Chapter 10

So much for having control of the situation, Zander thought, as Jax thrust into him. The hands on his hips gripped hard, holding Zander fast. The thrusts inside him were shallow and quick and Zander wanted this to be over soon. Then he felt it, the slickness that flooded his insides, then Jax was kissing him hard to hold back moans of pleasure. Zander felt Jax's cock grow soft inside him and he tried to move off his lap, but the hands on his hips held him. "It's over...let go of me," Zander ordered.

"It's only just begun, Zander," Jax whispered. "You're mine now."

"Get in line!" It was meant to be sarcastic but there was a truth to the statement that made Zander shudder. Ric still wanted him and he had made a deal with Brian Beck.


Jax nipped at Zander's shoulder. "I'm always first in line," he purred. "Once I claim you as mine, the others will back off."


Zander was stunned by what he was hearing. Stunned and pissed. "I am not the fucking town whore!" he hissed. He pushed off of Jax and managed to break free. Zander moaned as the cock slid out of him then he was across the room, reaching for his pants. He could feel Jax's cum sliding down his inner thigh and Zander paused to look for a towel, or a napkin, something to wipe it off with. Then he felt a hand on his skin and he turned, only to find Jax licking at his fingers. He had swiped off the cum and was now tasting himself. It was strangely erotic, or would have been if Zander had not just remembered he was stark naked in front of the other man. He wanted a shower but it would wait till he got home. Zander dressed fast, glared at Jax, then left the room. He heard Faith call his name but he ignored her and headed for the exit.


* * * * *


After the Jax incident, Zander went home to Jakes. He showered then he headed out again to a bar outside of town. He went there on occasion when he didn't want to run into anyone he knew. Zander drank beer, played pool, then fucked a pretty red head in the empty room upstairs. He slept with her in his arms for about six hours, woke up, fucked her again then she left and he slept the rest of the day away. When he woke up it was six at night and Zander was hungry. He showered, dressed in the clean clothes he had been wise enough to bring with him, then he headed down stairs and ordered a burger and fries with a shake. Then it was time to head back to Port Charles. It was a three hour drive. But as Zander was about to enter his car he was grabbed from behind. A hood was dropped over his head and his arms were drawn behind him and he felt the cold metal of cuffs. Zander started cursing then he felt a pin prick and darkness claimed him.


* * * * *


Zander picked up where he left off, cursing, when he woke up and found himself handcuffed to the headboard of a King-Sized bed. The room he was in was lavishly decorated as well and Zander had no clue where he was. Until the door opened and Sonny and Jason entered. "What the fuck is going on?" Zander demanded.


Sonny was wearing a robe and he crossed to the bed. Reaching out he ran his fingers through Zander's hair. "Feels like silk…I always knew it would."

"What is going on?" Zander's patience threshold had reached an all time low.


"I brought you here to teach you a lesson," Sonny replied. He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread open and his robe parted to reveal that he was naked underneath. "I've heard you've hooked up with Brian Beck to bring down Jason. IS that true?"

Zander glared at Sonny. "What if it is?"


Sonny chuckled. "You know I won't let that happen, Zander. you really think you can trust Brian Beck?"


"I trust him more than I trust Ric Lansing." Zander blurted out that particular truth without meaning too.

"Good point," Sonny allowed. "I wouldn't trust my brother either. Although I must say, he does have good taste in lovers."

Zander felt himself grow pale for Sonny's meaning was obvious. He knew about him and Ric. "What do you want from me?" Zander needed to know.


Sonny snapped his fingers and Jason crossed the room. Then he dropped to his knees and took Sonny's cock into his mouth. Sonny moaned.


"Fuck!" Zander hissed as he watched the display before him. He had always wondered about Sonny and Jason, now he didn't have to wonder anymore.

"Fuck indeed," Sonny replied, then he pushed Jason off him. "I'm going to fuck Jason then Jason is going to fuck you. Then I'm going fuck you, Zander. While Jason's cock is thrusting into your luscious mouth, my cock is going to be pumping into your luscious ass."

Zander stared at Sonny in open-mouthed disbelief. He pulled at his cuffs. "No way. NO! It's not going to happen!"


Sonny crawled up over Zander, curling his fingers in the boy's dark hair. "It's going to happen just the way I described, Zander. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, but you were a bit too young when you were working for me. But then Jason came back and he confessed to me one night in bed that he wanted to fuck you too. So it's going to happen." Sonny kissed Zander, his tongue thrusting into the boy's mouth, tasting him. Then he pulled back. "But first I want you naked. I want to see all your beautiful smooth, golden skin."


"No!" Zander tugged hard at the cuffs but they held fast. He watched as Jason approached the bed with two switch blades. Jason handed one to Sonny but kept the other for himself. Then Jason held down Zander's legs as he and Sonny began cutting at his clothes. Zander cursed as denim and cotton were ripped open then tugged off him. His boots and socks were removed and only his boxer-briefs were left.

"Sweet," Sonny whispered as he removed the final barrier. He leaned in to kiss the tip of Zander's cock then he pulled back and looked at Jason. "Kiss him," he ordered.

Zander shook his head, pulling at the cuffs until he felt his skin tear. There was no where he could run, and he sure as hell couldn't hide. He felt a blush suffuse his skin as Jason's cold eyes roved over him from head to toe, not missing an inch. Then a smile curved Jason's lips, a predatory smile, that chilled Zander to the bone. Then he felt Jason's weight over him, felt the roughness of denim against his bare skin, then strong fingers were in his hair, holding him still, as a warm mouth sealed over his.


Chapter 11