then he leaned in to lightly kiss the bruises that marred Zander's beautiful face. "I need you so bad. I need to be inside you."


"You brought me here to fuck me?" Zander was incredulous. "You son of a bitch!"


Ric pressed himself against Zander, letting him feel his hardness. "Well…I couldn't exactly fuck you at the PCPD, now could I? Although it might be fun to try. I could bend you over the interrogation table, that tight little ass of yours up in the air and just waiting for me."


Zander glared at Ric. "Look...I let you fuck me that one night because I was drunk out of my mind and horny as hell. And after that blow job you gave me, hell…I was willing to do anything you wanted."


"And you'll be willing again," Ric vowed, even as he fell to his knees. He yanked open Zander's belt, undid the hook and almost ripped down the zipper so that he could free the young man's cock. It was semi erect which meant Zander was more aroused than he wanted Ric to believe. Smiling to himself, Ric stroked the thick shaft into hardness before taking the tip into his mouth. He relaxed his throat muscles so that he could take Zander in deep, and as he worked his magic, he massaged Zander's balls with his free hand. The whimpers of pleasure that escaped the boy made Ric's already hard cock throb almost painfully. And then he felt the balls in his palm tighten and Ric prepared himself for the jettison of cum. He swallowed most of it, then rose to his feet to kiss Zander again. The boy had sweet lips. "You taste so damn good," He whispered.


"You're not fucking me again," Zander hissed, but it was a weak protest. He was slumped against the wall and only Ric's body held him upright.

Ric had prepared this room for what was to come. He grabbed a knife off the table and went to work cutting Zander's clothes off him.


Zander tried to protest. "Hey…you can't do that!"


"Watch me." But Ric got tired of hearing Zander curse at him, not that the boy wasn't creative, so he made a gag out of part of Zander's now tattered shirt and tied it into place. The fury that blazed from Zander's beautiful eyes didn't frighten Ric, it excited him. Zander was not his equal in any way, but he was the one person that could hold his own with Ric. One person who Ric could play rough with who would not only take it, but give it back, matching his intensity.

Ric pulled Zander away from the wall and bent him over the treatment-like bed. He then stood behind him, reaching around the impossibly slender waist to slide down the expensive, linen, pants. Zander cleaned up nice. Real nice. The boy had a sensual quality to him that drove Ric wild. He moved with the grace of a wild cat and he had a smoldering sexuality that should have been illegal. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, Zander...You're going to scream my name," Ric promised as he grabbed the knife again and cut off Zander's black boxer briefs. Then Ric moved back to stare at the perfect ass presented to him. Small and tight and muscled in a way that made Ric want to bite him. So he did, and he chuckled at Zander's muffled scream of outrage.


"Maybe I'll fuck you slow first," Ric purred, as he reached for the bottle of lubricant on the side table. He slicked both hands then let one finger tease between Zander's cheeks. He felt the boy flinch then Ric pressed one finger inside him, feeling the inner muscles clench in resistance, but he pushed all the way in then crooked his finger to find the hotspot. Knew he found it when Zander whimpered and his hips thrust back. Ric continued to stroke over that spot until Zander was trembling and moaning.


"Do you want me to fuck you hard or slow?" Ric asked as he added another finger then leaned in over Zander's back to press his lips to one ear. "I can go so slow you'll be begging me, Zander. So slow that you'll feel every inch of me going in and sliding back out. I'll be so thick and hard. I'll fill you till you ache with it. Is that what you want?" He added another finger and felt Zander squirm. Then more muffled sounds and Ric wasn't sure if it was cursing this time so he pushed down the gag.


"Fuck me already!" Zander hissed. "If you think you can."


Ric laughed and pulled, letting his fingers slide out. He freed it cock and slicked it, then he grasped the base in one hand and one of Zander's cheeks in the other. He lined himself up then thrust hard, snapping his hips forward. He slid in a few inches but stopped at Zander's gasp of pain.


Zander was panting. "Fucking bastard!"


"Easy…breathe slow and deep." Ric massaged Zander's lower back until the muscles clenched around his cock eased. Then he pressed in another inch and he couldn't hold back his own moan. Another inch then another and soon he was buried, balls deep, in Zander's tightness. The boy fit around him like a glove. "You were made for this," Ric purred in Zander's ear.


"Made for me."


"Shut up and fuck me already!" Zander taunted. "Pussy!"


Ric knew that Zander was trying to get him riled, but he wasn't going to play by the boy's rules. He would play by his own. Zander wasn't in control here, Ric was. And he was going to teach the beautiful boy a lesson he would never forget.


Chapter 2