Chapter 2

"Beg me to fuck you," Ric purred in Zander's ear as he remained frozen, deep inside the boy's luscious ass.


"Not in a million years," Zander shot back, but he squirmed a bit as he spoke only to curse when strong hands gripped his hips and forced him to be still.


Ric could feel Zander's inner muscle twitching around his aching hardness and it was so damn hard not to move when all he wanted to do was thrust deep and hard into the warm tightness. "Beg me and I'll give you what you need," Ric continued.


Zander snorted. "Like being fucked by you is what I need?"


"It's what we both need, Zander."

"Get over yourself, Ric," Zander shot back. He tried squirming again but stopped when a palm cracked against his ass. "You son of a bitch!"


Ric chuckled deep in his throat. "Pain and pleasure are a winning combination, Zander. I can teach you so much."


Zander bit his lip. The cock in his ass was too thick, too hard, and he felt like he was being split wide open. "Move dammit!" he hissed.


"Beg me."

"Fuck you!"

Ric smiled then shifted so that he was angled. He slid out slowly, torturing himself almost as much as he was torturing Zander, then he slid back in and brushed over the hot spot. Knew it when Zander whimpered and his body trembled. His inner muscles clenched around Ric's cock again and he was too damn close to coming. "Beg me!" he ordered, pulling out again and sliding in even slower this time.


Zander was panting. ""

"You can't win this game, Zander." Ric pulled all the way out, stifling a moan of his own, then he went down on one knee so that he could rim Zander's puckered opening, stabbing his tongue in and out, mimicking fucking the boy.


"Shit!" Zander stiffened at the intimate contact and tried to pull away, but strong hands held him in place. Soon he was whimpering. "Please.." He would not beg.


Ric stopped long enough to ask, "Please…what?"


Zander moaned as a finger slid in and out. "You're a bastard!"


"Not true."


"Damn you!"


Ric licked at Zander's opening. "Say it."


Zander gasped as two fingers pumped inside him without warning. "Fuck..." He couldn't finish, for a knuckle brushed his hot spot and pleasure jolted through him. Then the fingers were gone and Ric was standing in front of Zander. He felt totally exposed and vulnerable and he glared at the other man. "What are you doing?"

"Wait for you to beg me," Ric drawled. He hoped Zander would break soon, his cock was so hard it hurt.


"Fuckity fuck fuck!" Zander hissed. His cock was hard again and he felt strangely empty inside. "Bastard!"


Ric smiled. "Say it."


Zander scowled, then he whispered, "Fuck me!"


"As you wish," Ric purred, moving back behind Zander. He lined himself up and thrust hard inside, all the way in, his balls slapping against Zander's perfect ass, and it was like coming home.

Chapter 3